Sunday, October 24th, 2010

What’s your go-to fragrance for fall? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerRight now, it’s Tom Ford’s Oud Wood!

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99 thoughts on “What’s your go-to fragrance for fall?

  1. liz

    ysl parisienne!

  2. marie

    i alternate between bleu de chanel and theirry mugler’s angel.

  3. Nicole

    YSL Parisienne! I have no idea if it makes a better summer or winter fragrance, but I’ve been crazy about Parisienne for almost a year. It’s not really long lasting on the skin, but it lasts forever in my hair! Love it so much.

  4. primarily, it’s viktor & rolf’s flowerbomb. but i’ll wear burberry classic and the body shop’s vanilla perfume oil on some days.

  5. Valerie Brower

    Chanel Chance… But I wear it all yr round lol

  6. nicci

    Don’t have one…just pick one of the only 4 perfumes I have when I rush out of the door in the morning for work!

  7. Carrie Ann

    I don’t know how appropriate they are for fall, but right now I’m loving Michael Kors Very Hollywood and Vera Wang Glam Princess. DKNY Red Delicious is a favorite of mine that’s pretty appropriate for fall.

  8. Melissa

    For the fall, I have two go-to fragrances. Beyonce’s Heat and Avon’s Imari. They are both warm and spicy. I constantly receive compliments on both.

  9. Kenzo Amour! I love it so much. :)

  10. liz

    givenchy play for her!

    • How do you like its staying power? I was having a hard time choosing between Play and Play Intense, and I ended up choosing Intense, simply because it was the one I could still smell on my wrist after walking around the mall for an hour. Intense doesn’t last very long either, but I do love the fragrance anyway.

  11. Rosalinda

    Serpentine by Roberto Cavalli which I discovered during my time in Italy and I can now only buy online:( good thing I bought so many backups! I’m also loving Miss Cherie by Dior

  12. Lisa

    i mix it up but what i usually go for is CK’s euphoria

  13. Jennifer

    Donna Karen Cashmere Mist

  14. Georgina

    I’m still wearing Marc Jacobs Daisy during the day and Dior J’adore for the evening.

  15. Sari

    I just wear Viva La Juicy year round .

  16. monika-luiza

    jean paul gaultier classique or “my signature scent” allure by chanel. but the gaultier one makes me fell like I’m still in bed under the duvet on cold days :)

  17. barwywojenne

    red door elizabeth arden, but only becouse my mom give it to me :)

  18. livnzoe

    i love all the biotherm body splashes!!.. especially eau pure!! (the blue one)

  19. Jessica

    Isn’t oud wood a guys scent? Haha

  20. Avril Lavigne’s Forbidden Rose and Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male Terrible

  21. Sarah

    Memoir by Amouage is THE fall fragrance for me!

  22. Steph

    Marc Jacobs Daisy

  23. toni

    Victor and Rolf’s flowerbomb

  24. Ana G.

    Burberry London

  25. Balenciaga’s new fragrance! Smells wonderful in the crisp Fall air!

  26. Nance

    Tom Ford – Black Orchid

  27. Paddychat

    Rive Gauche YSL !

  28. kasiaj85

    Chanel Coco Madmoiselle! for summer it’s too “heavy” (well maybe for the evenings out) but it’s perfect for fall.
    Also, I’m planning to finally buy myself D&G The One this year (I plan it every year and end up picking some other scent)!also great for fall :)

  29. ak

    Hi Christine what does Oud Wood smell like to you?

  30. Roisin

    burberry beat

  31. ak

    Viv Westwood’s Boudoir or Flora by Gucci. But when I can buy it I’ll wear Tom Ford White Patchouli and eventually Halston Amber or Bandit by Robert Piguet.

  32. DonnaN

    I never really categorize my fragrances by season. I wear what smells good on me. I just got Coach’s POPPY fragrance (at my local Sephora w/ my F&F discount, since it’s not sold online), so I’ll be wearing that alot, probably.

  33. t_zwiggy

    Armania Mania. Love it for fall and winter. I could probably use it in the summer as well, because it’s not that heavy and it has some fruitiness to it, but I prefer really fresh scents when it’s warm outside.

    I also love Amber Rose from Victoria’s Secret. Such a warm and cozy scent.

  34. Chanel No. 5 is my favorite perfume, but I also like Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla Eua de Toilette. Chanel can get expensive when you love it as much as I do! Plus I cannot get enough berry scented things, yum!

  35. Mar

    Burberry Brit Red and Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfeld.
    I know it’s an old one but it’s so lovely!

  36. Alycia

    Armani City Glam….. it was a gift from my boyfriend, and I LOVE the way it smells… kind of girly, but spicy at the same time. :-)

  37. christina

    Jean Paul Gaultier Classique is a staple, and for work Britney spears midnight fantasy, its like blackcurrants and vanilla

  38. Miss Ruby Rouge

    I like to wear different kinds of perfumes, ones that not alot of my friends have ever heard of, so in Autumn (Fall)/Winter I like to wear “Palisander by Comme des Garçons” it’s quiet strong and woody but it wears down and is just GORGEOUS afterwards, I always get comments on it!! :)

    Have you smelled it before, Christine?! :)

  39. I don’t change my fragrance by season. I have perfume sensitivities, and it has taken SOOOOO long to find a smell that I like, that doesn’t give me a headache….

    My favorite is Miss Dior Cherie. Though I also don’t mind bvlgari Blu III.

  40. baby in a corner

    I absolutely love fragrance but can’t wear it because it gives me migraines. So sad. I love viktor & rolf flowerbomb, some of the creed fragrances and the chanel boutique fragrances. I can wear chanel no 5 though so I wear that everyday

  41. I absolutely love Dolce&Gabanna Nr. 3 L’imperatrice

  42. Lauren

    Benefit’s Gina’s My Place or Yours mixed with D&G’s Lune. It’s a lovely mix!

  43. For fall, I love Gucci No. 3, and BBW’s Japanese Cherry Blossom.

  44. Jayna

    Creed Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie (Neiman Marcus)

  45. Melanie MB

    Love by BNever (Lush – Gorilla Perfume)

  46. Vanessa

    Lolita Limpika <3 it so much.

  47. allison

    I have two fragrances from Bath & Bodyworks that signal Fall/Winter for me…Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Winter Candy Apple.

  48. Frances

    Oohh, Guerlain Mitsouko (fruity chypre), Amouge Lyric (rose), Annick Goutal Ce Soir ou Jamais (rose again). I’m looking to pick up an Ormonde Jayne soon, so maybe something by her next.

    Love this question!

    • Chelsea

      A woman after my own heart! Mitsouko all the way, and Chanel Coco. I just got a sample of Amouge Lyric and I love it for when it’s gray and rainy. A friend of mine is going to England this week and I’ve asked her to pick up some Ormonde Jayne samles while she’s there, so I’ll probably be hitting that pretty hard this season, too.

      • Frances

        Lol, it’s so weird, but I always get a warm feeling when someone lists one of my favourites. But if too many people list it, I get a bit upset! I love Mitsouko for velvet coats and silk scarves, to me, it’s such a pensive, solitary scent. Do you know what I mean? When I wear Mitsouko, I take the longer route through the trees and talk a little less and think a little more. Lyric is such a glamorous, womanly scent to me. Someone else mentioned Amouage Memoir, which is another one I’m looking to pick up. That one is REALLY a black velvet scent, almost masculine.

        Have you considered ordering the Ormonde Jayne sample kit online? Everyone says they’re great value for money. I would love to get a full bottle right now, but I want a trip to London and I really, REALLY want a perfume consultation.

  49. Lenora

    Estee Lauder’s Sensuous Noir or Viktor&Rolf’s Flowerbomb

  50. The miaomi

    trying to shift from fresh scents to white florals like Marc Jacobs

  51. vikaki

    Omnia by Bulgari!!

  52. I’m still wearing my summer fragrance for this year- Lolita Lempicka- half the time (it’s still in the high 80’s some days)… and when I’m not wearing that I’m wearing Thierry Mugler Angel. I can really smell the honey, chocolate, and vanilla when I wear it, and since I’m doing a lot of baking at this time of year it puts me in the right mood. :)

  53. Lisa

    J’adore and Hanae Mori Butterfly

  54. Sexy Sadie

    Escada Collection.

  55. Juicy Couture, the original. I love this scent!

  56. Courtney

    I always buy lots of fall fragrances because I adore pumpkin scents, so I’m rotating between a few new fall scents from BPAL and Blooddrop.

  57. Georgia

    Versace Crystal Noir!

  58. Sandra

    Euphoria~Calvin Klein or Viva La Juicy. I always get compliments when I wear those.

  59. Michelle

    Vera Wang Glam Princess

  60. Opheliana

    Calvin Klein – Euphoria

  61. Stephanie

    I’ve been wearing Bath and Body works Twilight Woods lately- great scent when the weather gets cold:)

  62. Depravity from Gloi Locks and Body on Etsy.

  63. AnGeLwInGz

    Dior Midnight Poison. Amber, black rose, and patchouli just scream fall.

  64. Mor

    For all year ’round- (I’m so picky when it comes to fragrances, that so far I only found a couple I really like :/…)- Armani’s No Code, and Thierry Mugler’s Angel.

  65. Alexis

    Right now I’m wearing Kilian’s Love and Tears. But saving up for the Rose Oud, possibly the sexiest scent I have smelled in a long time!

  66. TERESA

    FUEL FOR LIFE for woman. by Diesel.
    ALLIEN by Thierry Mugler.

  67. Reese

    Marc Jacobs Lola

  68. RAS

    An ancient sample of Le De Givenchy that I snagged off eBay.

  69. D&G the one. And every now and again I mix it up and use Annick Goutal petite chérie. I just love that scent. But I don’t wear it for fall only, I use all year round :)

  70. traca

    This year it’s going to be guilty by gucci. It’s new this year/

  71. Crissy

    Kenzo Amour! I wear it year round though.

  72. Jayne K.

    Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille

  73. Meg

    Don’t have one… I use my “Tous in heaven” almost every day ^^

  74. Quinctia

    I’m a BPAL collector, and I tend to shell out more for smellies than I do for makeup. While I don’t find that my scent selection from day-to-day is particularly seasonal, I reach for my more spicy scents. I also got in my Halloween order not too long ago, so I’ve worn a bit of Lambs Wool, which is a spicy cider scent, and Blue Pumpkin Floss, which smells like spicy sugary pumpkin. The teller at my bank told me, “You smell like fall!” Which means it’s in season, I suppose! 😀

  75. rachel

    Calvin kliens one! I’m not sure if its a cologne or purfume but I LOVE it!

  76. Hez

    I like Calvin Klein Obsession for women. It is so sexy! But I wear it in the summer, too. I also like Deep Night by Ghost and Twilight Woods from B&BW.

  77. Leenie

    Ellen Tracy and Allur are the ones I usually wear the most

  78. Right now I am hooked on Beyonce’s Heat fragrance. I didn’t think I would like it at first but now I’m in love.

  79. Heather

    Calvin Klein Euphoria for day…. Dior Midnight Poison for evenng!

  80. Sex in the City – Lust is what I’m loving right now!

  81. Tina

    Armani She or Trussardi Skin

  82. Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar. It’s a sweet warm Coconut-Vanilla scent with a hint of Bourbon. My HG!

  83. Julie

    La Ligne St. Barth – Fleur de Canne à Sucre

  84. Tina

    Dior Miss Dior Cherie or Tocca Giulietta

  85. Adele

    burberry brit and lolita lempicka

  86. Urban Decay’s Revolver is what I’m wearing this fall!
    I would definitely recommend picking it up soon as it is being discontinued. =[
    If you love rich, warm, unique scents. It’s a great mix of amber, musk, and pineapple leaves. <3

  87. Meg

    Gucci Guilty by Gucci or Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

  88. ClockworkCat

    I find that spicey or mossy chypre perfumes are best for fall (or in my case any season). I tend to wear Poison a lot more in the fall as it has a ‘spiced fruit’ appeal, as well as Mitsouko which is my favourite mossy chypre. Opium and Tabu are also excellent for this season as they are warm and spicey.

  89. Lady

    hmmmm…i switch it up daily and consider myself a budding perfumista, so I’m only just beginning to really grow my collection. When i just can’t figure out what i want to smell like that day. Bvlgari Omnia or DonnaKaran’s Black Cashmere fit the bill nicely. i also like Cuir de Lancome on those days where I want to feel sophisticated. When I’m in a more fruity mood I’ll reach for my Badgley Mishka (1st 1) or Maubaussin…oh, and My Insolence can clear a room out pretty good if i’m in the mood, lol. I recently added Fath de Fath but she’s so pretty and polite I only trot her out for church and meetings. My Fendi Theorema is down to 1/2 a bottle and it’s been discontinued and hard to find so I don’t spray that as lavishly as before but it was in high rotation last year….there are several other lovelies that get more air time in the Fall and Winter but I’ve rambled on quite enough, lol.

  90. Laurie

    Chanel Beige and Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste. They can both we worn for day or evening. Soft, sophisticated, and elegant. Not too strong or sweet, just perfect!