Monday, June 14th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your go-to eyeshadow base? Have you ever finished it?

Temptalia's Answer.

It used to be MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot, but now it’s NARS Smudgeproof.

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152 thoughts on “What’s your go-to eyeshadow base?


    I really think the best primer I have used is Alexandra de Markoff Disguise for eyes. I have been experimenting with others such as UD primer potion, stay, don’t stray by Benefit and want to try the Laura Mercier primers. Alexandra de Markoff is a bit more expensive but it lasts forever and so far I have found nothing better.

  2. Jennifer

    Christine, why did you change your go-to base? Whats the difference between the two and why do you like Nars’ better?

    • Jennifer

      Oh yeah and mine is Urban Decay’s Eden Primer Potion. Just yesterday I bought a Soft Ochre paint pot to try out. :)

      • melissa

        I LOVE LOVE LOVE eden!!! I love the fact that it covers like a concealer would over the eyelid and makes a perfect surface…I too recently bought soft ochre…Im too pale for painterly… and I have been comparing the two…the MAC one seems like a better value because the container is giant, the UD is a bit more creamy, I just want to see if one lasts longer or has better color payoff/more vibrant…hmmm I should do each eye with a diff primer for the day and see!!! Good luck with the paint pot!

  3. MAC Paint in “Bare Canvas”

    It’s the only eyeshadow base I’ve used and I don’t think I’ll ever finish anytime soon (it seems endless like a pigment!). It seems to work well, I don’t know if I should try another eyeshadow base when I do run out.

  4. Steffi

    it is Artdeco eyeshadow base but i wanna try some others soon

  5. karen

    Right now it’s Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but I bought Soft Ochre for the purpose of a base but I haven’t tried it yet.

  6. RR

    If I had to pick just one it’d be UDPP; I usually layer a MAC Paint Pot over it though… I’ve been told that’s a bit much but honestly if I’m going to spend my time applying makeup I want it to last all day. I’m actually only on my first full-size UDPP, my prior ones were samples from various sets/palettes.

  7. Bethany

    UDPP Eden

  8. too faced shadow insurance

  9. Mia

    MAC rubenesque paintpot. Makes my eyeshadows adhere nicely and adds a but more warmth to my shadows as well. I love it!

  10. Sari

    Just the standard UD Primer Potion

  11. Vickie

    MAC painterly pot or UDPP

  12. Jacey

    MAC Painterly :)

  13. Carrie

    Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

  14. Laura

    It is a tie between UDPP and MAC painterly pp.

  15. Alison

    painterly paint pot over a thin layer of too faced shadow insurance

  16. Lee

    Urban Decay PP, it’s a classic, no? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. MirandaRae

    two face shadow insurance.

  18. Vanessa

    MAC Paint in Bare Canvas! I’m 3/4’s of the way through my second tube. This stuff is positively essential.

  19. -L

    I use MAC Painterly or UDPP. I’m on my second UDPP and I finished my paint pot. :)

  20. Glad for this post because I am in the market for a new shadow base! I’m thinking about Lorac’s behind the scenes, it looks like it’s the best bang for the buck! I do love my UDPP but I want a new love lol

  21. I worship NARS Smudgeproof! It’s by far one of their most genius inventions and I don’t know what I’d do without it!

  22. Urban Decay Primer Potion, otherwise MAC Bare Study Paint Pot. Sometimes I use both if I know its going to be a long day or a special occasion.

  23. Isis

    For pigments/glitters – Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

    Shadows – depends on the colour I’m wearing but I suppose I reach for Nyx Milk the most these days

  24. Q

    I still use MAC Soft Ochre paint pot, but never alone. I also use the Bare Canvas paint on occasion. But since nearly all of my eyeshadow is mineral and loose, I cannot live without Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. It’s THE BEST thing for mineral/loose shadows *ever*. If you haven’t tried it, you should. My shadows do not budge for 14-20hrs (I work a lot of 12 hr days and have things to do before and after work — and my shadow is consistently flawless.)

  25. Annette

    My go to eye shadow base right now, is Smashbox Photo Finish lid primer. Many don’t work for me, but this one seems to keep my shadow on ALL day.

  26. Kim C.

    i’ve always used UDPP, i’ve never felt a need to try anything else because it works really well for me. i’ve gone through about 2 tubes and have a few travel sized ones as back-ups

  27. Donna Cooper

    Laura Mercier Eye Basic in Linen

  28. hellt

    Urban Decay Primer Potion

  29. AlyxVeee

    UDPP but its creasing on me :( maybe it has a self life. Ima switch to Soft Ochre, always wanted to try a paint pot :)

  30. Riiis

    udpp๏ผŒtill i die

  31. always been an urban decay primer potion, but am branching out. my thing is… which one lasts the longest w/ daily use? i have yet to find out.

  32. Urban Decay Primer Potion in SIN or Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

  33. Leea

    MAC rubenesque PP

  34. Andrea

    I bought MAC Painterly to use as a base, but I’ve never had such bad creasing! So I use Too face Shadow Insurance, and Nars will be my next one.

  35. I have noticed how often you’ve been using the NARS one. Do you think that it’s better than the Paint Pot? (I remember reading the review, but I don’t recall what you said about compairing those two… I’m sure you did tho! LOL!)

    I don’t have a go-to base… I like my base to match the shadow I’m doing and I RARELY do neutral looks. So I use Paintsticks a lot. If not Paint Sticks then Paint Pots :)

  36. kasiaj85

    If I reeeeeeally need super-staying power I use my UDPP, which I L.O.V.E. ๐Ÿ˜€ if it’s just an everyday makeup I just use my ArtDeco base. Simply because UDPP is so hard to get in Poland that I have to save it for big occasions. And on the bases I always use my Bisque e/s.Flawless! :)

  37. Kimberly

    Too Faced Shadow Insurance! I just bought it last week, but it’s pretty much my hg eye primer ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. sabina

    i love e.l.f eye used to be soft ochre paint pot.the e.l.f primer is so cheap and really works.i recommend it to every one.

  39. My base is Painterly Paint pot…and now I’m curious about NARS Smudgeproof ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. livnzoe

    MAC’s PP in painterly!! love it!

  41. sofia

    i use mac paint untitled.. i love it! it has perfect colour for nude make up and it stays all day and imagine i have oily skin

  42. Sarah M

    I love MAC paints. Bare Canvas and Stilife are my favourite shades.

  43. Azaza

    For me its MACs paint pot in painterly

  44. M.A.C. paint pot (painterly) is pretty good.

  45. coco72

    MAC Paint Pot in Painterly and Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner in RVSP, I finished a Bare Canvas paint

  46. Sexy Sadie

    Artdeco Eye shadow base. I have finished two of them now.

  47. Fiona

    i never beleived in eye-makeup base, until i tried the one by Inglott. i was really impressed with it. the pot is quite small, but a little goes a long way, and it is better applied by a foundation brush. i do not use an eyeshadow base anymore.

  48. Cactus Flower

    Painterly paint pot :)

  49. Kajsa

    UDPP all the way baby!

  50. Refinement

    Without a doubt, Urban Decay Primer Potion. I’m currently using the Eden one. Sadly, I’ve never finished a tube. Even if you think it’s about to run out, just take out the small plastic thing that takes the excess off when you’re pulling the wand out and you’ll realise that there’s still half a tube left. I usually throw it out after 6 months because I get nervous about bacteria.

  51. Val

    Urban Decay eye shadow primer and then Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream shadow…together they work like a charm

  52. MAC paint pot in Bare Study.

  53. Scientific Housewife

    I use Studio Tools Eyeshadow primer and then whatever light eyeshadow I want to use that day over my entire lid.

  54. Kiki

    MAC Painterly… but it creases on me :'(. So I ordered the NARS Smudgeproof EB, I hope it will work better.

    Christine, do you think that NARS is that much better? Why did you switch from the paint pots?

  55. Emily

    I always use some sort of Mac’s Paint Pot…typically it’s Bare Study. I also always use UDPP on the bottom of my lids since I like to line the bottom with eyeshadow too. =)

  56. Pam

    It’s Urban Decay Primer Potion – sometimes i use MAC Bare Study…

  57. painterly paint pot !

  58. UDPP. it’s the only one that i’ve tried besides mac paintpots, but i love my urban decay :)

  59. conniestwin88

    mac paint in bare canvas

  60. Diana Lau

    tfsi, after i massage the bottle a little so the formula won’t separate on me

  61. Lilly

    Mac’s painterly and rubenesque paintpots.

  62. Lilly

    Mac’s painterly and rubenesque paint pot.

  63. fy…eye by Benefit or for a brighter eye look too faced shadow ins.

  64. LNU

    UDPP! I have a MAC Painterly Paint Pot thats eventually gonna just gonna chucked or used for the give and get. I keep trying to reach for it since I paid for it, but UDPP has had my heart since the first 8 hour no-creasing eyeshadow love affair I had with it. :)

  65. My first love is MAC’s Bare Study. Finished it once (it kinda dried out towards the end though, so I just threw it out), recently bought a new one. Still love it! Also love UDPP and MAC’s Painterly.

  66. amelia

    bare study paint pot.

  67. Pamela

    For five years it’s been UD Primer Potion (original). Out of curiosity, I’m starting to think of experimenting with other brands…

  68. Sweeda88

    Too Faced Shadow Insurance. The only other one I’ve tried is L’Oreal De-crease, which dried out my lids HORRIBLY. I’ve noticed that the TFSI creases on me a LITTLE, but it’s barely noticeable, and it’s better than the L’Oreal primer.

  69. fiaspice

    If I’m going a look with my Urban Decay book of shadow, I’ll just use the enclosed UDPP. If not I’ll use TFSI.

  70. It used to be UDPP, but now it’s MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot!

  71. Lauren

    I still have a jar of Benefit FYI that I’m trying to finish up. My special occasion primer is the Elizabeth Arden Eye Primer. It’s the best one I’ve ever tried. I can even pop it under my eyes as a concealer.

  72. Cynthia

    TFSI has been no-fail to me but i’m slowly graduating to MAC Soft Ochre PP since i love the matte canvas it gives on my eyes to work with.

  73. Andie

    Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. It keeps my shadows in place for my 12 hour work shifts with no creasing or fading. I got a sample of the Nars, and I like it, but I prefer the hygienic applicator of the Lorac.

    Paint Pots crease to high heaven on me, which is sad because I love some of the colors.

  74. Hands down, UDPP the original. It’s my go to product.

  75. Michou

    Either UDPP (original or in Sin) or MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study. :)

  76. Michelle

    I usually use MAC paint pot in Painterly. I used it every day under my shadow and it lasted a year. I’ve tried a sample of urban decay primer potion and really liked it — I’ve just heard that the packaging wastes a lot of product.

  77. Wendy

    Am I going to be the only one to say Benefit Stay Don’t Stray?? I’ve used almost every one listed here and Benefit works the best for my super oily eyelids. I’m just surprised that nobody else listed it! LOL

    • Shalamar

      I’ve just bought this & have yet to use it. You say it works well for oily lids? That’s good to hear because mine get pretty oily sometimes.

      • Wendy

        I found it to be the one that keeps oil at bay the most. My makeup isn’t perfect at the end of an 8 hour day. But it’s still there and you can tell what color it is! LOL
        I do prefer this one to the others and I have very oily lids.

        • Shalamar

          Well thank you for the input: ] I’ve never used a base before so I’m glad I bought one that will probably be worth my while.

          • I’ve been wanting to try the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray, but when I tested it out at Sephora, I got so angry at it’s packaging!

            • Wendy

              Yeah, the packaging is annoying as all get out, but for me, it works so well, I’m willing to put up with it

        • Wendy

          You’re welcome and good luck!

  78. sillylilacs

    As a hooded monolid, nothing creases :) so I don’t need a primer. But I usually use MAC’s Soft Ochre to even out the skintone/skinpigmentation, then I’ll use my NYX Jumbo Pencils to set a base.

  79. sophie

    benefit F Y EYE but it was discontinued. a bought a backup though so im still ok for now

  80. Connie

    UDPP currently, but I received a sample of NARS smudgeproof and love it!

  81. Araceli

    Well my go to eyeshadow base would have to be MACs paint pot in painterly absolutly great as a base.

  82. tremorviolet

    UPDD with Bare Study over it (my eyes are really hooded and crease a lot). I don’t like Bare Study’s shininess but Soft Ochre is too yellow for me and Panterly is too dark. I wish MAC would come out with a matte,light neutral PP.

  83. Leenie

    I use painterly by mac mostly but I also like coral crepe

  84. Leenie

    I never finished any of my paint pots or bases

  85. I don’t have one. I alternate between about 4, UDPP, TFSI, Guerlain eyeshadow base and Barbara Daly for Tesco eyeshadow base. I honestly don’t know which one is better or worse, they all work just fine for me.

  86. Isheeta

    MAC Painterly Paintpot .. love it!

  87. Thincspot

    Bare Escentuals was my go to. It was pretty nice but I wanted to try something else for experimentation sake. I just bought Nars based on your testimony and I’m trying it out today. We’ll see how it holds up to my pigments.

    When I want my pigments to pop a bit, I use Eve Pearl salmon concealer. It doesn’t help the color last though!

  88. Barbs

    MAC Prep&Prime

  89. lauraaaaa

    Soft ochre as well :)

  90. Melva

    I alternate between my UDPP and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. However I did just purchase two paintpots (Artifact and Delft) because they are discontinued…I didn’t want to feel like I missed out lol

  91. Rabia

    Art deco eyeshadow base!! it works good for me and i have oily lids!
    i also use Palladio eyeshadow base it comes in a lipstick packaging … it smells funky though

  92. Dini

    Too Faced Shadow Insurance or UDPP, whichever one is closest to my fingertips in the morning.

  93. nicci

    don’t know the exact name but it is from Chanel

  94. Jazz

    it was urban decay , but now its too faced

  95. Michelle

    Right now it’s TFSI. The NARS one is next on my list after I finish it.

  96. Nicole

    It’s MACs Painterly Paint Pot! I just love it and it doesn’t crease like Bare Study or Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

  97. I’m currently between bases, I did have a relationship with UDPP for about two years until it had an accident with my straighteners on Christmas eve and all the product dried up and was useless, luckily this tragedy too place at around 9am so I had time to beg my dad to drive me to Debhanmes (Department store in the UK)in the snow to buy another as soon as possible! but I got there and they had none left so I was left with Too Faced Shadow Insurance which I’m not loving due to the funky smell and oily consistency at times so I’m currently using no base!

    I’m planning on try NARS Smudge-Proof and Painterly Paintpot as I do have Bare Study and like it but it need a plain one.

    Sorry for my long story here haha!

  98. Katt

    Daily I wear Too Faced, but for going out or a special occasion I LOVE Paula Dorf! It’s a little pricey but so worth it!