Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Lulu Flip Flops with Stella Strap

Switchflops, created by Lindsay Phillips, is giving ten lucky Temptalia readers a pair of their very own pair of Switchflops (+ a strap) ($47 value). Switchflops are flip flops that allow you to change up the strap, so you can have lots of different looking flip flops without having to own a whole closet full of flip flops.

I asked Lindsay Phillips, the creator, about her inspiration behind the line:

“Who would have thought that a high school art project could be the start of a fashion footwear business? Switchflops evolved from a pair of ceramic sandals I created for a art design class. There was an amazing response by family and friends to these flip flops adorned by a variety of fun, Florida fare including sunglasses, palm trees and tropical fish. Everyone wanted to buy a pair and was disappointed to discover the shoes were not functional. I began designing flip flops with colorful straps and fanciful buttons. After stumbling on the concept of using Velcro to create an interchangeable strap, and applying for a patent, Switchflops were born! An unlimited choice of looks could be possible by simply changing out straps on a single pair of flip flops. A simple but revolutionary idea. I wish I had paid more attention in my Physics class. Cold fusion seems to have a lot of potential.” — Lindsay Phillips

How to Enter: Leave a comment on this post saying you want to win. All entries must be submitted by April 5th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is only open to U.S. residents, sorry international readers!

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164 thoughts on “Win a Pair of Switchflops!

  1. Sheena

    Thanks for the giveaway…would love to win! :)
    Twitter: SheenaMarie412

  2. xox

    I want to win!!

  3. purple

    I would love to win!

  4. Woah. Awesome! I want to win!


  5. Arshia Bhalla

    i want tooo win!!

  6. Kella

    I would love to win! I’m subscribed to your RSS & TWITTER: Kella86 :)

  7. Donna

    What a fantastic idea! I’d love to win a pair :)

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  8. BlueRoze2001

    I want to win!

  9. wreena

    this would be perfect for my trip to puerto rico! hayy!
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  10. Iris

    I want to win!!!! I need sandals for the summer :)

  11. Luv J

    perfect sandals to show off my summer pedi :)

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  12. maiT

    super cute. I want to win!!1

    twitter: greentaffy2

  13. I’d love to win a pair. Thanks! :)

  14. What a great idea! I know I hate giving up my favorite sandals because they don’t match what I am wearing for a day. This would completely solve that.
    Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

    twitter: oldergirlbeauty

  15. Audrey S

    These are wonderful and sooo clever! I’d love to win a pair!
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  16. Ang

    Ooh! I’d love these! They’re super cute and I love the idea.

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    And I subscribe to the RSS.

  17. Hei

    I want to win!

  18. I want to win! I adore flip flops!

  19. Brittany

    I would love to win! these are so cute! and look comfortable!

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    and i follow emails =]

  20. I want to win!

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  21. Melody

    they are really cute. I would love to win
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  22. Pizzicata

    I would like to win switchflops!
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  23. Brooke

    These are perfect for summer!

    sub. to RSS as well

  24. Ji

    count me in please

  25. Lindsay

    I would like to win. Why you ask, well because my name is Lindsay too!

  26. Jenny

    I would love to win! They are so cute!

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  27. Jenny

    I would love to win!
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  28. i want to win


  29. P

    i’d love to win!

  30. i want to win a pair in 6.5~

  31. mich

    i wanna win!
    twitter- teasecake

  32. Laura

    I need to join flip flops anonymous! I have so many-but i want to win these too!

  33. sprut6

    I want to win.

  34. Manda

    I would love to win, I think these are such a great idea!

    Twitter: ImmaDiva
    RSS too

  35. Beth

    I would love to win. I need them.

  36. Sara

    I have never heard of these but I think it is a brilliant idea! Please sign me up! Thanks!!!!

  37. Stephanie

    i want! sooo cute!

  38. Michelle

    I don’t want to win.
    Just kidding – of course I do! =D

  39. Heidi Pena


  40. Sara

    Of course I want to win!

  41. michi(michelle)

    i want to win. :)

  42. michi(michelle)

    so cute. i wanna win.

  43. michi(michelle)

    i love flip flops. :)

  44. jamie

    please choose me. i love the idea of switch flops

  45. jamie

    i want to win pretty please.

  46. jamie

    being a southern cali girl, flip flops is a must in your wardrobe.

  47. xiao

    i want 2 win
    twitter id: twtrheather

  48. Stefani

    Those aree so pretty!!!

    i would love to win this.

    twitter: pinkleopardprnt

  49. Angel

    These are beautiful, I would love to win!

  50. Daria

    thanks for the opportunity!! I would love to win these flip flops! it feels like forever since I have been in any, living in Boston!!

  51. *neena*

    I would love to win! This is a great idea!

  52. Cheryl

    I would LOVE to win!

  53. Glosslizard

    I want to win!

    What a great idea! :)

  54. Judy

    I want to win, thanks.

  55. I would love to win because I am a mommy of two kids, and it would be really nice to have one pair of flip flops that I could use for many different outfits! Anything that saves me time and money, I am all for!
    Twitter: makeupgirl513

  56. missy

    Please, please, I want to win.

    I subscribe via RSS.

  57. I would love to win these because flip flops are the ONLY shoes I wear in the spring and summer! It’s also a good way to show off my cute pedicures. And the idea of interchanging the straps is AWESOME! :)

  58. Katherine

    I want to win!

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  59. amy

    How cute! Where are those sandals sold?

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  60. Danielle

    I’d love to win!
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  61. HoneyBrown1976

    me, me, me! A L.A. girl needs her flip-flops.

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  62. Elizabeth

    Great give away!! Summer is just around the corner!!
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  63. Tanya

    I would love to win. They are so cute!
    I am subscribed to your RSS and my twitter: tanyan1.
    Thank you so much!

  64. Mellie

    Wow, those are so cute! I WANNA WIN! 😀

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  65. I would love to win!
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  66. i wanna win

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  67. Samantha

    i want to win
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  68. hazel

    I’d love to win this! I love flip flops

  69. Melly

    so pretty; i’d love to win thsoe.

  70. joyceee

    ahh, those sound awesome, haha! they’d probably get so worn out 😛 old navy flip flops are my HG 😉 but i’d love to winnn, ahhhh!

    subscribed also. :)

  71. Kelly

    Great idea! I would love to win this

  72. LR

    I live in flip flops all summer,so would love these!

  73. Aimee W.

    Thanks so much for the generous giveaway…I would be SO thrilled to win! I love the idea of creating my own flip-flops. In fact, my favorite combo is the Taylor Brown shoe with the Roz strap.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  74. Aimee W.

    I am following you on Twitter…my user name is Nelsby.

  75. Aimee W.

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  76. Tanya

    I would love to win! These are perfect for summer & I don’t have any flip flops right now.

  77. Jen

    I want to win~!!
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  78. Nikki

    Those are so cute!! I’d love to win them!!!

  79. Sarah

    I’d love to win.

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  80. Holly

    I’d love to win! I live in flip flops during the spring and summer. :)

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  81. nivipa

    Ooooh – I would love to win a pair of these!


  82. jade

    cute love em!


  83. Jessica

    I want to win a pair of these pretty pretty Switchflops! So innovative. :)

  84. Laney

    I’d love to win!

  85. I want to win!
    Twitter: jackieg02

  86. Carol

    Pick me, pick me!!!
    Twitter name:cleung341

  87. Taj

    I would love to win!!!

  88. Taj

    I would love to win!!!

  89. Such a clever idea! Summer’s coming and I live in flip-flops!

    Extra entries:
    twitter: auntiethesis
    I’m subscribed, too.

  90. Oh I sooooo need flip flops for Spring & Smmer!! They are so pretty! That’s all I wear once the weather gets nice!

  91. I Follow you on Twitter (Kelliebug)

  92. Jenn

    this looks interesting…i haven’t bought new flip flops in a while, but these look good for upcoming spring and summer
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  93. aaj83

    i want to win :p

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  94. graykittyboo

    I’d love to win!

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  95. Katie

    Count me in! I would love to win because I live in flip flops in the summer!! :)

  96. Jess

    I want to win!!! I swear I was born in flip flops, no matter how cold or hot I’m in my flip flops! =D

    My twitter is: Shywillow26

  97. Caramel

    Those are so cute! I want please :)