Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What’s the best beauty tip/advice you received from your mom? (And “mom” can be taken as anyone who may have played any maternal role in your life – grandmothers, sisters, aunts, fathers, etc.)

Temptalia's AnswerI remember my mom always called my mole (by my nose) a beauty mark, and I thought that was great – because I never, ever was self-conscious about it UNTIL someone called it a mole when I was in my teens, but she laid a great foundation and helped me get over that more quickly, I think.

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32 thoughts on “What’s the best beauty tip/advice you received from your mom?

  1. My mom used to get on my case about making sure my foundation still looked like skin.. and she was right about that. And I don’t feel self conscious about whether or not my foundation looks too heavy or too cakey.

  2. xamyx

    My mom never wore makeup while I was growing up (in fact, she could count the number of times she *ever* wore it on her fingers, LOL), but she always stressed taking care of my skin & teeth. She always said no matter how much makeup I wore, however beautiful I was, it wouldn’t matter if I had bad skin & teeth. What makes the whole “teeth” issue even more poignant is, a couple of months ago, while on an elevator at the mall, I overheard a mom telling her daughter (who was about 13 or 14), the *exact* same thing, and the daughter’s reaction was what must have been the same as mine at that age. I did all I could to keep from laughing, because after all these years, it actually hit me how true that is!

  3. My Mom always told me to take care of my skin. She used products like Ponds and Olay but she was consistent and would remind me to wash my face because that is the first thing everyone sees.

    I found myself telling the same thing to my daughter over the weekend and it was a nice feeling!

  4. Yasmin

    I never really recieved any tips from my mum, because she doesnt like makeup on me (its a culture thing) but the next closest person i considered my mum after her was my late aunt. She always told me that i should take care of my skin. As soon as you come home and you know you dont need to wear makeup take it off.

  5. Taking care of your skin is the foundation for makeup looking good. Bought me Clinique as a teen.

  6. VickyM

    To love myself the way I am, really to accept and never compare myself with others and be happy with what I have. My mom always used makeup, but very minimal only lipstick and blush, she never learned to use anything else when it comes to makeup, so she just tells me to use the beauty products I like, and that the most important thing is to like my look, not to mind what others think.

  7. Rebecca

    Wow, Christine! I thought “beauty mark” was a phrase my mom invented but I guess we’re not the only ones! :)

    Best form of advice my mom (or anyone in my family) would give me was their honesty about my makeup (ie. when I had raccoon eyes or my foundation didn’t match). Her opinion was helpful and prevented me from embarrassing myself!

    • She had it so ingrained in me that I didn’t even realize that mole = beauty mark for awhile. It’s amazing how your perspective shifts by calling it by one or the other!

      • Amy

        My mom and dad always called my moles beauty marks too! Although it never before occurred to me what a gift that was.

      • Hollywood starlets and others used to put on fake ones to look fashionable. In “Thoroughly Modern Millie” with Julie Andrews, she’s kissing her boyfriend in a car and notices hers came off on his face. She says, “Oh, my beauty spot!”

  8. I’m the one teaching my mom a thing or two about makeup actually 😉 however I remember my grandmother showing me how to apply nail polish. I would not believe her when she said ‘but you don’t need to go all the way to the cuticle!’ (I was about 12 then) and years later I realized she was right. It makes it *so* much neater when I apply it the way she had showed me!

  9. Never shave your legs without any soap/shaving cream etc. Alas, this advice was ‘after’ i pinched my Dad’s razor and shaved my legs for the first time.

  10. Joyce

    My mom always emphasized “less is more.” I think this was especially targeted for me because I was SO in love with makeup ever since I was little. It was probably heart-breaking for her to see her young daughter slather her face with foundation and eyeliner. I can still hear her saying “that’s enough! no more!” 😛

  11. Valerie

    Short but sweet, and oldie but a goodie…Less Is more. The End!

  12. marion

    NIVEA cream. My mom and grandma did not use anything else. I’m from Germany and Nivea has been around forever. Has no Parabens either if anybody wants to know.

  13. mkdallas

    Although my mother didn’t wear much makeup, she always had her nails done and lipstick on, which gave her a well-groomed appearance even when she was in super casual clothes. I’ve gone through a huge cycle with makeup (which I love dearly, even though I don’t wear much these days) of piling it on, then being a minimalist, then more piling it on, etc. over the years. At age 55, I wear a pretty minimal “face” (BB cream, blush, eyeliner) but never go ANYWHERE without my lips and tips done. So funny that her views on that have become my own.

  14. Marie

    “Stop touching your face!”

    Very true, although it’s hard because I have an impulse control disorder.

  15. krystal

    my mom never wears makeup, so growing up, i learned to appreciate how nice skin is beautiful, and that skincare and natural beauty is something magnificent. although i am a total makeup addict now, i really appreciate the lesson of how less is more, and that everyone is naturally beautiful.

  16. Jackie

    My mom used to work at a Lancome counter at Sears, so she knew a lot about the brand. But she was also the first person to show me what a smokey eye was, and since then she has become a big influence on the world of beauty. Now, she’s admitted that she thinks I’m even better at makeup than she ever was and that makes me laugh – only because I always wanted to be as good as she was at doing makeup, and I never thought I could be! I love her so much.

  17. Leigh

    Both my mother and grandmother gave me plenty of advice. Mom’s was to take care of my teeth (I do, and my dentist says that I’m “no fun”) and not to cut or dye my hair (broke that one but had a friend with a lot of dye-job experience do it and I only went darker so no bleach). My grandmother always said to take care of my vitamin intake and skin (always where sunscreen and if you go to a tanning bed you’re dead [had no intention to, as an ex-goth I still like being a vampire]). And both always said “never pluck your eyebrows too much, just enough to shape them and keep the middle un-fuzzied”. I am glad of the last one because I have naturally thick, dark, and arched brows that are perfect for sarcastic expressions. :)

    • Marie

      Oh, I forgot about ‘don’t dye your hair, you’ll wreck it.’ Very good advice, and I have natural/healthy butt-length blonde hair now, which of course isn’t what everyone wants, but I feel bad when I see people with hair permafried from dying and bleaching (including my mom, now).

  18. Kristy

    In my teens my Greek grandmother used to chase me around with a blush brush (she called it “rouge”) and turns out she was right, our skin tone can be sallow and “rouge” really does the trick! She also wore dark lips in all the old photos from the ’50s and it looked really cool. I have embraced the dark hair/dark lip thing myself. It’s something that sets us apart.

  19. Melody

    My mom has never really given me beauty advice. It’s usually the other way around. But I’ve learned from watching the way she interacts with beauty that you don’t have to wear makeup to be happy. I think living in a society where my looks are judged constantly I sometimes forget that.

  20. KEG

    my mom taught me the virtues of moderation. I gravitate toward the bold and flashy looks. My mom is always advising me to tone it down. When I take her advice, I feel confident and classy!!

  21. Nikki

    When I first began wearing makeup, my mother would always say, “Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not create a whole new you. Less is more.” I totally agree!

  22. Never forget the neck! My mom always told me never to forget to carry my foundation down to my neck to make my face match the rest of my body and never to forget to moisture so I would never get ‘a young face with a granny neck’! <— Her words! 😀

  23. Enka

    My mom wears no makeup, I’m actually the one that helps her with it. However, she taught me that having great skin is a priority for both makeup lovers and non-lovers alike. When I have ‘nice skin days’ my self-esteem skyrockets, and clearing my skin up (I have dermatillomania so my face is usually full of scabs) has helped me wear makeup better.

  24. Start taking care of your skin early. I remember my mom taking me to a Clinique counter for the first time when I was around 15 or 16 to get started on the 3 step skincare system, and I’m still using it to this day. From mother to daughter!

  25. “Never leave the house without lipstick.” To this day, even if I’m wearing no makeup, I never leave the house without big, dark sunglasses and lipstick.

  26. i had several moles on my face, one right in the middle of my chin. i even asked a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon about removing them and was told it would leave scars. i’m a pharmacist so i’m definately scepticle but i found a product that removed them with only the tiniest little white dot that even i have trouble seeing as a scar. i wish i could tell everyone how well it works because i wish i had known about it sooner. i hated my moles. it’s called dermatend and it really works.

  27. My mom always gives me the skin care tips like she always gives me the advice to put some rose water on lips so that my lips never loose the color and till its pink in color.

  28. My mom rarely ever wears makeup, but I remember when I first wanted to get into makeup she emphasized the importance of mascara. When my mom puts on mascara she PUTS ON MASCARA-as in she puts like 40 coats on. I definitely don’t like as clumpy a look as she does, but I do love my mascara and I think that comes from her :)