Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What was the last product you hit pan on? How long did it take?

Temptalia's AnswerBurberry Trench eyeshadow. It’s a fairly sizable amount of pan showing, though there’s plenty left. It’s been 2 years, and it’s something I use very, very regularly.

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77 thoughts on “What was the last product you hit pan on?

  1. Underground and Scratch from Urban Decay

  2. xamyx

    I actually hit pan this morning on my Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear pressed powder, but I’m very unhappy about that. It’s the only pressed powder I’ve come across that is SPF 50, and I’m not sure they still make it.

    I’ve really never hit pan on anything, with the exception of pressed powders, or when products crack or break. I use a product non-stop, until I get something new, which is too often.

    • Julia

      These are showing up at Big Lots across the US, I think for $4.50.

    • Yellowlantern

      That’s the only product, ever despite my small-ish collection, I’ve hit pan on as well. Mine has the area of about a penny in the middle showing pan. It took about 2 years to start showing pan with sporadic use, but when I did use it I was generous with the application as I needed it to protect from the sun first and foremost.

      I don’t particularly like the product as just a regular powder (it can look chalky and thick on my skin), but I do like it as a sunscreen since it works without making my skin greasy.

      I’ve never hit pan on an eye shadow before. Even when I owned only three eye shadows for 2 years I never hit pan on them.

      • xamyx

        I really only use it when I know I’ll be spending an entire day in the sun, ie Disneyland, picnics, etc (which are rare occasions), but I love the protection it gives. I find a spritz of setting spray or rosewater & glycerin helps it look less chalky on me.

  3. francesca

    Painterly paintpot!

  4. MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick… It lasted quite a while.. I would say close to a year, but it one of my regular go to lipsticks =)

  5. morena

    Makeup forever eye shadow #26
    Mac studio tech foundation
    Mac eye shadow in moons reflection & da bling if I remember those names right

  6. BooBooNinja

    Josie Maran Bronzer in Beach, from her My Favorite Argan Powders palette. I use it lightly as an all-over summer glow-maker and for contouring.

  7. Jennifer

    Too Faced Snow Bunny bronzer. I use this as a blush/bronzer almost every day, even when I’m adding another blush over top because of the subtle glow it gives. I skipped it the other day and someone at work asked me if I was feeling Ill because they thought I looked pale and less “glowy” than normal.

  8. Leah

    I recently hit pan on my hoola bronzer which I’ve had for at least a year and use daily as well as my powder foundation. Also, I just replaced my Maybelline instant rewind undereye concealer but that seems to get used up pretty fast since it doesn’t have much product.

  9. Alexandra

    I haven’t hit pan on anything LOL I know, that sounds awful. I just don’t use a lot of products regularly. I switch things up and a lot of days I don’t wear makeup because my skin can be tempermental. I use the heck out of mascara though.

  10. MAC – Retrospeck eyeshadow. It’s actually the only product I’ve EVER hit pan on haha. It took me a few years but it’s my most used shadow.

  11. Ljana

    Benefit Sugarbomb! I think I’ve had it for about 18 months, and since it’s a huge amount of blush (old packaging), it seems I’ve really used it frequently even though I try to rotate my blushes.

  12. Malia

    Hard Candy Welcome Matte pressed powder… strangely enough I didnt even realise I was using it that often! I’ve had it for well over a year, probably more like 18 months

  13. My blending colour eyeshadow by essence. I’ve had it over a year and had to repress it recently due to the outer ring of shadow left crumbling in the pan. … quite pleased with myself it’s an eyeshadow I hit pan on indeed!

  14. Alexandra

    MAC Mineralize skin finish natural & an eyeshadow from Clinique called bewitched, a great mushroom brown shade I use to contour, got it when I use to use Clinique skin care & they had a bonus time, don’t even know if they still sell it :-(

  15. Benefit Hello Flawless in Champagne. Started seeing the bottom of the pan last year but till now, almost 1 year later, still have not finished it. But almost there…….

  16. I think that would have to be my MAC Charcoal Brown shadow…but that was years ago. I haven’t hit pan on anything since 😛

  17. Jessica

    The light brown in the ELF butternut eye quad. I used to love it but it fades like a speciall effects filter on iMovie in like 2 hours or less! It’s crazy!

  18. Divya

    Mac Care blend pressed powder.. second skin!

  19. flyavsted

    Glominerals Mineralize powder (foundation) in Golden Light. Love it and I have repurchased it several times.

  20. a compact powder from Catrice

  21. Nicole

    Bobbi Browns Sheer Finish Pressed Powder. A nice product, but I won’t buy it again.

  22. Mariella

    Too Faced Amazing Foundation – the pressed powder one. I’ll be glad to finish it off, as I didn’t find it lived up to some of the great reviews I’d read about it. I much prefer Pur Minerals mineral powder foundation – it works better and costs much less.

  23. GUSnail

    Just over the weekend I hit pan on the lighter color of my LM Secret Camouflage. Love that stuff. There is still plenty in there.

  24. Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Powder.

  25. AmyE

    Dolce and Gabbana powder foundation. I’ve had it for a year, and a lot of pan is showing. I use it all the time! My favorite powder foundation of all time!

  26. Maria Ruiz

    Tarte Amazonian 12-hour blush in Exposed.

  27. Mac Painterly Paint pot, since I use it as a base. Since I try to limit myself to one foundation at a time, I go through those regularly. The only thing I’m showing pan on in terms of colours is Mac’s Vex. It’s likely the product I’ve hit pan on the most, now that I think of it- this is at least my fourth one.

  28. Grace

    Stray Dog by Urban Decay.

  29. MAC Brun eyeshadow. It’s my eyebrow powder.

  30. Violet

    I’ve hit pan with two Sugarpill eyeshadows Tako, and more recently, Afterparty. I use both everyday, one for highlighting/all over the lid colour (Tako), and the other for my eyebrows (AP).

  31. Alexcia Redd

    Half baked in the Naked palette! It’s a good thing that it’s in the Naked 2 palette:)

  32. Laia

    The last product I’ve hit pan on is MAC Shroom. I use it a lot as a highlighter, but there is still quite product as well :)

  33. Linda

    Bobbi Brown Corrector, not the happiest about it as it goes to show how little product you get.

    • Rachel

      how long have you been using the corrector? took me about 4 months to hit pan but I kept using the same spot.

      • Linda

        About 3 months, and I don’t use the heaviest of hands but i do use it almost everyday. Really did think the pan was going to be a little deeper.

  34. MonicaP

    The E.L.F. Complexion Perfection ( the one with the four squares of yellow, pink, blue, green). I don’t think this product does anything to reduce redness or whatever, but it’s a nice dusting powder to absorb oil. It’s taken about 1 year to hit pan. I probably won’t repurchase. I mean, really .. it’s nothing special.

  35. Maria Januária

    Orgasm blush Nars

  36. Rachel

    Bobbi brown’s corrector! I use a brush and usually gets way too much product. Plus that thing is tiny! Doubt I’ll be repurchasing. It corrects but there is still some darkness under my eyes. :/

    Wonder how long it’ll take me to hit pan on a powder blush…

  37. Erica

    Benefit Sugarbomb blush

  38. Rachel

    Nars Laguna bronzer and Macs Cork eyeshadow, hit pan on both products on the same day! I use Cork for my eyebrows.

  39. Maíra

    MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Plus (NC25). I think it took about a year, I wear it almost everyday

  40. Kathleen

    Mac’s Painterly Paint Pot, my daily eyeshadow base.

  41. elizabeth

    Nothing yet which is sad but it will happen one day hopefully.

  42. Bobbie

    Buck, in the Naked palette! Awesome crease color. My favorite matte medium brown. :) Or, my NYC smooth skin bronzer. Can’t remember which came first..

  43. Gina

    Burberry Trench! It’s my brow highlight, and I use it everyday. I hit pan in the middle, but there’s still tons left! It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

  44. Kafka

    I’ve only hit pan on 3 products EVER and there is still a huge amount left in most of them: Guerlain’s Terracotta bronzer, Bobbi Brown lightest matte bronzer, and an YSL shimmery grey eyeshadow. Oddly, I don’t really use anything but the YSL eyeshadow any more, so hitting the pan was from years back. The blushes or eyeshadows I use now I doubt I will EVER hit pan on since a little goes a looooooooong way. (I think I could be 90 and all my NARS blushes would still be almost totally intact.)

  45. joyce

    I just hit pan this morning on my stila illuminating powder foundation. It’s my holy grail, I’ve repurchased this for years.

  46. Danielle

    MAC’s orange eyeshadow (i use it as blush & undereye corrector) & NARS Casino bronzing powder

  47. Jecielle

    Benefit Hello Flawless and Dior Creme de Rose lip balm. I wouldn’t buy either prodcut again. I can’t get a good match in the Hello Flawless, and I hit pan way to quickly with the Creme de Rose.

  48. I think the ONLY product I’ve ever hit pan on is Benefit’s Dandelion…and i’ve done it twice now!

  49. Kristine

    Urban Decay Hustle eyeshadow in the Naked palette! It’s my favorite eyeshadow but I barely use the rest of the palette so I’ve found a similar dupe- Burberry Mulberry shadow. Love that one too!

  50. My MAC blotting powder! I’ve already repurchased it a couple times. Compact face powders are probably the product I use the most of (if I don’t count mascara, which has no “pan”).

  51. graychic

    Just hit pan on my MAC naked lunch shadow and I’m down to a skinny-ring-around-the-edge on my Lancome Rose Fresque blush. Already bought a replacement for it but not tried it yet–the new Rose Flush palette. Me, contouring?
    We’ll see!

  52. Laura

    Probably MAC Phloof eyeshadow.

  53. My beloved thbalm Sexy Mama pressed powder.

  54. MAC Prep + Prime Skin Smoother. I’m not sure if it’s worth how much I paid because I feel like I have to use a lot of product to make it work! Either that or I’m using it wrong :'(

  55. Adriana Dantas

    MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation and MAC Springsheen Blush.

  56. Angela

    Thebalm Bahama Mama bronzer. Fabulous for contouring! Thankfully I have a backup.

  57. Adele

    The eyelid shade in Wet n Wild’s I’m Feeling Retro trio! It’s one of my favorite colors for makeup (I have several similar shades in lip and nail products haha) and not as pigmented as some of their other shadows. I’ve had it for about a year!

  58. Mugdha Patwardhan

    MAC Blot powder. I’ve been buying this for many years now and hit pan on somewhere around 15 times. This is one of those products I can’t live without.

  59. lily

    Stila Convertible in Lillium. It took me a month and a half to hit pan on it, and I used it everyday on BOTH lips and cheeks!

  60. Marjie

    Love Burberry Trench, it was the first product I bought when Burberry launched their beauty line. What are your thoughts about Gold Trench? I’ve had in in my Nordys shopping bag for quite awhile but haven’t purchased it yet (there somehow always seems to be something else I NEED more that that shadow lol).

  61. Liz

    TheBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer highlighter, MAC Careblend powder, and NYC setting powder.

  62. Tuna Lala

    Urban Decay eyeshadow in Smog. :)

  63. MAC Brulé eyeshadow and MAC Pressed Blot Powder.

  64. Nicoco Chanel

    Benefit Hello Flawless powder! I never hit pan – just shows how often I use this.

  65. Viviana

    MAC Concrete e/s as a eyebrow filler.

  66. Tmaria

    MAC Twinks and Knight Divine eyeshadows. They are both good neutral colors that work well with my dark skin tone plus are great for day or evening looks.

  67. AH

    Bare Escentuals Orignal Mineral Veil (in the jar).

  68. Karen

    Urban Decay Virgin. Terrific highlight color,not too glittery.

  69. Niki

    Yaby’s Eyeshadow in Smoked Maple and Ben Nye’s Pressed Eyeshadow in Cork – it’s 36mm pan and it took me 2 1/2 years of very regular use to hit pan.