Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away Softlips Pure!

To celebrate our three-year blogiversary, Softlips is giving away a complete set of six of the Softlips Pure range to TWO (2) lucky winners!

Softlips PURE is free of synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients, utilizing only all-natural emollients and conditioners, including organic oils, beeswax, shea butter and vitamin E that are USDA-certified organic. The product is mounted on recyclable packaging that’s printed with vegetable-based ink. They are a great choice for “chemically sensitive” individuals, as well as those who prefer to use products with natural ingredients.

Softlips PURE lip conditioners in pomegranate and honeydew are available in mass retail, supermarket and drug stores nationwide for the suggested retail price of $2.99.  Look for the newest flavors – peppermint, acai berry, papaya and chai tea – on display in the natural beauty section of select Target stores.

Submit your entry by leaving a comment telling me how you keep you lips in kissable condition.

All entries must be submitted by November 3rd, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

Congratulations to Margaret and Jackie!

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221 thoughts on “Win Softlips Pure Organic Lip Conditioner!

  1. tousledkitten

    I keep my lips kissable by using a lip scrub on them once a week and trying to apply lipbalm to them several times throughout the day. I also try to put a really rich lip product on when I go to bed.

  2. I keep my lips kissable by trying not to lick them and rub them together repeatedly (a habit of mine). I also leave lip balm everywhere: at my end table, my purse, my desk; and my pocket on my jeans or my pouch in my hoodie, if I’m not wearing a purse. I’m a big lip balm lover & hoarder, but I’d love to try a new one!

  3. Anika

    Hello and good evening together….

    the best to keep my lips soft and kissable is the lip conditioner by MAC in Fuchsia Fix. I like the smooth formula and the color so much…..
    Also kissing is very good for soft lips…. :-)

    Sorry for my english I’m from Germany.

    Bye Anika

  4. i use natural ice cherry – all day everyday but i’m for trying softlips:)

  5. Z

    To keep my lips kissable I usually use Carmex lip balm, especially in the winter, but I am looking for something new.

  6. Ejaaz

    I will keep my lips kissable with Softlips if I win this. Now I just try to exfoliate my lips and use whatever lip balm I have lying around. I am not satisfied with this routine.

  7. Pinky

    Chapstick during the day, vaseline at night!

  8. boysenberry_girl

    i use burt’s bees chapstick but i’m looking for something else. I’m not a fan of the cool feeling.

  9. baybee415

    i put burst bees beeswax lipbalm at night and when you wake up your lips will feel soft!!

  10. Ramlah

    I keep my lips soft by always having lip balm with me wherever I go, but I try to not over use it. If my lips are really dry and peeling, I put some lip balm on at night and then exfoliate in the morning, until my lips are back to normal.

  11. Arianna

    I keep my lips kissable by using Vintage Sister lip balm!!!

  12. Right now I use the EOS sphere lip balm, it’s so unique looking and keeps my lips in great shape.

  13. Eva D

    I never go anywhere with out my Burts Bee lip balm with sunscreen

  14. lisa

    Usually by applying vaseline at night!

  15. Margaret Smith

    I keep my lips in a Kissable condition, by applying lip gloss often. I’d really be lost without my lip gloss.
    Thanks so much.

  16. I keep my lips soft with a lip scrub once a week :)

  17. rashmi

    hey christine
    it sounds funny but m so addicted to lip balms ( no particular brand till now)
    i keep 2 in bathroom
    1 near my bed table
    1 in my wristlet
    and 1 in my bag
    i apply it with some lipliner so it gives some tint and my lips are always kissable especially since my 2 yrs old kid loves to kiss on our lips hahaha i mean his dad and mom
    and hey his dad is so particular to keep his lips kissable with nivea
    wanna try softlips if we win

  18. Delaney

    I use vaseline every night and I obsessively apply my mango soft lips throughout the day! (most of the time because I just love that flavor, but also because they get dry!)

  19. Sharon

    i use the sugar balm from sephora! i love it:)

  20. Amber G

    I keep my lips in kissable condition by using burt’s bees and ecolips chapstick!

  21. Amy

    I keep lipbalm everywear too. My favorites for super-hydration and softening are Kiehl’s Lipbalm #1 and Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

  22. Lisa

    Currently, I use the Vanilla Softlips with SPF20 in the mornings, and Blistex at night before bed. I also use a lip scrub from CO Bigelow on my lips, but not as often as I should.

  23. Ellen

    Each night I use a lip treatment at bedtime. Either Aquaphor or the MAC one in the tube. I wake up in the morning with smooth, kissable lips. MWAH!

  24. Vlcatko

    I exfoliate my lips once or twice a week (using MAC Cremewash during my regular face-exfoliation) and keep my lips hydrated by various balms – most often MAC Lip Conditioner and BodyShop or Labello Lip Balm. When I have a lazy day, I try to at least wear some lipgloss – something is better than nothing 😉

  25. Terry

    I make a massive use of lip conditioners, but I still haven’t found the perfect one.

  26. DJ

    I swear by Burt’s Bees Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil.

  27. Breanna

    i keep my lips kissable by using sugar on my lips to exfoliate and then coat them with e.v. olive oil!

  28. deyna

    I have lip balm everywhere! I don’t like having dry lips. It would be awesome to be able to try this one! 😀

  29. strawberry

    i use kiss my face strawberry chapstick. but i’ve been looking for a different one to try.

  30. catrienna

    i scrub my lip twice a week, and definitely use lip balm before sleep and after food.

  31. Ashley

    i use burts bees during the day and vaseline before i go to bed!

  32. JillyB

    At nght, I put a coat of Aquaphor ointment on before I go to bed. During the day I use Avon Aloe lip balm. If I’m really flaky, I brush my lips with a baby tooth brush. I don’t put on my lipstick when I go out until I get to where I’m going, and then I blot off the excess lip balm and put on my l/s.

  33. Melissa Zimmerman

    I brush my lips with a toothbrush to keep them exfoliated.

  34. Jen R

    I keep my lips kissable with my lip stuff lip balm, they have a lot of really yummy crazy flavors

  35. Donna

    I dont do anything fancy. I just gently brush my lips with my toothbrush while I’m brushing my teeth then I moisturize afterwards with whatever lipbalm I have handy.

  36. Connie

    I use my MAC tinted lip conditioners everyday! They’re great for adding a little bit of color to your lips while moisturizing if you’re just going to school or out on an errand :)

  37. Stephanie C

    FIrst I use philosophy’s Kiss Me lip scrub, and every night I use Sally Hansen’s Overnight Lip Recovery – I’m so glad I found this stuff!

  38. Emily

    I use MAC lip conditioners and glosses during the day and pure Vitamin E at night during the winter if they get too dry. Love that Vitamin E!

  39. strawberry carmex by day and eos summer fruit lip balm by night.

  40. My lips stay soft by usjing Kiehls lip conditioner every night at bed time,

  41. Lisa

    I drink a lot of water and use chapstick when required. I haven’t had the need to exfoliate my lips yet, but with winter coming, you’d never know…
    Happy Blogiversary!

  42. Jen

    I exfoliate them weekly and put moisturizer on them every night before bed.

  43. Cherie

    I use ocean salt twice a week on my face + lips. And most importantly I always put on lip balm before I go to bed!

  44. Meagan

    I exfoliate twice a week using Benefit’s Dr. Feelgood Lipscription. I always carry a Softlips lip balm (in Cherry or Pomegranate) in my purse and use it CONSTANTLY, and every night I apply Rosebud Salve to my lips before I go to bed :)

  45. Kaleen

    I use MAC tinted lip conditioner. I’ve only tried one color so far, but I love it.

  46. Shannon Baas

    by using some type of lip balm everyday.

  47. Eden Landers

    I almost constantly wear a lip balm w/ spf to protect my lips from the sun and to keep them moisturized. BUT a LOT of “moisturizing” lip balms out there also contain some kind of drying ingredient like alcohol, which has you reaching for your lip balm practically every hour! I haven’t tried soft lips yet but since the ingredients are all natural, I think I’d have to stop buy the store and pick some up! I’ve been trying to find the perfect, affordable lip balm to keep my lips super moisturized and protected, and this sounds perfect! Thanks for the giveaway, and the info, even if I don’t win I will definitely be giving this a try! Happy Halloween Everyone!

  48. honeypie411

    I swear by good old Vaseline. I put it on my lips every night before bed, and it really keeps them in great condition.
    twitter: honeypie411

  49. Michelle

    My favorite way to keep my lips in great condition is treating them overnight. What has been working for me is putting on a generous amount of Carmex lip balm on before I go to bed. My lips will soften overnight, and in the morning, I exfoliate with either a lip scrub or a gauzy wash cloth. During the daytime, I just carry around whichever lip balm I happen to have on hand around in my pocket, and make sure to reapply frequently!

  50. BaDKiTTy

    by using mac lip conditioner and brushing lips with tooth brush
    twitter: RussianBaDKiTTy

  51. I actually used to use softlips but i wanted something less chemically so I use burt’s bees (original) lip balm now.
    If my lips are feeling extra dry and cracky, i use vaseline at night.
    in the morning, after i wash and dry my face, i rub my lips vigoursly til the first layer starts falling off (which is pretty easy since the vaseline softened it).
    my mother thinks its incredibly gross, lol

  52. Michelle W

    I keep my lips in kissable condition by using lip gloss and drinking lots of water.

  53. Connie

    i use everything and try anything. lol Lately it’s been good old vaseline, burts bees and eos balm. I love pomegranate flavored things so this will be on my next “to buy” list if i dont win. =)

  54. oolalaa :) i adore aquafina chapstick.. regular chapstick.. and softlips. but i def haven’t tried this flavor yet!

    twitter xkhaotik
    sub’d 😉

  55. Janice Ford

    I have lip balms/sticks in my purse,near by bedstand, all over so that I have something handy to keep my lips moisturized and soft.

  56. Amy

    I use Carmex on my lips at night and sometimes during the day. After I wake up, my lips feel super soft.

  57. Carol L

    I use Yu-be on my lips to keep them conditioned.

  58. Lulee

    i use a sugar & olive oil lip scrub whenever i feel like it, probably around once a week. then throughout the day i use lypsyl which i bought a month ago and im really loving! and finally again whenever i feel like it, i use perricone’s lip treatment thingy overnight. and i have super soft lips 😀

  59. Lindsay

    I use Burts Bees lip balm in either the original, honey or pom. Love them!

  60. BeckBeck

    I wear balm all day long but I make sure to put a really moisturizing one on at night – my fave used to be Neutrogena mango moisture balm, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore. I also scrub with a toothbrush when my lips get flaky.

  61. heather

    I have lip balms scattered all over my house! And if they start peeling, I use a sugar scrub :D.

  62. mindy

    i brush my lips with a small soft toothbrush

  63. adrian

    I constantly use lip balms–I have them everywhere in my house, car, pocketbook…I never go anywhere without one.
    I am a subsriber, & adrianrny on twitter.

  64. Meredith

    I keep my lips “kissable” by using Blistex with SPF! I’d love to try SoftLips though!

  65. Carmex is my go to lip balm!

  66. Sasha

    I keep Laura Mercier lip balm in my purse, Softlips Sugar Cookie lip balm in my car, MAC tinted lip conditioner in my bathroom, Avon lip conditioner in my travel makeup case, and a Strawberry Rosebud Salve next to my bed! So I always have something to keep my lips moist!

    Twitter: xlovechild

  67. Pat

    Presently I use Chapstick but your system seems more kissable.

    Thank you for the contest. Happy Halloween.

  68. Chenoa Cesco

    Apply Softlips although costly, they do go on sale around July every year.

  69. Once a week a use a home made sugar scrub for my face and I pay close attention to my lips.

  70. mskianaluv

    Homemade sugar scrub works the best! I use either olive oil or vaseline mixed in with a bit of sugar until the consistency is similar to a sugary paste. Then, rub on lips with my finger or a soft bristled toothbrush (clean one!). Helps to exfoliate, cheap and easy.

  71. Leslie Price

    I wear Soft Lips all day long!

  72. Sam

    I love Burt’s Bees! I use it constantly… but I used to use Softlips allll the time and I’d like to try again. :]

  73. I actually use softlips pineapple. lol!

  74. Sass

    Before bed I use a lip conditioner or a salve on my lips. Throughout the day I never allow my lips to dry out. That’s all. :)

  75. Every night I apply a lip balm before bed – what I use changes as I have several lip products that I love & that are hydrating. If my lips get super dry (during winter) I’ll use Mary Kay’s Exfoliating Lip Mask and that does the trick.

    Twitter: liss98

  76. Cindy

    I apply chapstick on my lips before I go to bed to moisturize them, and apply lip balm or chapstick before I apply lipstick or lipgloss in the morning.

  77. alaure

    I keep my lips super soft by scrubbing with a washcloth twice a day while I’m washing my face, and then smothering them with lipbalm before I go to bed. Also, doing Project 10 Pan helps motivate me to keep reapplying lipbalm throughout the day to use up all my half-empty tubes.

  78. Goofball

    I keep my lips kissable by making a sugar and olive oil lip scrub once a week, applying my cherry softlips multiple times throughout the day and applying aquafor to my lips before bed

  79. My-Linh

    I alternate between Carmex (in the pot) and Softlips! Sometimes I’ll exfoliate by using my toothbrush after I’ve brushed my teeth. I’ll rinse the brush and scrub a bit.

  80. Eve

    I use carmex at night and then blixtex in the day. I also scrub my lips with baking soda.

    twitter: shopgurl

  81. Spiff

    I exfoliate every week with a warm, wet washcloth and good ol’ fashion vaseline whenever my lips feel dry~

  82. I use lip balm regularly and exfoliate probably once a week :)

  83. Rosanna

    I do the old scruff off thing with a toothbrush. it really helps.

  84. Jane

    I’ve tried this once and I thought it was so good. I put on ORGANIC foot cream (that way I don’t have to worry about too many bad chemicals going into my body) on my lips, let it sit for a while, then just wipe it off. It makes my lips so luscious.

  85. Joanne

    I just drink warm water.. that’s all I do.

  86. reana

    I just slather on thick lotion for my lips and vaseline at night. Then when I wake up, voila! soft and sleek.

  87. Jana

    Oh, hmmm…. I prefer to drink water, clean off my lips after i eat, de scuff them, and put SPF lip balm. It takes a lot of work to get nice lips!

  88. Nina

    I always apply lip balm at night. When my lips get extra flaky I brush it with a toothbrush.

  89. angie

    Using vaseline and chapstick daily

  90. Holly

    I keep my lips kissable my using the Laura Gellar Lip Scrub(I think it’s called Lip Spackle…?) and the Nivea Kiss Of Moisture Lip Balm!(:

  91. dee

    i use vaseline at night!

  92. Nadine

    I use leftover eye cream on my lips! It makes my lips soooo soft! The pump for my eye cream always dispenses too much for my eyes.

  93. I always start off by exfoliating in the shower then when I get out I use Nivea lip conditioner to keep it moisturized during the day :)

  94. Gail

    Use both Mac’s Prep & Prime & their lip conditioner w/spf for day time.

  95. ALessa Ngo

    I used my chapstick, drink a lot of water and avoid licking my lips
    twitter: AlessaNgo

  96. Marissa

    I use either softlips of any burt’s bees lip balm during the day and before applying any gloss or lipstick, and i love to make a small bath of olive oil and sugar lip scrub once a week! it tastes delish too!!

  97. tracy davis

    i use natural ice cherry – all day everyday but i’m for trying softlips

  98. Kristi C

    I try to keep my lips kissable by using chapstick but my kids’ keep disappearing with the chapstick.