Friday, September 14th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite eyeshadow color to wear? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerAntique gold! Or teal… Or…

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83 thoughts on “What’s your favorite eyeshadow color to wear?

  1. Esther

    I really love copper and green and purple!

  2. Purple on fun days, subdued goldy-brown (like UD Suspect) on the average day.

  3. xamyx

    I don’t know what color to classify them under, *exactly*, but my three favorite colors to wear are NARS Ondine & Lhasa, and L’Oreal Liquid Diamond.

  4. Miss J

    Purple, or blackened green shades with olive shades. And neutrals, of course.

  5. Elizabeth Cunningham

    Plum. no, Pink! No, wait, lavender, but really bright. but lately I’ve been really digging into some pretty greys. And RED eyeshadow. No one sells red eye color, hard to find. Forget eyeshadow.

    What do people use on their brows nowadays? Am I the only one using the occasional bright eyeshadow right in the brows?

  6. Laurie

    Cool-toned brown or taupe! My skin just seems to suit cool-toned colors!

  7. Jill

    My faves are taupes, grays and amethysts.

  8. catsngunsnyarn


  9. Veronica

    Metallics. Any of them. 😀 I’m also fond of jewel tones.

  10. Jessica

    Ugh, I absolutey LOVE the color teal but of I wear it on my eyes I look like a streetwalker! Oh the dilemma. I’d have to go with red browns, bronzes or pinks.

  11. Linh

    My go to is Chanels Emerveille, gives my lids a bit of color with a great sheen!

  12. Dominique

    Almost all except green colours ( If I wear green I always try a combo with a blue shade ), otherwise honestly speaking : all shades !

  13. Alexandra

    A soft, shimmery tan like Benefit’s Birthday Suit. Easy to wear, goes with almost everything, flattering, quick to apply. It’s just a beautiful color.

  14. wenjing

    taupe, gray, brown

  15. zainab

    Urban Decay Smog.

  16. Black and silver mostly (not metallic silver though, just a frosty, dirty silver color).

  17. JEN

    Taupe, shimmery browns, and rose gold.

  18. I don’t have a favourite one, i wear every colour except blue…at the moment i’m so into dark matte violets, shiny warm greens and glitters!

  19. Mauve, taupe, grey and a gorgeous highlighter!

  20. t_zwiggy

    Purples and greens 😀 Wearing MAC Lucky Green makes me happy, lol.

  21. Sarah

    Although i love experimenting , purple looks definitely better ( probably due to green eyes)

  22. Arianna

    purples, greens and gold, especially if all together! *_*

    • Kafka

      That combination sounds fantastic, Ariana! I always seem to end up wearing green with my purples, but I usually add a touch of silver like with the eyeliner. I have no idea why gold never entered my mind but I’ll try that next!

  23. Antique golds! I also really enjoy purple and green :)

  24. Mariella

    Taupes – any taupe from MAC Satin Taupe to Chanel Taupe Grise, TheBalm Insane Jane, UD Mushroom, Deeper and MIA (they’re leaning toward brown but still taupey brown), Too Faced Glamazon, Maybelline Tastefully Taupe, Benefit Where There’s Smoke and Birthday Suit – if it’s Taupe, I will wear it! (and I also love browns and teals but taupe is my weakness!)

  25. Nicoco Chanel

    Ummm… All of them?

    I dunno, at the moment I’m really into monochromes – smoky matte greys especially.

    • Kafka

      I’ve gone back to the monochromes, too. Smoky matte greys…. Mmmm, yum! I’d love to hear what are your favorites, either here or up above. :)

  26. Liz

    olive green and khakis

  27. KaseyCannuck

    Plums, although I’ve been buying a lot of teal lately…

  28. Teresa

    I wear different shades of purple almost every day!

  29. Laura

    Purples and taupes :)

  30. sunny

    Smokey blues make me feel the sexiest, but I absolutely love browns/gold. and purples.

  31. Nicole

    Frosted cool browns and grays.

  32. lil

    Champagne like ud sin and benefit rsvp

  33. Martha

    Brown with a mauve tone (bare Escentuals cocoa). Colors pulled very different on me!

  34. em

    Taupes and pinks!

  35. Shimmery beiges and golds. If anyone can recommend some more neutral shades for NC40 skintone, I would be very happy. :) I already own MAC Soba.

    • xamyx

      NARS Portobello (duo) or singles in Blondie, Galapagos, or (especially if you have blue eyes) Fez. UD Buck & Naked are practically dupes for Portobello, and are also both included in the original Naked palette. Since you like shimmery shadows, and aren’t pale, this may be a good investment for you. HTH

  36. K

    Since you listed 2 Christine, I don’t feel bad about listing mine since I really can’t choose! Bronze-brown or purple. :)

  37. Fitrah

    Red or cobalt

  38. redshift87

    Taupes, olives and purples are my top three faves! I also love gold, copper, and browns.

    Red and blue are the only two colors I’m too scared to wear.

  39. ericka

    Definitely taupe. It’s a neutral that’s never boring and that can always be “dressed up” if need be. Love it!

  40. winni

    I have hazel eyes and my favorite colors to wear are….taupes (all of ’em!) greens, golds…..I can’t decide!

  41. Kafka

    Grey! Esp. dark greys like gunmetal. It seems to work perfectly in countering the yellowness in my skin, and always makes me feel sexy and sophisticated. After that, purple.

    • Nicoco Chanel

      Mmm gunmetal. *A*

      • Kafka

        LOL. You too? 😀 Since we seem to share a love of grey, Nicoco Chanel, have you ever looked at MUFE’s Aqua Cream #1 in Anthracite? Hands down, my favorite grey ever! Plus, it stays on like glue without fading. Such a sexy shade of grey. And since you wrote below about matte greys, I recently got Bobbi Brown’s “Steel” which is a lovely smoky, dark grey with just a faint (faint!) hint of blue-grey. Really pretty! What are some of your favorite greys?

  42. Em

    Taupe and purple!

  43. Gold/bronze shades like UD’s Half Baked, Peach/Gold shades like MACs Tweet Me or UD’ X, and blue/turquoise/teals.

  44. Jessica

    pink for fun days but for every day, more like a bronzey brown sort of like Mac teddy eye kohl. I think urban decay snakebite is gorgeous too.

  45. Rufflebutt

    Shimmery champagne/light golden shades, especially combined with a darker beige or taupe shadow.

  46. Nora

    Iridescent, almost translucent lilacs or greens/blues. Like Lush’s ‘Focus’ or Shiro’s ‘Still Alive’.

  47. Halle

    Champagnes or light, shimmery nudes :)

  48. Rocio

    Taupe, shimmery browns! Loooove!

  49. Erica

    Usually I wear nudes or purples, but I really have a thing for red shades lately!

  50. Teals, though golds and purples are up there. Purples and blacks used to be first :) I can’t ever pick just one.

  51. Bee

    At the moment, I’d have to say bronze–my favorite being Urban Decay’s Snakebite

  52. I like khakis and greens alot, and black or almost black are favorites too!

  53. lilly04

    just this once jamie from the balm, my absolutly favorite eyeshadow color at this time. I love greyish taupe with a touch of mauve. Taupe is my mostly used color.

  54. Leenie

    Olive green and maroon colors are my favorites to wear

  55. Sonia

    Toasted by UD

  56. Michelle

    If I had to choose one, it would be copper. I don’t wear it very often, but it makes my eyes stand out and I like metallic eyeshadow!

  57. Lee

    Oranges and coppers. They make my blue eyes pop and with my coloring (pale redehad), they’re almost a neutral.

  58. Alyssa

    I love wearing greens! My favorite is from one of the ready eyeshadow duos from bareminerals. They duo is called the scenic route and the green is gorgeous. And the texture is buttery smooth and the color payoff is great!

  59. Lacey J.

    Browns, but like taupe browns, like Mac Malt is sort of taupe, great crease color, I love that Matte taupe in the Naked Two Palette, I forget the name, oh and right now believe it or not, my favorite Taupe for my crease at the moment is the Taupe Blush by Nyx, and it’s massive so I use it everyday now, with a darker brown in the crease. I also love Champagne colors like Stila Kitten, or UD sin. Can never get enough of neutrals.

  60. Olive green! I love the dragon-y, gold-y greens!

  61. Purple, burgandy, brown, black.. impossible to choose just one, but purple usually works very well on me.

  62. Lakitha

    I love teals and greens.

  63. Nikki

    Because I like bold lips and cheeks, I love varying shades of brown on my lids (specially matte browns).

  64. champagne colors, golds, greens, chartreuse, neutrals – sparkly stuff – it’s really hard to pick an absolute favorite, but….if I had to pick one that I had to live with forever, it would be some sort of shimmery neutral that would go with everything and anything prolly

  65. Ashley D.

    My favourite would have to be Lancome’s Kitten eyeshadow!

  66. I’d have to go the wash of champagne – effortless, and with a bit of liner and mascara, gorgeous.

  67. Karen

    Olive green,MAC sumptuous olive in particular

  68. I love pale yellow, peach or champagne on my lid — my absolute FAVE color is a wonderful peach with gold and pink shimmers that I bought in Korea. And my fave eyeliner color is anything teal, although I’m currently wearing a lot of the green shadow in the UD SMoked Palette…

  69. Aida

    Almost anything in the purple & blue color families. I also enjoy olive greens, certain browns, though I’m not much of a neutral eye looks, I prefer color.

  70. Marianne

    I love a browns with greys. If you blend out Mac Constructivist (a warm bronze) in the crease it becomes more taupey grey, and then layer more on the lid without blending too much, you have a bronze/taupey grey look with one eyeshadow!

  71. Ana

    Teal, bright blue (like chaos in the UD Vice Palette), cranberry colors and bright greens :)

  72. Jessica

    Orange & Red.