Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

YSL Rock & Baroque Fall 2010 Collection

Ombres Duolumieres ($41.00)

  • Purple Amethyst/Tawny Brown (29)
  • Midnight Blue/Solar Gold (31)

Ombres Solo ($30.00)

  • Aquamarine (13)
  • Satin Silver (14)

Rouge Volupte Perle ($34.00)

  • Beige Caresse (101)
  • Coral Sun (102)
  • Sparkling Pink (103)
  • Stellar Pink (104)
  • Insolent Beige (105)
  • Mesmerizing Purple (106)

Golden Gloss ($30.00)

  • Golden Satin (30)
  • Golden Toffee (31)

Blush Variation ($45.00)

  • Venetian Rose (19)

Touche Eclat ($40.00)

  • Radiant Silk (8)

Singulier Mascara ($30.00)

  • Indigo (5)

Manucure Duo

  • Beautiful Day (01)
  • Rive Gauche (02)
  • Belle de Nuit (03)


  • Peche (01)

Availability: July/August 2010 — I spotted it online already at Nordstrom, though!

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56 thoughts on “YSL Rock & Baroque Fall 2010 Collection

  1. Sabrina

    Gahh why does it have to be so beautiful!! I LOVE the promo pic!

  2. Shannon

    Stunning!!! I want it all…these theme is totally my thing. Fall collections are always the best IMO :-))))

  3. ali

    whats that sound? oh yeah, the sound of money NOT jingling in my pocket.

    pass. :(

    • Lea

      I’m sorry if you cannot afford it, but are these comments really neccessary? I always wonder if people who post comments of this nature on here hope that Christine will send them stuff..

      • liza f

        I agree. what’s the point of ‘no money’ comment, so we pity you?

      • Beck

        Must you be so rude? Just because someone states that they cannot afford something does not mean they are trying to get something for free. They can comment as they see fit as long as they are not being inappropriate or vulgar. Is it really necessary for you to point out someone else’s unfortunate situation “I am sorry you cannot afford it”??? I am sorry but you sound a like a complete snob. Please mind your comments and refrain from being so judgemental and snide.Do not ruin such a fun blog with a bad attitude.

  4. The eyeshadow singles and duos look deliciousssss

  5. S

    wow the packaging sure is luxurious! And the gold/midnight blue duo looks GORGEOUS!

  6. Dini

    Very pretty promo pic. I kind of like seeing jewel tones for fall instead of the usual greys and browns and plums.

  7. Hello! I from Brazil πŸ˜€

  8. The promo picture is gorgeous!

  9. sillylilacs

    I think the main promo picture makes me want the products even more >.<

    The eyemakeup is just gorgeous!

  10. Love the packaging of the lipsticks. I wonder how the pay off will be like? That’s the thing about purple lipsticks, they look so awesome in the tube and come off so sheer it’s not even funny. :(

  11. sofia

    omg perfection!!

  12. Nicole

    The Rouge Volupte Perles look interesting!

  13. Nadine

    Hmm,aren’t the first two nail polishes ultra orange and ultra violett from the summer collection already?Just wondering.I don’t own anything YSL,but the packiging looks gorgeous,I might buy something from the fall collection.I wanted to get a nail polish or a lipstick from the summer collection,but I had to save my money for In the Groove:)

  14. Wow .. I fell in love with the eyeshadow duos …

  15. Carolanne

    absolutely LOVE her makeup in that photo!!! <3

  16. Evelyn

    I am getting a very bad makeup habit from these! lol

  17. Natalia

    omg FINALLY something to really save for instead of getting random things here or there! This just looks stunning I really hope the formula’s follow through on the stunning promo pics! Lippies, glosses, varnish, highlighters! Le sigh!!!! goodbye savings

  18. Laura

    OMG this is stunning!!!

  19. essia

    Love the lipsticks! Gosh Cristine, i really love your website but my wallet can’t take it anymore:P
    I also bought the Chanel Dragon as my ultimate red. In the beginning i didn;t really like it because it looked very dark. But then I came in the sun and the color is PERFECT. I really really love this lipstick. Thank you:)

  20. Jade

    Is that Karlie Kloss? OMG she looks amazing! The colorful eyeshadow look is stunning on her!

  21. Hend

    Beautiful colors !!
    Im a sucker for the Baroque Style πŸ˜€ LOL
    didnt like the promo pic though ,
    the guy looks too feminine lol,
    Only Tom Ford can make sexy promos, but vulgar sometimes lol
    Loved the rouge volpute pearle colors <33

  22. Madelynn

    I actually might save up for this collection. I’m drooling. I’ve never purchased anything YSL because of price, but these beauties are loving me.

  23. Natalia

    I don’t like this rainbow-y thing on the model’s eyes… The Mesmerizing Purple lipstick looks interesting.

    • Peach

      is that the lipstick shade the model wear?
      I search for the swatch and it doesn’t seem to be that shade..
      I really want to buy that shade though ..

  24. LuvJ

    Can’t wait to try the Rouge Volupte Perles..

  25. cloudburst

    Oh God that first purple lipstick looks amazing!

  26. The promo picture is awesome. It makes me want to hit my stash right now, and see if I can re-create the look!

  27. Sexy Sadie

    The lipsticks seems to rock…

  28. CeeBee

    Not feeling this at all… I don’t seem to have much luck with YSL products, they never seem to have enough pigmentation in the powder products and I find most of their lipsticks to be really flat and one dimensional in tone.

    The only thing I like in the promo shot is the model’s nailpolish.
    A couple of the products pictured look nice, like the fuchsia polish and the shimmery pink gloss but they will likely be easy enough to dupe for significantly less cost.
    So it’s a bit of a yawn for me.

    • nicci

      same here, I have never been drawn to YSL for some reason. Everything looks pretty but I know I won’t actually go out and purchase.

  29. patrice

    Karli Kloss looks Asian on the ad….gorgeous collection.

    • ni

      I thought it was an Asian model and I was so curious as to who it was because it doesn’t look like Liu Wen! Disappointed it’s not an Asian model but Karlie looks amazing in this shot. It really makes me want to buy everything.

      • Pearl

        And I thought she’s an Asian model too. Kinda disappointed knowing that she’s not. I would like to see some Asians being featured on promo ads for major cosmetics line.

  30. Hilana

    This is one of the most gorgeous collections I have seen for fall. Actually this IS my favourite. Beautiful. And a stunning promo pic. How gorgeous are those nails?

  31. The promo photo is so dazzling!

  32. Suzanna

    I hope you get a chance to swatch these. The lipstick in the ad looks gorgeous, but Rouge Volupte has that shrinkwrapped, paint-like texture and can be very flat. I’m not really a fan (have two of them), and I feel they must be used with gloss, but that color is glorious.

  33. I love the promo image!!! I just recreated the look using the Graphic Garden palette.

  34. Olivia

    I love this! This collection looks stunning also the Nars collection! Both duos and the violet lipstick really appeal to me,,

  35. Helena

    The promo is wonderful. Karlie Kloss? She looks so different!

  36. Janet

    Simply gorgeous! I love fall makeup.

  37. Mika

    Dang, there goes my money… CanΒ΄t decide which item looks best. I bet we girls in Germany will have to wait til end of September until the release :(

  38. egon

    Hi Christine … this promo pic differs a lot from the one on the YSL site? which do U think is more true to the colors?

    • Hard to say – this one looks like the contrast was pumped up, but the other one looks very yellowed out – like more yellow than one would expect.

  39. Blair

    hmmm those lip glosses are gorgeous, but ysl is too expensive for me πŸ˜›