Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Girlish Romp Mineralize Eyeshadow!

We’re giving away one (1) MAC Girlish Romp Mineralize Eyeshadow, from the limited edition MAC Colour Craft Collection.

Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us how long you’ve been reading Temptalia!

All entries must be submitted by July 27th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

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331 thoughts on “Win MAC Girlish Romp Mineralize Eyeshadow!

  1. Lauren

    I’ve been reading for six months…I’m a newbie :)

  2. Marta

    Six months so far… But already addicted to it 😉

  3. sunshine817

    about a year now and loving it.

  4. probably less than 6 months. im a newbie!

  5. I follow you on Twitter as Phyrra.
    I’m subscribed to your RSS feed.

  6. Deanna

    I don’t know how long exactly but at least since the beginning of the year! :) I’m following on twitter as “calidreamin87″, I’m subscribed by email and I’m registered in the forum as “Deanna6″!

  7. reading it for about two months now and loving it! 😀

    following you on twitter as well. :)

  8. Ali

    More than a year now!

  9. hydaia

    hmmm..not very sure!around 6 months i think.
    i knew you from mac comm at lj 😀

    i followed youuu…im dyhexcentrique 😀

  10. Cindy

    I think about a year now, and i love it !

    Twitter: Cindyyyyyyyy
    Subscriber by email

  11. fiaspice

    since about november 2008.
    fiaspice on twitter and the forums.

  12. Estefania

    For about 5 months, EVERYDAY NOW!!! Love it 😀
    Twitter: estefafernandez
    rss sub

  13. Melanie

    Since about Oct. 08 if I recall correctly 😉

    Twitter macbella2
    RSS subscribed too

    thanks :)

  14. I’m kinda of a new reader, from march 2009 =)

    and I’m suscribed to your RSS feed

  15. Since spring ’07 after Barbie Loves MAC came out, which was the collection that got me hooked!
    Twitter: bergmansbear

  16. Daisy

    About 5-6 months now. I have temptalia in my google reader which I check pretty much every day. Got to keep current on all things pretty 😉

  17. bluematilda

    hello, i’ve been reading, i guess for almost a year and a half!
    and you’ve caused me to spend much $$$ because of your fabulous swatches!!
    bluematilda on twitter

    ps. when sephora launches illamasqua, will you be doing a swatchfest?

  18. Shereen

    I’ve been reading for about a year now.

    Twitter: shmay23
    RSS subscriber

  19. Brandi

    Following you on here for a month now (just lacking commenting) so I’m a REAL newbie.
    I also follow you on twitter (clovergirl14) and need to win this! I’m a wife, not a woman, so I can’t shop.

  20. Since Nov 2008 I think :) x

  21. L1onQueen

    I stumbled upon Temptalia last summer and love it! Such great info
    Twitter: topshelfva
    L1onqueen is my forum username

  22. Patricia Bertola

    I’m not really sure…. but I guess about a year.

  23. Katya

    i’ve been reading temptalia for about 8-9 month now, and i love it!!!!!! so much helpul information!!!!!!!
    forum- katya

  24. Kim

    I have to say more than a year :)

  25. Halifax

    I started reading the site since I started putting makeup on my face, about more than a year ago :-)

    Email subscriber
    Twitter follower (juan_hurrican)

  26. tara

    I started reading Temptalia when I started using MAC about 3-4 weeks ago. i love this sight, and am constantly checking it and clicking on all of the Twitter posts. Sometimes I will comment on a thread, and I get e-mail updates like every 30 minutes which is awesome. You guys are really a huge help to all of us make-up lovers =]

    Twitter: tttaaarrraaa

  27. Heather

    I’ve been reading casually for about 5 months and for the past 2 months have been reading every day! It gets addicting :)

    twitter: hleary8
    rss subscriber

  28. Diabla

    I’ve started reading Temptalia when I’ve gotten into Mac in october 2008. So something like 9 months!

    twitter: salemorveuse
    forums: climax

  29. I think I’ve been reading for about 2 years!
    Twitter: GlamazonBeauty

  30. Katherine

    For about six months and I love it!
    Twitter: ceribella3
    rss sub

  31. I can’t remember, probably a year or so? Not sure how I got here, it must have been a product review you did or something like that. Love it very much though! :)

  32. Kitson

    I have just started reading Temptalia this month since I have gotten really into makeup recently. Im glad I found it cause now I go on at least twice a day for updates.

  33. badfish

    Following for about 1 year or less. I am on here everyday! My twitter is happybadfish, and I am registered in the forum. Pick me-pick me!

  34. cloudburst

    I’ve been following you for going on 2 years? Despite being a makeup junkie for a long time I only recently got into blogs. Twitter: thespell, RSS subscribed!

  35. Amelia

    I don’t even remember exactly, but I would say around 2 year or so

  36. BaDKiTTy

    About 3 year maybe a little bit less or little bit more. And loving it!!! Thank you.
    Twitter: RussianBaDKiTTy

  37. Kirstin

    I believe I started reading Temptalia back in February when it came up in a Google search for Hello Kitty collection info. Been addicted ever since!

    Subscribed & Twitter’d (kirstinkthx)

  38. Jerlyn

    been reading for about a year! love your detailed info!

    i been follow on twitter also, im jerlynphan


  39. Raquel

    Found Temptalia back in feb. 09 when I started to get into make up, and I’ve loved it ever since!
    Twitter: rpatchell

  40. Lesli

    I have been reading the blog for a few months now (since February), it has been so helpful and informative! RSS subscribed :)

  41. gio

    I can’t remember exactly but I think I’ve been reading temptalia for about two years now.

    twitter: beautywithbrain

  42. caitlyn

    since probably about January!
    still love the site as much as the day I discovered it.

  43. Delia Lupan

    For about an year.

  44. Antonia

    It’s been about 3 months now :)

    twitter: ascopes
    rss sub

  45. Andrea

    I’ve been reading for a little over a year!
    twitter: GABEgetsmehigh
    & I am RSS subscribed

  46. Debbie

    Would luv to win; reading Temptalia for about a year-luv all the info!!! Thanks!!
    RSS subscribed

  47. Eunice

    i’ve been following for…a year! and boy am i glad i did :)

  48. Pandora

    7 months and counting <3
    rss subscribed and wretchedpandora on twitter :)

  49. Erica

    About six months, i am hooked!

  50. Jamie

    I’ve been reading for a few months now.

    twitter- fadingjamie

  51. Steph

    I think I have been reading Temptalia for more than 2 years now.

  52. I have been reading Temptalia for about a year now. I love you! (Lol)
    Twitter: maggsmakeup
    RSS Subscriber

  53. nanakkii

    iv been reading for a few months now. im guilty of checking ever single day.

    rss subscribed

  54. Zee

    I’ve been reading Temptalia since March of this year!!
    twitter: @zebarr
    RSS Subscribed
    Forum user name: zbarr

  55. Holly

    About 8 months! I check Temptalia about 4-5 times a day. It’s actually in my routine of stuff that I check many times a day.(Email and such.) Love it to death!(:

    twitter: hollykristineby

  56. Tishenna

    I just started looking at this website at work recently, within the last two weeks. Almost every website is blocked but this one happen to sneak by and let’s just say I’m VERY thankful! Love <3 Love <3 Love the tutorials!

  57. Bethany

    I only found you earlier this week but am already addicted! I always seem to have at least one of your pages open in a tab whilst surfing the net.

    Twitter: BethanyvH
    Subscribed to RSS and forum with same email as for this comment.

  58. felicia

    ive been reading/addicted to temptalia for about 6 months now

  59. I think i stumbled on it a while back but i wasn’t that interested in beauty and makeup then. So i didn’t go on the website everyday like i do now! So if i start counting from the moment i decided to check temptalia everyday, i’d say…around 6-10 months.
    Twitter: PinkPoutBaby
    RSS Sub.
    Forum Username: PinkPoutBaby

  60. ANDREA


  61. Karla

    Would love to win :) I’ve been hooked for a long time…

    RRS subscribed. I have yet to even try twitter, maybe once I get my new phone 😛

  62. Niharika

    i’m addicted to this blog. i check back at least 4 times durin de day for updates nd it has been over 9 months since i have been following this website.

  63. marta

    iv been reading temptalia for a couple of months. :/
    not too long, but its in my bookmarks 😉

  64. I think it was 3 months ago….:)I’m sure happy I did!!

  65. I was introduced to Temptalia by a good friend not long ago but I have been hooked ever since the first click. I think I have only been reading since about June of this year, but it feels like longer! I visit your site at least 5 times a day!! :)

    Twitter: cupidgirl21483
    RSS Subscribed! :)

  66. Christina

    I have been reading for 6 months now. Love it!!
    Twitter: allinbee

  67. About 4 months :)

    twitter: mrs_sinatra
    RSS subscribed

  68. Michelle

    I think I started to follow temptalia january this year and no chance of stopping now…

    RSS subscr.

  69. Celine

    For about a year.

  70. Macaddict

    Been reaqding Temptalia for almost 2 years now! Already! It went from checking every few days to checking many times every day! Esp. when I know that info about a new upcoming MAC collection is forthcoming. The last 2 summers when I went on holiday, I was reading on the road via my blackberry.
    Twitter: Macbeauty

  71. Melissa c

    I think I’ve been following since the early days at least!

  72. egon

    oh this i cant say exactly but around six months !! maybe :)

  73. Veronica

    I’ve been reading for about 6 months, love all the reviews!

    twitter: panivino
    rss subscriber

  74. Amie Falch

    Been reading for only a week but I love it so far!

  75. I’ve been reading Temptalia for 10 months now! Twitter:Sufiju, Forum:Faiza, RSS subscribed.

  76. Hanna

    Over a year now! Love this site – can’t live without it.
    Sorry no twitter for me

  77. Kajsa

    It’s only been about two weeks.. I actually didn’t know this was a blog, just a random site 😀

    I follow you with that Swedish blogfollowthingy called Bloglovin’!

  78. Julia C

    About a year or more by now!

  79. Whitney

    I’m thinking about a year i’m not positive though.
    Twitter: Wch123

  80. amy

    I have been wearing makeup since high school, but did not start reading beauty blogs until last year; however, I only started reading temptalia early this year.

  81. ASHLEY

    I think about 8 months! And I love it 😀 I come here everyday, more then once haha.

  82. sprut

    I found your site through Pursebuzz and I’ve been a fan for a little under 6 months.

  83. Evelyn

    likeee half a year? more? duno hahah
    but i love it!

  84. mia

    For about 4-5 months now periodically.

  85. Irene

    I’ve been reading this site for atleast a year and a half!
    following RSS
    twitter: renie82

  86. Basak

    Hi Christine! I’ve been following you for about six months, but I never comment. Both my Twitter and forum accounts are named “beslap”.

  87. Sarah

    I’ve been reading for about 6 months!
    subscribed to rss
    twitter: missmoofy
    forum: moofy

  88. Abby

    I’ve been following this blog fairly regularly for, oh…at least a year.
    Long before that, I’d seen some of Temptalia’s looks on Livejournal, which was what led me to eventually find the blog. :)

    Twitter & Forums: welookedlike

  89. Nadine

    I’ve been reading since January, and I still love it!


  90. I’ve been reading for almost a year now! I’m subscribed to your RSS and I’m about to join your forums right now. :)

  91. lovepotion18

    6 06nths n6w

  92. Almost one year! You’re in my reader =)

  93. Christine

    I’ve been reading since January, I believe. I love this site. I check it everyday!

    twitter: stine21x

  94. Redhead (hi)

    I’ve been reading this AWESOME blog for about a year. I needed a smokey brown eyes how-to, and followed the link to yours with Constructivist paint pot – I had NO idea about MAC at the time and was sooo confused. Hadn’t I found Temptalia, I’d still be wandering in a confusing pitch-black MAC tunnel!

  95. Emily

    I think I’ve been following Temptalia since March, when the Sugarsweet collection came out and I was looking for swatches and review.
    Twitter: ebluegurl

  96. Ling

    twitter: 2bytes
    I’ve been reading for more than a year now. I first discovered this site when I was looking for more information about MAC products.

  97. Saralh1518

    Ive been reading less than 5 months….


  98. I’ve been reading/following Temptalia for over half a year already & it’s full of informations. Love it!

  99. Danielle Sharkey

    Since before Neo Sci-Fi came out last summer so you could say a little over a year! I love this blog so much because it always has so much useful and truthful info! It’s my first go to website when I turn my mac on!

  100. I’ve been reading for about 6 months now and i love it

    rss sub

    twitter makeup_queen81