Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What nail polish color do you gravitate towards? Share!

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140 thoughts on “What nail polish color do you gravitate towards?

  1. Lupis

    Purples!! A significant proportion of my polishes are in that range…

  2. Sophie

    colours with sparkle/glitter!

  3. Carrie

    Immediately, I want to say anything NOT red, but I guess the truth would be blue. Now I want to sort them to figure it out.

  4. EvilPinkRobot

    All. If I like it, I buy it, I wear it. :)

  5. Adee

    Pink and sparkly!

  6. Puffnstuff

    Nudes, vamps and greens

  7. Anna

    Reds! From cremes to glitter, I love them all :)

  8. Anything holo.. i guess thats not a color but thats exactly what im always gravitating towards :p Or.. purples. A purple Holo would be my most used nailpolish if i had one :p

  9. Isabelle

    Blues and turquoises and cool greens are my favourites!

  10. Jezi

    Grey! I know it’s weird, but I loveee them.

  11. I don’t gravitate towards certain colors so much as really unique colors and finishes. But I guess if I had to choose I would say green.

  12. futuralon

    Purples make up most of my collection. Overall I like saturated brights, like jewel tones but my face new color is grey :)

  13. Michelle

    Pink. I like pale pink on my fingernails and neon pink for my toenails.

    • Virginia

      Im with you there! OPI’s second honeymoon is a beauiful pale pink for finger nails

  14. Leia

    Pastels and nudes!

  15. Nicole R.


  16. Kay

    Coral reds or sheer pinks.

  17. Anything. O_O I have an enormous nail polish collection.

  18. Blue/turquoise are by far and wide my favorites in every makeup category, haha.

  19. Katya

    Taupes! And dark colors with shimmer!

  20. Rita

    Glitter. Purples, teals, greens. Super bright/shiny colours, but I don’t love neons that much.

  21. Vale

    Petroleum blue! <3 <3 <3 (and without glitters!)

  22. dark jewel tones, “unusual” colors like creme greens, & i’ve been trying to look for the “perfect red” for my fingernails!

  23. Pawsha

    Sparkly RED!!

  24. Nicole

    Purples and blues!

  25. Laia

    Lately it’s reds! But I kinda love them all :)

  26. Leenie

    purples and greens are my favorites

  27. bubbles

    Pastels !!! <3

  28. tawny

    reds and darks 😀

  29. shontay07108

    Colors like For Audrey and Mint Candy Apple. So, I guess those gorgeous minty greens.

  30. Elizabeth

    Cremes! Also I have a weakness for whatever is the rage at the moment… I really want to buy yellows right now for instance…

  31. RuBie

    Taupes, purples and also anything with a nice gold shimmer.

  32. Aurore

    Blue shades or anything black with a hint of something (like Chanel Vendetta)

    • Gabriella Manuli

      Ah! Chanel vendetta is my absolute favorite nail polish, that darkeggplant color… And when it catches the sunlight, it’s gorgeous! :3

      • Aurore

        I love the versatility of the Chanel shades. Paradoxal is wonderful for that! Greys, taupes and browns don’t work on my skin (they immediately look drab and dull) but this one is just perfect for me, and the shimmers in the sunlight are so unusual,mmmmh

  33. Miranda

    Blues, Golds, Silvers, and anything Glittery!

  34. Carrie Ann

    Corals and deep reds for my toes. When I paint my fingernails, it’s usually in a sheer or pastel shade. I prefer a more bare look for my fingers.

  35. Jo

    Beige, khaki, grey and all the shades in between. You can never have too many shades of grey…!

  36. Deniz

    reds, vamps and nudes! :)

  37. Em

    at the moment, lilacs! or any variation of pale purple.

  38. Blues.. & not just w. polishes, in my clothes & everything else.! I usually just try to stay away from pink, thanks to my lil’ sis.. she’s a little Barbie & super pink obsessed.! Ugh.. I don’t own a single pink np.. is that wrong.? ;P ok, I rambled.. lol sorry

  39. kirsten

    blacks and silvers… better if they are holos

  40. Marjolein

    Purples, lilacs en mauves.

  41. lazeny

    Nudes, beiges and an occasional red

  42. any of the muted colors…. though Greys, Teals, Greens, and Purples are my favorite and make up most of my collection. Which just got boosted thanks to Zoya’s Earth day! :)

  43. livnzoe


  44. IndigoXX

    Lately, my go to combo are nudes on my toes and a french manicure.

  45. CJ

    Anything bold, really. I love really bright neon colors and really dark, saturated colors. And anything with glitter, really.

  46. sue

    I love reds and corals !

  47. naz

    I thought it would be purple, but it turns out I have the most blues! I can’t resist an awesome blue.

  48. Laura

    I almost never wear nail polish, but when I do it’s usually black or vampy dark red. I’m thinking of getting something fun for spring, but I dislike the yellows that seem to be so trendy, and most pastels just don’t suit my hands for some reason!

  49. Meg

    Baby pinks – I love the way they look on my skin!

    Also, neon pinks give me the look of a little tan :).

  50. Ana G.

    Reds!! Have dozens of red polishes….

  51. Corals, peach, lilac and pink 😀 Like spring colors!

  52. Mariella

    Mostly it’s reds – pinky reds or more brown toned reds in autumn. Those are my standbys but I’m up for just about anything, barring brown/grey – especially on my toes!

  53. dovile

    Purples, corals and mints all the way! :)

  54. Jill

    Definitely nudes and pinks. My two favorites are OPI’s Samoan Sand, which matches my skin tone almost exactly, and Pistol Packin’ Pink, which is a really pretty light pink/peachy color. I like to wear bright colors in my clothes and sometimes I feel like I’m clashing if I have say, bright red nails and a purple shirt on.

  55. wallflower

    pastels and unusual colors in cream finish on fingernails, classic reds on toenails.

  56. Jade

    Greens, vamps, and glass-fleck/flaky finshes!

  57. Ms. Jimmi


  58. Stephanie

    Blues and Monty colors. I don’t know why exactly. But I’ve also been gravitating towards non-traditional pink colors.

  59. divinem (Melissa)

    Creme blue-reds and berry

  60. Lara

    Blues, specific cobalt blues with sparkles.

  61. Shilpa

    in general i go for nudes on my fingers and anything on my toes. but even within those categories, i go through phases. i was obsessed with the taupy purples that were all the rage a couple of years ago. currently im loving pink on mr fingers and tourquoise on my toes. havent touched black nor metallics yet.

  62. Monika-Luiza

    reds and no glitter or shimmer

  63. jenny

    Greens,and tealish kind of blues.

  64. Anything Glitters !!! and Pink !!! <3

  65. Pamela

    Depends on the season: corals, orange and copper for summer; rust, amber and chocolate for fall.

  66. Blues and greens, it’s so annoying though because I like to have a different colour on my nails each week! So I have to make an extra effort to look for a different colour without accepting the first blue/green I pick up!

  67. Silvers and Greens <3

  68. Lisa

    Blue. I definitely do that in clothing too!

  69. Becca

    not necessarily a colour, but I love cream finishes!!! sparkly and glittery colours just seem tacky to me… I don’t know, I’m weird, but I guess I like blues and weird purples like Houston We Have a Purple (OPI)

  70. Dana

    Greys – all shades and finishes

  71. Yazmin

    All colours! But for some reason i have more pinks than any other colour in my collection!

  72. KandyKimmy

    Pinks, glitter, holo, and violets!!

  73. Kat

    Hot pinks! I have sooooooo many

  74. Anne Gonzalez


  75. Chelsea


  76. Grace Chin


  77. Reds, blues, purples and greens, in that order.

  78. Ana Krum


  79. Carolanne

    periwinkle blues <3

  80. Sandra

    all kinds of blue, from light to teal and navy, i love blue!

  81. Tekoa

    I gravitate towards The Strange Colours. Examples include RBL No More War, MAC In the Buff and China Glaze Below Deck.

  82. Sara

    blues and pinks. Usually I go for colors that stand out instead of pastels or muted colors. Especially here in the Summer.

    In the Fall/Winter time, I still go for the blues and pinks, but also greens and purples and warmer and darker colors.

  83. Lee

    Hot pinks! I wear a classic slightly shimmery hot pink on my nails and a deeper, more shimmery hot pink on my toenails. I’ve experimented with other color but always come back to bright pinks.

  84. ashleigh

    my fingernails are for to most part are clear because of my job. But for my toes I almost always have a coral, orange or pink, but an orangy pink lol

  85. paola

    during this spring i gravitate towards pastels…. blues yellows and pinks or nudes

  86. Lori

    I never really thought that I tended to choose one color but almost all my polishes are bright pinks and purples.

  87. Pariah

    lately it’s been bright greens with glitter.

  88. Kaylee

    True Reds – shimmer, glitter & satin finishes (in the fall & winter mostly, but year ’round too).

    Brights & Neons (any color).

    Muted smoky neutrals (in the fall & winter mostly, but year ’round too).


    Couldn’t pick just one, as I switch my nail polish a LOT. And these are what I gravitate towards.

  89. Julia

    classic creme red on toes and pretty nudes on fingers. Vampy burgundies too!

  90. Amber

    glitters and holos!

  91. ling

    pinks and reds!

  92. Melina

    nudes… and really darks! :)

  93. Christina

    Cool Purples/Lavenders/Lilacs atm, Pamplona Purple :)