Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite step in your makeup routine? Eyeshadow? Lipstick? Blush? Skincare?

Temptalia's Answer.

I love the eyes, but I think I love putting together a new lip combo even more!

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79 thoughts on “What’s your favorite step in your makeup routine?

  1. Cindy :P

    Mascara! I looooove how they go from “bleeh…” to “yay!!!” :)

  2. katrina

    I love putting the lashes on bc it completes the look and its the last thing I do.

  3. I’d have to say either lipstick or mascara. They’re both those finishing touches that really make your eyes/lips pop.

  4. Christina

    My favorite part is blush, but only because sometimes probably by accident i get the perfect cheek and it transforms my face. When that doesn’t work out I still enjoy doing my eyes because I can make them look bigger and brighter by not really doing a lot and that makes me happy :]

  5. Eyeliner. It really puts my look together.

  6. jamie

    My eyeshadow…I really think my eyes are my best feature and putting on eyeshadow let’s me play them up…us it’s the one place I can get creative with looks and color.

  7. bubbles

    blusher :) I love how it makes my face glow

  8. Ashley K

    Aaaa. I love eyeshadow, cheeks, AND lips. We’ll call it a tie and call me hopelessly addicted.

  9. Eyeshadow! Lipstick and Blush Tie for second!

  10. Putting on my gel eyeliner for some reason. I love the satisfaction of making a perfect cat eye. :)

  11. Az

    I love almost everything! Brow. Eyeshadow. Heavy eyeliner. Mascara. Blush & highlight & contour. Lips.

  12. Kathryn

    I definately love lipstick and gloss!!

  13. Ivette

    it’s very odd, but I really enjoy foundation!

  14. Amy

    My favorite step would have to be…. mascara. I have to do this daily.. shadow or no shadow. It totally transforms my eyes and makes them all the more gorgeous! And its probably one of the quickest steps which is always nice, lol

  15. Ryan

    Lipstick. There is nothing more feminen then applying lipstick!

  16. Applying foundation… I like to see my skin look even and I can just do that & feel fine & not do anything else in the makeup process. (I like doing everything else, but if I had to run out that is what I would do).

  17. Julie

    Anything that requires using a brush. I don’t know, something about makeup brushes that make everything so much fun.

  18. Shah'ada

    I love the transformation of bare face to a face w/ foundation, contour and blush. So freaking cool looking!!

  19. Carrie

    I’m a lipgloss junkie, but I’d have to say the eyes are my favorite part because there’s more you can do with them. I love pretty eyeshadows and eyeliners.

  20. marissa

    My favorite part would have to be doing eyeliner even though Im too lazy to do it everyday and usually end up just throwing on mascara.

  21. Laura

    Applying moisturizer, sunscreen, and primer. Wakes me up.

  22. Does it count, at the end, when you look it over and think about how nice it looks, or what you should have taken more care with/done different?

    If that doesn’t, than I’m going to go with the eyes. Particularly mascara and eyeliner.

  23. beautyofcosmetics

    mascara and blush!

  24. For sure, cheeks! I just love getting that lovely flush/glow.

  25. CeeBee

    Blusher and highlighter – glowy cheeks look so pretty!

  26. aquarianrabbit

    Most definitely lipstick/lipgloss/lip stain. I’m rubbish with eye make up!

  27. esteta

    I don’t think I can narrow this down to just one!
    foundation/concealer-because I love the flawless look after its on
    eyeshadow-endless possibilities here and way too much fun!
    brows-this is my thing. I specialize in brows, have been doing other peoples for years, and am insanely picky about them!

  28. Chrissy

    It’s probably choosing and putting on my lipstick/lipgloss combo for the day. Sometimes I get anxious and put on my lip products before even putting on my foundation.

  29. Vale

    Eyeshadows… the rest of the face is just… boring!

  30. Asia


  31. Adriana


    Sometimes when I’m in a rush all I’ll do is line my waterline and I look more awake.

  32. diana

    i love . . . love . . . putting blush on, contouring, highlighting i love it!! lol It’s my favorite part 😀 Mostly because I love NARS so much!!!!

  33. I think I like eyeliner (especially gel) best, it jsut makes sucha huge difference :) I like lipstick and gloss too, cause they mean I’m done 😀

  34. Nik

    Wow a hard question, I don’t know anyone personally as into makeup as me and feel at home! (No one would or has ask me this because I try not to be too flashy w/ makeup BUT HAVE TO PLAY!!!:)
    Christine, you offer something special daily to look forward too, so thank you!!
    I would say eyes in general…I have a skincare routine I want to get over with and am really excited at the possibilities with color!
    My fav now is blsck eyeliner with shadow layered over, (esp. Make Up For Ever Star Powder in White/Turquoise 944! This is the most beautiful I’ve seen) :) (But I always get infatuated with something else, like any other beauty junkie!!!!!)

  35. Eyeshadows! There are so many possibilities, and you can always go a bit crazy, use more colours than on your cheeks or lips. :)

  36. Emma

    Blush ! Since I rarely wear eyeshadows on daily bases, I play the most with perfecting my cheeks 😉 It’s also so nice seeing your face going from ‘uh’ to ‘woooa!’, just with adding a little colour and sheen, maybe contouring and such !

  37. Hilana

    I love doing eyes, but I must agree, I just love the way mascara pulls the whole look together. It just rounds off the whole face so beautifully.

  38. Emily

    Eyeshadow….all the way…my degree it in fine art so it makes me feel like I’m painting on a 3D surface…love it!

  39. LRW


  40. Selena

    If it weren’t for my love of eyeshadow, I wouldn’t even bother with the rest of my face =)

  41. Emm

    Either blending the crease colors or eyeliner. Because after those steps it looks so much better.

  42. Casey

    My favorite part of my routine is probably eyes and lips! I love playing with color. =)

  43. Lipstick. It completes the look of the day. :)

  44. Diana

    Definitely my eyes! I love eyeshadow.

  45. Kathy

    Definitely eyeshadow for me. When I’m doing my eyeshadow, it’s really almost like I’m painting or coloring. I know that sounds juvenile, but I have a lot of fun with it!

  46. Ashley

    Blush & Mascara baby!

  47. Bethany

    Eyes! I love coming up with a good combination for the day. And now that I’ve finally found a good liner/mascara combo that works for me, they look awesome!

  48. Sally

    Definitely the eyes!

  49. Aoife

    Mascara is definitely my favourite. I love taking my time with it. My lashes are long so I love them to look thicker and separated!

  50. eyeshadow. it’s what i spend the most time on!

  51. j e n

    Blush and bronzer!! After I apply those 2 I start to look a little more alive! lol! Lipstick is a close 2nd.

  52. Kerry

    choosing my eyeshadow and applying mascara 😀 i always feel my makeup is messy until i apply mascara.. and lots of it at that 😀 x

  53. JEN

    i looove e/s and blush. picking and choosing combos is soo fun!

  54. ariel

    lips :]

    i love love color on my lips because my lips are so pigmented, it looks like i bit a tomato. and i dont like that :/ so i love being able to change the shade of my lips 😛

  55. Melissa (divinem)

    From a visceral perspective, moisturizing makes me groan with ecstasy. From a creative perspective, doing my eyes is rewarding. So many colors, so little time! I despise curling my lashes and have finally decided to skip this step. I never see an appreciable difference by curling anyway. My lashes stand at attention after I apply my mascara. I hate doing my lips because I have a tiny mouth and it takes painstaking effort to give my lips fullness that doesn’t look fake. I often don’t apply lipstick until I’m in the car and ready to drive away from the garage.

    I think I put a little too much thought into this question! 😎

  56. nicci

    mascara – easy and quick!

  57. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    Lipssssssssssssssssss yay lips 😉

  58. Marina

    Lips and highlighters

  59. AndreaMarie

    Hard to choose between foundation and brows! I need both.

  60. I love working with shading and highlight and blush to shape up the face.

  61. Meika

    The eye is my favorite, closely followed by my cheeks (weird I know).

  62. Erin

    Mascara- I love how it opens my eyes up! and bronzer just cause it makes me look less dead

  63. Shannon

    Either eyes or face (Foundation, blush, etc.)!!!!! :)

  64. Haley

    putting my eye primer on!! who knows why but i love putting it on, especially bare study paint pot!

  65. Marcella

    LIPSTICK <3 even though my fav makeup is blush, putting on lipstick is way more fun than putting on blush!

  66. Miss Sq

    I like the lips because they are so easy to pull of once the face has been “beat”

  67. kiran

    i love it when i’m applying eyeliner and kajal.

    • Cathy

      Concealer,because it hides all my secrets and my brows because it gives definition and youth to my face.

  68. Cherie

    Blush!!! :)

  69. Paige

    Its just takes my face from blotchy and tired to awake and smooth!

  70. eyeshadow for sure, that’s the best part of my morning and when i get ready period, i love eyeshadow.
    and lately ive loved to do my face post foundation, mixing different bronzers, hilights and blushes.

  71. Brenda

    The face (foundations, sculpting/highlighting, blush). This totally sets the mood for the rest of the makeup.