Friday, June 26th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away Urban Decay Set of Pocket Rocket Lip Glosses!

We’re giving away one (1) set of Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Glosses (eight in total). Submit your entry by telling us who your favorite entry is on’s Manhunt Contest!

All entries must be submitted by July 5th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

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239 thoughts on “Win a Set of Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Glosses!

  1. Jezi

    Tyler C. is my favorite out of the few that I checked out. He just looks quite cute. :)

    Twitter Name: Malavej

  2. Peyton

    I love timothy. He’s hot

  3. Luv J

    oohh.. Ronnie’s kinda hawt!!

    Twitter: LuvJ

  4. Mary

    twitter- heymaryy

  5. Hyzenthlay

    I guess my favorite is Fierce About Face . . . too many of them are so young, they look like my students!

    twitter: hyzenthlay20

  6. Sandy

    Aero 50 is definitely drool-worthy!

  7. Erin

    Definitely Jude!

  8. Alexandra

    Strazullo is looking pretty good.

  9. Vy

    My favorite entry submission is Kyle. He’s not even trying so hard like the rest of them!!!

  10. saralh1518


  11. Nicole15

    Guess I’ll have to say my favorite is Ronnie from NY. He’s got some 6-pack, but I’m liking his buttoned up pic the best!

  12. Infamous is my fav.

    Twitter – ladonnaflynn

  13. Estefania

    i don’t know! i haven’t checked them out!

  14. sprut6

    matthew ftw. :)

  15. Karli

    He’s absolutely delicious.

  16. Devon is kinda hot.

  17. Dani

    Bruce…my age and cute? Kinda a win-win to me. XD

  18. Alejandra

    I love Tim!! =)

    Twitter – iamalejandra

  19. Jennifer

    I voted for Randy; I think the pug got me :) Can’t resist a cute guy with a cute puppy :)

    Twitter name: lynxkitty6

  20. Christabel

    Randy’s cute….and on his way to become a firefighter mmm ; )
    Twitter: OMGitscokes

  21. I just ADORE MarwanMaurice! I just adore him! once you go black you never go back;)

  22. swimmergirl


  23. Natalia

    It’s gotta be Adriano Antonelli =)

    twitter: lilmissbunny23 & subscriber

  24. Vness_12

    Jryan – because he’s wearing the most makeup OWWWWWWW DIVA!!! LOL

    (pick me pick me)

    Twitter = Vness_12

  25. Stephanie


    twitter: thebackseatsman

  26. Jamie

    Bruce! Such a cutie.

    Twitter: jamieamos

  27. lucy

    ronnie is smokin!

  28. Kerrie

    MarwanMaurice gets my vote…phwar!!!!
    Twitter: QueenPenelope86

  29. boysenberry_girl

    I’m going with Lordc because despite being cute, he’s functional too. :) Ken dolls were never eye candy for me.
    Twitter: boysenberrygirl
    RSS subscribed.

  30. My favourite is Maxintheair- mainly beacuse of the nice picture of him hanging in the air. That caught my attention beacuse it was different.

    Twitter: aspiesinnet
    Do follow RSS

  31. Katie

    I like Randy. Something about firefighters…..


  32. KaylaK

    I would like to see Furby win, which is ranked #5, he seems so different than what your usual model is. He seems very genuine! But he is pretty cute too 😉

  33. amynaree

    Ronnie FTW!!! he’s got that cute school boy prep look


  34. Aero 50 is my fav :)
    Twitter: @hunniebee

  35. From what I’ve seen, MichaelMacneal…gosh. Dude is edgy AND handsome.


    Twitter: sarahPUFFY

  36. MACLOVE1


  37. mich


    twitter – teasecake

  38. ooo dvaz87 is really hot yet looks approachable.

    twitter – fadingjamie

  39. KyaLyn

    JoJoB! How cute is he?!


  40. Cathy

    Randy is my fav!!!

  41. shannon

    these are so cute, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. A freebie would be great though!
    I’m on the RSS feed too!

  42. Melissa

    aero 50! suppperrr gorgeous :]

    twitter- mellheartspdubb

  43. Niki

    Ronnie and my twitter is experiment2344

  44. Grace

    ronnie is my favorite :)

    RSS subscribed

  45. Nadine

    It’s adorable how dorky Bruce is! I’m subscribed via RSS.

  46. Mary Thi

    Bruce is such a cutie!

  47. Gail

    Any of them

  48. Kella

    Randy, bc he looks like he’s friendly and his “profile” wasn’t obnoxious. My boyfriend should be up there!

  49. Candy

    JORDAN! @happysigh

  50. Stevie B

    twitter: heygirlhey698

  51. Gabby

    Lol, Ronnie is definitely the cutest.
    Twitter: IamBunnicula
    (I follow the RSS too)

  52. Gina G

    Jryan haha!

  53. kaaren

    ALL of them

  54. BaDKiTTy

    strazzullo!!! ggggrrrrrrrrrrr:)
    Twitter: RussianBaDKiTTy

  55. Jessica

    Tim is cute!

    twitter= jenk0sf

  56. Reese

    My favorite is Aero 50.
    suscribed to RSS

  57. Denisa

    Aero is cute.

  58. Jo-Anne

    Mark Anthony. He’s barely got any votes, but he’s soooo cute!

  59. Kristi

    Twitter: CamCam08

    Strazzullo-for sure! Loving the pic in suspenders! HOT!!!!

  60. Liz

    Jude Cristian Kasekamp is quite fine ^_^

  61. Manda

    I like Cedric Remo.. he’s handsome and seems very modest.. didn’t mention his looks at all

  62. Manda

    twitter: ImmaDiva

  63. Manda

    email subscribed

  64. Vanessa

    Ronnie :):):)

    twitter: mvqiao

  65. Alexandria


    Btw, is Leonardo already wearing his lip gloss?

  66. Leah

    Kyle, he’s not a professional model or trying too hard.

  67. Sass

    MarwanMaurice…that body is crazy hot. Geeezus.

    I don’t have Twitter, but I’m always subscribed!

  68. Donna

    I agree with boysenberrygirl! Lordc is my fave! He’s definitely hott and the fact that he doesn’t act like it makes him even hotter.

    Twitter: 1HardWorkingMom
    RSS subscribed

  69. DanielleO


    twitter: ou_d

  70. RANDY!! :)

    twitter: mschristinedior

  71. I voted for Randy :)

    twitter: mschristinedior

  72. Randy <3

    twitter: mschristinedior

  73. Gina D

    Bruce, he is so cute.

    subscribe rss yahoo reader

  74. Tiffany


    Twitter: tiffster289

  75. Tiffany


    Twitter: tiffster289
    rss feed: already subscribed!

  76. Sam

    Woooo Shigaki is a cutie! :)

    I’m subscribed too.

  77. Kaylabella

    Bruce is soo cute!
    twitter: kaylabella

  78. marta

    I like Ronnie.
    twitter Martaale

    subscriber too

  79. Jordyn

    I really like Ronnie! Did you see those abs???? ugh!!!! AMAZING! What they wrote in the why he should win thing was really sweet. it said he does charity… so CUTE!!! My favorite pic of him was the one with the button up shirt!!!

  80. Brittany

    I would say David. His description is too funny!

  81. Christie

    i pick infamous. :p
    twitter: misschristie

  82. etirv



  83. etirv

    I follow you on twitter!

  84. Heather

    Tim!!!! twitter- rockerchick2719 RSS

  85. Marianna

    Bruce is a cuttie!
    twitter – mariannaoust

  86. Jessica

    I’m kind of in love with Jude’s hair. XD

    twitter: onionpixy

  87. Samantha

    Ronnie is my favorite.

    Twitter: SammiM
    RSS subscribed

  88. brittany

    Bruce for sure!

  89. Courtney

    Gino ( is very very cute :) i always go for italian guys!!

    RSS Subscribed

    Twitter: EyelinerNinja

  90. Sierra

    I love Bruce, his best features made me lol!

  91. Kim

    Matthew’s my favorite. He seems genuine.

    twitter: fraoch

  92. joyceee

    i’d say bruce, he’s so cute in that geeky way :)

    twitter name: insertnameheree
    subscribed to the RSS.

  93. Cindy K.

    I like Randy.