Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Push the Edge Pigment!

We’re giving away one (1) MAC Push the Edge Pigment, from the limited edition MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection.

Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us how you use MAC pigments.

All entries must be submitted by September 7th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

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364 thoughts on “Win MAC Push the Edge Pigment!

  1. Lisa

    I don’t use MAC pigments much. I should invest in some neutral-ish ones, since that’s what I usually wear, but I always find myself buying the really bright ones!

    Twitter: Reikokorin

  2. Sarah

    RRS Subscriber, Twitter Follower: choi_joy

    i used them with a little bit of fix+ on my brush and then apply it straight to the lid (even tho the warning says to keep away from eyes or something.. lol). Since it pigments are more rich in color, I tend to keep it simple.

  3. I use MAC pigments when I want a really bold and over the top look, or for something as simple as making it into a eyeliner, but mostly the over the top looks ;)<3

    Twitter: Danifreakshow

  4. Alisa

    I use MAC pigments for everything – eyeshadow, liner, nail polish, coloured mascara. I even decorate some easter eggs with it last year!

    Twitter – @poppysmum
    RSS subscribed

  5. Aprill

    I use pigments as eyeshadows.

    twitter: glitteryglossy

  6. I like to use Mac pigments both wet/foiled and dry and sometimes together in the same look.

    twitter name gypsydancer13
    I am already subb’d via feed as well

  7. Julianne

    I like to use Mac pigments as highlights on my face or dab on the eyelids to accentuate!


  8. catrienna

    i dont use it often, but when i use it, it is either a highligher or e/s.


  9. Alexis

    I used mac pigments wet as eyeshadows!

    twitter= missangelalexis

  10. scarlettholly

    I use them as liners and as a crazy pop on the eye

    twitter: scarlettholly

  11. Christine shen

    Twitter: waterbb, forum user name : waterbb
    I like to foil it when I use it, it is so much brighter!

  12. Alexis

    me me me
    please please please

    I tend to use pigments for night, weekends, date night – when I have more time to play and blend

    especially when I want to look like a HOT MOM! HAHAHHAHA!

  13. Cindy

    I use pigments as eyeshadows, and i love them most when i used them with mixing medium..
    Twitter: Cindyyyyyyyy
    Subscriber by email

  14. Nadine

    I normally use them as eyeshadows. Someimes highlighters.

    Twitter: rhythemichick

  15. Niharika

    i use them with fix+ to enhance colour payoff.

  16. Lulee

    i use them with mixing mediums on their own or as bases.
    twitter: aalajoon
    forums: aalajoon

  17. Never really used pigment before and I want to start.

    Twitter: adriyah
    Subscribed to RSS

  18. Never really used pigment before and I want to start.

    Twitter: adriyah
    Subscribed to RSS

  19. Sharon

    If I use a pigment on the lid I will probably use some mixing medium. For colouful smokey eyes I’ll use pigments in the creas (dry, of course) to blend out the black.

    Twitter: Neshumke
    Subscribed to emails

  20. Ashley

    I use pigments for anything & everthing. Eyeshadow, lipgloss inhancer, face highlight, nail polish additive & foiling!

  21. Megan

    I haven’t had a chance to use the MAC pigments much… typically I use them as a wet shadow or put in some clear lip gloss as lip color but I only have 3 colors so the uses are a TAD more limited!

    Twitter- Stareis01

  22. Emm

    RSS Subscriber

    I use pigments on my lid with water/glycerin mixture, or I add it to lipgloss/body lotion/etc. It has so many uses and the jars are huge they last so long!

  23. Liz

    I absolutely LOVED Push the edge when I saw it in store but had to refrain from buying it because I have bought too much stuff lately. So wish I could get this though.

    twitter: soulshinesweet

  24. mlou

    oooooo, love the looks of this one!!

    I mostly use pigments dry or foiled on eyes. Foiled is easier if I don’t have much time & wearing contacts that day.

    Occasional use of one as face highlighter. Have not yet frankened a nail polish w/one.

    Twitter: purplLuv

  25. Liz

    Oops posted above and forgot to say I use pigments on the lid with fix + and sometimes on the cheek or lips depending on the color. For example I use Vanilla pigment as a highlighter sometimes
    twitter: soulshinesweet

  26. Huda A.

    I usually use pigments as eyeshadows. Hmm, maybe I should learn more ways to use it…

  27. tess

    i don’t own any mac pigments but i’ve seen a lot of tutorials on them… i’m always curious and want to try it . maybe this is my lucky chance. fingers crossed!

  28. jae


    Make a great look for a photoshoot!

  29. JennBee

    As amazing eyeshadows, of course! :)

    Twitter: jennbee
    Forum: jennbee
    Subscribed to feed!

  30. Catherine

    Rss sub, twitter follower, forum member. :)

    Because pigments are so universal, I used them for everything! I use hem with eyeshadows and lig glosses. But my favorite thing to do it make my own nail polish colors. I “Franken” old polish and make new colors. It’s so fun!

  31. I use MAC pigments as eye shadows, face highlighters, blushes, lip glosses, and all over body shimmers.

  32. Emily

    Twitter: Hairypeter
    I am email subscribed w/ same email as this comment!
    My forum account also uses the same email

    I’ve never had a pigment before! I’d use it as an eyeshadow though.

  33. Diabla

    I use them as usual eyeshadow, sometimes to highlight lipstick and thought of using them to make personalized nail polish lately, especially blue-brown!

    Twitter: salemorveuse
    Forum: climax
    Subscribed to feed

  34. AlyxVeee

    Rss Subscribed
    Twitter :AlyxVeee

    I dont own any MAC pigments but have other company’s loose e/s and I use them as eyeshadow. Usually over a lighter color so its easier to blend and not as harsh. Unless I want it that way =)

  35. Xuan-An

    I use Mac pigments as eyeshadows and nail polish!!

    RSS subscribed

  36. hleary8

    I press them to use as shadows, or use the loose pigment as a liner

    twitter: hleary8
    rss subscribed

  37. Anitacska

    I only have a couple of pigments and I need to learn how to use them properly as they’re so lovely.

  38. Carolyn

    I only own vanilla as of yet, therefore I love to highlight and add it to my moisturiser for a bit of an all-over glow. My favorite way is still to dip in a brush and foil it on with my fix+. I wouldn’t mind to start experimenting with different colors, though 😉

    Oh and, RSS subbed

  39. kris

    I use my pigments as eyeshadows mostly, but i did make an awesome purple nail polish a while ago 😀

  40. kaleen

    I don’t have any so, I don’t know how I would use them hah

    rss subscriber
    Twitter/Forum: kaleen123

  41. Viktoria

    I use pigments on eyelids for the most part, but also on cheeks and lips 😀 love MAC pigment in rose on my lips 😀

  42. melissa m

    I use them under eyeshadows & depending on the color, as a hilighter or blush. I’ve even patted my most favorite, Pink Opal, ontop of lipstick to give it some more staying power and some extra added umph of sparkle.

    RSS subscriber :)

  43. sandy

    i only have vanilla and i use it for so many things! cheek and eye highlight….mix it with my liquid foundation…i love it!

  44. Kornesican

    I use pigments, especially vanilla to highlight my face and my browbone

  45. Kalisa

    I am new to MAC and Bright Purples make my eyes pop! So I hope i win!!!!

    Twitter: rainbowbeauty22

  46. Browneyes

    I use pigments as eyeshadow, to create a colorful liner or even mixed up in a little clear gloss to create a bold, glossy lip :)

    Browneyes- forum name
    RSS subscriber

  47. Star109

    I use it as eyeshadows


  48. I love this color!
    I subscribe to your RSS and I follow you on twitter: MissNessa

  49. Heather

    I use them as eyeshadow or highlights!!
    twitter: rockerchick2719
    Forum: rockerchick2719

  50. Arshia

    arshiax3- twitter
    rrs subbie!

    and i really would love to win cuz i cant afford this!

  51. fiaspice

    twitter: fiaspice

    I don’t use a lot of pigment, but I would use this one wet on my eyelid for a dramatic look on a night out.

  52. Lauren

    I love MAC pigments but I only buy them in samples! My fave is Naked and I can use that one as an all-over highlight or across my lid for a pretty, natural look. They’re also fun to mix in with other things like body and hair gel.

  53. Torrie Mckeague

    I use them wet as a eyeshadow base or all over lid color. I mix it with clear gloss for my lips or to put glitter on or around my eye or face and also mix it with my moisturizer to use it as a blush. I absolutely love pigments because they are so versitile. I even sometimes use them with some nail polish to change the effect of the polish color or make up my own combo!

    twitter: leialoha018

  54. Buttafly

    I have only had one MAC Pigment and I use it for my eyelids. I apply it straight on the lid. It is such a beautiful color I think it is called softwash grey.

  55. Halifax

    I don’t own MAC pigments, but for my mineral pigments, I’d just use a damp brush to pick them up and apply, over a base.

    twitter follower: juan_hurrican
    email subscriber

  56. I use MAC pigments as an eyeshadow the most!


  57. Anja Nicole

    Hi Christine,
    I dont have any pigments yet as I live in the Bahamas and our MAC store here doesnt carry them. But I would love to make this one the first of my collection. I will definitely as we would say here in the Bahamas “I’ll be carryin on” when I wear this. Secondly purple (plum) is my favorite color

  58. Samantha

    I’ve never used a MAC pigment. Or anything MAC, for that matter.
    I would love to start, though.

    Twitter: suchasweetsamee.

  59. Stephanie

    I would love to win. Purple is my favorite color and I always use it on my brown eyes because it compliments them.

    twitter follower : stephanie_mae
    rss subbie
    forum: stiffaknee

  60. Stephanie

    oh i forgot to tell you how i use the pigments. I only have one which is helium (a sparkly pink with blue tones)..anyways I use it as a highlighter and mix it in with my lotion to give my skin some sparkle.

  61. I love pigments!!! I take a flat shader brush, spray fix+ on it and foil the pigments onto my lids :) I love the way it looks

  62. Naomi

    I don’t have a MAC pigment, but the mineral eyeshadows that I DO have; I use it with some eyedrops and apply it wet. I also put them in my clear polish for lovely nails. :)

  63. Venessa

    I use pigments with Fix+ on my eyes as eyeshadow and sometimes liner

  64. Elsie Myers

    I use pigments as eyeshadow, I love the bright rich color it produces!

    Twitter: emyers100

  65. Aryn

    I use it mostly with fix + and on the lid and as cool eyeliner.. I also use it in nail polish, lips, cheeks etc. I don’t have a full sized one though since I find it really expensive but maybe once I’m doing stage makeup. I always get a couple samples whenever I go to mac.

    RSS subscribed
    Forum: XmoonlightX

  66. sam

    i only have a couple pigments, but i usually use them as eyeshadow. or if it’s a really light highlight color, i’ll mix it with moisturizer/foundation to make my skin look glowy :)

    i’m an rss subscriber & twitter: sammyx66

  67. I never had a MAC pigment, but I think

  68. carmen

    I use them foiled on my lid and as highlighters. On my cheeks and on top of lip gloss. I love them there so versatile.
    Email subscriber

  69. I love pigments, I use as highlight, eyeshadow and blush lol

    Twitter: Chellz423

  70. Amy

    I mix pigments with MAC Eyeliner Mixing Medium and I wear pigments blended with solid eyeshadows

  71. Nina

    Depending on the color, either as an eyeshadow or highlight!

    email subscriber
    twitter: nina0205
    forum: nina0205

  72. Hinahon

    I usually use them as eyeshadow and liner

    RSS Subbed
    Forum: Hinahon

  73. I use MAC pigments in many ways. Eyeshadow, eyeliners, blush and make my own nail polishes to name a few ways.

    rss sub

    twitter makeup_queen81

    forum username makeup_queen81

  74. SimplySimplyS

    I havent personally bought MAC pigments before, but they are versatile. I see myself using them just as eye shadows cauz they r soo pigmented and easy to blend with other colors. Also as a liner….

  75. Ophelia

    i either apply it over paints or over cream colour bases like hush =)

  76. Lindsay

    all over my lids
    twitter: Lindensay
    forum: Lindensay

  77. Scarlett177

    I just started using pigments and I love them! I use them (with a cream color base) as I would any other eyeshadow.

    RSS: subscribed
    Forum: same email address

  78. Jenna

    I actually have not used MAC products in awhile, so I cannot say how I use them, but I would love to try.

  79. Jenna

    I thought I had already commented, but cannot find my comment here… Would love to win since I haven’t used MAC products in awhile. I would totally use as an eyeshadow in my crease

  80. I’m a huge pigment junkie! I love collecting them as well as using them for everything everywhere! As eyeshadow, wet as eyeshadow, as liner (wet or mixed with eyeliner mixing medium), as blush, as lipstick/gloss or mixed in with my body lotion to give my skin a nice glow :) I love using pigments in nail polish too! :)

  81. Melody

    I use MAC pigments as eyeshadow, liner and nail polish :)

    Twitter ID: Melodycosmo
    RSS Subscriber
    Forum ID: Melodycosmo

  82. I press most of the ones I’ve bought – I have a 15 pan filled, and also a quad. I love to use them wet, as shadow or liner. MAC pigments are great!

  83. i pick up the pigments on my brush, then spray a home made mixing medium of glycerin onto the brush and apply on my eye lid.

  84. Anna

    i usually use them wet for the midtone to light colors, but the dark colors are dark enough so i use them dry. always as eyeshadows for me. warning labels be damned!

  85. DoDe

    I have naked pigment. I use it on eyes and lips

    Already Rss subed

  86. Corinne

    i love using pigments over paint pots. it gives it a totally different look!

  87. Corinne

    oh and my twitter is @omgitscorinne

  88. Dominique

    I don’t own any, thats why I wnat to win :)

  89. Christina C

    The few pigments I have, I use as eyeshadow.

    Twitter: Knittingbeauty
    RSS Subscribed
    Forum: Knittingbeauty

  90. I usually use them on my eyes as eyeshadow, but I’ve also been a fan of mixing them into gloss, using them as liners, and as highlights on my face =)

  91. BaDKiTTy

    I like to use my pigments as a base color. And on top of the pigments I appply eye shadows.
    Twitter: RussianBaDKiTTy

  92. iliang

    I use it wet either with mixing medium or w/ fix

  93. I don’t have MAC pigments, sadly. :(
    twitter: maggsmakeup
    rss sub

  94. Sass

    The pigments I have I use them mostly in my eye looks. I have used a few as blushes at one time or another as well. I haven’t graduated to lip and nail looks yet.

  95. Pigments are my favourite MAC item, they can produce about 10 MAC eyeshadow-sized pressed pigments, and wet they apply like a dream. Often I apply them wet, to prevent any fallout, otherwise I dab them onto a base carefully with a flat shader brush, just like any other eyeshadow.

    Some of them can be mixed with foundation or lipgloss, too, so they come in very handy for contest or special occasion looks.

    Twitter: Neko_Anastasia
    Forum: Neko_Anastasia
    RSS E-mail subscriber.

  96. Ellen

    I press them and use them as shadows.

    rss subscribed
    forum name: Ellen1

  97. i use pigments as eyeshadows and as custom lip shades!
    i’m rss sub

  98. Shannon

    I use pigments as eyeshadows.

  99. twitter: MacGirlx3
    I use pigments for lipgloss…blush,eyeliner,eyeshadow,alot of things!!

  100. April M.

    For my eyes!! shadow, highlight, liner…
    RSS Subscriber
    Twitter: LittlMissApril