Monday, September 5th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Would you ever wear black lipstick or lipgloss? Why/why not? When?

Temptalia's AnswerI definitely would, but for me, it’s something I’d for a special occasion or themed look. I think I look bad in black lipstick (tends to make me look very green), so yeah :)

Thanks to Sandi for today’s question!

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74 thoughts on “Would you ever wear black lipstick or lipgloss?

  1. Amy

    Yes definitely! Lol xD I’m purchasing one soon then I’m gonna look for mini spikes that can be glues on so I can recreate the look Jessie J had in her Do it like a Dude MV.

  2. Absolutely.

    It’s an alternative for a bold lip and I tend to think of it more in the autumn/winter.

  3. Pawsha

    Sure I would.

  4. Yes, for Halloween. I’m not really into vampy looks right now.

  5. Yes! My sister and I have been on the search for an opaque black lipstick. If anyone here knows of one (besides the one from Lime Crime), please let me know! :)

    • Gina

      Make Up For Ever and OCC have opaque black lipstick =]

      • She already owns the OCC one, and she must’ve gotten one from a bad batch, because it’s very “watery” and sheer, and it doesn’t stick to her lips. :( The Make Up For Ever one looks good, though. And I get a discount MUFE, so I might just snatch it up! Thanks :)

    • Fey

      I love black lipstick. Manic Panic’s black is a classic. Sobe Botanicals’ is also pretty good, but it’s not a well-known brand. Morgana Cryptoria has the BEST black lipstick, but it can be a long wait since she’s overwhelmed with orders sometimes. I actually recommend NYC’s black lipstick. It feels a little hard, but doesn’t smear, it’s semi-opaque (2 layers is opaque), super cheap, and surprisingly good! I was shocked.

  6. Clinique’s Black Honey comes to mind. I own Stockholm Face Black lipstick…..dont use it….too garish.

    • Dana

      I don’t think Clinique’s Black Honey would be considered a Black Lipgloss/Lipstick, it’s pretty sheer and more of a wine/burgundy color

  7. already have and will continue to do so~!

  8. Ashley

    No only because I really can’t pull it off. Kudos to those who can! I’m NW15 (verrrrry fair) and it looks awful on me!

  9. Maybe a black lipgloss. Over a sultry red lip. Sounds like it could work out really well :)

  10. Pamela

    Hell to N-O!

  11. Rainy

    Totally! I don’t wear it often anymore, but when I do my hair up and spend decent time on my eyeshadow I love it.

  12. Rosa Ardiente

    Been there, done that, and I’ll do it again.

  13. Jackie

    If it was a look that became popular *like orange lips this summer* than I’d totally rock it…. who am I kidding? I’d rock it anyway! LOL!

  14. Alicia

    I used to wear it, back in my salad days, when I was much gother than I am now. I especially liked bright red lipstick with black liner fading in. Ah, youth. But I currently can’t foresee any occasion I’d have to wear it nowadays. I’m happy with my obnoxious pinks and purples.

  15. Violet

    I do it for creative shots at school, I’m in media. I use Tarred by OCC.

  16. Krista

    I would definitely not be wearing opaque black lipstick, but I’m actually considering clear gloss with hints of black glitter/shimmer on it. It’ll look really good over deep plum or red lipstick.

  17. Mae

    Oh yeah! It feels so glamorous.

  18. Clarey

    Yep, definitely, I’m a goth and have been doing so for the past 20 years!

  19. Martina

    no… not my cup of tea

  20. Tigress

    I would, and I did quite often in HS. But now I’d probably only do it for a concert, or for Halloween.

  21. Michelle

    I would wear it with a Halloween costume; on the other 364 days of the year, I never would wear it. I’m not quite pale or dark enough to look cool in it.

  22. Although on other people i find solid black lips really attractive [no matter how deep or pale their skintone might be] i prefer to layer black lipstick or lipgloss on top or deep burgundy, fuchsia or plum lipsticks so that it has a warmer base and doesn’t look that “grayish black”. For sci-fi looks i think black looks great when layered on top of cool-toned lipsticks like blues and purples or even silvers ^_^

  23. Laura

    I would and I do. Usually only for a night out though.

  24. Hell yes! And black lipgloss is especially delish layered on top of any lipstick. Yum!

  25. Mariella

    In a word, NO!

  26. Tania

    Ask me 10 years ago and the answer would be an absolute ‘YES’ LOL. I still would but I have no idea how to wear it without looking like a mallgoth. I do wish I’d picked up that black lipgloss by YSL I think it was from a few years ago.

  27. Taylor

    I love the look of it but black lipgloss/lipstick never goes on well. The secret is to use a stick eyeliner (a cheaper one from the drugstore) then put a little lip balm or gloss over the top.

    Trust me it works out so much better!

  28. I have never worn a black lipstick or lipgloss. But I think it’s totally cool and something I’ll definitely try in the future. Black is so bold and cool~

  29. Lipstick: Nope, not unless it was a costume look. I do encourage those who are much younger to try it, though, especially if they follow up by pressing pigments into their lips. The black makes anything that you press into it pop vividly.

    Lip Gloss: Yes, but I would be choosy about my lipstick. All the black would do is tone the lipstick down, so the initial shade could not be too dark.

  30. anna_a

    Yes, depending on the occasion. As a matter of fact, I have worn black l/s and l/g a total of 6 times πŸ˜› (in a concert, fashion events and some movie festival). Not as often as I’d like… It wouldn’t be part of my day look because it really stands out and attracts too much attention, needless to say how much high maintanance this is! You have to reapply all the time if you want it to look presentable.

  31. Litenoumjuq

    Yes, I have very light skin and I find that black lips gives an very cool edge. Personally I think black lips actually looks better on me then dark wines and purples.

    Just a thin winged eyeliner, loads of lashes over the eye and no blush I find looks the best with it.

  32. Jana

    I don’t know if I’m brave enough at this point but I’m definitely getting there. I’m considering buying Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection. Dark colours really appeal to me and always catch my eye but my only concern is that my lips are rather big so I’m worried dark colors could look a bit over the top on me together with my NC15 skin. As for Chanel Noirs, I’ve read that these are drying. Do you share the opinion?

    • anna_a

      Personally, I find black lipstick to look very luxurious and edgy against a fair complexion. I had even watched an old MAC video where the artist created a perfect black mouth on a blond model. The girl looked very stylish.

      I have Les Noirs de Chanel lipsticks and I didn’t find them drying, besides they belonged in the Rouges Allure range which is one of the best formulas in the market, imo… But they sure have little lasting power :-/

  33. Tracey

    Just for Halloween/Fancy Dress.

  34. Alex

    I’m 16, and I adore wearing this look to school on a day where I don’t feel like eye makeup. It looks stunning with white-blonde hair and freckles! (my hair is brown now, but still.) I usually use a black gel liner to shape my lips a bit smaller than usual and fill them in with lime crime’s styletto lipstick. It wears for long enough, and I don’t have to fuss much when reapplying. It’s a great look for a day you feel a bit off; even if your hair is bad and you are rocking cram-session dark circles, it looks fierce. [:

  35. emi s.

    On halloween. . .

  36. chris

    No me personaly, as I am African-American. It would not look right.I know for a time – the look was very popular in the Latina communities in LA and Miami. I do have a very deep purple lip shade from MAC but would reserve it for the weekends.

  37. Steph

    Never, not even for a costume. Much to harsh and not flattering on me at all.

  38. Ashley Tatton

    I would and do with the gloss. My favorite gloss ever is the Mac Blackfire but I also use Bling Black and Blackware. They are pretty sheer though and tend to just darken up my lips slightly. You get some good looks when you pull a black lip gloss out of your purse and apply it in public. :)

  39. I definitely would!!! Not everyday though. It’d have to be a night out or something!

  40. I definitely would!!! Not everyday though. It’d have to be a night out or something!!

  41. I would for a themed look or for Halloween.

  42. yup, and i have many times πŸ˜€

  43. Veronica

    I’d probably have to try it at home a few times before having the courage to wear it out, but I’d do it. I’m a big fan of contrast in standout makeup. I’m considering grabbing one this year just to see if I can pull it off.

  44. No lol. only if it was a costume party or something. XD

  45. Adrienne

    I don’t know if I’d do black, but I pulled off a blackened plum that I really liked. It was a combo of MAC’s cyber, NARS’ Chica Boom Lip Lacquer, and some gloss. It was a high maintenance look but I pulled it off! BTW, I’m an NW15 – NW20.

  46. Jennifer

    I have a black lipstick by Mac but I just know if i wear it out on a regular day, Lots off ppl will stare at me as if im from outer space and sometimes im just not in the mood for all the attention.

  47. I used to wear it all the time, with dark eye makeup at the same time. Now, it’s too harsh to do that work, so the only time I wear black lipstick for everyday things (not special occasions where my makeup is more dramatic) is if I pair it with light eye makeup.

  48. Courtney

    I have, but really only for costumes or special looks.

  49. Courtney

    Oh! I also wanted to mention that sheered-out black gloss is actually quite pretty. Very muted and great over pink lipstick.

  50. Sarah

    Heh, if Cliinique’s Black Honey counts, it’s on my to-check-out list. I can pull off a pretty dark lip much better than nude or light colors, but I just don’t see black working well for me in either form. :/

  51. Hope

    I guess I’m in the minority… I’ve never seen an opaque black lipstick on somebody and thought “wow, that looks good.” so no. but kudos to those brave enough to give it a shot!

  52. Maureen

    I do, I think it looks amazing. I wish it was 1% more acceptable so I could get a nicer tube of it and so people wouldn’t look at me like I’m a weirdo… but part of the appeal is that most people don’t wear it.

  53. Selenite

    I already own both and will continue to wear them. The gloss is from Nyx when they had a larger color range for their lipgloss. The lipsticks (yes, I own a few black lipsticks) is also from Nyx, SoBe Botanicals, and J’Adore Noir when they still made lipstains.

  54. Megan

    I’d wear black gloss but black lipstick is a little too much for me.

  55. Sara

    Yep, but I don’t have one! I do, however, have UD’s gloss junkie (?) in Perversion – a sparkly charcoal color. Not black, but I layer it over super dark lipstick to get an “almost black” lip. It’s pretty awesome actually, not so much on its own, since it’s difficult to apply evenly, but over a brighter lipstick. I like it over reds, which tend to look a little “clowny” on my skin, to bring them down a peg in intensity.

  56. artemis

    yessssssssss, actually i’ve been looking for one here….but there aren’t any :((

  57. Becca

    no. maybe for halloween, but that’s it

  58. Saffy

    Not unless it was Halloween! I’m too pale, I would look like a vampire.

  59. Kenneth Alan

    YES and I do

  60. Natasha

    I always wear it, I love it. I like it with a softer eye, or a coloured dark smokey, like emerald green.

  61. Ayzee

    Yes! I’m quite happy I can get away with wearing dark colors! I’ll always choose darker ones than those nude/pale colors.

  62. ak

    I bought and wore Illamasqua Disciple lipstick a few times back in January and February, and Disciple is a dark navy. I liked it a lot. People hated it though! LOL

  63. Lakitha

    Yes. I would and yes I have worn black lipstick/gloss. I love it for party looks.

  64. Maha

    Hmm. Let’s see. I did wear it in junior high, when I was going through my gothic phase. It didn’t really look good on me. I think I’d probably go for a really, really dark plum or dark burgundy (or dark red, whatever it is) but not blue-black. Doesn’t do well with my skin tone. If I didn’t know that 10 years ago, I should know that now.

  65. Stacey

    I DID wear black lipstick all the time when I was a teenager, of course back then you could only find it in stores during Halloween…(mid 1990’s)

  66. Chelsea

    Not as an everyday shade, but for Halloween, it’s a definite yes.

  67. C

    yep i would wear both
    i wear black gloss more, as i layer it over things, like illamasquas kontrol lippy