Monday, August 16th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What products do you have backups of? How many?

Temptalia's AnswerThe most recent back-up I’ve bought was of Guerlain’s Gems Rouge G Lipstick.  It’s such a gorgeous coral, and since it was limited edition… well, I couldn’t resist, even though I have enough lipstick to get me through two lifetimes!  I have 3 backups of Mari-sheeno lipstick by MAC, because it is/was an Asia exclusive, so I wanted to make shipping worth it, so I just got 3!

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155 thoughts on “What products do you have backups of?

  1. matt1991

    i have two of the kat von d momento mori palettes and 5 liquid lurex lipsticks since both are/were limited edition. i also have backups of revlons matte nude lipstick since it sells out so fast and its my perfect shade.

  2. jess0501

    MAC 2N lipglass. my fav lipglass ever
    MAC blissed out nail polish. i always get compliments when using this ^^
    and a ton of covergirl lashblast mascara, cause they r not available in singapore

    • I have about 3 back ups of the Covergirl Lash Blast mascaras cos they were on sale making them about the same price here in Australia as they are in the USA! LOL

  3. MissJennyT

    Marine life(2), mac lipsticks – viva glam cyndi and gaga, lavender whip, peachstock (from lib London), lazy day

  4. Haya

    i have three backups of my lady gaga lipstick, my Shu Uemura oil cleanser, my estee Lauder day wear plus, and finally my UDPP (both the regular one and sin) … i cant think of anything else:)

  5. Jessica V

    Just Instant Chic blush, and that one is only because I swapped for it! Oh and I guess I have a backup of Jazzed too, but I might give that one away because I don’t think it’s as much of a HG as I originally thought.

  6. 1 x Creme D’nude l/s
    1 x Feline eye kohl
    1 x Funtablous Dazzleglass
    1 x High Tea Lipstick (since it was discontinued in Australia)

  7. I have backups of Dior Lip Glow (I love it, thought I lost it, bought another one, and then promptly found my first one) and Dior Iridescent Leather (this was my very first high-end purchase, and it was so hard to find that when I saw it in store AGAIN I bought it… still my HG product for a work look!). When I bought the IL palette I never thought I’d have SO much makeup 2 years later… but I’m happy I have a spare – I have lots of neutrals, but I still love this palette the best!

  8. SoSwanky

    I have a backup of MAC Marine Life- it was too pretty after the gold spray wears off. I also have a back up of my MSFnatural, since I use it everyday and backups of a Sally Hansen Tinted lip conditioner (Plum).

  9. Leslie

    All Dare to Wear Lipglasses, Viva Glam Lady Gaga (my almost everyday shade) and YSL lipstick I can’t think of the number.

  10. Just one backup Chanel Taupe Gris eyeshadow, and I’m probably going to give it away. I have never finished any makeup product.

  11. Heather

    I don’t own any backups. ^_^ I always think that there is something better right around the corner, so what’s the point?

  12. Lauren

    I’m normally not into buying backups of things because I have so much make-up, but I did buy a back up of Lazy Day (though I’m sure there are similar colors in the perm line), a DCed product called the L’Oreal eye smokers, which are just creamy eyeshadow pencils; 2 Maybelline Moisture Extreme l/s which had the clearance sticker of death at CVS…and I think that’s it.

  13. konconsc

    Since i love the mac pearlglide liner, so I got back up for black line and petrol blue. They are from the art and supplies collection. I also got back up of Rosemary and Thyme and the blue teal kohl pencil(forgot the name) from To the beach collection. I think that’s it. I dont usually get back up just because even I really love a product, I dont usually buy it twice.

  14. missy

    I don’t have any makeup backups. i wanted to buy a mac blush that was limited edition but i dont see the point since if i do run out of the other one, the unopened one would be expired…right? ha.

  15. Miss Silver

    UDPP, two back ups since it’s a bit hard to get where I am. And different types of foundations… since I buy them online. Also my concealer; it’s cheaper online.

    This question torments me.

  16. Always some limited edition MAC stuff! Cult of Cherry lipglass I got 6 of when it came out, I have about 3 left. And I love the Gimme That lipglass from Dare to Wear so I have 4 of those, and the eyeshadow in Nanogold I have 3 of! I don’t back up permanents, no need to!

    • Amal

      Cult of cherry – what a wonderful gloss. too bad I was new to MAC at that time and didn’t know it’s LE :(

      • nanogold is amazing! i got it during spring color forecast and i was new to mac and didn’t know it was limited edition but it is amazing!

  17. Maddy

    lazy day lipstick from to the beach!
    its the perfect light pink shade for me thats on the border or natural and bright!

  18. Miss Silver

    Right, since I had tome to rethink what I have in spares… just about everything. I have obsessive compulsive tendencies… or was it obsessive compulsive disorder? But I have to have two of just about most of everything that I have. It’s a terrible affliction. And since make up is so pretty, and I hate it when they discontinue a product, I just buy two of just about anything I buy. It sounds silly, I know, but that’s just my tick. 😛 I must sound pretty crazy.

  19. Melanie

    I don’t own any back-ups since I lose interest in products quite fast and so it would be a waste of money in the end :) Plus I can own more different producst, because I’m not spending my money on back-ups :) The only thing I’d consider buying back-ups of would be MSFs, but they last forever anyway….:)

  20. Tricia

    1 MAC Sculpting powder in Sculpt
    2 MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliators

    I believe that’s it! I try not to fall in love with limited edition/pro products for this reason lol.

  21. my VS mosaic bronzer e concealers!!!

  22. Just a question about Mari-sheeno… is it anything like Benefit’s candy store lipstick? It looks amazing! I’d also be happy to buy one off you if you don’t need 3 backups :)

  23. Shelley

    MAC Smoke and Diamonds eye shadow, I have 4…its better than Satin Taupe. It was part of the Starflash collection which are the best shadows MAC has ever done. I have since found them all at the CCO but LIVE for them.

    MAC Strut brown pencil. I draw my brows on almost entirely and I’m very meticulous so I cannot run out of this.

    MAC Brush Cleaner. I like a clean brush everytime I put my face one so I go through this stuff fast.

    • Sus

      LOL I bought a Smoke & Diamonds as one of my first MAC products and there were a couple of times I considered swapping it for something else, but I’ve kept it…so far XD

  24. Nik

    Fresh Sugar Blossom perfume(2), Stila Creme Bouquet roll on perfume (3),Young Punk, Cinderfella, Scatterrays, Sunpower and Bronzescape solar bits, Mac reflects glitter in Antique Gold, Bronze and Pearl, MSF Shimpagne, B.E. gold infused kit, Sephora “Modern” nail polish(3)and Bloom E/S in Moss! Wow! :)

  25. Jessi

    Not a huge backup person, but I did get an extra MAC Greasepaint Stick in Slick Black and Dirty since they’re my favorite liners ever and I didn’t know if they’d come back or not (looks like at least Slick Black will be back, though).

    Also backed up Go For It, because it’s the best purple lipstick I’ve ever seen and also Gimme That! and Bold & Brash Dare to Wear glosses because they are my all-time dream lip glosses (I bet at least that formula will come back one day.)

    I WISH I’d backed up Industrial Pearlglide liner, because it’s turned into a surprise favorite and I have a feeling we’ll never see that exact color again.

  26. marley

    i have 1 back up in my mac concealer , studio fix powder , fix +, lipstick in lazy day , and mineralized skinfinish in peticoat and candelight .

  27. Chassy

    I have a backups of MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation, Urban Decay Primer Potion, and Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara.

  28. Joy

    The only backup I’ve ever bought was for MAC Thrills lipstick. It’s usually not worth it for me to buy a backup, but the color is so flattering on me, I always get compliments on it, and I absolutely LOVE it so I figured I should break the rules for once and grab a spare!


    I don’t own any backups of anything I don’t ever end up finishing my makeup so I don’t see the point..the marine life I barely even touch it it was only the hype..I own jazzed I haven’t even used it..there’s no point.

  30. Jacey

    I have extra Viva Glam Cyndi. I’m going to cry when they stop making it. It was my first MAC lipstick and is probably my favorite.

  31. Christine

    -MAC ripe peach blush ombré (1)
    -MAC naked liner (1)
    -Estee Lauder bronze goddess wild coral l/g(1)
    -MAC lazy day lipstick (3)
    -MAC viva glam gaga l/s (1)
    -MAC straw harvest e/s (1)
    -Lancome cyber coral juicy pop l/g
    -Lancome electric pink juicy pop l/g

  32. Alyx

    Fruit of the Earth’s Viatmin E cream. Sounds corny I know but this stuff is only in stock like 3 times a year at my local walmart. This stuff is great on scars/stretch marks and really helps the healing and fading process. Besides that nothing really lol.

  33. Nic

    I don’t think I have backups of anything. It usually takes me so long to finish a product that I’m content just to have one.

  34. Mar

    The only things I back up on are the things I use daily, like my mascara’s. I have backups of Maybelline’s Volum’Express, I have backups of eyeliner pencils and I have backups of my trusty Maybelline concealer. (it’s discontinued now)

    I just like buying and trying new stuff, especially eyeshadows, lipsticks and glosses so I don’t backup them. When I’m out, I just have another good reason to go shopping again!

  35. Rita

    (I don’t know why I have all these).
    I have a backup of Spiced Chocolate and Tempting Quads. I wonder if I will ever finish my quads, so perhaps I will sell these backups.
    I also have a backup of Popster Lip Conditioner, but I have hardly used mine. I also have the pink one from HK. Untouched. These I should definetely sell.
    Red Devil is one of my favourite lipglosses, and fortunately I have a backup, since the original has gone bad.
    Then there’s some forced backups, the eyeshadows that seem to keep coming out in MAC quads every year… :(
    Finally, I have two Lillyland Pearlmatte Face Powdesr and sculpt&shape powders, which came to me after some unhappy incidents.

  36. Vania

    Haha you might think i’m crazy! I have an anxiety if i don’t buy two things of each. I have 5 MAC colour crafted lipstick my HG! 2 Chris and Tell lipstick HG!3 Lorac Baby Doll, 2 St. Germain, 2 Hk big bow, and 3 Fleshpot! I’m a sucker for lipsticks =)

  37. Bethany

    Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Lush Honeytrap lip balm, and Prescriptives Almond lipstick.

  38. Kris

    I don’t really buy backups. I’m a newb when it comes to make up, but I have been building quite a big stash over the last year. Mac is kind of expensive when you think of it – mostly every month they have new collections and I tend to buy something from every collection. Sometimes more, sometimes less but still, it costs a lot of money when you add things up. Also, I haven’t even finished one eyeshadow or blush so I think a lot of things last a long time…

    The only thing I regret not getting is one backup All that races eyeshadow. I love that shade, looks good with greys/purples/browns :)

  39. I don’t have a backup of a single item. Which seems kind of odd but I move on so quickly to the next new shiny thing. I do want backups of my favorite perfumes though, I know they’ll be discontinued or reformulated.

  40. Ilexica

    I don’t back up many products but when I do I go a bit crazy. I have two perfect topping MSFs (use it all the time), two spare bottles of diorskin fluide foundation (it’s discontinued and my favourite), and…er…4 backups of illamasqua primal blush (the only contour I use, and it was on 50% off sale before they d/ced it). I can see myself getting backups of a couple of lipglosses which were LE and which I’ve almost used, too.

  41. Michelle

    I don’t typically carry many backups. But I do have backups of Two Faced Shadow Insurance, two MAC shadows in Smoke & Diamonds and Grand Entrance because those are my two favorite eyeshadows. I also have a couple mini Urban Decay 24/7 liners in zero from various things. That’s about it!

  42. Lo

    I’ve got backups of:

    -Ever Hip l/s
    -Shell Pearl beauty powder
    -Flurry of Fun l/g
    -Petticoat MSF
    -Nars orgasm l/g

    one product I really wish I had got a few backups of is MAC Marquise ‘D lipstick, I love it and i’m nearly out, if anyone knows of a very good dupe i’d love to hear it!

  43. Laia

    I always have backups of foundations (now Biotherm Long Detox Foundation 545) because I never really know when it’s going to get finished.

  44. RollingRED

    1 backup of Light Flush MSF
    1 of Perfect Topping MSF
    1 of Refined MSF
    1 of Blooming Blush
    1 of Summer Rose Beauty Powder
    2 of Feline eyeliner
    2 of Amorous Dazzleglass Creme
    2 of Honey Bare Tendertone
    2 of Sweet Tooth Tendertone
    2 of Take a Hint Tendertone
    1 of Pucker Tendertone
    1 of Sweet and Easy Tendertone

    2 of St.Ives Mineral Clay Mask
    1 of The Balm’s Down Boy Blush

    I have a bad habit of buying multiples of the same thing if I really like it (at the moment at least). Including clothes.

    • RollingRED

      Oh, and Christopher Drummond’s Veludo Velvet Foundation. So expensive, but the only one that has not broken me out so far. After trying everything from L’Oreal to Clinique to Armani, I hope it’s worth it.

  45. natalie_sod

    i have a back up of marine life, metal rock, original stereo rose, pocelain pink and 2 backups of ripe peach (one was given to me, and i am not one to say no to free makeup 😛 )…and that purple blush ombre i forget the color. vintage grape? vibrant grape? something like that.

  46. Amal

    There are products that I have backups by mistake (buying them to find out I already have them). These are fresh Salmon & Pink burst lipsticks + cranapple lip-liner. One exception was urgent! slimshine. i loved the shade so much that I went and got another one.
    In general I almost never think of getting backups, but now I may consider to do so since there are few products that I love which have the perfect shade and texture, and sometimes it’s hard to find a replacement.

  47. Roslyn

    Firespot all the way.

  48. Kerri

    I don’t have any backups at the moment but i plan on buying backups of viva glam gaga and cyndi and I would buy another femme fi if I could find it.

  49. Emma

    I only have a back up of Marbert Shimmer Liplgoss in Sparkly Peach (My all time favorite gloss)- And I’m so happy I got a back-up, because now I cand find it anywhere!
    I’ve never thought much about back ups, because I’m more about trying new and different things. Even when I think I’ve found my HG, I won’t stop.

  50. Mostly a ton of Aromaleigh, a HK Beauty Powder blush, Fun & Games blush, mascara;s that were on sale, I’ll need those anyways.
    ummmm, 3 mineralize skin finishes that were LE and a Mineralize trio (the pink one with gold glitter in the middle, looks awesome on brown eyes!)

  51. This question just made me realize how many backups I didn’t even know I had, lol! I have two backups of my favorite MAC lipstick ever – Cosmo. I also have 2 backups of Chanel’s Gloss Fluo – Laser which was limited edition. I have one backup of Tom Ford – Pink Dusk and I have a few more but…I’m not going to list them all, lol. I am a hoarder.

  52. kasiaj85

    I have a backup of my Pinch O’ Peach blush, Bisque eye shadow and Clinique All About Eyes Concealer. I love diversity when it comes to lip colors and probably haven’t found a HG lipstick yet. :)

  53. I have backups for Stereo Rose, Pleasureflush, Light Flush and Perfect Topping as these are my favourite MSFs, MSFN Medium and Light Medium because I use those a lot, Marine Life, refills for some of my Guerlain Voyage Powders, Guerlain Sublime Radiant Powders (considering swapping those though as I already have 3 and they’re the same, just the bottles are different), a few LE Chantecaille powders because I couldn’t touch the beautiful patterns, Laura Geller Blush n Brighten in Boysenberry/ Amaretti and Ethereal Rose powder (that’s all I can think of right now).

    I also have backups for my everyday products like Estee Lauder make up remover, Maybelline foundation, Givenchy Photo’perfection foundation, Guerlain Le 2 mascara, Givenchy Phenomen’eyes mascara, Guerlain Meteorites primer, Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero (thanks to the palettes), Bourbon, Lust, UDPP (again, in all palettes) and UDPP Sin, Barbara Daly eyeshadow primer, Collection 2000 concealer… Can’t think of any more things, but I’m sure there are a few more. 😀 Sounds like I don’t need to buy any make up again for a few years (but that doesn’t mean I won’t, of course, lol.)

  54. I have back-ups of (all MAC, lol) Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick, Boy Bait cremesheen glass & Marine Life highlight powder.

  55. Too many to count actually.
    Whenever I buy a product and I like it, I would go back and two or 3 immediately and stock them in my special drawer. I pre-order certain lipsticks two, three at a time just to make sure I don’t run out!
    Usually lipsticks, eye shadows and blushers. Never mascara or foundation.

  56. I have a backup of Make Up For Ever’s HD fondation as well as a backup of their HD face primer in pink. I’m not too fan of buying a backup of make-up products, though. I love to try new products and I prefer to spend my budget on the latest arrivals :)

  57. Andrea

    I don’t have any backups. By the time I finish a product, something new will be out!!!

  58. 1 Viva Glam Gaga
    1 Tailormade Palette
    2 Fast Response Eye Cream
    1 MSF Natural
    1 Studio Fix Cream
    1 Mixing Medium Eyeliner
    1 Studio Sculpt Foundations
    Lovin Pink and Steamy Nail Lacquer
    I have backups from products like Skincare, Foundation… that i use very often or every day. I never finished a eyeshadow or blush…

  59. Amy

    Nanogold eyeshadow –
    have 3 backups plus 2 quads that featured it.

    • Lo

      what eyeshadow combos do you use with nanogold? I have it but I never seem to reach for it. I’m trying to ‘shop my stash’ at the moment so it would great to have a few ideas on what to combine it with!

  60. georgina

    What color is the Mari-sheeno lipstick? Just curious.

  61. dee

    I have a backup of Tempting because I got the tempting palette from Cult of Cherry as a gift, and forgot about it, then bought Tempting when Style Warrior came out.

  62. Dana

    Only one thing – Cargo Medium Bronzer, I bought 3 of them when they were on clearance at Sephora. They were too cheap to pass up and I love them. I don’t buy back ups anymore because I like to try new products and I often regret those back up purchases

  63. i have 2 stereo roses, 3 partylicious, 2 woodwinked thats all i have for backups :)

  64. MAC Stereo Rose msf and 2 MAC Thrills, my fav lipstick ever!

  65. aradhana

    nothing….i’m too fickle for backups!

  66. CJ

    I always have UDPP in Sin and Original in backup, as well as NARS Orgasm blush and MUFE HD Foundation. Oh- and I just purchased a backup of Maybelline’s Falsies mascara- that is a great new mascara!

  67. Marina

    I don’t know if it is considered a “backup”, but I got the Urban Decay 24/7’s in Flipside and Zero in the AiW palette when I already had both pencils, so the other ones are tucked away for safe keeping. Also, I have an extra Harajuku Lovers G Snow Bunnies perfume…

  68. Amy

    None! I don’t really believe in backup… put it this way, so far I’ve never finished a makeup product (phew)!

  69. iliana

    Just Fresh Salmon lipstick, because I love it with all my heart. :)

  70. Lisa

    I have 3 backups of Jet e/l from Prescriptives…
    1 Prescriptives l/l in Aubergine
    1 Stila onyx e/l
    1 MAC l/s in Goddess
    1 MAC l/s in Madly Creative
    1 Rimmel foundation because it was 75% off
    1 MAC l/l in Gingerroot

  71. LU

    I think the only thing I have a backup of is my Milani eyeliner. I have one black and one brown I use, four back up black ones, and one backup brown one.

  72. Annika

    NOTHING. I don’t believe in back-ups.

  73. B

    I have backups of Schiap by Nars (since it’s always sold out at our local counters) and Stereo Rose MSF! :)

  74. Yaz

    From Mac: I got 3 Jazzed lipsticks, 2x Ever Hip, 2x Perennial High Style, 2x Dainty (is my HG blush), 2x Mouth off lip pencil and 2x Coral Kiss lipgloss from Estee Lauder.

  75. bxboricua

    MAC Black Line eyeliner, 5N lipstick and Liquor Lipglass :) (and I always have a backup of UD Stash eyeliner cause it’s my favorite!)

  76. leesie

    I have backups of UDPP (two, maybe three) and the 24/7 liner in Zero. All are travel sizes which came with palettes… And somewhere I have an XL UDPP…

  77. Too many things! I have back ups of MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask, Feline Eye Liner, Studio Fix Mascara, Plushlash Mascara, Dreammaker Eye Shadow, Feline Eye Shadow, Carbon Eye Shadow, Embark Eye Shadow, Femme-Fi Eye Shadow, Eversun Blush, Sugar Overload Superglass, Baby Sparks Dazzleglass, Via Veneto Dazzleglass, Roman Holiday Dazzleglass, Cherish Lipstick, Blonde’s Gold Pigment, Gold Mode Pigment, and a whole lot more that I can’t think of at the moment! 😉

  78. Jaime

    MAC – Feline eye kohl
    MAC – Raven eye kohl
    MAC Bronze Sugar lipgloss (no one else I know has ever heard of this, it came out 10 years ago, I don’t even remember with what collection and it is still my FAVOURITE gloss ever! I have one of them still unopened in the box and the one I’m currently using. I’m afraid to run out!)
    MAC 3N lipgloss
    MAC Agate eye shadow
    MAC Petticoat MSF

    … I’m sure there are more, but I can’t think of what else I’ve got right now!

    • Jaime

      It was driving me bananas, so I had to check. Bronze Sugar came out with Tan Ray in 2003. I completely forgot about that collection, which is weird, since that was the first time I ever saw Coco Beach, and I went nuts trying to buy multiples of that, too. I only ended up with one, which is good, since I haven’t even made a dent in it and I’ve had it for like ten years.

      Wow, I sound crazy.

  79. starr

    i have a backup of blooming lovely lipstick from Macs liberty of london collection and a backup of lazy day lipstick and splashing lipglass from the to the beach collection.

  80. Michelle

    I’m not a big back up person because I get bored easily & I’m excited about something else a few weeks later but I do have a backup of MAC Marine Life blush. I don’t think I’m gonna ever use it. I’m nowhere near finished with the first one. I also have 3 MAC Feline Kohl pencils. I do use these alot.

  81. Gisele

    MAC Patisserie; Bobbi Brown Pale Mauve (such a rare find for me to able to wear her lip colors that I believe she’ll d/c it); Neutrogena eye cream (hate to run out of this basic); MUFE Lift (bought it as a replacement but the first tube keeps offering product).

    I was going to buy a backup of “Particuliere” but then saw that Chanel has made it permanent.

  82. judy

    How do we order MAC items that are Asia specific?? Omg I would be all over that!

  83. Vijaya

    I’ve only ever used up one tube of lipgloss (Dolly by BE Buxom) so I don’t really get backups: I never use anything up. I still have to get a replacement for that the next time I go to Sephora!

  84. Hope

    Mac Stereo Rose (1 backup)
    Mac Marine Life (1)
    Mac Jazzed (3)
    Mac Hipness (1)
    Mac Lazy Day (1)
    Mac Fierce Fabulous (2)
    Revlon gloss discontinued (12) * it’s my favorite color.
    I have to stop the madness!

  85. Kalex

    Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick is a gorgeous color! I just checked out your post on it. Have you found a dupe for it yet?

  86. The last backup I got (and thank God I got it!) was MAC lipglass “Fold and Tuck” form the Pret-a-papier collection! I didn’t know I was going to fall so in love with it!!

  87. Kristen

    I always have a backup of MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinish Natural and Urban Decay’s Sellout eyeshadow. Those are daily products for me, I don’t know what I would do if they were discontinued.

  88. nicci

    I have no backsup so far and never have which was a mistake! I wish I had a backup of the Chanel glossimer – Sarong. It was such a pretty color and I used it up so quickly!! I did find two available but at Saks in Ohio. Hopefully they can ship it to me :)

  89. Courtney

    The only non-rare-perfume backup I have is a spare bottle of China glaze’s Fortune Teller. I don’t go through regular makeup fast enough to need backups.

  90. Heather

    I only have one, and it is a MAC lipstick in Strawbaby from the fafi collection. It’s my favourite color ever and i dont ever want to run out!

  91. Taime

    I have a small makeup collection but I picked up a backup of my Maybelline eyeshadow duo in Browntones, just in case it disappears on me. The darker shade is a medium brown with a little shimmer. I wear it EVERYday because it is such a perfect neutral color for work.

  92. aramis

    only marine life because i bought it to trade it but since i don’t know how to i just might keep it as a backup!

  93. lasekou

    I only do backups of LE items that I really love and find myself using regularly.
    Sunny by Nature MSF
    Bubblegum l/s
    Lavender Whip l/s
    Ever So Rich
    HK Sweet Strawberry l/g
    HK She Loves Candy l/g

  94. Hollie

    UD sellout eyeshadow. I had to buy it on ebay because they dont seem to sell it in the UK anymore :(

  95. Katie

    Two backups of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses in Coral Reef… I’m a total sucker for any lipgloss that has coral in it. Will definitely go for a backup of Strange Potion l/g when it’s released!

    • Agnes

      I also have a backup of this lipgloss, it just converted me into wearing lipglosses again! This and a backup of MAC Blot Powder.

  96. tremorviolet

    The only non-perm back ups I have are Femme Fi e/s (a great warm highlighter) and Purple Rite l/s (the most wearable purple I’ve ever found), both from the CCO. I try not to get crazy, there’s always something new around the corner.

    Oh, I almost forgot, my holy grail mascara is Max Factor 2000 Calorie in Auburn. When they discontinued it a few years back, I was able to stock up in bulk on ebay. I bought like 40 tubes and I still have at least 20 left.

  97. i’ve sold a lot of my backups so all i have left are:
    mac marine life, azalea blossom (which i’m selling off anyway), instant chic, hipness (another i’m selling off soon), lazy day, tilt, beautiful iris, seedy pearl, moon’s reflection, smoke and diamonds, revlon summer suedes, a few wet n wild color icon palettes, and a laura geller baby cakes blush palette

  98. Melissa (divinem)

    3 MAC Hold the Pose l/s (my staple that was discont’d recently)
    1 MAC By Candlelight MSF (LOVE this one and never want to run out)
    3 MAC Coral Crepe PPs (I was a hoarding hog on this collection)
    1 MAC Liquer lip glass (discont’d this year)
    1 MAC Funbathing l/s (a summery version of my fav Hold the Pose)
    1 MAC cream base in Hush (great base for my blush and gives me a dewy finish – LOVE)
    1 Philosophy Falling in Love 32 oz. body lotion
    1 Bvlgari Jasmine Noir EDP (my signature fragrance)
    6 boxes of Olay Daily Facials for sensitive skin (discont’d so I hoarded as many as possible)

    I guess this confirms that I am a hoarder. * sigh *

  99. BeckBeck

    Just skincare. It’s embarrassing but when I saw my HG face cleanser on for $15 I bought *cough* six of them. And I still have… four and a half.