Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What makeup look makes you feel your prettiest? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerBold lips always seem to do it for me! I really love a neutral eye with a hint of gold/warmth paired with a brilliant red (my go-to would obviously be Chanel Dragon).

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53 thoughts on “What makeup look makes you feel your prettiest?

  1. Nicole

    An overall natural look with really big, voluminous lashes.

  2. Renee'

    Oddly enough just black eyeliner and mascara. It brings out the different colors of my hazel eyes.

  3. blueraccoon

    Sometimes I feel the prettiest when i’m wearing minimal makeup – tinted moisturizer, blush, lipstick or lip gloss, and some mascara. It’s enough to be subtle and not scream “I’m wearing makeup”, but it gives me more color and makes my skin look better. Plus I love lipsticks, lip glosses, etc, and I always feel better when I have something on my lips *g*

  4. Megan

    Bright eyes (white, cream colors and shimmer) with bold but natural lashes, rosy cheeks and rosy lips. Very much a natural dewy look that reminds me of winter.

  5. zulaikha

    Minimal foundation with mascara , black eyeliner and a bold red lip, natural looking makeup with neutral eyeshadow and pink/ coral lip.

  6. xamyx

    While no particular makeup look makes me *feel* any prettier than another, I have to say there are looks that are better suited to my features than others. One of those is a 1930s inspired look: I simply use matte neutral eyeshadow, like NARS Madrague, a thin line of liquid or cake liner on top lashes only, and loads of mascara. Lips are a matte red, and on the face is foundation, with a light application of contour & highlight.

  7. Jade

    The look that makes me feel prettiest would be flushed cheeks and a pinky nude matte lip, with defined eyebrows & understated eyes (maaaaybe winged black liquid eyeliner). Sexy however would be a dramatic dark eye, smokey or otherwise!

  8. Jax

    A Strong Neutral eye.

    I tend to think of my blue eyes as being my best feature and minimal colour lets them stand out.

    I have scars from a dog bite as a kid round my mouth. Even though they are faded and with foundation you can hardly see them I still feel self conscious about putting too much emphasis on my month.

  9. Nicoco Chanel

    Flawless foundation and blush/highlighter! The eye look is irrelevant as long as the base looks fab to me.

  10. Sarah

    Purple smokey eyes ( something with armani ETK #3 or 4 or Chanel illusion d’ombre illusoire ) and very natural lips ( e.g. chanel boy) does the trick for me, of course combined with a flawless skin.

  11. Without eye make-up, I feel naked, so I definitely need a bold eye look to feel pretty and confident!

  12. Tigerlily

    A beautiful, discreet winged eyeliner…done by a make up artist! I’m still struggling to do it as nicely as they do.

  13. K

    smokey eyes, big lashes and a neutral lip!

  14. Jaycee tan

    Kim Kardashiam contoured and highlighted look

  15. Eyeliner!! I have very unimpressive eyes so every little bit helps!

  16. Marianne

    Winged eyeliner and a touch of highlighter on tops of cheekbones. I think that’s when I look my girliest!

  17. Alexcia Redd

    Foundation with a dewy finish…since I am older and my skin is mostly dry the dewy finish gives me that youthful glow:)

  18. Nesita

    It has to be a simple eye make up (a slick of ayeliner and lots of mascara) with a bright lip.

  19. Sam

    Copper eyeshadow, a little black eyeliner, and dramatic lashes! My eyes are my favorite feature, and this makes them really stand out…

  20. “Pretty”, as opposed to “knock-out”, “expensive”, or “classy”, is not that difficult to achieve. I think Dick Page has it down to science – perfect, youthful skin, with some shine to it; natural blush, minimal eye-makeup, some rosy colour in the lips.

  21. Monica

    I feel that a brown/bronze eye makeup with dark eyeliner, a rosy blush and natural lips really becomes my face features (I am of turkish descent)

  22. Lee

    I like defined top eye liner in a copper. It makes my eyes look very blue and the liner on the top only makes my small-ish eyes look bigger. (plus I think it looks vaguely 50s retro) The first time I tried it, I kept catching glimpses of myself in the mirror and thinking how pretty it looked.

  23. I’m the opposite, Christine :) I tend to feel glamourous with a dark sultry eye and a neutral lip. I think if I had your lips, I would be on the same page 😉

    • Susan Nevling

      I agree with you Wendy. Well defined eye with shadows, liner and mascara. a more neutral lip. I also agree Christina’s lips, teeth, and smile are beautiful!

  24. Joanne

    Luminous skin (as in tinted moisturizer with a hint of sheen on the highest point of cheeks), neutral eye with mascara, and moisturized lips.

  25. Bobbie Zilliox

    Black winged/ cat eyeliner. I wear it everyday! I probably shouldnt.. but we all play by our own rules right! :) I love anything with a vintage vibe and cat eyes are very Marilyn Monroe pin-up-esque to me.

  26. I can’t fail to feel pretty when I have on a pair of flirty false lashes. 😉

  27. Anna

    Mascara makes me feel pretty. I put on so much mascara that it is scary! But I have a lot of lashes and I can build them up and it always looks good. Of course mascara is not the only thing that will work in making me feel pretty but it is the one thing I will do every day and then I walk around feeling like I got rockstar lashes.

    • js..

      Me too! thought i was the only mascara lover here.. all i need is mascara to feel pretty, and i mean alot mascara haha

  28. Yellowlantern

    Eyeliner on top lid only, mascara, and a highlighter on my cheekbones makes me feel my prettiest. Now if only I was better applying eyeliner. It takes 15 minutes and a qtip with makeup remover at the ready so I rarely bother with liner. 😛

  29. Courtney

    Good eye makeup with slightly winged eyeliner. The liner just shapes my eyes a little differently and it’s so pretty.

  30. Liz

    I like to do purple eye makeup. I feel it really makes my brown eyes pop.

  31. Laia

    I’m feeling pretty with coral pink blush. That, and almost seamless skin (which I tend to have when I eat very healthy… I should do that more often.)

  32. it’s always blush! tarte cheek stain in blissful or dollface does wonders!

  33. redshift87

    A warm gray eyeshadow like Stila Dapple; black or dark purple eyeliner; and a pretty pink pout (Buxom Marissa) make me feel prettiest!

    Unfortunately, both Dapple and Marissa are no longer being made… figures that they would be some of my all-time favorites.

  34. Ana

    Winged eyeliner and red lips or another bright lip :)

  35. Amanda

    Cat eyes and false lashes! Love that!

  36. Geneva

    Winged eyeliner, lots of mascara and rosy or red lips.

  37. Kesley

    Kinda off topic, but any long time reader knows you’re fav, chanel dragon, has been discontinued. I was wondering if you’d tried to dupe it with lip tars. You probably already thought of this, but I wanted to say it anyway in case you hadn’t. Hope this helps :)

    • Dragon has shimmer and a glossy finish, so I don’t think you could dupe it with Lip Tars. You’d be better off taking a blue-based red lipstick and adding a shimmery red gloss on top!

  38. Brenda

    Medium-thick black gel/liquid liner on top lashes, slightly winged (I have large-ish almond shaped eyes), three coats of a really good mascara, peachy flush cheeks and natural/nude lips. That makes me feel my prettiest, not sexy-ist, but prettiest.

    golden brown hair/hazel eyes/nw20

  39. Melissa

    I feel my prettiest when I wear black winged liner on the top, a ton of mascara and red lipstick. Red lipstick always makes me feel happy.

  40. Lizzy

    Mascara, neutral shadow and cat-eye liner with cherry red lips. I feel pwetty oh so pwetty. :)

  41. Nikki

    I feel prettiest in natural makeup: a little foundation for evenness, a soft blush for a flush of color, and my favorite neutral gloss!

  42. lilly04

    natural eyeshadow with soft dark shadow in the crease to make the eyes bigger, winged eyeliner, a lot of mascara and natural lips with just a hint of colour.

  43. JEN

    I love the neutral look because it’s something I do everyday and doesn’t take away from my natural features. Neutral to me is just a little tinted moisturizer, cream blush for a nice soft flush, a sheen highighter, concealer just under my eyes, brows filled in, mascara and curling my lashes, then a soft neutral pink lipstick.

    However, if I do something dramatic for special events, false lashes always makes me feel prettiest.

  44. Mar

    I feel prettiest when my eye makeup looks great. Cat-eye liner, deep black (non clumpy) lashes and a nice neutral shadow!

  45. Cat G

    Gold shimmered lipgloss, gold-brown eyeshadow, a subdued peachy blush and lot’s of lengthening mascara!

  46. Tamara

    colorful eyeliner and mascara