Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What was the last lipgloss you finished? Did you/are you going to repurchase it?

Temptalia's Answer.

I finished Fresh’s Lip Balm – does that count? I don’t know if I’ve ever finished a lipgloss.

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109 thoughts on “What was the last lipgloss you finished?

  1. Joy

    chanel glossimer astral

  2. Jamie

    Benefit’s-Life on the A-List. Loved it! Wish it wasn’t discontinued as of now.

  3. MAC Love Nectar – I use it all the time in my makeup kit. And yep, already repurchased and will be running out again soon!

  4. MAC’s Dazzleglass in Internationalist.

  5. well…i didn’t really finish it…but i came very close to finishing it before i lost it. mac’s lovenectar. one of my all time favorites. i should get another someday!

  6. The last lip gloss I finished was Benefit Her Glossiness in a fuchsia color (forgot the name and they don’t sell it anymore sadness). I am very gloss to finishing MAC Virgin Kiss.

  7. zha

    CoverGirl Wetslicks Amazemint in 640 Freedom of Peach :)

  8. Kristen

    MAC Oyster Girl Lipglass- my first ever. And I did repurchase!!

  9. MAC Cream Sheen Glass in Boy Bait! I use that sucker like friggin chapstick…

    • Paula

      LOL ME TOO! I didn’t finish it yet but compared to my other lipglosses, I use that one the most!

  10. Carol L

    My last lippie that I finished was MAC’s Lovechild, next up is MAC’s VG V lipstick.

  11. Sophie

    MAC Nymphette. I still haven’t gotten around to repurchasing, but I mean to!!

  12. Nic

    I can’t remember the last gloss I finished. It’s been so long since I finished one!

  13. smashbox lip enhancing gloss in crystal

  14. Christina

    Just finished up my Kryolan Lip Emphasizer! I shall be repurchasing it this week. It’s the only lipgloss I stash in my bag.

  15. Dini

    The last gloss I finished was MAC Decorative lipglass. Already repurchased and enjoying another tube.

  16. Hilana

    Wow. Now that I think about it, I realize I have probably never finished a gloss in all my life!
    But by saying that…. where have all the unfinished ones gone?!

  17. jen

    Hard to believe but Chanel’s dragon…. I wear it all the time and I already repurchased it

  18. MAC`s morning glory luster glass! <3 I love it

  19. eva

    Sephora’s Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss in Natural Pink 14 (light salmon pink).
    But when I bought a new one the color was too pink and less nude, very disapointed.

  20. Ashley Avocado

    mac pink clash… *tears forever* the only lipgloss i’ve ever finished and the one i wish i hadn’t!

  21. NIKKI

    i dont think ive finished one yet
    i’m close though
    almost done with mac’s plushglass in fulfilled

  22. Irish G

    MAC Revealing

  23. Alison

    i finished mac silly girl, it was like a clear gloss on my pigmented lips though so i slicked it on all the time

  24. Olivia

    MAC Love Nectar Lustreglass love it first product from mac will be buying another one soon suits EVERYONE must have Lustreglass

  25. blossy lumi

    Last one I used (to the bitter end … me vs the lippy) was Lip Fusion in Sun and I probably won’t be buying any for awhile because I stocked up on about 8 of them! Yes, I’m addicted 😉 LOL

  26. konconsc

    I have never finished a lip gloss and not even close to finishing one . ..

  27. Christine

    Mac cremesheen boy bait

  28. I finished MAC Cremesheen Glass in “Ever so Rich”, but mainly because I used it like a lip balm, since it’s so sheer… I made a review on it after finishing it:

  29. SF

    nyx girls natural-such a gorgeous nude, I’m onto my second one

  30. vinna

    I have never finished a lipgloss and i’m no where near finishing one either. I just keep buying more………. its an addiction :(

    • Kathryn

      I am the exact same. I looked in my makeup drawer one day and it hit me: how the hell am I going to use up 100 lip glosses before they expire? And I cannot hold off on buying limited edition lip glosses because I am afraid I will regret it, so my collection keeps growing. Its so bad!

  31. Lorna

    MAC viva glam VI SE

    • balqisms

      Same here! Did not repurchase cus it took ages to finish! Moved on to Alexander McQueen’s Nothingness…

  32. mac’s dazzleglass creme in sublime shine (was able to grab a backup last month tho! wee!) :)

  33. Bare escentuals buxom lips in amber – I finished two of them! One of my faves.

  34. i haven’t yet, but it will probably be MAC INSTANT GOLD


    MAC C-Thru it’s a nude color i love it!!!!

  36. I finished MAC Lust Lipglass, my favourite 😉

  37. Krystal

    MAC lipglass in She Loves Candy from the Hello Kitty Collection… favorite. lipgloss. EVER. wish i could find a good dupe :(

  38. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a gloss -I always get hooked onto something new after I finish about 1/3 of a tube. The only thin that I’ve finished and have repurchased a gazillion times is Jack Black’s Intense Therapy Balm!

  39. Amy

    Same here – I don’t know if I’ve ever finished a lip gloss/lipstick. I will try very hard though!

  40. Sarah

    Never ever finsihed one or a lip balm. not a big lipgloss user though.

    Can you ask how many times people redip their brush into their powder when setting their makeup.
    I seem to do it a lot and was wondering how many times other people did

    Thanks :)

  41. It would have been Nars lipgloss in Stella, had I not left it in a taxi :(

  42. amelia

    MAC dazzleglass in goldyrocks. i love it.

  43. Miss Sq

    Am almost finishing Victoria Secret’s Make Out…It’s a real pretty colour

  44. Emma

    The last one I finished is my MAC dazzleglass in Smile – love it!

  45. Fresh

    mac plush glass: ample pink
    chanel glossimier: sirrop (do they still make this shade, i cant find it anywhere)

  46. I have never finished a lipgloss. :) Not even going to finish one in the foreseeable future.

  47. Loreal colour juice in raspberry smash

  48. Melissa

    A Bare Escentuals Buxom named “Sugar”. I have backups!

  49. bxboricua

    MAC l/g in it! Already got a new one :)

  50. Brittney

    MAC’s Enchantress :)

  51. Pam

    MAC Nymphette :)

  52. Charlene

    Maybelline DIamond gloss in purple. Very close to finishing Mary Kay Velocity gloss in purple

  53. Shal

    Benefit’s Who Are You Wearing? lipgloss (sheer bright pink).

  54. firepail

    MAC Live and Dye (and I have a back-up!)

  55. Michelle

    I’m almost finished with MAC’s Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks. It’ll be the first time I ever finished a lipgloss.

  56. Natalia

    MAC Plushglass in Wildly Lush and I already had a backup before it ran out.

  57. MAC Oyster Girl l/g

  58. starr

    The last lipgloss i finished was MAC’s english accents. it is my favourite at the moment and though i cant repurchase it i would! thank God i have a backup :)

  59. Emily

    Mac’s Love Nectar lusterglass.

  60. Emily

    And yes, it has been repurchased! I also go through Mac’s Creemsheen in Partial to Pink like nothing else! I bought soooo many back-ups of it before they made it permanent, I shouldn’t run out for quite a while!

  61. jennifer

    BE Buxom in Ginger… I already bought a new one AND bought a back up…lol

  62. Michou

    Clinique Stellar Plum and Clinique Rock Violet lipgloss. Loved them both and need to re-order!

  63. monika

    MAc Love nectar.

  64. amy

    MAC Lustreglass in Palatial. It is discontinued and I can no longer get it. BOO.

  65. AnGeLwInGz

    The last one I finished was Chanel Astral glossimer. I’m almost finished with my Dior Crystal Gloss because the darn thing has sprung a leak (the gel squirts out the top when I close it. I think it has something to do with the air pressure in the tube and the fact that the gel doesn’t gravitate to the bottom like a liquid gloss).

  66. Kourtni

    Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in Kirk

  67. Liz

    I’ve never finish a lip gloss either. But i’ve finished 3 tubes of Fresh lip balm… I use them like crazy… Just wish it could be less expensive..

  68. Leenie

    The last lip gloss I finished was viva glam V
    and mac lip conditioner soothing beige I have to buy another lip conditioner I like those.

  69. Chelsea

    I don’t know if this counts, but my dog chewed up MAC “O” and I replaced it. Other than that, never finished one.

  70. katie

    mac’s love nectar! well basically i lost it but i was almost done with i!t!!!

  71. I actually finished Lip Fusion gloss in Summer, and yes, I did buy another. How much are they…I think like $40 to $45 a pop, so you KNOW it was worth it :-)

  72. JoElla

    I don’t know if I ever have finished a lip gloss.. :/

  73. MissDeeCanada

    Lychee Luxe lipglass by MAC is the only one that I have ever finished and more than once!

  74. Scientific Housewife

    I don’t think I’ve ever finished a lip gloss but I am on my way with my Sephora one I have now.

  75. Kerry

    i honestly dont think ive ever finished one :O

  76. Reese

    MAC Love Nectar

  77. Jody

    Wow, a lot of Love Nectars have been finished! I have that, and like 80 others. eek.
    so, um, yeah… I’ve never finished a lipgloss. Add me to the list of those that just keep buying them.

  78. Heidi

    I go through Nivea Lip Care A Kiss Of Shine (light pink) like crazy and I NEVER use up lip gloss so it’s that good. I’m trying not to neglect all 999 other glosses that I have in the arsenal!

  79. SamK

    mac’s boybait…..thank goodness it’s now permanent :)

  80. Brielle

    Mac’s Underage! It goes perfectly over brave lipstick!

  81. LNU

    None. Unless MAC Lip Conditioner counts, I’ve been through plenty of the little squeeze tubes.

  82. Kate

    almost finished lancomes juicy tube in mulberry blues but i will be buying a new one on saturday because i love it so much :)

  83. Teresa

    MAC’s Underage, but…it was eons ago! I think it’s the only one I’ve ever had to repurchase. I’m on my 4th I think.
    I have too many in rotation now to be able to finish one but lately I’ve been mainly using Milani’s ‘Summer Baby’. I wouldn’t be surprised if that gets finished by the end of the year.

  84. JK

    MAC Love Nector!!!! If the mini counts… I loved it so much that I had to repurchase!!! Awesome color for everyday use!

  85. Leticia

    Clinique’s Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Currant! I finished a sample and a full size one. And I’m about to finish a full size one in Ginger…I absolutely loooooooove this gloss. I will definitely repurchase these in a near future!

  86. Mac love nectar! Goes great over everything or by itself. I will try to finish other glosses before buying more. It’s amazing how long it actually takes to finish an entire gloss! Took me about 6 months to finish love nectar.

  87. wallflower

    for me it was a light baby pink l’oreal glam shine and now i’m finishing a clear one from l’oreal and my oyster girl is also going real quick. but it just goes with everything so well that i HAVE to wear it under/over each of my other lip products :X

  88. Amanda Craig

    MAC Nymphette…..

  89. Vutny

    NARS Orgasm

  90. Hannah

    Right now I’m really close to finishing Love Nectar, and I will definitely repurchace, since I wear it practically every day.

    The only gloss I totally finished was a CO bigelow cinnamon mentha lip gloss, and I did buy another. I love them for the colder months, they really keep my lips moisturized and protected. :)

  91. Kathryn

    The only tube of lipgloss that i have finished completely was Lip Fusion XL, it was around $55 CND, but I used it as a night treatment because I like to wear a different colours of gloss and lipstick everyday. I repurchased Lip Fusion XL but decided to give it to my mom as a gift instead and I have not bought another one for myself and I’m not sure if I ever will. I have also finished and repurchased Fresh’s Sugar lip balm, though I am embarrassed to tell my friends how much I spent on it. I have also finished two Korres lip butters (Jasmine and Guava) and I will be repurchasing Jasmine this week. I think the only reason I have finished all of these lip products is because I have used them all as night treatments. I have WAY too many glosses to ever finish in five years if I never bought a new one, but I can’t seem to stop buying them!

  92. Mia

    It’s like a lip balm/lipgloss and it’s MAC sweet tooth tendertone. I just hit pan on it

  93. MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Angel Kiss. I used it up until it started to turn smell-wise.

  94. Mar

    I never finish glosses as I just have to many LOL.
    The last thing I finished was my Dior Addict Ultra-Shine lipstick in 650. (I think is was called ‘Glossiest Red’ or something like that)

  95. Gao

    Boybait, I love that stuff XD But now even though I have backups, I’m using my LoL english accents & Splashing are my ‘go-to’s’ now :)

  96. Angela

    MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink; I keep buying it over and over again!

  97. Indigowaters

    MAC’s Nymphette 3xs