Friday, March 20th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away Snog Lip Balms!

Snog Lip Balms are named after the colloquial British expression that refers to kissing and cuddling. They are pocket-sized (probably about an inch tall!) and help keep your lips moisturized and kissably soft.

We’re giving away ten (10) sets of all three Snog Lip Balms (Naked, Cheeky Mint, and Virgin Cherry). Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us you want to win. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via e-mail.

All entries must be submitted by March 24th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s it! This contest is only open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws.

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Good luck!

Winners have been chosen, thank you for entering!

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275 thoughts on “Win Snog Lip Balms!

  1. Katya

    Oh my god… i would so love to win those lip balms.., i love when a lip balm could fit in my pocket, cuz i have to have it on me all the time, since at work they not lettign us to have our stuff around, i need to have it to keep my lips moist!!
    RSS subscriber

  2. Mimi

    I’d love to win these. One can never have enough lip balms!

  3. there are interesting! I would love to try it…I’m addicted to chapsticks and lip balms! My lips get so dry easily =(

    twitter: Sanniet
    RSS: already subscribed <3

  4. ayat

    I would love to win this!! Chocobon on twitter!

  5. Jessica

    i want to win !

  6. i would love these in my pocket! i love lip balms! my lips are something i always make sure to take care of!

  7. Brittany

    Yum! I always need more balm!

  8. Amanda

    I’d love to win these because they’re so cute and tiny. I’m following on twitter (sweet8684girl) and am subscribed to your rss feed.

  9. Kirstin

    Enter me to win, please! These would be so much fun to add to my collection ’cause they’re itty bitty & I’m addicted to lip stuffs. :)

    Subscribed & twitter’d (kirstinkthx)

  10. Sally

    I’d love to win!

  11. jfount

    I want to win! I also follow on Twitter as jfount. :)

  12. HijabiApprentice

    I want to win!

    Twitter: HijabiApprentic

  13. I too am a lip balm addict (so much so that I kind of ignore most other lip products). I’d love to win a set!


  14. Dana

    I want to win!

  15. Shauna

    i would love to win these!

  16. danielle

    id love to win

  17. dolce aria

    i’d love to win these. I want them, even if simply because of their name. I need a new good lip balm anyways. How did you find these?

  18. Jamie

    I would love to win! =D
    Twitter: atnb

  19. Aisha

    I would love to win – these are so cute!

  20. Renee

    I want to win

  21. Amy

    These are so adorable, would love to win! nevrevr on twitter

  22. I want to win because I’ve never heard of these! My lips are always ridiculously dry and I’d love to try these.

    twitter: dreamingmuse

  23. Rennah

    I want to win because winning is fun!
    twitter: Rennah

  24. Jessica

    I’m always on the lookout for new lip balms! And their names are adorable, haha.

    twitter: onionpixy

  25. Azucar

    Consider me for one of these cutsie lip balms, please. They look like tons of sweet fun.

  26. lisa

    I would like to win please because ive never tried them and would like to do so.

  27. Jenn

    I would like to win a set! I like the portable size.

  28. michi(michelle)

    i would love to win because these are so cute.

  29. michi(michelle)

    i want to win because i never seem to win anything.

  30. Shabbi Vaghei

    I would like to win..
    twitter: shabbz

  31. michi(michelle)

    i want to win. :)

  32. Jen

    I’d like to win!!

  33. Lauren

    I love lip balm! I wanna win!

  34. Stefani

    omg i’d love to win these….they are so effin cute!!

    maybe it can help me get a cute Bristish boy to make out with heheh

    twiiter: girlielovesmac

  35. Katherine

    These are so cute!
    Twitter: Ceribella3
    I already follow RSS
    Thanks! :)

  36. ashley

    I would love to win this because its soo cute!! and you can carry it in your purse! and you can never have enough lip balms!


  37. Kaoru

    I want to win! Those look so cute!

  38. Can you only get them in the UK? Or are they available worldwide? because even if I do not win I would be interested in looking into purchasing them.

    Twitter is bookmouse99

  39. HoneyBrown1976

    I’d like to try one.

    Twitter: HoneyBrown1976

  40. Aj

    I want to win because my lips are always chapped/dry!

  41. Pocket sized balms? How cute! I would love to win these!

  42. Julia

    I want to win! I love lip balm!!

  43. jesstoimpress

    i love to be kissably soft lmao! these look neat

    twitter – jesstooimpress

  44. Maryam

    I’m a brit and I WANT!


  45. sammmm

    loveeeee chapsticks! wanna win!
    twitter: fashionista526

  46. jtxy

    i’d love to win this! i always never buy as many lipbalms as i should, i tend to gloss over them in favour of the more alluring color cosmetics! this would be a good reminder that i need to stock up on the basics too!

  47. Tanya

    OMG, I want! I’m in love with the names & packaging plus I’m addicted to lipbalm. These are perfect for me.

  48. Mary Ann

    I would love to win because I always get chapped lips and these mini lip balms are the perfect size to stash in my pocket

  49. mich

    id love these! too cute

    twitter = teasecake

  50. Jenn

    these are so cute! i’m always needing new lip balm, so i would definitely love to win these.

    twitter: chinandjuice

  51. dani

    i want to win this only because i’ve never heard of this before and i’d love to try it out.
    twitter: 23dani
    i’m already subscribed to RSS

  52. Davina

    I would love to win these!
    twitter: davinaa

  53. Reese

    I love lip balm :) I want to win!
    Twitter: PeaceofReese

  54. Anna

    I would love to win this because I’ve recently lost my chapstick and I need a new lip moisturizer :( .

    twitter: weeping_angel

  55. shatani

    i would love to win these! i am a lip balm addict! im always ready to snog!

  56. Sarah

    I’d love to win, I get very dry lips so these would be great :)

  57. sprut

    I want to win those adorable little balmies. :)

  58. Nic15

    i want to win cause i think it would be cool to pull out a chapstick from my purse called “snog”! good conversation piece w/ friends…and the bonus of soft smooth lips of course!

  59. kathemc

    Awesome size — would love to own these!

  60. Meagan

    I would like to win because my husband and I are trying to make a baby and we’ve been doing lots of snogging!

    twitter : irishmeag

  61. Vanessa S

    twitter: nessie & subbed

    I want to win win win! 😀 they are so cute! i am obsessed with lip balms~

  62. Kat C.

    Cheeky mint for me!

  63. Maren

    These sound very interesting, but again they are not available here.

  64. Chrystie

    Would love to win these as I’m a total Anglophile & Lip Balm junkie! :)

  65. Thais

    I want to win one of those Lip Balms because I don’t have a GOOD lip balm. The ones I’ve got don’t really moisturize, you know? 😀 And they’re so little, so cute!

  66. ashley

    ahhhhh yes they look soo cuute! haven’t seen them here

  67. Eleanor

    Wow, I have never heard of these before and would definitely like to try them.

  68. Kohava

    So cute! I want to win.

  69. Ji

    i want to win

  70. Young

    pick me, choose me, love me

  71. kam

    oooh new lip balms are always exciting!!!

  72. phuong k

    i’ve stuck with burt’s bees for awhile now. it’d be nice to try something new so please enter me to win.

  73. I’d love to win this!

    twitter: frmheadtotoe

  74. Ummmm cutest lip balms ever! Pick me!

  75. i want to win because i have the most chapped lips ever!
    twitter; xkhaotik

  76. Ton

    I’d really like to win

  77. Katy

    I’d love to win these!

  78. Chynna

    Enter me in! My Twitter’s cjqtwm.

  79. rasilla

    omg! they are so cute 😛 definitely wouldn’t mind packing one of those in my bags~

  80. I would love to try these out! I am a lip balm-a-holic!

  81. Katie

    I would like to win please! :)

  82. sublime

    I want to win because I do not want to be a loser, and I heart lip balm

  83. I want to win because lip balm is a necessity.

  84. I am following you on Twitter as tribecca.

  85. Monica


  86. I would like to win because the brand name is cute and i’m always in need of more chapstick…. haha
    I subscribed via RSS as well

  87. Stephanie


    twitter: fillette

  88. Danielle

    Who doesn’t love to win and have soft lips?

    RSS subscriber
    twitter = ou_d

  89. graykittyboo

    Oooh, I want these! I love lip balms!

    twitter: nina0205
    email subscriber

  90. ti

    I am seriously addicted to lip balm! im always looking for a new lip balm, i must have like 80 of them!

    twitter: lilti

  91. Christine

    who doesnt want kissable lips!!! the name of these are so cute i love virgin cherry ! lol so funny… your so nice for doing these givaways when you could be use them for yourself you must really like the people that follow your blog! xoxo Chrissy
    twitter : Chrissykissy915
    youtube: Chrissykissy915

  92. Nic

    I’d like to win because I’m always looking to try new lip balms. Plus, who wouldn’t want a lip balm called “snog”? 😉

    twitter: TheWoodnut

  93. Amelia

    I want to win because they are so cute! love the name, and they look so adorable. :) I am always putting on chapstick, and this would be a great one to try!
    Twitter: i_heart_art
    RSS Feed: subscribed

  94. Val

    Love to win these. Btw:: bday on Sunday!! No lie.

    Twitter:: tuberval

  95. Kim

    How cute! I’d love to win these.
    Twitter: kim9duck

  96. These are sooo cute! I’d love to win these.

  97. Patricia Bertola

    I’d love to win!! These are so cute!

  98. Alicia

    I want to win those adorable snoggers! Thank you!!!

  99. I want to win 😉

    Twitter: osadczuk

  100. aaj83

    they are sooo cuuute! :)

    twitter: aaj83
    RSS feed: already subscribed