Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What was your favorite makeup collection of all time? A spring collection from years ago? A holiday collection that stole your heart?

Temptalia's Answer.

Mmm, MAC Moonbathe is probably my all-time favorite…

Thanks to Aramis for this question!

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68 thoughts on “What was your favorite makeup collection of all time?

  1. phuong k

    do you have pictures we can look at from that collection?

  2. DW

    MAC make-up art cosmetics collection is my favorite!! I love the quads and the blushes.

  3. I haven’t been following makeup for that long, but hands down Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura Holiday ’09.

  4. Danielle

    Naughty Nauticals was sooo pretty too.

  5. abby

    hello kitty and sugarsweet for me :)

  6. Rosanna

    Haven’t stuck around long enough to see a collection that I really, really love (“of all time” seems to apply more than a couple years).

    Still waiting around to see… =D

  7. Lina

    Probably MAC D’Bohemia for me!

  8. MAC – Colour Craft, just the Blushes – bought every one and they ALL suit me! Thank god for yellow AND pink undertones.

    MAC – STYLE BLACK is my ALL time favourite though. bought atleast one of EVERYTHING and i mean EVERYTHING from that collection. doubles of the shadows and greasepaint ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. amelia

    i like MAC naked honey and the current Chanel collection.

  10. Jenny

    My all-time fav collection has to be MAC’s Smoke Signal. Both the palettes were awesome!

  11. Sarah M

    In more recent times, I would have to say MAC’ Style black because I love black! I also loved MAC’s Lure collection (I think that is what it was called). The funny thing is that I didn’t buy anything from it because I was totally broke when it came out. I’ve never gotten over that. Lol

  12. Honeysuckle rose

    Style Black

  13. I think itยดs MAC blond, brunette and redhead!

  14. Miss_M

    Jeez, that’s a really difficult question !!

    I really liked the Rachel Welch Icon collection, but I also loved Flashtronic, N Collection, Fafi, Heatherette, Neo Sci-Fi and A Rose Romance.

  15. Sarah

    Moon Bathe and Lure, loved both, quality of products was still great too

  16. Mia

    MAC Hello Kitty is for sure my favorite collection :)

  17. Rita

    I have not been around for that long, but in retrospect I’m really liking my MAC Neo Sci Fi-s!

  18. DonnaN

    Smashbox Tokidoki….I just loved everything, and I still use my Stellina mirror every day. I am always checking eBay for replacements, since my glosses are used up and I broke my eye palette…..

  19. Hmmmmmm for packaging probably Fafi or Heatherette.
    For products, Naughty Nautical. I loved 85% of everything that came out with that launch

  20. Anitacska

    I’ve not been into Mac or other high end make up for a long time, maybe just 2 years, so I used not to pay attention to collections, but so far my favourite one was Guerlain Midnight Butterfly collection. I loved the promo images and the eyeshadow quad and voyage powder were just so pretty. :) My favourite Mac collections were Electroflash (that’s when I got into Mac) and Colour Craft.

  21. I liked Ne0-Sci Fi collection a lot. Close second is Cult of Cherry. I was not very much into MAC during Moonbathe tym, but did manage to bag every color…it was indeed a gorgeous collection!!

  22. ann

    MAC Cult of Cherry.

  23. Dee

    A favorite collection???? I know I bought the most EVER with Makeup Artists Collection by MAC but I would Cult of Cherry from MAC is when I fell in love hardcore and started trying, experimenting and talking to MUAs, so that will always be my favorite.

  24. aramis

    Thanks for choosing my question!. =)

    Its hard to choose only one but so far its been Styles Warrior because it had a lil bit of everything.

  25. Cori

    MAC’s Salsabelle!

  26. Jazz

    Mac Style Black

  27. Christina

    The Mac Hello Kitty & Kouture collection.
    My little girl loves hello kitty, and I remember when I used to look at the promo pictures online, she would see them and say, “ooh I want that mommy!” (She was 3 at the time). So for valentine’s day that year I ended up getting her the doll. She was so excited lol! This collection reminds me of that day. =)

  28. happybadfish

    I don’t actually have one, but my favorite limited edition products are lithograph fluid line and the sculp and shape duo’s (even though you can buy them individually at pro, i prefer the duo)

    things I never buy from collections are the minerlized products

  29. Barbie loves MAC, it was the first collection I ever bought the entire collection.

  30. Kate

    Fafi for MAC! One of the only collections I kept coming back to (and ended up with almost everything!). Also Strawbaby is one of my all time favorite colors, I wish wish it were permanent!

  31. Haven’t been paying attention to collections all that long. Really though, I own several products from Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, adn miss several more I couldn’t get! And I’m still lusting after several paintpot shades that were in a collection a few years back. I think it was the one with Steve Mcqueen? I don’t really remember, but hte colors were bright, adn awesome! And I’m still sad to have missed Cult of Cherry.

  32. MissTiss

    Neo Sci-Fi was my favorite – love the colors! X-Rocks My World! :p Hello Kitty was also popular with me but that was more because of the packaging than anything.

  33. Kristeen

    MAC Hello Kitty and Cult of Cherry

  34. Danielle Sharkey

    I L.O.V.E.D. Cool Heat !!! Those eye shadows were all my fav colors!

  35. amy

    I don’t really have one because there are so many I have a hard time keeping track but from recent memory it would be MAC Colour Craft and MAC Makeup Art Collection.

  36. from 2005 – MAC’s Diana Ross Collection.

  37. kfm

    Cult of Cherry stands out, although I wasn’t working when it came out, so I was limited in what I could get. Would ahve bought the whole thing…

    Style Black was a favourite because it was so different from other collections (can you tell I’m all about the vampy lips?)

    Also remember a holiday one from years back that had a lot of great items- first time I remember seeing Black Tied or Beauty Marked.

  38. Manny

    MAC originals collection

  39. Macaddict

    All by MAC: Fafi for the bright colors, Smoke Signals and Black Style for the darker, smoky colors!

  40. Mel

    MAC Starflash & Love That Look because Starflash eyeshadows are my favorite texture.

  41. Debbie

    MAC Neo Sci-Fi for sure!! Loved the packaging and products (especially x-rocks blush, femme-fi eyeshadow)

  42. jenny

    i really loved the smoke signals collection a couple years back (2007?). i thought the quads were so classic and practical. sadly….i never managed to get my hands on either of them. have been searching ever since, but i was too late i guess. still think it was the best. i would have used those 2 quads every day.

  43. Mirna

    I fell in love with MAC with the Hello Kitty and Kouture Kitty lines. After that I got addicted. I didn’t realize that MAC would keep pumping out collection after collection. I was a MAC virgin that had just lost her will after that…

  44. My fav collection of all time is Shanghai lily (I thinks that’s the name) by nars and neo sci fi by mac. A close second is bbr….

  45. Leah

    I’d have to go with mac lure collection. Love the colors and packaging. The first collection I really bought from.

  46. Christina

    MAC Cult of Cherry

  47. AnGeLwInGz

    Dior “Cristal” (summer 2009). I bought EVERYTHING, even the Asia exclusives thanks to Ebay.

  48. Diana

    MAC Smoke Signals! No palette has ever come close to replicating the colors.

  49. Shannon

    MAC Hello Kitty :)

  50. Ember

    For me it’s MAC Fafi. I knew of the artist before the launch, which made even cooler. I also loved MAC Hello Kitty, and Barbie Loves MAC.

  51. Kacie

    Lure. <3 God I wish they would just repromote the whole colletion.

  52. Nicci

    I have not been following makeup collections since I started reading your blog :) If I had to pick one it would either be from Chanel or Dior.

  53. lkvy

    Belle Azure.

  54. Brenda

    I was a really late bloomer getting into MAC (was using mostly Marcelle till I was 27) but since then Neo Sci Fi first and Cool Heat second. I’m still trying to gather all the products I didn’t pick up from those two.

  55. Vivi

    MAC C-Shock from 2007. I remember going up to the MAC counter for the first time and thinking to myself “*This* is makeup?!”. I didn’t buy anything but it definitely sparked my love of cosmetics. :3

    • Mel

      FINALLY someone said C-Shock, hahahaha. I bought every eyeshadow save two plus some of the lip stuff.

      C-Shock and Lure, definitely.

  56. Emily

    I love the MAC holiday Magic, Mirth, and Mischief.

  57. Ruth

    Guerlain winter 2007

  58. Mary

    Tricky question ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s hard for me to choose one, but definitely MAC wins this competition, particularly Smoke Signals and Naughty Nauticals collections.

  59. Tina

    MAC Lingerie collection

  60. aradhana

    n collection!

  61. JEN

    oh gosh that’s a hard question! i would have to say cool heat or naughty nauticals!!!

  62. Meika

    MAc Style Black
    MAc Heatherette <3