Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

What would your ideal lipstick formula be like? Have you found it?
Temptalia's AnswerLarge range of shades with different undertones, colors, intensities, and finishes, hydrating, long-wearing, forgiving (and make lips look better than they are), fade evenly, not feather/bleed. Guerlain Rouge G, though the shade range could be a little wider 😉

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30 thoughts on “What would your ideal lipstick formula be like?

  1. Exactly like Red Russian! Pigmented, matte, creamy, and easy to apply. <3

  2. C

    I love Urban Decay’s formula. Creamy and smooth and not really budgeable.

    • Jaclyn

      I also love their formula and BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick. Both are creamy, hydrating, and long lasting.

  3. I meant Russian Red! Lol!

  4. Ashley

    Something like Lime Crime’s Velvetines…matte or glossy without coming off. No feathering/flaking and very wearable colors

  5. Maggie

    Hmm…Christine’s description fits the bill except I avoid fragranced lipsticks so I would add fragrance-free and flavor-free on top of that.

  6. Hydrating, pigmented, goes on smooth and even, long wearing with range of shade options and finishes.

  7. I would want the feeling of a MAC Cremesheen lipstick, but with the intensity and staying power of Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks. As for color range, the brighter the better!

  8. Stacey

    Diorific or dior rouge lipsticks with the variety of mac shades

  9. The range should have a great selection of shades, I also prefer formulas that are creamy (but not so much that it never stays in place) and opaque. The lipstick should be easy to apply, hydrating and long-wearing. Bonus points if it fades evenly, especially if I don’t have the time to reapply immediately. Having a pleasant scent wouldn’t hurt either (my favorites are Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense and Guerlain Rouge G). :)

  10. Highly pigmented/opaque, creamy, not drying, satin finish, long lasting/doesn’t migrate. I’m really loving Urban Decay’s new “Revolution” formula.

  11. I like MAC amplified lipsticks, the formula of Brick-o-la is the most perfect. Highly pigmented, creamy but not too creamy. I can’t stand lipsticks that glide on my lips or settle into the lines.

  12. Guerlain rouge g’ssss – thank god they have limited range hahaha seriously .. am speaking on behalf of all of us

    I really like lancome rouge in love range – from shades to finish to lasting power …
    Christine .. we all readers will make you buy that soon

    i rem few more readers mentioned and you replied the same thing … “yet to try ”

    pls buy three and give them A + ( evil grin )
    Rashmi Recently Posted: All day ORANGE Lips with Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick!

  13. Everything that you said but I am ok evennif it is not long wearing.

  14. zainab

    Hydrading, opaque (or clearly indicated as sheer), non feathering, not too ‘melty’- I hate it when carrying a lipstick in your handbag for an hour on a 20C day is enough for it to completely melt and glue itself to the side of the tube. My dream formula would also include a larger than usual range of ‘unconventional colours’, greens, purples, golds, duo-chromes, greys.

    I feel like a lot of brands have great formulas, and others have ‘weird’ colours, but not many brands do both well.

  15. Kellie

    I prefer drying lipsticks. I know that this is a complete turn-off for most. I can only wear lip products that do not constantly remind me that there is something sitting on my lips. Wet n Wild lipsticks are my go-to, at the moment. I also enjoy seeing the lines in my lips. Once a lipstick dries, I can get that effect.

  16. GUSnail

    Number one for me is hydrating! I’d love a range that varies in opacity. Long-wearing is a must. I really like liquid lipsticks, so that would be my preferred type. If someone could make a hydrating matte lipstick, I’d buy those all day long :)

  17. xamyx

    Honestly, lipstick is the one area where formula makes no real difference for me… As long as it doesn’t trigger an allergic reaction/sensitivity (rarely happens to me), I’m fine. I also prefer a lipstick that doesn’t feel like it’s just “laying” on my lips, like a film of oil on water, which is why I overlook MAC. My biggest issue across brands, HE to DS, is the color range; I could personally do without 3ndozen variations of orange and bright pink, and feel instead, they narrow those down, and add in some “umconventional” shades (not necessarily blue, green, etc., but even some duochromes, deep purples, near-blacks, etc.).

  18. KK

    Interesting varied colour range, Long lasting, no feathering/bleeding, no Transference on objects in contact (absolutely hate this), fade evenly, non-drying, should make lips look plumper/sensuous! Still looking…

  19. i would have to say the formula of rouge d’armani or dior rouge, but with way more interesting colors!

  20. Smooth, lightweight, hydrating and pigmented. Estee Lauder does quite a good job of this…

    Purples, greens and blues that have decent texture, and aren’t an afterthought in a brand! (really want to get my hands on some Illamasqua)
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Let your Inner Rockbard Out with Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in Fuchsia Fever (#60)

  21. Jan

    Moisturizing but non-travelling with no sticky or slightly burning additives.
    Nice mid-range and deep shades, in addition to the brights and nudes that are all the rage.
    And if they really want to win me over, they’d have a nice neutral selection from a champagne-beige to a soft coca to a bronze/mahogany.
    Some shimmer, some matte, lots of satin or slightly glossy finishes.

  22. Lots of shades, for different skin tones, comfortable, longwearing, not too slick, not too drying, make lips look and feel slightly moisturizing. Not travel all over. Different finishes, but never frosty.
    Kiara Recently Posted: Spring 2014 Makeup Trends

  23. Emy

    My ideal formula would be one that stains my lips without looking like I have anything on. It doesn’t have to be hydrating (that’s what lip balms are for), but it’d ben nice if it doesn’t dry my lips out the way most lipstains do either. Longevity is a plus. :)

  24. Samantha

    A highly pigmented formula that wears evenly, stays in place, and requires no gloss on top (somewhat like the appearance of the amplified formula, but with the staying power of retro mattes).

  25. Too faced la creme and ud revolution lipsticks are my fav.

  26. Rosie in Brooklyn

    my ideal of lipstick would be array of shades with lots of sparkle and long-wearing too that would be nice.Exactly like O By Mac.

  27. Nikki

    I would love a lipstick that feels hydrating and comfortable like lip balm, shines like lipgloss, and has the pigment and lasting power I expect from lipstick.

  28. Aneta

    Mine would be sheer, hydrating, long-lasting, and most of all, transfer-resistant (think kissing and mugs).

    Does anybody know a combo like that?