Friday, December 11th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite highlighter for your eye makeup? Do you stick to just one, or do you vary them a lot?

Temptalia's Answer.

I crush on MAC’s Femme-fi a lot, but I do vary a bit!

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46 thoughts on “What’s your favorite highlighter for your eye makeup?

  1. MAC’s Blanc Type is by far my favourite, but I’ve been know to switch it up now and again. ;]

  2. Milani Snow Frost – I have 4 backups!

  3. I just use concealer for some reason it just seems to look better to me.

  4. I use Brule and Vanilla a lot, since I mostly use shimmer on the lid and in the crease, so I often need a matte highlighter. In my inner corner I use Nylon or Shroom.

  5. I really like MAC’s Shroom eyeshadow.

  6. Maria

    I love MAC’s Mylar as my daily highlighter.

  7. I vary a lot. My favourite would be Phloof! but I like using Ricepaper or Vanilla pigment. Another fav would be the NYX e/s in Barely There 😀

  8. Sarah M

    I use so many different ones! MAC eye shadows in Shroom, Arena, Ricepaper, Phloof, Vanilla and Blanc Type. Lol… that really is a lot but I love them all and wear so many different looks and colours, I don’t feel that there is one I can wear with everything.

  9. MAC Shroom, because it’s like my skin, but shimmery. After that I use the shimmery white from the Sleek Safari/Curiosity/Graphite palette for the highest point of the arch.

  10. Emm

    Same as you Christine, but I am also a fan of MAC’s Shroom.

  11. Right now I’m loving MAC’s Shimmertime pigment! Lots of sparkle puts me in a festive mood!

  12. erica

    I love Creme de miel/Femme-fi and vanilla as highlights

  13. Jannie

    Nylon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wear it everdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  14. Anneh89

    MAC’s Vanilla p/m

  15. Amanda

    My favorite highlighters are MAC Nylon, and I use Polyester Bride by Urban Decay for a shimmer effect on my brow bone. Highlighters for my face I tend to use Dandelion by Benefit and Absolutely Invisible Candelight Powder by Too Faced

  16. aramis

    Mac Femme-fi or shroom

  17. Patricia

    What does Femme-Fi look like?

  18. Michelle

    I use MAC Vanilla and Blanc Type a lot for a highlight

  19. Nicole

    I use several highlighters like Phloof!, Shroom, Vanilla and last but not least White Frost. I just love that color.

  20. Nic

    It does vary some, but I use MAC Vanilla eyeshadow probably 80% of the time.

  21. lisa

    The ones i mainly use are ricepaper, vanilla and shroom.

  22. MAC Blanc Type, Femme Fi and Soft Force.

  23. daphne

    I’m getting to love Shroom these days as it is the most neutral of all my highlighters – not warm, not cool, just neuuutral. When I’m doing a matte look I love to just give it a bit of sheen with Shroom for the highligher. Likewise if I’m doing something super shimmery I enjoy toning it down a bit with Blanc Type for highlighting.

    However Femme-fi will probably always be my favorite. For the longest time it was Femme-fi 75% of the time, Rose Blanc (LE that’s very similar to Nylon) 20%, and various others 5%. It’s just so pretty and soft and just the right subtle gold tone.

  24. Alexis

    I’ve been using Polyester Bride from the UD Ammo palette for quite some time now…

  25. lina

    i use mac vanilla pigment, vex e/s or daisychain e/s…or the one that comes in the brow shadow sets

  26. Erin

    I use Vanilla pigment and Vex.

  27. amy

    MAC Shroom or MAC Shape and Sculpt in Accentuate/Sculpt. I like to use Accentuate (peach) to highlight my brow bone because it is very subtle and not too shimmery.

  28. buttafly

    Its usually Femme Fi, I hit pan on it and I never do that. Or if I’m wearing alot of shimmer on my lids I use Vanilla

  29. Janette

    Shroom or vanilla pigment

  30. Jennifer

    Blanc Type or Orb for me.

    I know loads of people love Brule. I have it, and it is nice..However it falls a little grey on my skintone.

  31. Rosie

    I use Shroom and Vanilla the most but I like Nylon more. I really need more highlight colors and a couple of matte ones.

  32. Annie

    I use MAC’s Vanilla e/s 99% of the time xP

  33. jenny

    i can ALWAYS be seen with nylon in my inner corner. for my brow bone i like to use vanilla e/s, because i dont like shimmer on the brow. those r my top 2 highlighters.

  34. Mel

    I tend to use Femme-Fi, Shroom, or Grand Entrance.

  35. Daniela

    blanc type (matte2=awesome matte texture)
    for shimmery highlighter i love mac femme-fi or dazzlelight since they are very similar colours and same awesome-ee veluxe pearl texture(:

  36. K

    I have very oily skin so I don’t tend to put a highlight on as it’ll just make me look shiny earlier! I love MAC’s Naked Lunch to blend my eyeshadows though, up into the highlight area. If I really want to highlight, I love MAC’s Nylon eyeshadow!

  37. i have 4 that i like to use, depending on the look. MAC’s vanilla & brule, victorias secret bunny & NYX’s highlight. :)

  38. AndreaMarie

    Femme Fi is all-time favorite. Numerous backups on hand!

  39. Lee

    I’m suprised to see nobody listed Dazzlelight.

    My fave is Dazzlelight, but I also reach for Shroom fairly often, Solar White, and if the occasion is right, Ricepaper.

  40. Erin

    I usually use NARS Albatross, but I found a dupe in Aromaleigh–their Pure Eyes Frost in Glow. A perfect white-gold highlight! But for MAC products, I like Shroom or Brule. Dazzlelight has way too much pink shimmer in it for my liking.