Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What was the last beauty product you dropped? Did it survive?

Temptalia's AnswerWell, I drop lots of products on purpose for testing :) Last product I mistakenly dropped, however, was my Guerlain Loose Powder, which did survive!

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63 thoughts on “What was the last beauty product you dropped?

  1. Aramis


  2. Linda

    Last night I knocked my like venus dazzleglass down the toilet, unfortunatly not the first makeup item i’ve lost to the thrown and probably won’t be the last :(.

  3. MAC Buttery eyeliner .. so I wasn’t that worried :)

  4. blueraccoon

    Well, my new 10-pan Inglot palette fell off the table when I was attempting to move something else. The lid slid off, but all ten shadows remained intact and un-gouged.

  5. Biggest fiasco- UD eyeshadow in Sin- old version– it crumbled…tried hard to smesh it back together…but lot alot of powder….that one hit the pan and I rarely hit the pan.

  6. Juliet

    Chanel Perfection Lumiere maybe a couple weeks after I bought it. I mourn for it.

  7. Jennifer

    One of my Mac LE beauty powders I love. Ceramic tile floor = instant death.

  8. A discontinued L’oreal eyeshadow quad– not really that expensive but it did contain my HG purple that I have never found a replacement for until know :(

  9. Dora

    My naked2 palette which SURVIVED!!!.

  10. Jasmine

    Wait why would you drop a product for testing? What purpose does that serve? I’m confused lol

  11. Zulaikha

    Never ever dropped any makeup on my own however my eyeliner has fallen a few
    Times after getting rolled off my dresser.

  12. Belinda

    Guerlain pressed meteorites powder, a few days after purchasing. Shattered into a big mess.

  13. Stephanie

    my CoverGirl Queen Bronzer (luckily, I hit a huge pan on it and I wasn’t a fan of it anyways) which I had to throw out and my awesome Sleek Ultra Matte palette which doesn’t hold together and some shadows crumbled but I love it so much!

  14. Alexandra

    I dropped my Naked palette last week.

    You would have thought a family member died. Thankfully, no major damage.

  15. Michelle

    So funny and relevant that you ask! I just dropped my NYX “Rust” eyeshadow half an hour ago… even though I’ve dropped many things, this is the first thing that ever broke from a drop. I was heartbroken to be honest. =/

  16. Mietta

    My TheBalm ‘Balmbini Volume 2′ only about 2 ft though from the top of my drawers onto my desk. But it was enough to make me think everything would’ve shattered! I’m pretty ‘ritualistic’ with my makeup and its application so I’m careful not to drop anything. Otherwise I’d have a heart attack I know it….

  17. Kathleen

    Not dropped, but knocked over whilst applying eyeliner- my deluxe sample of Lancôme Bi-Facil. Unfortunately, it was open and only 1/3rd survived. (I need to work on my beauty reflexes!)

  18. Nicole

    I think it was a lipstick, lipgloss or OPI nail polish. I can’t remember when I lastly dropped a powder product, which broke.
    I try to be careful with my powder stuff and the packaging.

  19. LOL that’s funny–I didn’t know you did a drop-test too. I would never do that! 😛 I’d probably be okay with doing it to drugstore products, but I’d never want to drop my Diors or Chanels on purpose–even for the sake of testing–and it wouldn’t be a fair test to just drop one and not the other 😛 I think the last product I dropped was my Edward Bess Quad Royale in Monte Carlo. Thank GOD it was ok–I would have cried 😛

  20. Malia

    my Chanel Mimosa polish… it shattered to shards and was a mess to clean up- I even ruined my shirt !!

  21. I dropped my Clinique Pore Minimizing serum this morning. It’s in a plastic tube, so it survived the fall :-) Some product spilled out though (boo!). I now have a poreless bathroom floor.

  22. Safyre

    I honestly don’t remember, my clumsy self is constantly dropping things. The most notable recent fall that I remember, a tragedy in fact, was my MAC Marine Life Highlighter. It smashed to bits! :'( I was able to recover and crush up the powder itself because it had all cracked within the compact… but still… it’s just a powder now… it’s not the pretty sea=horse goodness it once was

  23. mirian

    I dropped my diorskin nude tan nude glow sun powder y. Almost had a heart attack

  24. Vick

    My Milani Mineral Blush in Sunset Beach. I actually screamed ‘Baby nooooo!’ she survived :)

  25. Gina

    My Urban Decay brow box, which did not survive! Thankfully, I just colored my hair, so it was the wrong shade anyway.

  26. KaseyCannuck

    Short answer…what DON’T I drop!! I could be a case study for Fumble-finger-itis!!

    The non-survivors in the past few months inclued a Mac Blush and an eye pallet that was from a kit from the Shopping Channel. No big loss there. I have a gazillion other neutral eye shadows.

    Survivors include mostly eye liners, brushes, and occasionally the mascara wand. At home these will almost always bounce behind the toilet (ew, ew, EWWW!!) The powder products always seem to get dropped at the gym for some reason.

  27. KK

    A Mary Kay mini compact with three eyeshadows and a blush. Dropped it on ceramic tile–no damage to either the compact or the product!

  28. Banafshe Sharifian

    My MAC shimmermint eyeshadow! :( The dome broke off so I picked it up and used it as pressed eyeshadow. The rest was intact.

  29. I dropped my Tom Ford Flush blush yesterday. *Gasp* Fortunately, I was sitting down so it only dropped a few feet. It lived to tell the story.. I think my heart stopped for a moment.

  30. Wet N Wild 6 pan palette in Envy when I was packing for this past weekend. I though for sure the matte shades would have died but it was fine.

  31. I dropped my Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow in Blue Moon! :( The pot shattered and the shadow didn’t even survive in a plastic bag! I was so sad…

  32. Mariella

    My Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer – the trial sized one. I didn’t so much drop it as knock it over while reaching for something else in my makeup cabinet. It fell onto the stone floor and I thought it would be toast but there was just a small chip out of the bottom thick edge of the bottle.

  33. Halle

    MAC 15 pro eyeshadow palette on hard floor. Lost 2 eyeshadow completely and cracked all of them majorly. My heart broke. My shattered eye shadows have huge chunks taken out of them.

  34. Leticia

    I dropped my Lancome Dual Finish powder and it did survive :)

  35. V

    These stories make me so sad.

  36. maria

    Nars Taj Mahal blush! if it drops again, it won’t survive :)

  37. Illamasqua Lover blush :( it is now in 5 pieces. Why is it that ELF makes better packaging than Illamasqua? I do not understand!!!!

    • Nicoco Chanel

      This is the only thing that bugs me about Illamasqua! Every time I hold an item it feels like it could have come off the DS shelves.

  38. kg

    Had too much coffee and my Naked 1 jittered right out of my hand. It is okay but, now I hold on to that sucker like it is a two-day old baby.

  39. Joanna

    my NARS laguna bronzer. i dropped it the other night for the SECOND TIME! the first time only one side of it smashed (weird) and i patched it doing the alcohol trick. this time it landed flat on the ground (lip side down) and the whole thing smashed to bits. still working up the courage to patch it again. i’m just so sad. it’s my most favorite, soft bronzer. very very soft…

  40. Danielle

    I dropped some Mac blushes recently on the bathroom tile and shockingly they all survived. I did accidentally spill some Bare Minerals eye shadow all over my carpet and now there are pink powder stains.

  41. Lee

    I dropped my Bare Study Paint Pot this morning but it was fine. Last thing I broke was MAC Style Snob eye shadow, a LE starflash warm taupe that was perfect with Satin Taupe. I’m still in mourning, I used that at least once a week. I keep hoping there’ll be another starflash collection and they’ll being it back.

  42. Kathrina

    I dropped my MAC Spitfire lipstick the other day. Luckily it did survive because I really like this one and I don’t have a back-up.

  43. Elle

    The gold&navy side of my MAC Surf the Ocean pigment stack.. The lid on the gold cracked and pigment spilled all over the floor. It still has a gold glow.. I only have about 1/4 left now :'{

  44. Joni

    I can’t remember ever dropping anything, except things like lipgloss that are completely unaffected. I did drop a nail polish once, some dark blue color from OPI. I also threw a topcoat across my room over a year ago and that obviously broke. But that was on purpose.
    I guess I’m just not clumsy with my makeup or I don’t remember because the things I’ve dropped have been so safe in their packaging that it didn’t occur to me that they could get broken.

  45. j

    mac pink powder msf from wonder woman. It cracked a few places but it’s not too bad and i only lost like 10% or so of it,

  46. Phaedra knocked over a bottle of NARS polish, which did not survive. I’m not sure what I last dropped, but my concrete floors are unforgiving.

  47. Pamela

    I dropped my My Romance perfume.. and it shattered into a million pieces. On a brighter note my room smelled delicious for a few days. i have yet to replace it :(

  48. Yumi

    I dropped my studio fix powder and there’s a big crack down it but otherwise good.

    Awhile back I dropped my Smashbox Fushion Soft Lights and it shattered into a million pieces. :<

  49. Jessica

    Mac Dollymix blush, it survived! My drawer fell out and it went flying 2 meters then hit a wall, and still intact! Mac blushes are amazing.

  50. Veronica

    My Bobbi Brown corrector/concealer duo. I wound up completely cracking up crumbling the powder corrector, to the immense chagrin of my pocket book. It was fine for awhile with me very carefully handling the case when I opened it, but then my mother decided to open it up out of curiosity and accidentally dumped all of the corrector on the floor. I can only describe it as a profound tragedy of the utmost degree.

  51. flieslikethunder

    MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow. I was attempting to de-pot it and I didn’t drop it so much as it went flying out of the pan. It broke but it just pushed it all back together.

  52. Maíra

    Mac’s Blot powder. It was a mess, but I managed to re-press it with alcohol. It doesn’t look quite nice, but it works well.

  53. jody

    the last thing i dropped was a bag filled with hoola bronzer, ud deslick setting spray and 2 mac lipsticks while shopping.. i nearly got a heart attack!! luckily they all survived.. thankgod

  54. Kylie

    My Stila Kitten Eyeshadow! My second one to break too! It did not make it unfortunately, even though it was only like a foot drop. I don’t care though, I’ll deal with the messyness because I love it that much.

  55. malissa

    Ughh my M.A.C.blush, my 2 year old got a hold of it and threw it across the room smh.. But to my surprise it actually survived lol