Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What makeup trend would you like to see make a come back? What are you hoping will be the “it” thing again?

Temptalia's AnswerCoral lips? I’m sooo not a trend hunter – I just don’t follow them. I feel like I see repeats of the same ones each season – skin/nudes for spring, corals/pinks for summer, berries/plums for fall, reds/glitter for holiday.

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47 thoughts on “What makeup trend would you like to see make a come back?

  1. I’m gonna go with the “Hair Mascara” on this one – you know what I’m talking about. Disco-Glitter and Neon coloured temporary streaks in your hair! If only they could make them less… crunchy… when they dried, haha!

    • artemis

      ohhh, i want that mascara haha :))

    • Melissa

      I’m pretty sure that you can still find hair mascara. I am sure I have seen it recently. Don’t know where you reside. I’m in Toronto. But yeah, hair mascara was awesome. I used it a lot back in the day.

  2. Meghan

    Maybe that 80’s trend of faking a beauty mark. I wasn’t born yet when this was in style, but I think channeling your inner Marilyn Monroe would be fun.

  3. Val

    I don’t want any specific trend but I want MAC nude rose lipstick to come back….I am using my third backup and I don’t have any left….

    • grace

      mac plink? as a dupe..its similar

    • Alison

      I wish all the MAC collections would come back at some point. I keep looking through the swatch galleries to find colors I would love to try only to see they’re from Limited Edition Collections!

  4. Frances

    I tend to look out more for different KINDS of products. New foundation and eye shadow consistencies, gel liners (hey, they were new once), lip gloss (ditto), lip tars (WOOHOO!), really dramatic false lashes like the Shu Uemura WKW Dance in Glitter ones (best buy ever!) and the like.

  5. Fey

    Textured eye shadow. Chunky gel liner applied with a toothbrush around the eye, gritty-looking gold glitter, smooth metallic cream eye shadows…it was very glam goth and experimental. I liked that individuals had their own twists on each look because they were impossible to replicate perfectly. Very unique trend.

  6. Nude lips perhaps? They haven’t been big, big for awhile. I agree though, beauty trends are cyclical.

  7. Alison

    I have absolutely no clue! I don’t really follow trends, either.

  8. condesa

    I’d love to see the 90’s back, I mean an almost bare eye (mascara + a little eyeliner that’s it – no shadow!!) and obvious, matte lips (in darker shades,like copper). Pale face, no blush – almost.
    Can you remeber Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors? I mean that look. Simple, clean and very sophisiticated. I am currently so fed up with smokey eyes everywhere!

    • Julianne

      You just said everything that I wanted to say. Let’s bring it back. :-)

    • Brenda

      LOL!! I was contemplating whether I’d like to see this again before I read down to your post!! My friends and I were totally poster girls for this look :) I went through several tubes of Revlon’s Toast of New York and Bonne Bell’s lipliner in Chutney. It was the perfect matte brown lip 😉

    • Mindy

      Maybe because I grew up in the nineties….this is how I wear eye makeup, haha! I have class pictures with this look. Let’s bring it back!!

  9. Ana G.

    I don’t follow’s more what I think suits me and I feel comfortable in. But I do agree with you Christine – I absolutely love coral lips, anytime of the year :-)

  10. CatherineM

    I don’t really follow make-up trends. By now I finally know what looks good on me and what’s an absolute no-go makeup-wise, so I try to follow my own personal beauty rules instead of trends.

    • Alison

      I agree! If something like nude lips were a trend, I wouldn’t do it because they make me look like a corpse! High contrast girls for the win1 XD

  11. artemis

    60’s make-up

  12. Coral lips are my thing which is why I grabbing MAC LE lipstick also the time are they never put anything permanent out there. ^___^

    Blue and teal eyeshadows! I sick of purple being a “standard” colour because it just doesn’t look good on me.

  13. Like I said, I’m really not aware of what’s trendy right now and not. 😛

  14. Saffy

    I nostalgically miss the 1999 trend of applying glitter on your cheekbones. Bonne Bell had some cheap scented glitter gel just for that purpose, and everyone owned a tube. All the girls in my grade 7 class looked like disco balls.

    • Rachael

      That was me!! If it came back into style I’d be all over that, even though I’m closer to 30 now! Hahahah! Bring on the glitter!

    • Raylena

      I remember those days! I still keep my cheapie tubes of face glitter in my vanity from years ago, for nostalgic purposes as well lol. As if it will come back and be appropriate for a 20 something to walk around with. A girl can wish lol!!

  15. Gillian

    Yay my question! Personally I would love to see the navy trend come back.

  16. Hend

    smokey eyes and nude lips are not so huge for now , I want this trend back !!

  17. Veronica

    I’m not a trend hunter, either. If I see a look I like, I try to copy it, but I don’t actively reorganize my collection to fit a current look.

    I will say that I’d love to see more women sporting a fierce cat eye. I’ve got an electric blue one on today. 8D

  18. Raylena

    I don’t know if this was ever a trend, maybe only in my book, but I would love to see people rocking the fuschia/ purple lipstick look. I am really wanting to wear my mac violetta lipstick without getting a billion stares like im some weirdo lol.

    • grace

      yes! purple lipstick is hardly “acceptable” in public.. you tend to get the strange look. i find it easier if its a dress up party or if i town down the purple to more a fushia/pink.
      but not since the colour blocking trend is in-im sure it should be too hard to pull off..

    • I don’t mind stares, I’ll just wear what I want 😛

    • Veronica

      I don’t wear purple quite as often because it requires more work, but I rock the hell out of fuschia on a regular basis. HATERS GONNA HATE.

  19. Arianna

    i want the 90’s back *_* earth colours, glitter and crazy hair *_*

  20. Maybe for a second, I’d want the doo-doo brown (sorry, but seriously, that was the color of it!) lipstick we wore in 1997, 1998 to come back.

  21. SHERRY

    I don’t go by trends either and I wear purple lipsticks all the time when I am wearing a purple outfit. I love purple and if anything I seem to get compliments . One eye makeup look I liked was the one Donna Mills wore in ‘Knots Landing”. It was pink eyeshadow with blue in the crease- does anyone remember that look? I wore it for quite some time before I began matching my makeup to my clothes. Of course now that I am a makeup junkie I have so many shades of all different colors.

  22. DollFace

    Thick black eyeliner… I will always love it!!!

  23. Charline

    I’ve been so tempted to buy a tube of “toast of new york” lipstick by revlon so I can channel my inner 8th grader from the early 90’s. I remember we used to carry a lighter so we could burn our black eyeliner for a few seconds so they could go on more intense. I would love nothing more to see glitter make a comeback also. You know, like the kind that looks like tinkerbell just sneezed all over your face. Never you mind that I’m a couple years over 30, I’d rock the shit out of that.

  24. Amy

    brights in general 😛

  25. Adelita

    I don’t want to wear this look everyday, but oh boy, how I want fifties & sixties makeups back in style!

  26. Emy

    Contouring like it’s 1989!

    Or the really done-up but natural 1970s look, you know long hair, all neutral but glowing, gloss if you’re fancy

  27. Maureen

    For real… every winter I’m like, “I want to get more adventurous with my makeup. already took down their fashion week photos, so I think I’ll google!” and Every. Freaking. Time. It’s Bronzed Goddess, Barely-There Eyes, and Nude Lips. It doesn’t actually change much. Although I wish black lipstick was 1% more acceptable, because then I’d wear it all the time. I wouldn’t want to wear it if everyone else is, but I don’t want to be gawked at, either.

  28. Em

    I don’t think it matters what the trends are, I wear whatever I like and what looks good to me.

  29. tamara

    i still play with the trends i like. i wear sky blue eyeliner half the time and glitter eyes frequently. make up all is about playing for me, i don’t like the no makeup look for me there is no point. i miss silver mascara and other crazy color mascara like i used to buy it used to come in cute tiny lily tubes damn i miss it

  30. Annie

    I wish twiggy would make a come back. I wasn’t born at that time but I think it would be fun to draw lower lashes like she did… sadly never have the chance to do so.