Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What would your dream eyeshadow palette contain? How many eyeshadows? What colors? Finishes?

Temptalia's Answer12 shades; four more neutral shades, four darker shades, and four brighter pops of color. Three would be matte, four would be satin, two would be pearl, and three would be frosts.

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30 thoughts on “What would your dream eyeshadow palette contain?

  1. Terri

    My dream palette would have 12-16 shadows and it would be custom made for me by a person with an eye for color. I love bright colors but am not always sure what is the most flattering for me so having a pro assemble it for me would be a dream. I would also love luxurious, feminine packaging that does not take up a ton of space.

  2. Follow-up question! If you could partner with any brand to make your dream palette happen, who would it be?!

  3. Cat G

    Maybe… 16 shades: 10 matte, 6 satin. 6 neutral matte colors, 1 matte black and 1 matte white, 8 colors (an dark olive green, a pale light green, an orange/copper, a bright purple, an orange-gold, a shocking pink, a gold-brown, a coral)

  4. Something that would run out at roughly the same time! I tend to avoid palette for this reason, although less so if they’re refillable. >:

  5. KEG

    Luckily, a lot of companies let us customize eyeshadow palettes. My dream palette would contain every shade,texture and nuance one could imagine. I would have a palette with over 200 colors. It would be high quality shadow-that was both highly pigmented and finely milled. Oh ,and of course the most important part- it wouldn’t cost over $50 . You said a DREAM palette-right?

  6. Amy

    small, portable warm-tone quad with a darker brown, a golden bronze, a yellow gold, and a soft pink. I’ve gotten close, but usually it’s missing either the yellow gold or the pink. I guess most companies figure that would be a strange combo–it’s either one or the other.

  7. Stacey

    Urban Decay eyeshadows…the new colors that came out plus some of those glitter shadows. All in an magnetic palette. I dont like the tin pan that UD now stores the shades….so cheap looking and feel….12 -16 colors, glitter, satin, duo chrome…

  8. Mirian

    I built my dream palette from INGLOT already and it’s NEARLY perfect. I just need to swap out one of the light gold shades (i have two very similar) for a pearly highlighter…then it will be my dream palette.

  9. Probably around 12-15 shadows, mainly neutrals & golds with a few orange or coral colors. The finishes would mainly be shimmer with two or three mattes.

  10. alyson

    honestly i rather have four colors in mine.. two that could be used for hightlighters (one frosty one matte) one netural shade for lid and one bright. i know it’s not the traditional eye/crease/etc look but i think i could get a lot of use out of one like that

  11. Yasmin

    different varieties of taupe/pewter shades, with a few dark colours for the crease, matte nude colours, and a shimmery nude for browbone.

  12. Cheveuxauxvents

    16 shades as well, in 4 groups of shades and 4 types of shades.
    Groups :
    1- from white to black
    2- from very light cream-color to very dark brown
    3- from very light pink to very dark plum
    4- from very light blue to navy
    Types of shade : an highlighter (satin finish), an eyeliner, and 2 shades in-between (1 satin, 1 matte)
    This palette would be completely cool-toned. I would love to own a completely cool-toned neutral palette, perfect for my very very pale face.

  13. Caroline

    Matte highlight, and pearl highlight, two neutral lid colors, a shimmery mushroomy taupey color, a shimmer medium brown, a matte cool dark brown(with 1 being white and 10 being black, like a 7), a matte black, a couple purples with one being matte, a maroon, a blue teal.
    I have grey eyes and I find purples and maroon and teal flatter them. I don’t want too many neutrals but I think mushroomy taupes flatter a lot of people and cool browns look natural for crease colors. I like being able to choose between a matte and pearl/shimmer highlight. And I love mattes. I feel like this variety could create neutral and natural looks, as well as smokey looks and a pop of color, without being too bulky, and hopefully without so many colors the quality suffers.

  14. KoKo

    Well, as I saw your description of your dream eyeshadow, I would like to think about the urban decay 15 years palette, that one is four neutral, four bright pops of color and four darker color, the one thing is that it didn’t contain a lot of matte color.(the thing is I don’t really like matte color, so that one is almost perfect for me.)

  15. becca

    I would probably choose my favorite eyeshadows to put into it. my favorite highlight colors, a shimmery black, matte black, a brow color, a taupe, some colorful ones, matte blending colors, built in brush holder. I’d like the packaging to be metal with rinestones and a big mirror inside.

  16. Hollie H

    My perfect palette would be 14-20 shades of warm neutrals with some golds and reddish colors. Half matte and half satin. LORAC’s Unzipped is pretty close to this. It would be perfection with a few more colors round it out.

  17. Cat

    16 shades: burgundy (satin), burnt orange/brown duochrome (veluxe pearl), pastel yellow (veluxe pearl), mint green (veluxe pearl), true sky blue (satin), lavender (satin),bubblegum pink (satin) pale pink (much like yogourt from mac)(satin), then satin the following (taupe, mid tone cool brown, dark cool brown, a light tan blending shade), navy (matte), brown/black duochrome (veluxe pearl), cream/butter duochrome (veluxe pearl), and a cool grey (matte)

  18. Heather

    i want an Urban Decay pallete with no neutrals no blacks no mattes and no colors that are in 20 other palletes. I want 100% origonal colors in cordinating pairs or groupings kinda like the ammo pallette in that every color had a cordinated match but they could go with most of the rest of the pallete. Duo-cromes, shimmers, glitters(pls god not any of the cowboys or muwi wowie) stuff like that loud and bright colors(like haight or woodstock) and some moondust for good measure.

  19. Geneva

    I own it, NARS And God created the woman.

  20. Alexis

    My dream palette would have 10 varying gold shades and an opaque pink lipgloss. #heaveninabox

  21. xamyx

    I wouldn’t want to feel limited to one palette, and since I’m so accustomed to pulling from multiple palettes and singles already, I don’t think I could put together one “dream palette”. However, it would be absolutely divine if *all* brands could make their pans in one universal size & shape, and packaged them the way MUFE does their singles (magnetized, and in a durable casing), and an empty universal palette to rearrange them in (in different sizes, as well). Not only singles would be packaged this way, but all palettes, as well. Of course we’d have to sacrifice the presentation aesthetic, but I’d take function over form any day.

  22. Ana

    12 buttery-soft bright colorful matte eyeshadows, just like a rainbow!

  23. slick

    Mine would like a dual-sided LORAC Pro Palette, loaded with shimmery neutrals (a la UD Nakeds) and some pops of color (purple, teal, gold). I want tons of shades in sleek, portable packaging!

  24. Kim

    The sonia kashuk moroccan dunes pallete has come close to being my perfect palette….if you added a copper, a bronze and a neutral taupe, i wouldnt need another eyeshadow ever again!

  25. doroffee

    It would contain 16 shades. Most of them would be satin finish, with a creamy light bisque color, a skintone brown, a midtown brown, a really blackened brown and a plum being plums. The other 11 shades would contain a champagne, a rose gold, a nice not too yellow gold, a bronze, a midtone brown, a darker brown, an olive, a taupe, a midtone grey-blue, a steelish grey, a slate and a cool brown as satins, I guess. Something which is a mixture of wearable colors, but not all the same browns and taupes.

    • doroffee

      I mean mattes, not plums… (it’s midnight in my country, and I’m after a looong session of hardcore scrapbooking… not as if it counts as a proper excuse :D).

  26. Vanessa

    How often I’ve daydreamed about this question! Maybe that’s sad…

    10 shades…

    — Dark navy blue, intense black, and dark purple matte shades for lining.
    — Gold and blue-gray shimmer shades.
    — A satin medium brown for my crease.
    — A matte dark-cool brown for my eyebrows.
    — Peach, white, and lavender satin shades for highlighting.

    The amount for each product would be fairly small, and the box would be hard plastic and small too (maybe 8″ X 4″) so I can carry it around with me. The palette would have a second level that contained maybe two shades of blush, the perfect contour shade, and a high quality highlighter.

    I would be able to purchase replacement shades when I run out of them (I make a habit of using up my make-up, unless it’s a dud).

    *sigh* So dreamy!

  27. Jennifer

    Buttery mermaid coloured. Greens, blues, including a stunning buttery sapphire. If these were matte and buttery? Oh yes I’d love it

  28. Quinctia

    My dream is that Urban Decay would do a series of monochrome palettes in the same vein as the Naked palettes. Same size, same pricepoint, same variety in finishes: blues, greens, purples.

    I also wouldn’t mind a palette of the new Moondust colors like the old Deluxe eyeshadow palette. But without the velour edging, that’s kind of a dirt magnet.

  29. Zara

    This is such a fun question!! I would want:

    Matte: Light beige, tan, medium-dark brown, black
    Satin/shimmer: Champagne pink, coral with gold sheen, cream, light taupe, forest green with gold sheen, olive green, pink-purple with blue sheen light silver
    Metallic: Rose gold, copper, dark gold, bronze