Monday, July 5th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite eyeshadow combo for your eye color/skin tone? Be sure to tell us your eye color and your skin tone!

Temptalia's Answer.

I love olive greens – something like Patina, Sumptuous Olive, & Humid. I have hazel eyes and medium, warm-toned skin!

Thanks to Dianna for today’s question!

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73 thoughts on “What’s your favorite eyeshadow combo for your eye color?

  1. I can never have enough purples!

  2. stats: NC15-20/NW20, bobbi brown warm ivory (winter), cool beige (summer), bareminerals fair (winter), golden fair (summer). fair-to-light asian skin that leans more neutral-cool than warm.

    jet black hair, brown eyes.

    neutrals: i love a combination of icy pinks with grey-brown/taupey shades – bobbi brown pink pearl base with flint, heather mauve, fawn or java; MAC seedy pearl, phloof! or vex base with satin taupe, coquette or mystery.

    brights: i love all colors but vivid blues & purples/violets seem to bring out the brown the most, while greens add a glow to my complexion. my favorites – MAC beautiful iris, parfait amour, purple haze, stars ‘n rockets, moon’s reflection, freshwater, blue flame, warm chill, shimmermoss, swimming & humid.

  3. Victoria

    Gesso, Issue and Mont Blanc :-)

    • Sarah

      I guess I’m about a NW15 (I wear C2 in Studio Fix, but that’s the only MAC foundation I own.) with blue eyes and dark blonde hair.

      MAC Time & Space all over lid, Glamour Check! on outer 3rd/lightly through the crease. Femme-fi as highlight.

      UD Nylon all over lid, MAC sable in crease, UD Twice Baked on outer corner.

      Those are the combos I wear most often. I adore neutrals/browns/golds/coppers/etc. They make my blue eyes stand out so nicely.

  4. Princess Lolli

    I have 2:
    Eye Shadow Combo 1: MAC Pompus Blue & Urban Decay Mildew & Urban Decay Covet liner

    Eye Shadow Combo 2: MAC Old Gold pigment, MAC Saturnal and Humid e/s and Prestige Daring Green total intensity liner

    Eye Color: Blue; Skintone: NW20 (light skinned, not-quite cool undertones)

  5. i love a wash of cool, matte-finish neutral color on my eyelids, and for my lower lashline, i love lining it with a bit of metallic green eyeshadow to really give it a pop of color. perfect for summer! 😀
    i have brown eyes and medium/tan neutral toned skin :)

  6. Wendy M.

    Tempting, Bronze, and Cosmic. :)

  7. Kathryn

    My eyes are warm brown and my skin is fair with cool undertones. I usually wear neutral colours, and my favs are: naked lunch all over lid, satin taupe in the crease and shroom on the browbone.

  8. Paige

    I have extremely pale skin, so deep greens make me look a bit tanner. And, green’s my favorite color!

  9. NW20 skin on average, dark brown hair, blue-grey eyes

    I love neutral browns, golds, and champagnes. I love MAC’s Wedge (in the crease), Grand Entrance (but i hate the fall out), All That Glitters (on the lid), and Brule (as a highlight) :)

  10. sarah

    blue, cant get enough

  11. Peggy M

    I find that Bronzes work best on my skintone and make my blue/gray eyes pop!

    Combo 1: MAC Tempting and MAC woodwinked.
    Combo 2: MAC Gleam and MAC Mulch
    Combo 3: MAC Amber lights and MAC Satin Taupe
    Combo 4: MAC Romp and MAC Antiqued!
    Combo 5: MAC Trax and MAC Woodwinked!


  12. livnzoe

    i have clear blue eyes.. i love greyish and black eye shadow (scene, print, carbon..).. so most of the time i wear a smokey eye

  13. Nik

    I have brown eyes and medium beige skin tone, purples are my fave, esp Benefit “I cannes and I will” with MAC Sketch or Urban Decay Freakshow :) I have been wearing that for like a month!

  14. Jazz

    blue, turquoise , aqua , purples – im Nw 45ish , brown eyes dark brown hair.

  15. I have dark brown eyes & Black-Brown hair. I have NW 25 skin (can you still be NW when you have yellow undertones? I just got matched for the reference. I usually wear NARS).

    I love BLUES to bring out my eye colour and it brightens my complexion!

    My favourite eyeshadow combo is:
    MAC Moon’s Reflection all over the lid and faded above the crease (in my case I just poke to find where my non-existent crease would be)
    MAC Deep Truth in the outer corner to smoke it out!

  16. Hilana

    Purple, licac, bronze and peach with a very black mascara.

  17. Lane

    i have pretty cool/pink toned skin. i get more golden in the summer when i’m tanned. i have light golden brown eyes, and i really love star violet and nocturnelle. the warm purples/rusty roses are a really nice contrast with light brown eyes. i prefer them to cool purples or lavenders.

  18. malen

    I have black/brown eyes and right now my fav combo is nylon/patina/humid.

  19. Bailey

    dark blue eyes
    MAC era all over lid, MAC cork outer 3rd and crease, MAC shroom highlight, MAC show-stopper crease and liner

  20. Opheliana

    Very very pale neutral skintone (can’t even wear mac-foundations, they’re all to dark), blue eyes.

    Black smoky eyes is near unbeatable, but sometimes I like to add a little gold to it.
    Otherwise I love bright orange colors or just green hints.

  21. CeeBee

    I like soft, warm pinks, lilacs and deep purples together – some of my favourites are TheBalm’s Just This Once Jamie, MAC Mystical Mist, Body Shop eyeshadow #37, Dior quints in Stylish Move and Petal Shine and a Lancome LE e/s Quad called Rose du Soir Desir… I usually use a deep or bright purple liner as well.

    I’m light/medium warm skin and have brown eyes.

  22. I love bronzey golds and browns.
    Like Woodwinked, Bronze, Satin Taupe, etc. And play it up with a splash of bright color (something like an electric blue or a hot cranberry red etc).

    I am a fair toned asian.

  23. ila

    i have green eyes blond hair…
    love the dark black smoky eyes for a night out…but all the bronzy, goldish colours seem to make my eyes colour pop out a lot.
    Loving Mac melon pigment, Naked pigment, amber light eyes shadow,
    makeup forever the green bronz colour aqua line and the gold one.

  24. I think purples look great on my blue eyes!

  25. Frances

    I have olive brown South Indian skin, MAC NC45-50 (but more neutral-cool than warm, haven’t worn their foundation in a while), Bobbi Brown Golden, Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in RF240. My eyes are a very dark brown, almost black, but using some colours can really bring the brown out.

    I absolutely love blues, teals and turquoises for bringing out the brown in my eyes. Pinks and purples also do a great job emphasising brown tones, but purples can be quite difficult as I have dark under-eye circles (the Indian curse!). Greens, especially light grassy greens also look really pretty. Golds and browns are flattering in a neutral kind of way.

  26. Brenda

    I’m NC 20/25, blue eyes and dark brown hair.
    My favourite eye combo is (all MAC) : magnetized + hypnotizing, for evening look I add alterd state.
    Hypnotizing is my all time favourite!

  27. Brittney

    Makes my Brown Eyes Pop – I am Warmtoned light to medium skin- it varys but this typically works no matter what.

    Eyes: Revlon Moonlit Jewels – the Green as a Base. MAC Juxt all over the lid. MAC Club on the Crease and MAC Humid on the outer corner… blend out with MAC wedge and MAC Brule has a highlight. I do a bit of a cat eye with black liquid liner and I put Urban Decay Mildew 24/7 Line on the lower line.
    Cheeks: MAC Margin and Dior Amber Diamond Shimmer powder as a highlight
    Lips: Any light peachy-pink (more peachy than pink)color i can get my hands on

    I do this look whenever i wear green and i love it! :)

  28. Annalogik

    Me: Blue-grey eyes, light skinned (NW15), dark blonde.

    My favourite e/s: bronzes, oranges, pinks, golds….

    Combo: Passionate+paradisco+all that glitters

  29. Sam

    combo 1: Maira’s magic on the inner corner, satellite dreams all over the lid, and carbon on the outer corner and crease. Hey for brow highlight.
    combo 2: humid all over the lid and prepped for glamour on the outer corner and crease. and my favourite hey for brow highlight.

    i am a NC35 with dark brown eyes.

  30. Marjolijn

    I’m an NW15 (but my skin tone leans more towards neutral than towards cool) and I have bright blue eyes. I love pastel pinks, light golds and soft browns for everyday looks, and when I want a bold look I go for bright yellow, orange, copper or turqoise.

  31. Mariana

    I have light/warm skin, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. I really like MAC Gilded Ash (from the Metal-X collection) smudged close to lash line and in crease, and then along the bottom lash line. Then combining Woodwinked & patina to blend out the crease and blend some onto the lid. Then I use Blanc Type as a highlight on the brow bone. Perfect smokey eye!

    great alternative for the gilded ash: Greasepaint Stick in Dirty (practically identical!)

  32. katleen

    blond, green eyes, nw20: paradisco and satin taupe! with rubenesque as base <3

  33. Vanilla + Da Bling + Plum Dressing + Nocturnelle + Sketch on a yellow-undertoned, asian complexion!

  34. Virginia

    That’s a really good question for me, because i’ve been looking for a way to enhance certain colors in my eyes. I have very fair skin with yellow undertones (NARS Siberia, MAC NC10) and greyish-blue eyes with an overlay of gold and brown. And that’s exactly where my problem starts, because from far my eyes look greenish, which I absolutely dislike. So I tried bringing out the blue-grey in them with coppery peachy tones, but that still makes them look green. Does anybody have a recommendation what else I could try? Many thanks in asvance!

    • Orange is the complimentary colour of blue. You could try MAC Rule, MAC Orange, or MAC Amber Lights on your lid. Orange-y browns works fine too. The NARS Scorching Sun duo is a great wearable orange duo as well.

      Wearing blue eyeshadows would work too as long as they don’t overpower (or the same as) your eyecolour. Try MAC Deep Truth or maybe dark navy liner?

  35. I have grey-green eyes and a fair beige skintone. I love to wear black combined with smoked indigo and ivory (smokey style).

  36. Q

    I have neutral, fair skin with peach/warm undertones at times. (BareMinerals Fairly Light) and red hair with grey-blue eyes. My absolute favorite shadow is orange, but specifically to bring out my eyes, a red-toned purple spectrum. <3

  37. Ashley Avocado

    I’m an NC40 with light, honey brown eyes and I’m really into taupes and olive greens right now (as well as blacks w/gold, as they tend to look olive-y also).

    I really love to pair Femme Fi with Gilt By Association.

    I also LOVE chartreuse greens. Bitter with teals/blues, Sharp with browns (I usually just use the Tempting quad) and Sweet & Punchy with coral-y orange colors like UD Jones and Firecracker, maybe even Paradisco sometimes.

  38. Mar

    MAC NW20, greyish blue eyes, light blond hair.

    I like using colors that have a slightly yellowish/golden tone because they bring out the blue in my eyes. Champagne, gold, copper, amber and browns are my favourite.

  39. Meagan

    Red, surprisingly! I love wearing Indianwood (MAC) on my lids to go with my blue/brown eyes. Firecracker looks great, too.

  40. amelia

    im have light olive skin with dark eyes and hair, and i love cobalt blue or a deep purple for eyes. or dark turquoise. but i tend not to do eyeshadow, i like really vibrant gel liner. if i do wear eyeshadow it’s usually matte brown or gray all over the lid.

  41. The one I wear nearly daily for work:
    Combo #1: Woodwinked all over lid and blended out well
    Combo #2: Shroom & Satin Taupe, perfect for every day

  42. KC

    I have red-brown eyes and a golden-brown complexion about NC45-NC50. My favourite combos are :1. Amber lights, Expensive Pink and Antiqued.

    2. Sumptuous Olive and dark brown.

    3. Light purples, dark purples.

  43. Soly

    NC 35 / Green eyes

    Combo 1: Naked Lunch all over lid with Sable in the crease
    Combo 2: Sable all over lid an into crease (looks smoky) with Seedy Pearl for highlight (brow bone/inner corner)

  44. monika-luiza

    purples and shimmering browns = green eyes

    but in the summer I like goldens and dark greens

  45. Scientific Housewife

    For my hazel eyes and pale skin, I like using blues and purples to enhance my eyes.

  46. Marina

    I’m very fair, kind of like a creamy colored complexion. I also have very dark brown eyes.
    My favorite color combos are:
    From UD:
    -X, Chopper, Baked
    -Grifter, Flash

    -Heatherette Trio #1

    -Dimebag, Orbi, Lucifer
    -Downtown, Baroque

    I like variety! But mostly I like greens (tending to be more olive), purples, grayish silvers, and teals!

  47. I have hazel eyes also and love plums and burgundy, they do such an awesome job in making my eyes pop. I have light medium skin (NW25) with neutral to cool undertones

  48. Emily

    I’m NC15 in Mac or Porcelain in Laura Mercier….brown hair, blue eyes. I find that warm browns bring out my blue eyes…but I love me some colors too…the only color I don’t wear a lot of is blue. I use a lot of Urban Decay Sin and Chopper, as well as Mac Modelette, Soft Brown, Smoke and Diamonds Vanilla, Vex, Camomile, Amber Lights, Goldmine, Cut to Fit, Expensive Pink, etc. ( I LOVE the lavender mineralize from last Christmas’ collection as well!)

  49. Emily

    Forgot to list Tempting! That’s a go-to shade also!

  50. I have green eyes, and light skin, so one of my favourite combinations is a black colour on the lid, smoked out with a purple or blue. The dark colours make my eyes POP.

    I’m lucky that pretty much everything looks good around my eyes, except colours that are too warm.

  51. vnssa906

    i’ve really been loving gold/yellow tones with orangey/copper/cranberry colors (if that makes any sense lol) … just makes me feel like summertime :)

  52. My eyes are blue-green, and my skintone is very pale neutral, I suppose. I love chartreuse and blue-based teals with my eyes.

  53. Lo

    I have green eyes with a hint of yellow flecks around the pupils, and very fair skin with neutral undertones. I love plummy colours and slightly reddened browns with peachy colours (eg, all that glitters, naked lunch etc) to really make my eye colour pop, I get the most compliments when I wear these colours too.

    I like purples and teal blues to enhance the green in my eyes, and Bronzy and antique gold shades seem to really bring out the yellow goldish flecks in my eyes.

  54. bxboricua

    I have olive skin & dark brown hair & eyes..I love golds/bronze/brown combinations…goldmine, amber lights and handwritten with ricepaper to highlight

  55. starr

    Purples!! i love dark matte smoky purple eyes.
    I have medium to fair skin, brown eyes and black blue hair

  56. I guess I do pinks most often. It IS my favorite color and all.

  57. Kaylabella

    I love purples and golds!

  58. dolce aria

    I’m lucky in that my eye color has a good bit of blue, warmer toned green and hazel. So almost any combination I wear makes my eyes look a bit different, and brings out a different makeup shade. THere’s very few looks that DON’T bring out some colors intensity. The only color I’m not thrilled iwth is cool-toned purple. Warmer toned purples bring out the green, blues bring out the greens, green’s bring out blues and greens, fuchsias and reds bring out the green, golds and bronzes bring out the blue…. Really, I rarely consider my eye color since somehow or other I always end up getting comments on how intense it looks!

  59. I have blue eyes and keep going back to this Quad I got from the MAC Cult of Cherries collection that had a bright copper and and an almost metallic burgundy color (I depoted so I don’t know the exact shade names). Anyway they are gorgeous and make the blue of my eyes pop.

  60. Sara

    I have fair skin with an abundance of freckles, hazel eyes, and sandy brown/blond hair. My favorite MAC eye shadow combo is Honey Lust on the lid, which is my favorite eye shadow EVER, and Sable in the crease.

  61. Ren

    I have pale skin (NW15), and green/grey eyes. I love using some neutrals from an Estee Lauder palette I have because people always seem to think my eyes pop.

    Te Biscuit in the lid, Lucky Penny in the crease, Cinnamon in the outer corner, and Ivory Box as a highlight

  62. Meesh

    Brown eyes so that would be shroom, gleam, grain, trax, and stars n’ rockets!

  63. kendra wonderston

    hi i think the eyeshadow that gows well with my delicut skin tone i am medium and i like champane SHIMMER all over the lid with wood wink in the crease the champange eyeshadow i like is naked lunch i would say i am med plus well i am that for menerlized skinfinish natrual

  64. Loquita

    Rich browns with a hint of gold or a brown with a good dose of orange – I have light blue eyes, medium/tan olive skin, and black hair.

  65. Kiki

    NW25, grey-blue-green eyes, red hair.
    * Vex/Greensmoke
    * Seedy pearl/Cranberry
    * Shroom or Grain or Tan pigment/Sable
    * Patina/Satin taupe
    * Expensive pink/Twinks

  66. i use satin taupe and sketch a’s my lazy look

  67. Leah

    I have green eyes and fair skin. I love plums, golden-beige’s,champagnes, and intense browns

    #1: All That Glitters and Fig 1
    #2: Satin Taupe and Mulch
    #3: Silver Ring and Fig 1
    #4 Urban Decay “Scratch” and Satin Taupe
    #5: Satin Taupe and All That Glitters

  68. Ashley

    For my deep brown eyes and light complexion, I can’t get enough of plum colors and bronze shadows!

  69. Lizz M.

    I only recently realized how good greens look on my eyes (dark brown eyes). So my favorite combo to make my eyes stand out are greens, like Graffiti from UD, and golds. I always heard people saying green was a good color for brown eyes, but never really tried it. Now I’m in love with it.
    But since green eyeshadow isn’t wearable for every occasion, ha, I do love some rich bronzes on my eyes. MAC’s Gold Spice cream shadow, this outrageously metallic bronze, is my go to for making my eyes pop, especially when I smoke it out with some chocolate browns and greys.

  70. Shasa

    I love beige toned anything for me! I have Medium Deep Skin. Walnut in Laura Mercier Original Tinted moisturizer. I really like taupes, beige, & dark browns. One of my favorite eyeshadow looks is Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in busy signal all over lids as base, with UD naked e/s on lid, UD darkhorse e/s in crease, blended with UD buck e/s, naked as a subtle highlight, and UD sidecar e/s on inner corner :)