Friday, November 8th, 2013

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One (1) lucky reader will win a Sephora Collection Makeup Academy Blockbuster Palette that contains 130 different colors–from eyes to lips to primer to blush!

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151 thoughts on “Win It! Sephora Collection Makeup Academy Blockbuster Palette!

  1. Love using Sephora color and cosmetic products – so much value the other companies can not compete.

  2. Always wear a primer, both face and eye, for long wearing, creasefree coverage.

  3. My favorite beauty tip is a little goes a long way. I don’t have to cake makeup on my face for it to be beat!

  4. mariel

    US participants only :(

  5. I absolutely LOVE highlighter. Simple brush on the cheeks and brow lines and it gives your whole face a beautiful glow! :)

  6. jessica

    would looove to win this!!!! my favorite beauty tip is always setting under eye concealer with powder so that it doesnt settle into my fine lines 😀

  7. I love to dampen my foundation brush before applying it.

  8. Favorite beauty tip…. with black hair and lashes, a good actually-black eyeliner is essential for completing my look!

  9. Jaqueline

    Primer is essential .

  10. Best beauty advice I have received: wear sunblock! No amount of make-up will reverse sun damage to my skin. :)

  11. Lorna

    My favorite beauty tip is to smile, everyone looks better with a smile

  12. Michelle Cote

    This is amazing!

  13. giusyp87

    Line the waterline with a butter liner to make eyes appear brighter.

  14. Lauren W.

    For eyeshadows that are difficult to blend, put a layer of face powder over your normal eye primer, then do your shadow. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get a pretty looking blend until I figured this one out!

  15. Christina

    My make up tip, is to use scotch tape to get that perfect winged eyeliner, works everytime for me :)

  16. Use a primer under your foundation to make it last all day :)

  17. Ruz Ramos (Rd Sharingdelights)

    Protect ur skin from the sun and uv Rays,I now make sure almost all of my products have SPF.

  18. For a nice skin tone, what i do is, i take
    1tbsp gram flour
    1/4tsp turmeric
    2tbsp raw milk(if your skin is dry)
    a bit of rose water (if your skin is oily)
    half lemon
    wash your skin properly, dry it, mix all these ingredients and apply on your skin. let it dry (it should take at least 20min). Then wash it properly.

  19. Fav beauty tip – mix blush and lipbalm or chapstic for lip color in a pinch.

  20. Concealer is only half the battle when it comes to fixing flaws. To perfect your complexion (no matter what your skin tone), try lipstick in a warm pink. it distracts people’s eyes from blemishes and other imperfections.

  21. Lyse

    When worrying about fall out do your eyes before your foundation.

  22. My favorite little beauty tip is to layer a slightly shiny but sheer champagne colored eyeshadow or eyeliner beneath whatever eyeliner I’m using that day. I make the line of the champagne makeup slightly larger so it peeks out from the eyeliner. This instantly brightens and wakes up my eyes!

  23. Lily

    Looks gorgeous!

  24. Lisa T

    Fill in your brows for a more finished look.

  25. OMG!!! I really hope, pray, wish to winn this amazing Sephora Collection Makeup Academy Blockbuster Palette <3 <3 <3

  26. Susan West

    I use lemon juice and sugar to exfoliate my skin!

  27. Karla

    My favorite beauty tip is always start your beauty rutine using mosturizer, so the skin is soft and hidrated :)

  28. Oh no! Why just US participants?? :(

    • Costs almost as much to ship (I only ship with insurance + tracking) than the product is worth due to weight!

      • Oh!! Its times like these that make me want to move to US.
        Either that or if you come to India (Bangalore to be more precise, coz then I’d do anything to meet you!!) :)

  29. My favorite beauty tip is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! It solves so many beauty problems.

  30. use setting spray before foundation, after foundation and after powder to lock in the look!

  31. My beauty tip is to buy a nail corrector pen, (like sally hansen or even CVS makes one.) A few minutes spent cleaning up nail polish mistakes makes a world of difference and the pens make it very quick and easy!

  32. Emily B

    My favorite beauty tip is to learn how to properly highlight and contour. It makes a huge difference!

  33. Amy

    For big wide-awake eyes: a little highlighter or light-colored (just lighter than your skin tone) eyeshadow at the inner and outer corners of the eye and just below the brow opens the eye for a wide-awake look – as does eyeliner that does NOT meet at the outer corner (and the lower-lash liner should not extend all the way to the inner corner, but only about halfway across).

  34. Thanks for having the givewaway! I think the best tip I’ve ever received was to place my mascara in a glass of hot water about 10 minutes prior to application. Makes it go on like buttah!

  35. Maria Brown

    My favorite beauty tip is if you rub cut a half of lemon and rub it on your elbow and knees it will gradually start removing those unwanted dark areas…..also pure aloe tonics scares much quicker

  36. meredith

    always wear mascara and a big smile =D

  37. My favorite beauty tip is to use water in eyeshadow for a more pigmented look.

  38. Aditi

    Favorite Beauty tip: ” Use an eyelash curler to make your eyes look wider & brighter “

  39. Removing your makeup before bed is an absolute must for clear skin and helps reduce aging. Thank you for the opportunity!

  40. Whitney

    I would love this, it has every color you could ask for!!! :)

  41. Favorite beauty tip:

    If you make a mistake when applying your mascara and you get it on your eyelid, you can still save your eyeshadow.

    DON’T try to wipe it off. Wait until it dries completely, then take an eyebrow spoolie (I use Sonia Kashuk’s ) and gently scrape away the mascara smear. It comes off easily and leaves no trace.

    You may need a little shadow re-fresh on the lid afterwards, but at least it won’t ruin your whole look!

  42. Christina

    Always pat shimmery/glittery eyeshadows rather than sweeping them on!

  43. i like to use a q-tip for blending eyeshadow…it that way the colors stay true and blend seamlessly

  44. elda

    My number one beauty tip is to always always curl your lashes, I personally use a tea spoon to curl…

  45. angélica cruz

    Am in love,i want this pls… Love love the eyeshadow and the eyeliners.

  46. Neha

    Hot pink lips always photograph well…wear them often !!

  47. My best tip to make my lips more defined is to use Benefits High Beam on not only the cupids bow but as a liner for my top lip to make it pop

  48. My beauty tip is use extra virgin coconut oil for any skin issue. Whatever it may be from dryness to eczema it’s the best thing for the skin.

  49. Don’t be afraid to try new things outside of your comfort zone, sometimes it will end up looking amazing!

  50. Always, always wash your make-up off before bed!
    Melody Recently Posted: Review: Flight Deck Cosmetics Blush in Elevation and Approach

  51. When dying you hair put a small layer of petroleum jelly around your hair line. It hair dye gets on your skin it will come off A LOT easier.

  52. I guess my tip would be that brushes do matter… to a point. Invest enough to have quality tools but you don’t have to go overboard.

  53. beauty tip – always (no matter how tired you are) remove all makeup before you go off to sleep at night!

  54. Cathy

    Using a powder puff to apply translucent powder!

  55. I use lemon juice on my underarms to exfoliate and whiten them. 😉

  56. Kitty

    My tip is to always wear blush Xo

  57. Joanna

    Always remove makeup when I get home and use clarisonic for deep cleaning.

  58. Right now, I think filling in my eye brows is absolutely essential. Even if I’m just wearing mascara, I just find that it looks better!

  59. Aimee

    My beauty tip is to have confidence!

  60. Elena

    I always wet my brush before putting on eyeshadow for more vivid color!

  61. Lisa J

    My tip is: Take good care of your skin from as early an age as you can. You’ll never regret it. But you WILL regret it if you don’t.

  62. liz

    favorite beauty tip? if you’re on a budget, don’t bother with designated highlighters. just use eyeshadow singles!

  63. Raven

    skincare first! then apply as you wish hahah


  65. My fave tip is keep your skin in the best condition possible, i.e.; wash morn and night, moisturize moisturize moisturize!

  66. Alyssa M.

    My best tip is that an eye primer can really improve the wear/pigmentation of an eyeshadow that might not be everything you want it to be.

  67. Spritz some water/fFixing Spray/Setting spray over any flaky patches to calm them down or spray some on a stippling brush and tap the area for more stubborn flakes.

  68. julie loop

    My favorite beauty tip is after I apply all my makeup, I take a washcloth and wipe over my face . It takes any extra makeup off and blends so it looks natural

  69. Isabel

    Favourite beauty tip: Less is more! :-)

  70. Liz

    If you have very straight lashes, use waterproof mascara after curling to keep them from drooping. Works for me! :)

  71. Oh i really hope to win! I have never tried any of Sephora’s makeup line before!

  72. my favorite tip is to check your makeup in different lighting before you go out. You’d be surprised what you’ll notice!

  73. Pamela T.

    Favorite Beauty Tip…. Primer, primer, primer!!!

  74. chandra

    My favorite beauty tip is always wear eye primer.

  75. chandra

    I don’t know if my other comment showed. If it did disregard. My favorite beauty tip is primer for your eyes. It really does make a big difference in wear and creasing.

  76. Kammi

    my beauty tip is drink water three times everyday

  77. Bishakha Sen

    my beauty tip is for a cant detect what it is but a difficult to emulate , light emanating from within glow from the eyes .Use a satin finish or a shimmery highlight powder ( depending on how intense your look is ), to the lower portion of the OUTER CORNER of the eyes and the inner corner, both upper and lower portion. People rarely put the highlight in the outer corner lower corner but it makes a huge difference ! If the overall make up look is warm toned , use a golden toned highlight and if the make up look is cool and or a lot of blues pinks or purples are used, use a slightly leaning towards pink toned highlight .

  78. My favorite beauty tip (although I know it sounds very cliche, but is so very true!) is that beauty comes from within. Self-confidnece can, and always will, outshine your makeup 1,000 times over. :)

  79. Laney

    Favorite beauty tip: make sure to always remove makeup and wash your face before bed!

  80. EXFOLIATE AND HYDRATE! Those two go together like peanut butter and jelly and should never be skipped; they make a WORLD of difference!

  81. monica

    fave tip is skin care first

  82. My favorite beauty trick is using clear mascara to keep eyebrows neat!

  83. E K

    My favorite beauty tip is to always remember that while you only see yourself from the front, others see you from all sides.

  84. Mary Ann

    Love to try their shadows…

  85. Michaela

    Chapstick before bed for extra soft lips in the morning!

  86. kate

    Let sunscreen soak under eyes and apply under eye concealer last.

  87. use lipliner and and lip brush!

  88. Eyeshadow primer is a must in order for eyeshadows to blend and last all day.

  89. Sharon

    Use honey, brown sugar and a teensy bit of cinnamon as a face mask and scrub! honey has good anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties and the cinnamon will help circulation!

  90. My beauty tip is to drink lots of water and wear sunscreen!

  91. Jennifer Pham

    I like spraying Elf Mist & Set over my done eyebrows to keep the color/shape in place!

  92. Brandi

    Primer is a girl’s best friend!

  93. Quionnesha

    Drink lots of water and get your required hours of sleep!

  94. haley

    I’ve eyed this at Sephora for a while now and would love to win. My biggest beauty tip always fill in your brows! It will change your whole face!

  95. Jennifer

    Wash off your makeup before bed!

  96. Cindy

    Use Paula Dorf Perfect Illusion lip primer. It’s discontinued, but if you can find it, it IS the HG!!! :)

  97. i always put lip balm on before my makeup routine so they’re primed and ready for lipstick by the end! works like a charm!

  98. Vanessa Caraballo

    My favorite beauty tip? Putting primer on my eyebrows. It helps my eyebrow powder last all day!

  99. I love to wear lip primer before applying lipstick, it keeps the color stay all day.

  100. Amanda

    My favorite beauty tip is to always clean your brushes!!!