Monday, January 24th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What’s the last beauty-related thing you do each day? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerSlather on my night cream!

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56 thoughts on “What’s the last beauty-related thing you do each day

  1. Tiffany

    Does sleep count? 😉

  2. xx

    Apply my Retin-A. It’s the reason I don’t get pimples anymore.

  3. Apply hand lotion and sleep! Must keep hands nicely moisturized in this cold, dry weather.

  4. i also agree with sleep. but aside from that, i apply l’occitane foot cream & burt’s bees lemon butter cuticle cream then put socks on. after washing my hands, i apply l’occitane hand cream & the cuticle cream. my skin feels AMAZING in the morning :)

  5. Take my makeup off, wash my face, moisterizer and done.

  6. Just before going to bed, I apply a moisturizer on my cheekbones. Ever since I’ve been running in the morning, I feel the need for an extra bit of moisture on the dryer part of my face! I think that is the last thing I do before going to bed.

  7. Christine

    Put on the lip balm I keep on my night stand.

  8. Erica

    Reading fashion and beauty magazines!

  9. Kajsa/Monticka

    Nail oil and then hand creme right after washing off my make up.

  10. Lea

    Apply lip balm (Blistex) and hand lotion (essie)!

  11. Catherine

    Clearasils Night Lotion

  12. Grace Chin

    read Temptalia!!

  13. Kimbo

    Lady beauty thing I do is drink a glass of water before I lay down for a restful sleep!

  14. Jennifer

    Put some lip balm on

  15. Catherine

    put on my fresh sugar lip treatment. It’s right beside my bed.

  16. Vanessa S

    Cleanse, tone and moisterize :)

  17. Leslie

    Spray MAC’s fix+ all over my face :)

  18. claire

    Hydrate! I put on moisurizer & drink water!

  19. Nadia

    Cleanse, tone, apply serum followed by night cream!

  20. fabiola

    cook, believe me, there is nothing beautiful about the smell left in you and your clothes after you stir fry vegetables or cook anything.

  21. fabiola

    Oops, sorry i understood least beauty. My bad.

  22. Candace

    Get more sleep, exfoliate 3 times/week, and use serum daily and nightly (Body Shop Vitamin C for AM, and Origins Skin Guardian for PM).

  23. natalia

    I smooth rosebud salve on my lips just before I fall asleep. I sometimes will rub some on my cuticles, but not every night.

  24. Ana G.

    Apply foot cream :-)

  25. Marcela

    put on Vaseline Lip Therapy lip balm literally right before i turn off the lights.

  26. Whippetlady

    After I put down my night’s reading, I grab my hand lotion and put a wack ton on for the overnight. Then the chapstick ( central heating is so dehydrating!)

  27. Natalie

    I put on my hand cream with my little white gloves! It has to go last since I can’t really do anything else with them on but change television channels and sleep!

  28. Jaime

    I apply eye cream. I always do that after my moisturizer :)

  29. Nat

    I apply my Retin-A cream. Unfortunately, I wake up with such a dry face from it.
    Christine, I thought I read that you are using an acne medication – do you use it at night and are you putting on night cream after applying it? Just curious, thanks!

    • Hey Nat,

      I use generic for Differin and apply it after I wash my face at night. I let it absorb for 15-20 minutes, and then I apply my night cream!

      • Nat

        I think I will try doing that too. Maybe I won’t have so many flakes in the morning. Thanks for sharing!

      • Daniele

        Hi Christine,
        I’m using epidou i think it similar to differin, I’m also using cleania and finaca. one is for dark spots, the other for red. i have noticed my skin has become really dry and flakey. have you experiences any of these side effects and what moisturizer are you using for day and pm. I’m courius.

        • Hi Danielle,

          A little bit when I first started to use it, and my doctor advised switching to every other day and building up tolerance over time. After two weeks or so, it was fine, and I’ve used a couple of moisturizers throughout. Bobbi Brown Rich Gel Moisturizer was nice, as is Osmotics Cream Extreme Barrier Repair.

  30. Naz

    Slather on Burts Bees almond hand creme & NEOSPORIN Lip Health overnight renewal therapy

  31. Michelle

    I wash my hands and put on lip balm. I touch my face alot in my sleep so I make sure to wash my hands before going to bed!

  32. after I wash and moisturize I use my Rapidlash! :)

  33. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize face, eye cream, foot cream :) Love the new site design by the way!

  34. Gisele

    I rub Lansinoh into my cuticles and onto my lips. then apply Aquaphor over hands and lips. Sleep is next!

  35. Kat

    Apply my Benzaclin. Apparently most people do it before their moisturizer, but I much prefer it after.

  36. Angelcat47

    Apply hand cream,foot cream and lip balm.

  37. Lauren

    Apply hand cream

  38. Thincspot

    Put cuticle oil and hand cream on my hands and nails.

  39. Beth

    Technically sleep, as others have said, but before that applying moisturizer.

  40. Kat

    I apply my cuticle lotion and lip balm.

  41. Heather

    Put my Retin-A all over my face

  42. Carrie Ann

    It depends. I either apply lip balm, zit cream or hand cream last. I apply moisturizer and eye cream right after washing my face.

  43. Apply Mentholatum on my lips and hand cream.

  44. Sam

    I put Retin A on right before bed. I have not been using it for about a month now, because my skin is so dry from the weather, and the retin a makes it more dry. But, when I am not off of it, that is my last beauty related product that I put on. :)

  45. Elizabeth

    i put chapstick on my lips right before i go to sleep :)

  46. lazeny

    Beauty Sleep =)

  47. Niki

    I apply a lip gloss which I use as a lip baum and some castor oil to my eyelashes & eyebrows.

  48. Helen

    Apply hand cream.