Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite category of beauty products? Hair? Makeup? Nails? Skin?
Temptalia's AnswerMakeup for me!

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62 thoughts on “What’s your favorite category of beauty products?

  1. Makeup for sure… and more specifically, highlighters, blush, and lipstick… oh, and eye shadows!!

  2. jamie

    makeup!! specifically eyeshadows (;

  3. Caro

    You just made me think a lot!! hahaha and I can conclude that are hair and makeup for me.. I swear that I can´t decide between these category

  4. Lip glosses, balms, and sticks!

  5. xamyx

    Makeup, but more specifically eyeshadow & contouring products.

  6. Dylan

    blushes!!!! can never have too many, and never can find the right shade :(. have a few favourites but keep hunting for better ones. it’s definitely a obsession trying to find amazing ones.

  7. Sarah

    I love Skincare and Eyeshadow. The rest don’t really do much for me.

  8. Sophia B.

    skin! I have dry, sensitive, acne prone skin do skincare is the most important to me even if it isn’t the most interesting. I find make up most enjoyable when my skin is clear and healthy.

  9. makeup ! To be more specific Blushes!!!!
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  10. Nails then makeup. I have just a tad more time for nails than I do face makeup. Now if only my son’s two top teeth would break through then I’d actually be able to safely do my nails again.

  11. Makeup for me too! Colours make me excited. Lol.

  12. Anna

    Makeup, especially palettes!

  13. Makeup for me too followed by Skin!! :)

  14. Jeanie

    Fragrance, for the last year or so.

    Before that, I was all about blush/foundations/lipsticks.

  15. Melanie

    Makeup, and more specifically eyeshadows, eye creams, eye liners.. (all the stuff that you can put on eyes :-)

  16. Definitely makeup, but more specifically, cheeks! I love blush and highlighters to a weird degree. Do I really need 15 different highlighters and 20 blush? Probably not. But they are soooo pretty! :)
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  17. I love me some make up!!! I can create different looks and its just fun to play around with. It’s like a toy for adults.

  18. Astrild

    Makeup I supposed, but I loooove nails too.

  19. Eye shadows, no question. Next would probably be cleansing products because I love how my skin feels after using a good product, and then moisturizer, for the same reason.

  20. Alison

    I think I get the most joy out of skincare (The idea of an actual potion that you can use to create visible, tangible results ON YOUR FACE is so glorious to me, for some reason…) and makeup (the artistry!).

  21. Definitely makeup, particularly eyeshadow!

  22. This is tough! Overall I would say makeup and nails, but I know how important skincare is.

  23. KY

    Makeup. And then within makeup – lip products, specifically – lipstick! haha!

  24. keG

    makeup,and specifically lip products

  25. Makeup and nails, especially unique nail polishes.

  26. More specifically, I LOVE a good pigment!

  27. Cat

    Makeup for sure!!! I used to be more into like lotions and perfumes though.

  28. Definitely makeup!! It’s soooo much fun doing makeup for me, and I’m constantly trying to sit down family and friends to let me do makeup on them too. LOL
    For some reason, I’m just not that into hair stuff. I just find it way to difficult to do. And as for nails, for some reason, I really don’t care much about it. I do paint my nails once in a while but oftentimes, I just couldn’t care less about them

  29. Tori

    Makeup, and mascara, lipsticks and eyeshadows in particular. But lately I’ve been discovering incredibly effective skincare containing ingredients like Vitamin C and retinol and my skin looks amazing. Not tooting my own horn here; my skin’s been through awful times and this is the best it’s been since before puberty. So I guess my favourite category of beauty is the one where I see results instantaneously or almost instantaneously. There is a lot to be said for instant gratification. :)

  30. Veronica

    Makeup is my favorite, but I’m a sucker for a good moisturizer, too. :)

  31. I’m a makeup junkie, but I’m getting really into skincare lately… Since changing jobs 6 months ago I’ve been breaking out a lot so I’m researching as much as I can into products that may help.

  32. Skincare products for me, I love love love trying new stuff! Makeup is a close second :)
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  33. Miss J

    Makeup! Always has been makeup. For me it’s all about eye shadow, mascara, fake lashes, blush, and highlighter. I’m also a sucker for bold lipstick shades.

  34. TrippyPixie

    Makeup, especially lip products! However, I’ve recently become rather fond of skincare.

  35. Natalia Soulati

    My Holy Grail is Makeup for sure

  36. MizLottie

    Nail polish, I probably have close to 200. The back of my bedroom door looks like the display at a nail salon.

  37. Olga harris

    Shadows. And brushes. No wait foundation. Hahaha all 3!

  38. Caroline

    Eye makeup-mascara, eye shadow, and liner. Skincare. Perfume, in particular old French fragrances.

  39. Cecilia Wong

    skincare! If your skin is no good, the makeup , no matter how gorgeous, won’t look good.

  40. Allison

    Makeup, specifically highlighters and lipsticks!

  41. Sophie

    Nail polish for me; I’m obsessed. I’ve also been getting into skincare a lot lately. I still enjoy makeup, but I find that having good skin is really important to looking flawless overall.

  42. Patsyann

    Makeup, for sure

  43. Vanessa V

    Its a draw between make up and nail polish I have equal obscene amounts of each.

  44. Beka

    MAKEUP!!!! Especially lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation…oh wait-pretty much everything.

  45. Its a pretty close tie for me on eye makeup and nail polish. I think I mostly enjoy the chance to get away with all colors of the rainbow and finishes. Lime green looks much better on my nails instead of as a blush LOL

  46. Makeup with perfume a close second.

  47. C

    I used to buy nothing but eye makeup and now I buy nothing but lipsticks. Blush is my next big thing – I only own a 90% empty Benetint blush and have my eye on several of Illamasqua’s and Too Faced’s. I’m also looking at skin finishes, like Kevyn Aucoin’s Candlelight but holy hell am I coveting the Hourglass palette right now!

  48. Isabelle

    Definetly blushes.. From Mac all LE collections have to be mine…i never have enough of it

  49. Make up, especially eyeshadows and lipglosses
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  50. Paige

    Definitely makeup! What can I say, I’m a junkie!!

  51. Caroline

    Def. makeup :)

  52. Hollie H

    Makeup for sure…especially lip glosses. I have a bad habit of wanting to own them all.

  53. Absolutely makeup!! I’m a total addict 😀

  54. Ashley

    I love skincare, but makeup – without a doubt!

  55. Tam

    Being a former acne sufferer (at least for the past year and a half after enduring it for more than 20), skincare is my favorite beauty product. It is great that there are so many new additions to skincare that make controlling acne to nearly nothing a possibility. Every time a skincare line debuts a product with the latest ‘must have’ active ingredient, I want to try it. However, I’ve found my magic bullet in Image skincare. *raises hands to heaven*