Monday, November 22nd, 2010

What’s your favorite facial feature to emphasize? Why?

Temptalia's AnswerI love to emphasize my eyes, because I think the shape is awesome!

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40 thoughts on “What’s your favorite facial feature to emphasize?

  1. Definitely my eyes. The change colors depending on what I use as eyeshadow/liner! It’s really fun.

  2. same, i love my almond shaped eyes and get lots of compliments on them! so I like to play them up, especially with winged out eyeliner :) cat eyes all of the way!

  3. chips

    I love my lips! I have so many lips products.

  4. Dini

    I am all about the lips. People made fun of my lips when I was younger, and now those same people are running for injections and plumpers to get the same lips they once mocked. Long live the lips!

  5. amy

    I like to emphasis my lips because they are a nice full heart shape.

  6. ON

    Definetly my eyes. I have small & dark makeup or eyeliner makes them look much bigger :)

  7. ON

    Oops, small eyes*

  8. kelen

    What is your favorite concealer for blemishes (pimples, dark spots, scars, red spots, bumps)?

  9. Mahalia

    My high cheekbones.

  10. I think almost everyone would say EYES, myself included. I like my nose, lips and cheekbones too but eyes are what I really emphasize.

  11. sidnacglitz

    Eyes baby eyes…………they are the window to my soul.

  12. Yasmeen

    i love you… you so good at make up and i have been learning lots by watching you you tube clips. i hve been working in make up for a few years and you have helped me keen my looks fresh. THANK YOU!!

  13. My eyes – because that’s were people should be looking when they talk to me!

  14. i concentrate on my eyes too. a few people told me that, my eyes are amazing and big and so i try my best to emphasize the eye area.

    but my eyebrows still need some help – LOL.

  15. amelia

    eyes, too, and for the same reason as you :) some winged liner and full lashes really highlights my eyes and any royal blue eye product makes the white of the eyes really look whiter :)

  16. I have little eyes so I like to give them more depth but I also like contouring my cheeks because I think it makes a big difference.

  17. Vanessa

    I love to empasize my cheeks and eyes becuase it reminds me of my mom.

  18. Marcela

    i love doing my eyes. They’re big and deep-set. and i have thick, long, naturally curved lashes and dark, naturally arched eyebrows. Playing with eye makeup is so much fun and there are endless possibilities. Currently my MAC e/s collection is at 49.

  19. Natalie

    My lips! I, too, was made fun of when I was younger, but now those same people are dropping big bucks for cosmetic surgery and I’m getting the last laugh! I have so many lipsticks and glosses for that reason. Also, my lips are so full that if I don’t do them up nicely, my face looks totally unfinished.

  20. Eyes and Lips. Definitely.

  21. For me its my skin to be honest and lips x

  22. Stephanie

    my eyes, they’re my favourite feature:)

  23. Vijaya

    You really do have gorgeous eyes, Christine! I’m so jealous!

    I prefer to do lips and cheeks myself because my eyes are meh.

  24. Sandra

    As a playboy bunny once said… Our eyes are the nipples of the face! Hahaha

  25. Rachael

    I love my lips, so I wear lipstick all the time, and can get away with little to no eye makeup. I also love how much easier lipstick is to remove at the end of the day compared to eye makeup :)

  26. Yumi

    It’d have to be lips…while I like my eyes too, I usually just leave the eyes alone when it comes to makeup. Except for my lashes, I like them the way they are and think eye makeup makes them look funny.

  27. Daniela

    I love to emphasize my eyes, me and you have have very similar eye shapes Christine, mostly because I”m half Asian and from what I understand so are you, and also my cheeks and cheekbones.:D

  28. MARGO

    used to be my eyes when young–i would say my lips now-

  29. Lakitha

    I like to define either my eyes or lips. Its really fun.

  30. TheMiaomi

    lips and cheeks. everybody plays with their eyes the most coz u can do a lot with the eyes. but my current trend is to keep the eyes clean and play w bold lip colors or different textures of blush items

  31. Işıl

    Dear Christine,
    I like to emphasize my eyes, too, they are hazel green and have nice shape but I also like the shape of my face, nose and cheeks in general when foundation concealer and blush are nicely applied…
    İf I may make a comment about you, Christine, your eyes really are beautiful, so are your lips, teeth specially with your lovely smile :)

  32. Mar

    My eyes!
    They have a special color and I have a dark blue ring around my iris.
    Beside that, they’re slightly almond shaped and using eyeliner or pencil, I love to emphasize them. They are my pride :-)

  33. Lenora

    Eyes, of course!

  34. Annick Chantal L. H.

    my eyes… then my cheeks 😆

  35. Dami Lenore

    I’d say my whole face. People say I’ve got a gorgeous complexion (pasty white ivory skin) so I try to make sure my skin looks nice. But I also spend a lot of time on my eyes, cheeks and lips too. So I’d have to say my face as a whole.

  36. Lissa

    definitely lips. eyes get hidden behind glasses and it’s always frustrating applying makeup since they’re off but at least I got well-shaped full lips and straight teeth and it’s sooo much easier to apply lip liner and gloss than complex mascara looks. plus guys are subconsciously drawn to lips and more intimidated by made up looks and I find guys are much easier than women to talk to.

  37. LeslieB

    Definitely my eyes because of the color, but I’m big into facial contouring too!