Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What room do you apply your makeup in? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerThe bathroom – I need that huge mirror!

Thanks to Amber for today’s question!

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71 thoughts on “What room do you apply your makeup in?

  1. My bedroom. I need that natural lighting.

  2. shelly

    In my bedroom by a window, though I used to apply it in my bathroom.

  3. Tigress

    The vanity connected to the bathroom.

  4. Kristine

    my bedroom!

  5. usually the bathroom or my bedroom but basically anywhere that has good lighting and a mirror

  6. Nicole

    It used to be my bathroom, but the lighting is very poor. And I decided to start storing my makeup in my bedroom to avoid all that humidity! So now I apply at my bedroom window with all the natural light.

  7. Bathroom/bedroom I use my bathroom and my closet mirrors. They both have natural lighting but my closet mirrors have the best access to natural light

  8. Jamie

    My bedroom! I like to be really up close to a mirror when I do my eye makeup but I also like to sit down, so I get my Nars orgasm/laguna duo or my naked palette and use that as I apply my make up :)

  9. In the dining room! I know it sounds weird but we have no use for a dining room and keep our computers there. I apply my makeup at my computer desk. Which probably still sounds weird.

  10. Eva

    It depends! Sometimes my bedroom if I’m feeling the natural light, but the lighting is way more flattering in my bathroom so usually there. :)

  11. bathroom so I can have water to wet my cake eyeliner and to wash my hands as needed

  12. Either the bathroom (love my big mirror!) or in the living room by the patio door, cos of epic sunlight.

  13. Lina

    I have a make-up mirror on my desk but usually I do it in the bathroom

  14. Mel

    The guest bathroom it has the best lighting and all my stuff is there.

  15. Courtney

    I apply in the bathroom! The lighting is nowhere near natural but my skin always looks ad-campaign status: flawless! My makeup could look terrible in the natural light but I would never know or care because I get a little boost of confidence when I see my skin glowing in the bathroom mirror!

  16. feather

    i have my vanity set near my bed room window, I also have a lighted makeup mirror

  17. Gala

    my bedroom – I have a vanity with custom lights

  18. Bathroom but I hate it…I really want a vanity in the bedroom!! The light comes through the window in the bathroom very bright so one side of my face is much brighter than the other making it nearly impossible for me to judge how much blush I need.

  19. bathroom for sure! πŸ˜€ Love the lighting there πŸ˜‰

  20. Samantha

    My bedroom! Although, I’m thinking of doing it in the bathroom since it has better lighting.

  21. CatherineM

    I have a vanity in my bedroom where I do my makeup. I used to do it in my bathroom, but I ran out of space for my makeup there, and bought the vanity

  22. Aurore

    You’ll say I’m strange but I put my makeup on the train or on the metro : the light is good and I have at least 20 minutes to spend. With practice, the moves of the train don’t bother me anymore.

    • Amanda

      I see people doing that all the time, and I am envious of their incredibly steady hands!

      • Aurore

        The key is practicing, practicing and practicing again! Of course I have to use a reduced number of brushes (only 3 for eyes ans 2 for face, even for the most complexe makeups), to decide the day before what items I will take in my purse and to choose travel-friedly packagings. I can’t use my makeup wet. But I can do some pretty things, now that I am used to.

  23. Pan

    Usually I apply make-up in my bedroom… my bathroom mirror isn’t big enough, aha!

  24. S.A.

    Either my bedroom or the living room; depends on where I’ll be wearing the make-up. If it’s an outdoors event, then the living room because it has huge windows and lots of natural light. Otherwise, I’m too lazy to move my make-up out of my bedroom.

  25. Katherine

    only my bathroom has enough lighting! though I would love to apply makeup in my bedroom while sitting down, my bedroom is really small and has only really really dull lighting~~

  26. Pawsha

    My makeup room.

  27. in the bedroom, while sitting on the bed. i’d like to have a vanity desk someday though. πŸ˜€

  28. Dani T

    I apply in my bedroom. My closet doors are mirrored so it gives me lots to work with.

  29. Anna Vesa

    In my baby daugthers room.. I have a desk there in front of a window.. Plan to pass it down to her later on in life..

  30. artemis

    any :)) but not in the bathroom

  31. Ana G.

    Bathroom – huge mirror and natural lighting.

  32. My bedroom. I need the big mirror.

  33. lemonade

    By my bedroom desk in front of the window so that i can do it in natural light. I use my Chanel bronzer that comes with a big mirror and put it on top of a tall glass πŸ˜€ works for me. My bathroom is always so humid that i could never do it there.. and besides, i keep all my makeup in my room :)

  34. Lara

    Bathroom and dining room.

  35. leesie

    The dining room table. I don’t have a suitable mirror in my bedroom, and the light just, well, sucks (and don’t get me started on the bathroom!). In the dining room, however, there are two windows. I sit with one facing me and one to the left, set my little mirror on a box so it’s the proper level, and open my train case up on the floor beside me. I’d love to have a vanity and a good lighting situation in my bedroom, but for now, this works.

  36. Suselew

    My vanity in my bathroom.

  37. megan

    Bathroom. But I’m in the process of setting up a vanity in our spare bedroom!

  38. jenni

    vanity in the walk in wardrobe :)

  39. Lee

    Bathroom, it’s got a huge mirror, counter space, and a window for natural light. Plus it’s handy to have the sink right there to wash brushes. I’d love a real vanity set-up but I don’t have any room anywhere to set one up.

  40. Natalie

    My bedroom. I have a custom vanity, a huge mirror, and a smaller lighted makeup mirror. It’s heaven!

  41. Jessi

    i used to do t in the bathroom…then one day I walked outside and realized my makeup, which looked perfect in the bathroom, was horrible! My foundation wasn’t blended and my blush was brighter than a baboons behind. was just a mess >.<….I do it in my bedroom now and have never had that problem again..

  42. melina

    i always use a small mirror to apply my make up.. i find it easier.. and yes am holding it all the time.. but i do find it easy! :)

  43. I do it in my bedroom, infront of a full body mirror on my closet.

  44. Nora

    My desk’s main purpose is that of a vanity, sad to say! So yes, in my bedroom right in front of the window. I can sit down, and have the natural lighting, plus there’s lots of room on my desktop to keep all my essentials.

    As for the mirror…. LOL, I use a compact mirror. Probably should invest in a good mirror at some point, but the tiny mirror’s working fine for now!

  45. Yasmin

    Bathroom! However, I have been wanting to purchase a Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror & setup a “beauty station” in my bedroom :)

  46. I keep my Makeup Shrine in a corner of our bedroom. I have a makeup table with 3 spotlights to get the correct lighting for application. I also have a small bookcase that helps take overflow. I always recommend having some little space for makeup – even if it’s just in a corner of the room, like mine is. It’s a space that’s all our own and dedicated to what we love.

  47. Melissa

    I’ve got a special “girly activities” room in the house where I do my crafts and keep my vanity, so that’s where I apply makeup.

  48. Changes almost all the time. Bedroom, office, bathroom, dining room. LOL

  49. Elizabeth

    In my room and sometimes if I have to in the bathroom!:D

  50. Stephanie

    My bedroom. I bought a vanity desk from IKEA and mounted a bunch of daylight light bulbs on the wall on either side of the mirror. MUCH easier to be able to sit down and do your makeup versus standing up and twisting to the side in the bathroom.

  51. Meg

    My bedroom I have a huge mirror in my closet.

  52. Carie

    My bathroom! I can’t do my makeup sitting down. Plus, the lighting in my bathroom is much better. It’s a small room, and the light is on the ceiling which fills the room with light. It’s NOT above the mirror like a lot of bathrooms – I can’t do my makeup in bathrooms like that because it washes the color out and I can’t tell how dark my makeup is. In my bedroom, I only have lamps so the lighting is terrible.

  53. MAChostage

    The bathroom, but I SO wish I could do it at a nice vanity in my bedroom!

  54. Maureen

    In high school, I applied makeup in a bathroom in my house that had no windows and warm, dim lighting. I know, it sounds like I was being an idiot, but I had reasons: the well-lit bathroom was -so- well-lit that I would put on more makeup than I wanted, and the dim bathroom was more akin to the lighting inside my school. Now, I usually go back and forth between two rooms so I see how it looks in different light.

  55. Krista

    I do it in front of my desk in my bedroom, usually in front of my laptop while catching up on some episodes of my favorite shows.

  56. bedroom. My vanity is there, and my closet doors are mirrors, so the biggest mirror in the house is there lol

  57. Angelcat47

    At my kitchen table…best natural light.

  58. Kim

    I apply my makeup in my kitchen because it has the best lighting and I have mirrors on one wall. The mirrors cover that one entire wall and it is right next to a window which has wonderful natural light.

  59. Liang

    where ever there is good lighting..usually the bathroom.

  60. Dinah

    In the kitchen – the only place with sufficient lighting. Acutally, the unforgiving fluorescent light makes it exrta good – if it looks good under that light, it’ll look awesome elsewhere.

  61. Becca

    I do my face makeup in the bathroom and my eye makeup in my bedroom so that I can sit down and support my arm

  62. Mar

    I have the luxury of having kind of a ‘boudoir’ in our spare room…
    It has great natural lighting and lots of room to store all my stuff.

  63. Melanie

    In the spare bedroom/book room/makeup room/cat room lol it fills all of my needs :)

  64. Kristen

    I have a vanity/desk in my bedroom that I use for storage/getting ready.