Friday, September 12th, 2008

Have you had that Ah-ha! Moment? It’s that moment where you’ve used a product and felt like it’s changed your life or completely tilted your world’s axis. As a long-time beauty addict, my ah-ha moments are few and far between these days, but I’m always inspired when I see others have them.

Last week, I went with my younger sister so she could do some back-to-school shopping (and I could have an excuse to window shop!). My younger sister is so not like me; we are definitely two different people. With that being said, I’ve only recently managed to nag her enough to start cleansing and moisturizing on a regular basis. (Don’t get me started on trying to get anyone in my family to wear sunscreen!) I noticed her cheeks were flaking a bit when I applied Studio Fix Powder on her (I figured what easier way than a compact–with a sponge–foundation for her?), and I was like, “You need to EXFOLIATE!”

She looked at me confused, and she asked me “What’s exfoliate?” Imagine my total and utter surprise. I mean, c’mon, my shower is stocked with four or five different exfoliators/scrubs for all different parts of my body (and that’s not even my bathroom countertop or my drawers and boxes of product…). I explained it to her, and she immediately understood. I don’t think she believed the virtues of it, and while I could have easily given her one of the many scrubs I have… I wanted her to have it right away.

We headed over to Origins, and I was totally in my take-charge mode; I asked the beauty consultant about what would be a good exfoliant for my sister’s dry skin (but totally acne-free, unfair!). She did a demonstration using Origins’ Modern Friction ($37.00) on the back of my sister’s hand. My sister’s shock wasn’t concealed. She couldn’t believe the difference in texture, feel, and even the color of her skin. Her freshly exfoliated hand looked brighter, felt softer, and was smooth to the touch. She had her first beauty ah-ha! moment, and it was such a pleasure to watch her have it. Of course, after seeing her amazement, I had to buy it for her.

What was your last Ah-ha! moment? Do you remember your first?

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18 thoughts on “Your Beauty Ah-ha! Moments

  1. Jenna

    There was once I bought a sponge for my foundation – and not only did it smell rubbery, it also FAILED to blend my foundation. So ages later, I went on to buy a foundation brush – and WHOO! It blends everything beautifully and makes my face look flawless and I mean it. I even use it to apply cheek products 😀 I cannot live without it now. It’s The Body Shop’s foundation brush, though, if you have to know.


  2. viv

    hahah first off, i think it’s so sweet for you to be in a “take-charge” mode! i wish i had an older sister like you! (unfortunately i’m the older one in my family. haha)

    i think my first ah-ha moment was when i bought my first exfoliator… the st. ives apricot scrub. i knew what exfoliating does, and decided to try it out but i had no idea how much of a difference it would make. and i had the same revelation as your sister! 😀

    my most recent one was probably some time last year. when i bought the “out of trouble” mask from origin. it’s so amazing. i still have the teenager-skin and zits keep popping out from no where. but ever since i’ve started cleansing my face daily, exfoliating and using masks regularly, my skin has gotten loads better ever since. i still get red spots from time to time when i don’t have enough sleep or if i don’t eat as healthily… but yeah – loads of improvement from like, a few years back!

    all my skin care products are from origins. i’ve almost finished the exfoliator i’m using now so next time when i pass a store i’m definitely going in and buying an exfoliator from them!

    (i think this is the longest comment i’ve ever left since i got hooked onto this blog. daily! :P)

    • Isn’t exfoliation amazinggggggg? I don’t know what I’d do without, seriously. I just love the way it feels, and I never tire of the sensation.

      I might have to look into the “Out of Trouble” mask from Origins! My sister LOVED their exfoliator that I mentioned here, and it is super finely grained, so it’s great for sensitive skin.

  3. hannah

    what’s so not fair is that people who don’t do anything to do their skin seem to have the most beautiful skin! not fair!

  4. Dawn

    This is a funny story. Good thing your sister has a pro to help her with beauty stuff. Girls like me are self taught.

    My ah-ha moment is when I first using better quality Mascara. I never used mascara on my eyes because I never liked how they clumped my eyelashes together. I used to buy brands like Jordana and other cheap brands because I didn’t want to spend a lot on mascara. Plus my eyelashes are naturally pretty thick so I never bothered after a while. So I’d wear eyeshadow and liner. Then looking back in my pictures recently, I’d wonder why my eyes never had any umph, and never looked like the magazines. Then I tried a different mascara, Maybeline. It helped bring out my eyes a little and there was less clumping. So I eventaully invested in a better grade mascara from Estee Lauder and I went, THERE IT IS! So I use mascara a lot more now.

    By the way, I got a sample of Zoom Lash by MAC ..LOVE IT! I’m hooked.

    • I’m self-taught, too! We can be in a club together :)

      What mascara do you use from EL? But I agree, mascara really gives you that oomph!! Zoom Lash is great, love it!

      • Dawn

        I really would’ve bet my savings that you went to beauty school. You’re so talented.
        I have EL Projectionist High Definition Volume. It worked well but I personally like Zoom Lash better though. Zoom Lash seemed to make my lashes longer with a little less clump and EL seemed to make them thicker.

  5. My first real aha I remember was maybe 10 years ago and was when I started to use a primer. I had always found blusher and foundation way to cloggy, regardless of what I used.

    With a primer, that all changed and I am happy and comfortable wearing all kinds of face paint :-)

  6. Abigail

    You’re a good soul, and a good sister!
    My first Ah-ha! moment was the very first time I tried a silicone based primer. Buh-bye pores!!!

  7. Macaddict

    I’m self-taught too! In my days you had to! As I said in another blog, and it makes me feel OOOLLLDDD! but the computer was not around in each home, and there was no beauty blogs/websites, tutorials of any kinds to help you with makeup application and such!! Can you believe it??!!
    So 30 or so years later, I have definitely improved a lot!!LOL I have had many “ah, ah moments” I’m sure but I cannot remember many anymore… Maybe I’m too jaded like you Christine. I find most of the new hyped stuff does not live up to their reps and, far too often, the anticipation is more exciting than the products!
    One “ha, ha moment” that I can remember occured last year when I received a sample of Dr. Brandt facial microdermabrasion jar! WOW! I have always exfoliated every 2nd day and done a facial mask weekly since I’m like 12 years old but this, this was different! I loved the millions tiny beads and the fresh lemon scent (I’m a sucker for citrus scented products). When the product is on the skin, it tingles wonderfully and afterward, the skin feels reenergized and soooo clean! I had to buy the big jar right away!

  8. lisa

    My last aha moment was 2 months ago when i first tried microdermabrasion my skin looked great after it!