Friday, June 25th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

When do you put on your makeup for the day? Morning, evening? Rarely?

Temptalia's Answer.

Even though I’m a morning person and an early riser (6am!), I don’t seem to get my makeup on until the early to late afternoon.

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52 thoughts on “When do you put on your makeup for the day?

  1. Usually, in the morning (9amish) because I work in the morning.

    If I am at home about to go somewhere, I start getting ready about 1-2 hours beforehand (usually this is noonish or).

  2. i start putting it on half an hour before i’m meant to leave the house! no point if i’m not going anywhere, yeah?

  3. I usually apply makeup before I go to school in the afternoon because I have classes at night. :)

  4. Karin

    right when i wake up. its the only thing that’s fun in the morning before i go to summer school, so i do it asap :)

  5. MoNyCKa

    Hey this is my first ever comment on the site even though I have been reading it for around six months, I love everything about it and find it very nice… I put my makeup in the morning after my morning shower hehe :)

  6. Mai

    morning cause that’s usually when i start the day.

  7. nikki

    i’m also an early riser! but my makeup only goes on depending on when i have somewhere to be! i don’t like to be wearing makeup if i have nowhere to be. seems like a waste!

  8. Tawny

    Before I go to work, I’ll have to shower, then put on makeup. I can’t put on makeup without taking a shower first; my skin would feel …urghhhh..if i don’t do those 2 things in order.

    • Anna

      OMG! same here! I HAVE to shower right after I wake up before I can put on my makeup..LOL! glad i’m not the only one that feels that way!

  9. Amy

    Once I’m done with my skincare routine in the morning. It’s like a habit of getting ready to go anywhere.

  10. Always in the morning as I have to do the school run and wouldn’t go out bare faced even if it’s just mascara, foundation, powder, blush and lipgloss. I might add to it later, but usually if I don’t do it before lunchtime, I will not bother – unless I go out at night, but it’s very rare.

  11. alex

    In the morning, before going to work.

  12. In the morning, usually sometime between 7a.m. and 9a.m. depending on when classes start that day.

  13. Usually mornings before I go to work. I only put on makeup when I have to leave the house. :3

  14. Val

    In the morning and I will take my makeup off after work and reapply if I am going out again….

  15. I put it on right before I’m headed somewhere… I don’t wear makeup when I’m at home. =/

  16. Dawn

    I only put my makeup on before I go out, but usually it’s only lippy and perhaps a bit of mascara for everyday type wear.

  17. NIKKI

    its usually the last thing i do before i go out the door:]
    so around 7:15

    if i go out at night, i’ll touch up a bit and powder since i have fairly oily skin

  18. Kaylee

    I have work at 9 AM every day (including weekends!) so I wake up at 7 AM and have my makeup on by 8:30 when I’m out the door. If I’m going out that night, I usually stop back by my place at dinnertime – 6 or 7 PM – to work out a new look.

  19. Wendy

    I’m up at 4:30 am every day!
    Make up goes on at approx 6:30am and comes off around 5:oopm

  20. Lea

    I don’t really have a usual time, I just apply my make up before leaving the house. If I’m only in the house or not doing anything special, I only wear sunscreen, mascara and some lipgloss/lip balm. When I go to work/shopping/etc. I wear a full face of make up. Yeah, but usually about an hour before leaving.

  21. Charlene

    I put on makeup b4 I go out. Which is about 2-7 days a week. If I am home I just play around with eye shadow in the afternoon unless I am doing a tutorial then I usually do it in the morning. :)

  22. Hannah

    I usually apply my makeup when im about to leave the office (6pm)! Im not a morning person so i dont bother with makeup, beasides, it will just melt off anyway!

  23. Kelly

    I put my makeup on right after I get out of the shower in the morning. :)

  24. Farah

    i usually don’t wear makeup unless i’m going out with friends. in that case a half an hour before i leave. from day to day, i put it on late at night in between studying for a fun little break. just eye makeup, playing around with colors!

  25. Cherokee

    I rarely wear makeup during the week because I am always running late. When I have time I put it on in the morning. On the weekends it depends what time I am leaving out. For instance I am getting ready to do a little shopping and I will do my makeup in the am. If I am going out in the evening then that is when I will do my makeup.

  26. For school, in the morning ofc ;P On my freetime, when I feel like (could be anytime, but usually day-afternoon) or before I’m going somewhere

  27. Azaza

    I usually put on make up in the morning

  28. LNU

    In the morning, around 9-10am.

  29. Kitty

    In the mornings, before I go to work. Meanwhile I have breakfast.
    It usually takes me about 30 minutes to put my make-up on.

  30. Hend

    Since I wake up at 6 AM for my Classes :S .. I put my makeup on on like 6:15 or 6:30 right before I go out

  31. baby in a corner

    i dunno how you get up so early! 8am seems early enough for me! i never go to bed til 12 or 1. i usually apply makeup around 12.30

  32. JessaRose

    mid afternoon… after i workout and im getting ready for the rest of my day

  33. Kate & Zena

    Around 3-5 PM. I am not a morning person. I usually put on my make-up after I’ve looked at the sites I check daily and I’ve had a late breakfast/lunch (around 2 or 3). During the school year, it’s before I go to school.

  34. Yumi

    Usually an hour before I leave the house, if I’m staying home I don’t bother. Lately it’s been at around noon, but I’m starting a new semester so that’s going to change to like 6am soonish =x

  35. Eileen

    Although I’m now retired and my time is my own, I still have the habit of getting up about 6:30 and getting dressed and made up for the day.

  36. Katie

    I also shower in the morning and put it on in the afternoon. I’m a stay at home mom and I tend to go out later in the day. If I put on my makeup too early, it tends to look like crap by 3:30 so the later, the better for me!

  37. montygrl4131

    Early morning if I’m working. Mid-morning if I’m off.

  38. Brittney

    during the work week the mornings…. weekends at night :)

  39. Katharine

    Totally depends on when I’m going out. When I’m working, my day starts early, so the makeup goes on at 4:30am!!! Generally it is the last thing I do before I leave the house.

  40. Dianna

    Half an hour to an hour before I leave the house, if I’m going to play with eyeshadow and stuff.. otherwise, 10-15 minutes before I go anywhere :)

  41. Leea

    I usually put 15 mins after I wake up for school. If I don’t go to school, I don’t put make up on.

  42. Jakara

    It depends if I am going out. If I am going to work in the morning. If I am hanging around the house the afternoon or not at all.

  43. On weekends the makeup goes on 30-40 min before my husband and I get out of the house whether it be 6am or 11am, but it goes on 95% of the time on the weekends. On the weekdays If I get up early enough I will put on makeup before I go into work. If I don’t wake up in time which is 50% of the time LOL I don’t wear it unless I have some where to go after work. Then I do it at lunch… Such a complicated answer for such a simple question.

  44. Christine

    I don’t wear makeup everyday since I work from home and am comfortable running errands without makeup on. If I’m going to wear makeup I put it on just before I have to leave.

  45. Mar

    I usually put it on in the morning, somewhere around 8.
    When I go out at night, I take off my day makeup, cleanse my face and put on evening makeup. Usually, that’s around 9 in the evening.
    If I don’t have to go anywhere, I sometimes don’t put in on at all or just a little to look awake LOL.

  46. Jennifer

    30 minutes before i head out the door

  47. jind

    usually mornings…(7 amish)

  48. Kourtni

    Right after I wake up (after I have washed my face of course). Since it is the summer about 11 or so. During school about 6:30.

  49. Kayla

    Between 3:30 & 4:30 AM!!
    I work at 5AM and have to be out the door by 4:30, so depending on what look I’m doing and how long it took to eat breakfast… sometime between those times.
    On weekends I’ll usually have a shower first thing, (as opposed to showering at night like I do on the weekdays,) then put my makeup on right away. Like another reader said, it’s the most fun part of my day, so I like to do it right away!!

  50. Joan

    This is only my second post after lurking here for more than a year :-) Wonderful reviews, Christine!

    I usually have about 5 minutes to apply my Guerlain loose powder, Meteorites, bronzer and lip gloss before I am out the door by 7am. I carry eyeshadow, liner and blush in my purse and apply them when I have time, usually by mid-morning or noon, or when I have an event or interview.

    On weekends I can afford to be more elaborate in my makeup, of course. This is when my Guerlain loose kohls come out to play!