Saturday, November 20th, 2010

What was the craziest makeup look you have ever done, just for fun? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI once did some weird green and teal mask thing, haha.

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22 thoughts on “What was the craziest makeup look you have ever done, just for fun?

  1. Nicole

    Well, I guess I have to be completely honest! LOL.

    Once I was writing a paper in the middle of the night, and I am not at all accustomed to pulling all-nighters. So around 2am, totally desperate for a burst of energy, I took a break and started playing with my NARS Rated R duo. (Yup those delightful neon green and blue eyeshadows.) And it ended up all over my face. I can’t be the only person driven to insanity by university, right? Haha.

    • I once did the MAC Call My Bluff facechart, well the eyes, for a “bad taste” party. I went really crazy with Firecracker, HotHotHot and Red Brick e/s on the inner part of the eye. People looked at me curiously all evening long but then said that it would probably look really cool as stage make up (we’re all a bunch of musicians, instrumenal and vocal).

  2. I love doing crazy makeup things! Probably my craziest have been my halloween fairy looks, and the zombie and corpse bride ones I did this year. Other than that, though, I love doing weird things like making vines come from my lower lashline, or making my lips dark eggplant filled in with bright green towards the center…..

  3. Paloma

    When Iron Man hit the theaters, my dad, brothers and myself went to go see it. I thought it’d be clever to work some eyeshadow to the colors of his armor/costume thingy….lol

  4. I was bored one day so I just did 1 eye and it was yellow, with teal cut crease, winged liner, purple eyebrow. Kind of hard to explain. I made my website link my flickr pic link incase anyboddeh wants to see it :)

  5. Fey

    I recall going to high school cheerleading practice one day as the pure gothic girl. I had two pairs of black, spiky faux lashes, HUGE black/red lips like Marilyn Manson’s (colored outside the lip line), dead white foundation, and blood red eyeshadow from lash line to eyebrow. Great contrast to the glittery, preppy makeup of the other girls.

  6. A couple a months ago I did my version of Illamasqua Wanton Woman look with lots of greens and blues. :) I even applied big false lashes and the makeup looked really bold and crazy….but the crazy part was that I went out with my friends in a bar looking like that. :)))

  7. Jaime

    For some reason last week, I was looking at my OCC Lip Tars and lamenting that fact that I haven’t really used them. I just decided it was high time, and I grabbed Rx (the blue one) and used it as my lip of the day, with crazy bright pink and electric blue eyeshadow. I wear a lot of bright colours and really bold eye looks anyway, so no one thought it was that out of character for me, to be honest.

  8. Tara

    i sometimes just do a craazy green, blue, purple, red, yellow, etc. eye just for fun during the day! or i have a veeery purple sephora lipstick i like to wear sometimes that, with my black hair, looks admittedly goth but i don’t care! makeup is to express oneself!

  9. Patty

    During the World Cup this year, I did a full-face mask that was Brazil themed. It was… special.

  10. my craziest was the Whitney Houston 80s video girl on that I did a couple of days ago…bright pink, green, blue…oh how i <3 the 80s lol:

  11. Meg

    Tiger/Leopard marks all over my face lol xD

  12. Every day is pretty ridiculous for me, I love bright and bold colors and makeup looks. I’ve been known to rock MAC M’orange lipstick even on no makeup days.

  13. jennylevi

    a black and red smoky look it was wild with bold lips it turn out pretty dramatic.

  14. muffingrl

    i think it was the fourth of july two years ago, i was looking for an excuse to use my reflex teal glitter. so i did a bright blue eye with glitter, huge lashes, and lilac lips. it was pretty cool, but my glitter creased through the day =[

  15. Mar

    I think it was my whole high school makeup period…
    I used to wear things like tons of (the wrong color) foundation, dark purple lipstick which made my face look white like a ghost, a very nasty color of brown lipstick, lashed clumped with tons of mascara…

    The shame, LOL!

  16. fiaspice

    it was for halloween. Bright pool blue with lot of eyeliner. This is me crazy!

  17. kenzie.

    For superhero day last year for homecoming week I went as Poison Ivy. I had bright green lips, a pale greeny-gold eyeshadow brushed all over my face, a very green eye look (complete with green mascara, which was just some mineral eyeshadow poured in clear mascara and mixed, and liner) and I had some vines snaking down from my lower lash line.

    I was Violet from the Incredibles for a Halloween party and used gel liner to re-create the face mask. It looked amazing and held up very well, but it was a pain to take off.

    And I painted my brother’s face with a blue MES used wet and made fake dread-type things when he had to be William Wallace for a presentation. It was amazing.[: