Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

This post was sponsored and the prizes are courtesy of State Farm.

Win It! $500 Celebrate Your Unique Style Giveaway

State Farm and Essence Magazine have teamed up together and launched a contest that is a celebration of your unique style. The Celebrate Your Unique Style Contest celebrates State Farm’s belief that each person is unique and that your style should match your agent. The contest is an extension of the Essence music Festival, an annual festival celebrating contemporary African American music and culture. This year’s festival will be held July 6th through 8th in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Superdome–it will be one of the largest gatherings of African American artists in the country.

To enter the Celebrate Your Unique Style Contest, fans must submit a photo showcasing their unique style for a chance to attend the Essence Music Festival with 2 friends, and the winner will also receive a style makeover! The winner will be brought on stage at the music festival and their makeover will be featured online. All entries will be judged by a panel of qualified judges and one winner will be selected. To submit your photo and get more details, check out the Celebrate Your Unique Style Contest. The contest closes on June 7th.

And to celebrate YOUR unique style here on Temptalia, you have a chance to win a prize package valued at $500, which includes these amazing goodies:

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To enter & read official rules… 

The approximate value of the grand prize is $500.00.. This prize is non-transferable. There are no cash or other substitutes of prizes by winner. Temptalia reserves the right to substitute similar prizes of equal or greater value in the event the above prize is unavailable for any reason. Individual, parent, or legal guardian of the winner is solely responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes with respect to the grand prize. Prize will be mailed to the winner’s physical mailing address. Please allow six (6) to eight (8) weeks for delivery.

By entering or accepting the prize in this contest, winner agrees  to be bound by these Official Rules, Terms, and Conditions and to conform to all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

No purchase necessary to enter or win. This contest runs from May 22nd, 2012 through June 1st, 2012 at 12:01AM EST.


This contest is open to U.S. residents only unless prohibited by their local state/country. Prizes won by minors will be awarded to their parent or legal guardian on their behalf. For reference, the age of majority is 18 years old in the United States, with the exception of Alabama (19), Delaware (19), Mississippi (21), and Nebraska (19). The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Eligible participants are allowed to enter up to one (1) time, as per the section below.

How to Win

One (1) winner will be selected through a random drawing from all eligible entries after contest closes. In the event that the original winner does not meet eligibility requirements or he/she forfeits the prize, the prize may be awarded to the next randomly drawn eligible participant. All entries must be received on or before June 1st, 2012 at 12:01AM EST. The winners will be notified via e-mail or message (as applicable). Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize after initial notification. If winner fails to claim within 48 hours, an alternative winner may be selected.

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349 thoughts on “Win It! $500 Celebrate Your Unique Style Giveaway!

  1. Juicydazzlemac

    Def the sephora gift card!!!

  2. anjelicateque

    I’m super excited about the Sephora gift card! I could do some damage with that!

  3. Nikki

    Sephora $250 gift card!!!!!

  4. Mo

    Most excited for Sephora gift card!

  5. Gretchen

    I’d love that Sephora gift card.

  6. KlaviaAnyaHarkov

    A $250 Sephora gift card??  Count me in :)

  7. Heather

    Sephora Gift Card!

  8. Dehviant

    The Sephora Gift Card!

  9. whitneydonnasmith

    Sephora gift card!

  10. AidaOsterberger

    I’m mostly excited for the $250 Sephora gift card!

  11. ButterflyMod

    Definitely the Sephora gift card

  12. Sarah

    The gift card for sure! YAY SEPHORA!!!

  13. Lenora

    Sephora gift card!

  14. Sandy

    I’m most excited for the Sephora gift card!

  15. colored eyeliner definitely makes my look unique! 

  16. braveviet

    sephora gift card. never spend that much on one trip

  17. Sandy

    My love of bold prints makes my style unique

  18. ccdouglass

    What makes my style unique is that, even at my age (47), I’m not afraid to try new things, like a new hair color, makeup style, or type of clothing.  I’m always looking for new ideas!

  19. vnssa906

    what makes your style unique? I think my smile! anyone can put on the latest trends or a classic piece.  Bringing life with a smile makes me unique and stands out! 😀

  20. nkm15

    My style may not be unique amongst everyone but it is unique amongst my immediate circle of people. I am the girl in color….bright, loud, vivid colors. Most around me like clothing that is more subtle in color, but if i see a sunshine yellow dress, I want it & will wear it with the most cherry red shoes I can find.

  21. Megansmakeup101

    I feel like what makes me unique is the way i can style things! 

  22. Tracy

    My style is unique because it always changes be it hair, makeup, clothing color and print. I like to wear clothing that complements my personality.

  23. Nell

    Most excited for the Fresh Hesperides set – I love that scent especially for summer.

  24. My style is unique because I love colors!  I love to rock bold makeup including brightly colored eye shadows, and eyeliners. I also like to wear uncommon lip colors.

  25. The fact that i love my skin is unique! Most people complain about the lil things, but i embrace my flaws 😉

  26. amaffett

    My style is unique because I wear fun makeup!

  27. Christina

    My eyes and smile. :-)

    • Kelly B

      I hope you meet Victoria Beckham one day…she has great style, gorgeous husband and rich as can be…but I’ve never seen her smile so she always looks sour and b***tchy!!!

  28. My makeup, naturally. :) I also like standing out with my rock-chick style.

  29. Monika

    I wear what I want when I want rather than trying to stick to any sort of trend or style of dress. I wear a little bit of everything and switch them around to suit my mood or where I’m going.

  30. Pooja G

    I incorporate the latest fashion with my personal style. I love to make statements, which are quite subtle. I never like to go all out. I keep it simple :) 

  31. xoBudgetBeauty

    What makes my style unique is that it’s MINE. :-) It reflects MY individual personality & feelings & how I choose to express myself on the outside.

  32. GUSnail

    What makes your style unique? 
    I rock my glasses daily and my willingness to shake it up and try something new.

  33. I think my hair is what make me unique.  I get called “blondie” a lot.

  34. Natsume

    My eyes. <3   Everyone says I smile with my eyes like Marilyn Monroe – and they are a caramel brown. ^^  So I usually have a dramatic eye makeup going on. I like using any color. ^^

  35. I wear whatever I want, ignoring trends. It really depends on my mood and the weather.

  36. suttont2

    I’m overweight and despite that, I wear what I want.  I have decided to embrace myself instead of hiding myself like so many others do.  If there’s some new trend that I really want to wear (like neons galore!) I will wear it and find a way to make it work for myself.  

  37. rosieposie811

    I have a strangely polished style. Its a combination of The velvet underground/ Bob Dylan/ and Audrey Hepburn. It is a weird combination. I also do my makeup differently than most people I know. I am more playful and old fashioned with my makeup.

  38. Jessica

    my style is unique because i combine darker clothing w/ lacy objects and cute accessories :)


    what makes my style unique? i don’t know anyone else who looks like me!! i rock classic looks with trendy pops all under a tight budget. Quality over quantity :) I also tend to reach over 6 feet most days with my heels :)

  40. Melissa

    My style is honestly not very stylish. I like to be comfy! 

  41. LisaR

    I’m unique because I Love trying different colored eyeliners and I’m always trying to find new ways to do my makeup! :)

  42. Holly

    I’m not afraid to have a bold, loud, look

  43. Katherine

    I’m not sure it’s all that unique, but I love wearing dresses and brights. I like to keep my style cheerful.

  44. Stephanie

    My style is unique because I don’t pay attention to trends and fads. I wear what I like and it reflects my personality.

  45. katieladyloo

    Bright lipsticks!

  46. Hannah S

    I like to combine au naturel elements with crazy pops of colors like those from UD or MAC :)

  47. angeliquejadore

    My makeup & clothing always reflect my mood

  48. My style is different because I like to dress in a childlike-feminine way.  I like bows and frills, though most of the time I’m too lazy to iron so my outfits are more simple than I’d like.  I also love wearing skirts.  You’d never catch me wearing pants!  I think skirts are more comfortable and more stylish as well.   My style clashes a little with my love of makeup, but I tend to go for a more retro 50’s look when I feel like dolling myself up.

  49. kaurja

    i think my style is unique in a way that i wear what i want to wear and not according to the trendsof the season. i like very loose clothes and sweatshirts are my favorites!

  50. Kuz

    I’m super pale, but I love wearing bright (almost neon) colored clothing and makeup. It makes my porcelain skin stand out even more!

  51. Sofie

    I’d like to think of my style as conservative yet eye-catching. For example, I always wear coloured mascara. It’s subtle feature that makes a big impact.

  52. Liz

    I think my style is unique because I swear a little bit of everything! I don’t have one specific style I stick too. I like way too many different things to ever just stick to one style. Plus I always love to add bright pops of color to every outfit, color is my favorite :)

  53. I feel like I lean towards the Boho-chic type of things when not at work. 😉

  54. I wear tons of cherry print clothing. Enough that people on the street call me “Cherry Girl” n_n. 

  55. I’m unique for my purple hair, geeky t-shirts with super tall high heels, and awesome nails.

  56. xamyx

    I have a very distinct style, as I never buy clothes that are in fashion, but rather because I like them. That being said, I do tend to buy more items of clothing when cetain styles are in vogue. I tend to really go for flowy, lacy things, and I often pair them with something either very structured, like a suit, or something clunky, like a pair of 20 eyelet Doc Marten boots. No matter what dress code I have at any job, I always manage to add my personal touch, even to a uniform, and still manage to not cross any lines.

  57. Im unique because of my curly dark brown hair and intense eyes

  58. f0rtunefaded

    my style is unique because i love mix and matching shirts with cardigans and always try to make my makeup as bright as possible

  59. jaamaurer

    I always love color !! even in winter !! 

  60. Bri

    I think my style is unique because I’ve always worn what I feel like wearing…whether it’s “in” at the moment, or not 😉

  61. Emina

    My style is unique because I wear what makes me feel confident and if that means its a little “out of the box” then I’m fine with it! Like I love wearing gold eyeshadow with pops of color underneath or feathers in my hair! Thank you for having thing giveaway! xoxo.

  62. Sue

    what makes my style unique is the fact that I don’t really fit into one kind of style. Some days I’m boho, some days I’m dressed in menswear, some days I look punk and some days super girly.

  63. Belen

    I’m unique because I don’t follow fashion or a certain stereotype, yet I love clothes and makeup!

  64. Dana E

    My style is unique because there are aspects about myself and my style that never change, yet I will embrace change and will follow the trends I like from time to time.  Three things about me that you will never see be different: my pinky nail is always painted red, I always wear my pinky and thumb rings, and I always wear eyeliner!

  65. shertz1981

    I love the whole Mad Men look — it’s kind of unique around here. Joan is my role model!

  66. JamilaClay

    My style is me. Past, present and future. It reflects my dreams, desires, personality and color. It breaths life and exudes energy. I work everything I own, from sweats to pumps. This is my brand, my image, my visual reputation, and I enjoy waking up every morning to step into its greatness. 

    • Kelly B

       @JamilaClay I’m so inspired by many of your comments including “it breaths life and exude energy” thank you for the reminder to enjoy every day!!!

  67. Kate

    My style is unique because I’m the only librarian I know who is also a makeup junkie!

  68. naomiicarolx

    My style is unique because I buy whatever I like the look of. As cliche as it sounds, I don’t follow trends – not for the sake of it, but because I just buy whatever catches my eye. I don’t mind whether it’s from 5 seasons ago or not. I always try and wear clothes that compliment my figure and suit my body type.

  69. raindrop

    i don’t follow trends and i thrift for clothes. i also try to take old clothes and make them look better without wasting them. :)

  70. My unique style is my sassy and yet nerdy way of employing and embracing beauty.

  71. Silvana

    My style is unique because I like to be natural in every look, but sometimes I love a red lipstick…

  72. MeandBells

    I try to be different by creating different looks and different color coordinations
    vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

  73. Jovi

    My style is unique because I am not afraid to mix colors and prints that are otherwise considered taboo! and I have fun doing it!

  74. Carissa

    My style is unique because I mix whatever I find with new random pieces that I thrift.

  75. Amy

    My style is unique because it is never dull, yet never over-the-top. :)

  76. ValerieC

    My style is classic with an edge :) I always like to add a trendy pair of shoes or jewelry to keep me from looking boring  :)

  77. Valerie

    I think my style is unique because I try to pick out items that stand out and do not seem to be bought/worn by anyone else.

  78. mustbinsane

    I mix trends with classics – even ones that might be “off-trend”. 😉

  79. mellah927

    My style is unique because I wear what I like and don’t care about whats trending or whats in style.   If i like it, i’ll wear it!

  80. Caitlin M

    I think my style is unique because I mix different colors and prints.

  81. rrcluff

    I ‘spose what makes my style unique is that I choose items that I truly like to wear and that make me happy.

  82. ye

    since I’ve moved to NYC I incorporated various trends but also kept my own more traditional style – together it’s a nice mix. Thanks :-)

  83. lissibakula

    My style is unique because I don’t follow the typical trends. I don’t look or dress like everyone else. =)

  84. Maybe what makes my style unique is that I don’t have much of one! Haha. I don’t follow trends and don’t care much for clothes so I express my style through my ever changing makeup and nails.

  85. KristianaJanelleMcNeil

    My style is unique because I’d rather start trends than follow them.

  86. Veronica

    What makes my style unique is that I love playing up colors and textures, whether it’s makeup, clothes, hair, decor, etc. Patterned fabric has never been my favorite, but I love contrasting solid colors and mixing finishes and tactile feels (a little crochet here, a little satin accent there, some opaque material, some sheer overlays or inserts). It’s the little details that make a garment, or a whole look, stand out to me (contrast stitching, a uniquely embellished collar, a strategic cutout) and I love making an equally bold statement exiting the room as I do entering it, so I always pay attention to the details, finish, and silohuette on back of anything. Attention to detail and playing with color and texture give me the freedom to mix and match, and not live by hard and fast rules. I can take simple one-dimension pieces and layer them for interesting looks, or I have a few stand-alone pieces that I select specifically because they have detailed accents and textures already worked in, and I throw them on for a simple look with enough small detail to make up look again. My love of texture and play make my style memorable and multi-faceted, never flat.

  87. My style is unique because I wear what I think looks good on me not according to what some magazine says is okay for me to wear. I’m a plus sized girl and I don’t believe in following the fashion “rules” that are hammered into our head. I wear what I like and what I’m comfortable in and I usually tend to be ahead of the trends

  88. Hannah

    My style is unique because I don’t follow the crowd. I wear what makes me happy :)

  89. LuvJ

    I try to always step out of the norm.. trends come and go, but your unique style remains.  I know what works for my skin type, skin tone, my body type, etc., and majority of the time, I don’t find my comfort zone in the current “trends”.

  90. Dakota

    My style is unique because I could have any color hair and still be me. I wear what I like and always have the latest trends before they become trendy :)

  91. Laura

    I can’t wear whats trending 80% of the time, either because I’m not a size 2-6, and my butt is huge. Nor do I think a lot of whats “in” is really all that appropriate for real life. I guess what makes me unique is that I know how to wear clothes that fit me, body and soul. I may have a lot of staple pieces, but my color palette is wide, and my accessories do most of the work :)

  92. Silvia

    My style is unique ’cause I wear original accessories that I make!!

  93. accio_jencat

    My style is unique because I mix different trends to be my own! Right now I’m loving neon + tribal!!

  94. Liz

    My style is a reflection of who I am and how I’m feeling, so of course it’s unique to me!

  95. kitalovessm

    I like to keep things mixed up.  Some days I like being relaxed and natural, other days I like being totally made up and colorful.  I like change :)

  96. becky

    I like to incorporate all kinds of different styles into my style, which is what I think makes my style unique!

  97. TriciaCortez

    my style is unique because i don’t really care what others think about it. I just care that it makes me happy

  98. keakulina

    What makes my style unique is that I don’t like to stick to any particular trend. I enjoy mixing up different pieces, colors and textures. Most importantly, I like to be comfortable! My sense of style is totally eclectic. :)

  99. misscheriamor

    I love classic pieces and dress differently then everyone I know. I pay attention to what is big on the coasts and change up my style a lot. I wear make-up that isn’t common around where I live. I love fashion and style and see it as an extension of who I am.

  100. SallyR

    My style is unique for the since of silliness that I add. I’m always up for whimsical details and rare vintage finds!