Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What makeup technique do you find most difficult to do? What do you struggle with?

Temptalia's AnswerFalse eyelashes! I have watched dozens of tutorials, cut lashes every which way, used tweezers, used pencils, brushes, different glue, different types of lashes, and it’s never a good time.

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73 thoughts on “What makeup technique do you find most difficult to do?

  1. Almon

    i have trouble with false eyelashes too! they’re so troublesome! :(

  2. Stephanie

    Because of the shape of my eyes, I have a real problem executing a cut crease look and not making it look really awkward!

  3. Miss J

    Due mostly to the shape/small lid space I have, probably lining my upper lashline. PITA!

  4. timothybcat

    Cat eye! I have liquid and gel liner on the lid down pat, but not the little flick at the the end. I always screw it up.

    • Ale

      Try doing it with an eyeshadow on a damp brush, it’s easier to correct mistakes with it and it’s easier to control. I use a small angled brush to do the flick :).

  5. Jenny

    Cat eye! For some reason, each eye turns out different from each other. I don’t know how to make them match :(

  6. Contouring and applying false lashes! I just cannot get them right =[

  7. I have some problems with full lashes, but my number one gripe has to be individual lashes. Maybe it’s just the glue I use, but they very rarely stay on! >:

  8. Roxanne

    Oh god, Christine, I don’t know if you’re a redditor but…

    If you’re gonna put on false lashes, you’re gonna have a bad time.

  9. katie

    blending false lashes is hard for me because my own lashes are so downcast. and cut creases suck for me.. of course that may be because i’ve only attempted it once…

  10. Sam

    winged eyeliner! That’s something I’ll never be able to do. I have a strange eye shape and my natural crease actually comes *very* close to my lashline in the outer corner, whereas most girls have a sizeable gap.

    I’ve grown to be okay with it though :) I think I’d just look like Sammi from Jersey Shore anyway lol

    • Pen

      Oh my gosh I have the exact same problem! I find that it’s a little better if I line my eyes when they are closed and I just extend the line out flat.

  11. Pamela

    False lashes and cat eye liner. Even without coffee I still have jittery fingers!

  12. Vanilla

    False lashes of course. Either they are too close to my natural lash line and get glued to them (extremely sad when I try to take them off), or it’s too high up and it looks fake.

    Otherwise, tightlining with Laura Mercier’s tightlining system. Perhaps with her brush it works, but I thought I might be able to use my MAC flatliner brush… nope, way too large. Extremely difficult and lacking precision. Then the activator dried up after 5 uses… gave up and returned it to Sephora. Meh, I’ll stick to idiot-proof pencil instead.

  13. I used to be really bad with falsies too, but I found a technique on YT that works for me. I use a small eyeliner brush and put the glue directly on my lashline and let it get tacky then I place the lashes.. It is just so so so much easier! Things I have problems with: Cutting the crease and contouring & highlighting

    • Sarah

      I get so frustrated with falsies! Do you have a link that tutorial? I have a few extra pairs that I don’t want to waste just lying around, might as well try!

      • Nadine

        Honestly, with false lashes…it all comes down to practice. It was so hard for me in the beginning. My lashes were glued too high, or they would stick to my lashes or they wouldn’t blend with my real lashes. It was a mess! But the more and more I continued trying, its becoming pretty easy.
        The trick is… find a lash that’s very natural. Cut it in half and practice just gluing the outer half of your eye instead of your full eyes. You start to really get the grip of it. When you get more comfortable, then start using the full lash.
        I hope that makes sense:)

  14. Veronica

    Eyeliner in general. I don’t necessarily find the top lashline difficult, per se, but the shape and depth of my eye means they’re sharply creased and curved in toward the lower lash line at the edges, so I have to be very exact in how I wing it out or it can smear. It can take a couple of tries to get right no matter how practiced my hand is.

    As for my lower lash line, I’ve never managed to find a way to line it that didn’t look strange to my eye. I think my eyes are too deep set to make it work – the angle separates the waterline and lower lash line too much to let them properly merge and it wind up looking weird.

  15. Winged eyeliner! Just when i think ive nailed it, i ruin my whole eye look and have to start all over again.. :(

  16. Kimmie T

    I am just a COMPLETE bafoon with concealer. I feel that it
    Never looks right. Like way too much or way too light. It’s just so much work. I would rather look tired.

  17. Tam

    I don’t know how to apply eyeshadow and I would love to know how to apply a smokey eye.

  18. tricia c

    christine, temptalia is mentioned in allure mag with nicki minaj on the cover, but i am sure you already know right.

  19. Because I have huge pores and occasionally flaky skin, I find applying foundation with my fingers just difficult! The result just never looks great; always too cakey and sinking into pores. It always accentuates any flaky skin. And yes I use primer and I chemically exfoliate regularly.

    So to achieve an acceptable base, I have to use a brush… Sigma F80 or F84 work well! Not a fan of sponges, like the BeautyBlender just because they absorb a lot of product. I’m cheap like that thank you very much.

  20. Anything to do with my eyebrows, be it shaping or contouring. I always end up leaving it alone, because I’m scared that I might have shaded a bit much or too lighter than the other one.

  21. Laura

    Contouring/highlighting I can’t get it all the right places with my blush and it just looks rubbish. I don’t really get why you wanna put that much make up on anyway :s And false lashes refuse to work on my eyes. I wish I could get them to look good because I’ve got tiny little short eyelashes :(

  22. Diana

    Using lip liner…

  23. Marie

    Eyeliner application is something I can never achieve right, and I don’t think I ever can.
    I have a regular row of lashes and above that an uneven spotted unruly row. So when I apply eyeliner, it looks like a line is sitting there, like I applied it far from my lashes. So it looks bizarre. I guess I should add color in between the lashes and then line, but I don’t have the patience!

    • Jenny

      I know exactly what you mean. I’m really bad at eyeliner, all types. I have a hard time getting the liner close to my lashes so there is not a gap between my liner and lashes, especially on the inner part of my eye. I also cannot draw a smooth even line on my lower lash line. I will do ok for a bit but once I get into the inner parts of my eyes my liner goes all wonky. And because of the shape my eyes I have to fill in the gap between the upper and lower liner on the outside corner because they won’t meet otherwise and it looks weird. Then my liner ends up looking heavy handed because I added the extra liner. I spend way too much time on it in the mornings.

      I am also terrible and putting eyeshadow my crease. It always wants to go above the crease.

  24. Kathy S.

    I can throw false lashes on someone else from across the room but, if I want the strip ones on myself, I add a half an hour to my makeup time. Winged liner on myself was kind of the same, but I have a hooded eye and it’s always a trick with them. It took forever to develop something kind of wingy, but it’s just a baby one compared to what I can do on other people’s faces. That’s part of why I started doing makeup – I could make cool stuff like MadMen looks on someone else. ;-P

  25. Kate

    Winged out (cat) eyeliner! I have the same problem as Sam. My eyes aren’t hooded in the traditional sense but my crease does come very close to my lashline at the end of my eyes. No matter what I do, the “cat” part of the eyeliner never shows up. I’ve given up and moved on!

    • Krystle

      what you want to do is try to draw the line with your eye open that way you can ensure that it shows up. I have small eye with a hooded lid, and i usually just have to make the line thicker for it to actually show. also drawing from the outside in makes it easier as well

  26. Terri

    Ummm…..everything to do with eyes actually except mascara!!! I keep trying though….

  27. Lib

    Contouring cheekbones

  28. Fitrah

    Liner on the top lash line, for sure. My eyelashes are very, very curly.

  29. Laurence

    I have a hard time filling my eyebrows, they never quite look the same hahah ! And applying eyeliner but that’s because I have hooded lids so I don’t wear it too often.

  30. Jennifer

    Contouring! I have a square-shaped face so try and make it look more slim/ovular, I end up having to put a ton of bronzer on my outer-jaw…but then it will look bad in a way because even if I bring it slightly down my neck, it’s still far too obvious!

  31. AnnMarie

    I have the same problems with false lashes, and winged eyes. But my big one is applying any liners/makeup to my lower lashes. I always feel like a wreak when I do.

  32. amy

    False lashes. I, too, have watched many tutorials, tried cutting them, used different brands/glues, still can’t get the hang of it. I took a stage makeup class in college, and that was the only thing I had trouble with. Luckily, I have long, full lashes naturally, and there are some good primers/mascaras on the market to give that effect. I’m working on the tightlining technique, too.

    I did see something on RuPaul’s Drag Race that I want to try; one of the contestants explained how she cut them into quarters, which seems unique. I actually get alot of inspiration from that show…

  33. Em

    False Eyelashes and Liquid Liner

  34. Zoe Archer

    I cannot do eyeliner on my top lashline. I have tried hundreds of times but it just comes out looking like a squiggly mess.

  35. MonicaP

    Winged eye liner. I just don’t think I have a good eye shape for it. My eyes are quite round and winged eye liner seems to look best on almond shaped eyes.

  36. Julie

    Gel liner is impossible for me!

  37. Hannah

    Another vote for false lashes!
    And liquid / gel eyeliner. I am not delicate of hand which I think is my problem.

  38. I actually have a hard time with lipstick. My lips are always flaky no matter how much I moisturize or exfoliate them. It’s not really noticeable when they’re bare, but as soon as I put lipstick on it accentuates all of the flakes and looks disgusting. So I usually just stick to gloss or tinted balm (revlon lip butters are a lifesaver for me!)

    • Sarah

      Me too – gutting since lip products are my favourite. Nothing makes them look nice and often I have a problem with tinted lip balms looking flakey in some places too :(

  39. Krista

    I sill have trouble with making my wing liner even on both eyes. I would constantly have to go back and forth to check and it takes the longest time in my everyday makeup routine to make sure that one eye doesn’t look too wonky. :))

  40. Amanda

    Definitely anything to do with the crease. My eyeballs are different shapes so it makes it look so weird if I try to define my crease at all, and I haven’t learned a way to make it better! I also used to be really bad with liner on the top lash, but I’ve gotten way better over the past year – I decided it looked really good on me and that I just had to fight through it!

  41. false eyelashes application

  42. Courtney

    Applying false eyelashes! I keep practicing, but I have yet to do it well.

  43. Quinctia

    Winged liner! But I’ve never even tried false eyelashes, so I’m probably bad at that, too.

  44. Jenn

    Eye makeup in general. My shadow looks are pretty simple/basic but that doesn’t bother me too much. Liquid liner and me don’t mix. I’ll keep practicing!

  45. Kristin

    Applying liquid eyeliner. Uggh.

  46. I have worn false eyelashes several times, but it’s something I prefer not to do because it takes too long and they just feel very heavy!

  47. Michelle

    False lashes (something always ends up getting in my eye), filling in my eyebrows (I always look like an angry, bushy creeper!), and any eye look that is neutral or daytime-friendly. LOL! I’ve gotten so accustomed to doing crazy, heavy eye looks that I don’t know how to be office-friendly anymore… good thing I’m still in college and can afford to do that on a daily basis without getting in trouble. =P Also I have issues covering up the redness on my face. I use all kinds of primers, correctors, and heavy coverage foundations and still nothing.

  48. Lark

    Liquid eyeliner. I gave up years ago. I do not have that steady of a hand.

  49. Christine O

    #1 would be cat eye liner #2 is a true dramatic cut crease. I have big round eyes so anything I do stands out. I am older so I think keeping it toned down is safer. Not that I want to be safe though. I keep trying so I guess that is what is important.

  50. Cat Nguyen

    Just practice Christine!

    For me… I have trouble with my dry lips. I exfoliate, drink water, and apply lip balm. Its always dry! I have many cute lipstick colors and they all look terrible when my lips are so dry.

  51. Yazmin

    Blending contrasting colours effortlessley into each other, i watch tons of people do it and it looks amazing, i do it, and i just looks muddy

    oundation, i stll feel as though as my foundation application isnt as perfect as i want it be, i still struggle with it

    And applying eyeshadows below the lower waterline, i watch other people do it an it looks so easy and neat, but when i do it, it makes me look borderline clown

  52. Adrienne

    Where to begin…False eyelashes (granted I’ve tried once!) Top liner (cat eye), Big problems doing the outter v for heavier eye looks, they look weird and never match. And I basically cant wear lipstick no matter how much exfoliation and hydrating I do. Lastly, contouring; it ends up looking the same as if I didnt do anything.

  53. Liz

    Winged eyeliner. Sometimes I can nail it the first time (like my wedding day), other times I keep messing up. The best method for me is using a brush and a cream/gel eyeliner. Also, believe it or not, I have to be very careful applying mascara. Sometimes it will hit my eyelids.

  54. gabriella

    I also have trouble with false lashes! Tightlining, my eye will just involuntarily blink and end up putting liner too high on the lashline, so I have to thicken the line and its not tightlining anymore lol. I can’t do a cat eye either. Always ends up uneven and I cant use liquid liner to do it because I have a heavy hand! Ends up patchy on me. Haha Im good with makeup though, I swear =p

    • Yasemin

      me too! trouble with false lashes (somehow I cant place then along my lashes correctly and forget using an entire strip, I have to cut them in half so it’s just the outer fringe) and I also can NEVER get the cat eye right.
      On eye will look beautifully glamorous but then the other one…*sigh* 6 tries later my eye is starting to get red from irritation and I give up. It’s always the left one I cant do right, I wonder if it is shaped differently.

  55. Jessica

    Either false lashes or eyeliner. I tried eyeliner first with a felt tip pen and it would always leave a gap between my lashes unless I actually tightlined, liner my top lash line and went in between every single lash. My eyelash band is quite hig, but I finally found refuge with gel liner and a brush. With falsies, oh my god! I just can’t do it.

  56. JEN

    Winged eye liner!!! It never comes out even!!

  57. Alexis

    I’ve never been able to line my lower waterline. I don’t know if it’s just because I have sensitive eyes, or if it’s something more…but yeah. It never works.

  58. I really dislike tightlining because my eyes water so much, and my hooded lids make defining my crease quite difficult. It’s hard for me to create one!

  59. Caroline

    Any style of eyeliner at all, when it comes to my left eye. I’m practically blind without my glasses, and my vision in my right eye is worse than my left so closing that eye to line it always ends with smeared liner and a crooked line. I’m half tempted to get corrective surgery just so I can finally wear eyeliner that doesn’t look like it was applied by a toddler, hah.