Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Win Darphin Hydraskin Essential!

One (1) lucky winner will receive Darphin Hydraskin Essential, , a moisturizer appropriate for all skin types! (Retail value $50!)

Congratulations to Priscilla P.!

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Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post tell me what the best part of your weekend is/was!

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457 thoughts on “Win Darphin Hydraskin Essential!

  1. Megan

    I had a housewarming party in my brand new apartment :)

  2. sofia

    clubbing with my friends yesterday night!!!!!!

  3. martan

    it’s going to be this evening we are going to a birthday party!!!!!

  4. Arantzazu

    Relaxing! =)

  5. Ashley

    Finally going grocery shopping and sleeping in late!

  6. aida

    the best part of my weekend is sleep all morning

  7. Rachel w

    My football team winning their game!!!

  8. Selina

    The best part of my weekend was seeing my aunts, my cousin and his wife! And the yummy dinner we had together 😀

  9. carla

    making to the most of the autumn sunshine

  10. lovesmakeup

    Spending time with the boy on Saturday especially since today I’m off to work and during the week I have school and he has work!

  11. The best part of my weekend was redecorating my daughter’s bedroom! She’s 15 months now, but we moved into a new house so this is really exciting for me!

  12. The best part of my weekend is catching up with sleep! I could hybernate all weekend to make up for all my sleep deprivation throughout the school week! hehe ^_^

  13. Jane

    catching up with old friends :)

  14. Sarah

    The best part was actually cleaning up our apartment 😀 Now everything is clean and shiny again!

  15. Christina

    After working a bunch of overtime last week + weekend, I actually get to enjoy this weekend – my fiancé and I are going to dinner at my parents’ house tonight! :)

  16. Noniek

    Have dinner with my family.

  17. Lindsey

    Best part of my weekend was date night with my boyfriend last night!

  18. Roxanne

    My boyfriend took me to Cirque Du Soleil for our 4th year anniversary!!!

  19. saralorine

    Reconnecting with an old friend and hearing that I mean the world to him.

  20. Grace

    the giants winning the game! go sf!

  21. baby in a corner

    Chilling with a murder mystery, preferably poirot, a cup of tea and some biscuits!

  22. Lisi

    Sleeping a lot!

  23. Johnathan

    ordering off of 8ty8beauty!! 😀

  24. I had this and I think it is really nice, it is not comedogenic.
    The smell is rather strong.

    Hm – the best about the weekend? Winterboots,and some hours of reading.

  25. Callen

    Having my boyfriend make me my favourite dinner after a hard week :)

  26. hmm I’m going to say last night’s dinner. It was delish! I had Korean BBQ/tofu soup takeout :)

  27. Sarah

    Celebrating my birthday with my family!

  28. Vicky

    Got a toy soldier costume for Halloween!

  29. Rachel

    My Aunt came to visit! She’s so much fun to have around, she always has such funny stories to tell.

  30. GinaTheresa

    Got a new haircut Friday and I looooooove it!

  31. Shannon

    spending some quality time with my boyfriend sitting on the balcony and having a bottle of wine.

  32. Livy

    In an hour I’m going to my besties birthday so I’m sure it will beat my weekend plans so far lol

  33. Emma

    Seeing my beautiful boyfriend…

  34. Brooke

    The best part was relaxing and watching movies:)

  35. Sarah

    Hanging out with friends on friday :)

  36. irshpitcher

    The best part of the weekend was going home and visiting my family !!!

  37. Aimee

    my mum and dad bought me a tiffany’s bracelet for my 18th! i love it :) and had a lovely family spent weekend X

  38. Jennifer

    i went for my friend’s wedding!

  39. Ceca

    Watching soccer with my mum !

  40. Jesse

    I’ve been lemming for OPI’s Time-less is More, which has been recently discontinued and I’ve been unsuccessful in finding it anywhere! Yesterday, my boyfriend, who unfortunately lives 500 miles away, offered to check around his area and to my surprise found it at Trade Secret at 50% off!!! Yayy!

  41. Abril

    I did a 3 day detox diet and I’m feeling so good and my skin looks super good too! =)

  42. luna

    Getting my hair dyed.overdue

  43. Isabelle

    The breakfast with my boyfriend

  44. Beryl

    Got to dress up and put on a bit more makeup than usual :)

  45. jasmine

    sleeping…. lots of sleeping

  46. Jenia

    the best part of my weekend is meeting my grandmother.

  47. Kayvid

    cooking a new recipe

  48. Federica

    Spending time with my bf and relax!!

  49. Me and my boyfriend had a long autumn walk at the beach together with the dogs, afterwards we had a nice cup of soup to get us all warm again!

  50. Mona

    Best part was finishing all my Halloween shopping!

  51. Noga

    Sleeping in late!

  52. Ana Belén

    Relax in the sofa!

  53. Julianna

    Watching the Tompkins Square Park (NYC) Halloween dog parade on Saturday! Too adorable for words.

  54. Kaianne

    The best part of my weekend has been the cinnamon dolce Americano I had on Friday afternoon, after a couple years of not drinking coffee (it makes me feel sick, but oh how I love it). The simple things :)

  55. Eliane

    Visiting Edinburgh, Awesome!

  56. Mona

    shooting a 2 month baby boy. it was so much fun!!

  57. Liana

    Sleep!! Since Ive been studying all weekend!

  58. I bought a new phone which I wanted for last 3 months 😀

  59. Todd

    The best part of my weekend? I’d say having my roommates come home from being out of town. I missed them! I had no one to talk to at 2AM!

  60. best part of this weekend was bringing a french bulldog home!! :)

  61. Rita

    Doing mostly nothing.

  62. Tracy

    relaxing and going shopping!

  63. Aymee

    Spending time with my son:))

  64. tpzhearts

    just relaxing with my friends and having fun after the most stressful week everrr

  65. Carin

    Making my Halloween costume! :)

  66. Mandy

    The best part of my weekend was doing a photo shoot with my sister.

  67. Tiffany

    Work work work! Then study for my CAT Scan Registry…stressful!! I need a day off!

  68. Shaked

    Seeing my boyfriend after not seeing him for two weeks!

  69. Jennifer S.

    Spending Saturday afternoon with my Husband and Son watching the OSU game and having a few beers. Go Buckeyes!

  70. Victoria

    We had a halloween party last night and it was amazing! Got to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while and had a ton of fun!

  71. JayJay

    I’m such a nerd. My favourite part of the weekend was finishing up a research paper and powerpoint for a group presentation tomorrow.

  72. Jamie

    finally seeing my boyfriend again :)

  73. catrienna

    at home by myself, :-)

  74. Dany

    Shopping and relaxing!

  75. Ivana

    Having all my friends who live in different cities together in the same place!! We had a blast!

  76. Jennifer

    bridal dress shopping with my best friend!

  77. Julie

    The best part of my weekend was getting together with 3 of my girlfriends for mani/pedis.

  78. Alétheia

    Talking with my boyfriend from night to morning since we live far from earch other and both working and studying, it’s difficult for us to even talk.


  79. Jamie

    being with my boyfriend <3

  80. Tina

    eating a wood-fired pizza with my boyfriend.

  81. aclearcutsign

    started a new book

  82. Slept for 8 hours straight haha

  83. Grace Seng

    The best part of my weekend is that I’m going shopping today!

  84. Amanda

    Hanging out with my husband!

  85. Susan

    The best part of my weekend was finally not sleeping through my yoga class and enjoying the feeling afterwards!

  86. Iben

    I just came home from an amazing trip to Japan and even though it’s been a hectic 12 hr flight home, coming home again and getting to tell everyone about my trip made my weekend :)

  87. Monica

    Drinking a hot cup of tea because the weather just got SO cold!

  88. Bruna Louise

    shopping with my best friend and her mom!

  89. Shelly

    Unexpectedly getting Sunday off work!

  90. eddmrmajolis


  91. Hinna

    Best part of my weekend was sleeping in after an early morning Saturday exam!

  92. hanging out with friends