Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

How willing are you to try new beauty products? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerObviously, I’m more than willing, LOL!

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42 thoughts on “How willing are you to try new beauty products?

  1. Very willing! I love new products, especially if it’s a completely new innovation.
    Christine Recently Posted: Give me matte or give me death!

  2. I’d say I’m quite willing. Nowadays I’m quite careful when it comes to skincare and face/eye, though, as my skin and eyes have gotten more sensitive.

  3. Pretty willing, but not until after I see swatches/reviews and an ingredients list or guarantee it’s hypoallergenic. I really hate returning things.
    Alice Recently Posted: Tall ship on Lake Michigan

  4. I’ll try anything as long as it doesn’t break the bank!
    Emily Recently Posted: Shopping my Stash: FAIL

  5. Always! I am intrigued by most of the new launches! :-)
    Vineetha Recently Posted: Sephora Collection 10 Shades Of Samba Waterproof Eyeliner Set Review, Swatches

  6. Lourdes

    I’m a product junkie!! I’m always trying new products.

  7. Quite willing, especially if it’s from a brand I trust and love. :)

  8. Kat

    I’m willing to, but I’m also willing to return what I don’t like!

  9. me too! I am more than happy to try new beauty products, if only I have enough in my wallet though. LOL :’)

  10. I’m quite open unless something in the ingredients totally throws me off and I wouldn’t be able to try it. LOVE new! :)

  11. Love trying new products

  12. yoyo

    I tend to stick to the same products and not try new stuff to avoid not liking it/returns but I get ipsy and other boxes, so whatever is there is what I’ll try but i’ve been giving alot of stuff away

  13. Very willing – I absolutely love finding new favourites! It’s one of the reasons I subscribed to Birchbox – gives me an opportunity to try out products I may never have found or considered before.
    Ella – FaB Girls Blog Recently Posted: Loving & Loathing – Week 49

  14. I love trying new products! I’m open to anything, especially if I hear good things about the item/brand.

  15. Very willing! Of course lol

  16. StrangeOne

    I consider it a personal failing if I repeat stuff.

  17. AmyBS

    I’m always willing – sometimes the wallet is not!

  18. Is this a trick question?

  19. Very willing! I subscribe to three monthly beauty boxes and love samples at Sephora!

  20. I’m very willing! I still get a bit nervous when it comes to skincare since I have sensitive, blemish prone skin.

  21. Samantha

    I am very willing! I love adding new items to my collection, but not so much I refuse to buy the same product more than once. I have my favorites.

  22. Beth

    Absolutely! Makeup is so much fun and addicting.

  23. Ivana

    I´m willing to try new products but I tend to buy them after researching and reading reviews. I try to avoid impulsive purchases but of course it sometimes happens 😀

  24. I will try any new colour products, but I’m careful about skincare and face products… My skin is really sensitive to chemicals and scents and various natural products. I can’t use anything from Clean because the plant products they use irritate my skin.

  25. ElKay


  26. Hima

    I’m willing to try new products but I do a lot of research on them before I go and buy them. At least for eye makeup, lipstick and such but not for face products and skin care.

  27. Very willing, but not until after I see swatches/reviews to make sure that is a products that will work for me (mainly in my oily skin and preferences like warm shades in eyeshadows, more opaque lipsticks formulas etc) But I´m addicted in finding new favorites!

  28. Kica

    Very willing

  29. If it’s a lipstick, eyeliner or blush, I’m right there. Probably also setting powders and powder highlighters, etc. With primers and foundations I’m a little more cautious, as my skin can get irritated if I try too many new things on it!
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Answer Me These Questions Three! – A Suitably Geeky Makeup Poll

  30. depends on the product.. with eyeshadow, lipstick and blushes..and other new innovations when it comes to makeup I am very willing to try new things. but I always stick with my favorite skin care and foundation because trying to find something new, can be a little bit difficult especially getting the right shade and finish… if you find something you like why change it right?

  31. Katrina

    I’m ALWAYS willing to try new products! For instance, I have plenty of mascara on hand now, but just purchased Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill lash stretching mascara! Love it! Same with eye shadows….just picked up two palettes – one from Urban Decay and the Tom Ford Cognac Sable. And…Trish McEvoy is debuting ANOTHER mascara in about a week! You don’t think I’ll be curious about one as well???

    But as far as skin care, for now I stick with LaMer!

  32. Sarah

    Very willing, however because I have sensitive skin, I always want to try samples before I buy or else I give them to my friends if they don’t work out.

  33. If I have to pay semi willing, It needs to meet my criteria. If it’s a press sample or a giveaway I’ll try anything.
    Erin Recently Posted: Edna Valley 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Review

  34. It kind of depends what the product I’d be trying is, exactly. I’m wary of lip balms because a lot of them make my lips flake and peel like crazy. I will, however, try just about anything else! I try to be careful about skincare, though, like a lot of people. I’ll still try a lot of stuff, I just have to be smart about it just in case I react badly to something.
    Amanda Recently Posted: Nars Matte Multiple in ‘Exumas’

  35. Tyrell

    I would love to try new makeup. I subscribe to a few different makeup boxes just to try new makeup but I’m finding that I would like more exposure to really good makeup. Just call me your makeup test bunny! LOL

  36. Denise

    There are 3 factors i like to take into consideration : Does it look good; Will it suit my colouring; Does it get a thumbs up from christine. (there is the minor issue of will my wallet have a nervous breakdown but lets be honest,its never stopped me in the past!) If the answer is yes to all of the above then Sign Me Up!!

  37. kellly

    TOTALLY.I’m always up for something new that I can’t live without!

  38. Vanessa

    Not so willing. If I got to test for free, sure I’m in. But if I am paying money, especially a lot of money, I’ll go through numerous reviews and in person appraisal before going for it. I really just want to buy things that will actually work for me and I’m kind of suspicious of products I haven’t worked with before.

  39. I’m super willing, but my wallet says another thing!