Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What luxury lipstick would you recommend to someone looking to splurge? What’s really worth it?

Temptalia's AnswerGuerlain Rouge Gs — I think it has one of the largest color ranges (with a lot of universally wearable shades) and an amazing formula (creamy, lightweight, longer-wearing, comfortable, moisturizing).

Thanks to Jennifer for today’s question!

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64 thoughts on “What luxury lipstick would you recommend to someone looking to splurge?

  1. moena

    Agreed, Rouge G and Rouge D’Armani.

  2. divinem1

    Guerlain Shine Automatique 

  3. uniqlos

    I have two, and I love them (although I need to figure out how to get Gigi to stay longer on my lips, sometimes I think it’s almost too moisturizing haha. But it fades into a lovely stain, so it isn’t so bad), they’re like the higher end sisters of the Revlon Lip Butters, I think. And they’re so heavy they could double as weapons lol. 
    I just got the Chanel Rouge Allure Laquer in Phoenix and the gloss version in Exuberance and I love them too, so I recommend them as well (tho they probably fall under the wider category of lip products, not just being lip sticks). Which are better, the Chanel laquers or the YSL Glossy Stains?

  4. hwendy

    the most comfortable formula i have ever tried is suqqu.
    it is a bit sheer, not long lasting and very boring colour selection. I bought lots of lipstics from fancy brands and in fancy colours but i actually use the “boring” but comfortable ones the most.
    hourglass lip colour:very comfortable and it kind of fill up the lines on my lips and make my lips looking fuller.It is not long lasting either but this is never an issue for me, i like to apply my lipsticks all the time. and i really want to finish at least one lipstick one day.
    then, I agree Rouge G and Rouge D’Armani are both good. I also like YSL volupte.

  5. ms

    i tried garconne a couple of times, wasn’t thrilled w/ it. i will not be spending money on guerlain lipsticks, which is good for my wallet.  i would recommend urbandecay revolution to some1, or too bad chanel dragon is not available anymore,
    i m thinking of buying burberry ruby, even though i think it’s practically identical to russian red.  

  6. Kathy S

    Guerlain, Chanel or Tom Ford

  7. Mariella

    Probably Chanel, YSL or maybe Tom Ford (I’ve never tried his lipstick – I leave so much product all over my coffee cups that it would break my heart!)

  8. Iliana

    Rouge G (i simply adore all Guerlain lipstick formulas but i am just mentioning the Rouge G because only these have high enough price point to be considered luxury lipsticks) , Tom Ford, Suqqu, Serge Lutens and if liquid lipsticks count, Ellis Faas Creamy Lips. LOVE all these formulas

  9. Guerlain Rouge Automatique & Shine Automatique. I haven’t tried Rouge G yet, but I have no word for how much these have impressed me!

  10. smelleh

    Definitely would recommend Guerlain Rouge Gs too! I don’t actually own any because they’re so fabulous that I think If I had one, I’d have to get another (since they do have lovely shades!) and I don’t think my bank account would appreciate that!

  11. t_zwiggy

    My personal favorite is Cle de Peau Extra Silky Lipstick ($52). They are lightweight and creamy with a glossy finish and don’t dry out my lips like most other lipsticks do. They are also scent free, which I love (I easily get headaches from over perfumed makeup).

  12. Elle

    Cle De Peau Beaute Extra Rich Lipstick… It’s SO expensive, but so lovely. :)

  13. AwwRITE

    Yup, Guerlain Rouge G (or Rouge G le Brilliant if you want to splurge on a beautiful sheer)!

  14. Rouge d’ Armani. They have great pigmentation, last long, and they have a wide range of colors. Absolutely gorgeous!

  15. JenniferP

    Tom Ford-it long lasting and great pigmentation

  16. Annika

    Dior Serum de Rouge!

  17. Marie

    Rouge G as well. It’s both a beautiful object and a quality product.

  18. xamyx

    For me, lipstick is one of the items I look to drugstore brands for, so I can’t see myself recommending any luxury brand as a splurge. I have yet to find any HE lipstick to wear any better on me than drugstore brands; in fact, my favorites ATM are Rimmel & L’Oreal. The only time I shell out for higher end is if it’s a “wow” color, but that is very rare (or the brand has a fabulous GWP, then the price is worth it).

  19. Caitlin Mary

    Guerlain lipsticks and Smashbox Legendary formula lipsticks ( I looooove Petal, such a brilliant pink).

  20. Tom Ford.  I love how creamy and smoothly they apply.  I wear a lot of MAC lipsticks because they are always so fashion forward with their colours, but Tom Ford lipsticks beat them by a mile.  

  21. Rouge G and Rouge d’Armani. Nothing competes with those in my book.

  22. Lily Spurgeon

    Hourglass & Nars. Two of the Best feeling lipsticks…

  23. Hinna Mansoor

    Chanel and Nars!!!! :) well Chanel because of the packaging lol and Nars because they stay on forever and feels amazing on :).

  24. Frances Sai Cabrera

    Nars!! I’m wearing “Schiap” right now!

  25. Ashley Blanchard

    YSL. They’re so nice if you don’t mind re – applying!

  26. Nurul' Ain Mohd Tahir

    YSL. Sleek packaging, pretty colors.

  27. Dana Zahran


  28. Dana Zahran

    Guerlain rouge G

  29. Dana Zahran

    I just saw ur fav. We agree lol

  30. Shelly Leong

    ysl- they are beautiful!

  31. Jolie Angel

    Cle de peau only!!!!

  32. Debi Towle

    Chanel Rouge Allure

  33. Scarlett Zahn


  34. Siri Eline Ofstad


  35. Adriana Ramos


  36. Penelope Bellavia

    guerlian rouge G

  37. Christina Zaremba

    Tom Ford

  38. Pili Cedillo

    Guerlain Rouge Automatique

  39. Beth Goldsammler

    Not YSL … they have a funny scent :-(

  40. Kaitlin Grammer

    Rouge Bunny Rouge!

  41. Maria Delatorre de Romero

    Definetely Chanel double intensite in Rose Topaz

  42. Dominique33

    Rouge G, the object is beautiful, created by a jeweller from Place Vendôme, Paris.

  43. Kafka

    Well, I’m going to be the lone voice and say my beloved NARS.  I truly have never found a comparable lipstick brand that stays on *like glue,* has a wide range of bright matte colours, does not bleed or feather, and which makes me feel sexy/pretty. I have lipsticks from all the high-end brands except Tom Ford and none of them are like my NARS. I recently got Rouge D’Armani in 400 and it’s like a “Holy Mother of GOD” colour. Gorgeous and quite possibly THE most perfect red I’ve ever seen (and I have a lot of reds). BUT…it bleeds like crazy. Even with lipliner, it just bleeds and feathers all over the place. I’ve never had my NARS bleed on me. But at least the Armani stays on a *long* time, unlike the Guerlain or YSL that vanish within a few hours. (I think Guerlain, in particular, is massively over-rated and over-hyped nowadays. Their old formulation, in contrast, with their KissKiss Long Lasting matte lipsticks was to die for.) Chanel is a little bit better in terms of length coverage but… eh  (shrug).  It’s a really hit or miss brand for me.  Every time I try one of those other brands, the first thought in my mind is: “this doesn’t feel as good/solid/ever-lasting/matte as my NARS.”

    • xamyx

      @Kafka Now I *have* to try NARS lipsticks! I haven’t really bought HE in a while because I haven’t found any that were worth the extra cost (and why I rarely even bother with it any more). I have been eyeing a few NARS shades, though, especially Times Square (if it’s still available). NARS *does* have some “wow” shades, so since I’ve pretty much bought all the eyeshadows that were on my list, I guess I can start on the lip colors. Maybe next weekend…

      • Kafka

         @xamyx  @Kafka  Oooh, you’ll have to tell me what you end up trying or, perhaps, even buying. Seriously, I can’t wait to hear. :))))  I don’t know if they still have “Times Square;” it’s definitely not one of their current semi-mattes or pure mattes (which is what I stick with).  BTW, I put on the remnants of my tube of Scarlet Empress (semi-matte vermilion crimson) today at around 4:30 pm and it’s now 1:56 a.m.  Despite constant sipping of Diet Coke (seriously, *constant.* I use a straw but still, I go through at least 4-6 liters a day, every day!!) and some snacks, there is still a faint trace of it all over my lips. That’s what, over 10 hours?! Unreal. Obviously, the non-mattes won’t last anywhere close to that length of time but no other brand can last anywhere *close* to that. Not with what I put lipstick through. 

        • xamyx

          @Kafka I just left Sephora a while ago, and I swatched Mascate (Pure Matte) & Fire Down Below (semi-Matte), but I didn’t buy either (today). I swatched others, but those are the two I’ve narrowed it down to. I like the color of FDB better, but I prefer the Pure Matte formula. Also, I have a trip to Disneyland planned this weekend, so I probably need to curb my spending a bit. There is a Sephora in Downtown Disney, so I know I’ll end up there at some point… I will probably end picking up both colors, as I really like matte formulas, both aesthetically & wear time. I also saw some nude type shades, but I’ll swatch them at a more economically sound time; I can only deal with lusting after a few products at a time. I also ended up *finally* swatching the eye duo in Portobello, and I concluded I can wait awhile on that, since I have UD dupes. Would you happen to know how the darker shade in Jolie Poupee compares to the purple side in Caravaggio? No counter near me stocks it, so I can’t swatch it in person. I’m not to keen on the pink side, but if the purple side is different enough I can justify ordering it online.

        • Kafka

           @xamyx  @Kafka  ROFL @ “I can only deal with lusting after a few products at a time.” Hahaha, I hear you on that. NICE choice of lipstick colours. Like you, I prefer full matte myself but I think Mascate is as lovely as FDB in its own way. Definitely diff. enough to warrant both (in my enabling opinion. LOL) Did you look at Vesuvio, btw? Check eBay for the FDB. You can find it with the box from a number of serious NARS sellers for a really good price. I know a lot of people don’t trust eBay but I’ve never had a problem with fakes and have gotten some absolute steals on NARS. Seriously crazy price differential!  I’m afraid I don’t have Jolie Poupee or Caravaggio. But from swatches I’ve seen online, I would say the purple side of Caravaggio looks more plum/red based in its underhues than the purple side of Jolie Poupee.  (I hope it’s okay to link to a swatch I found online showing some NARS purples in the pan:  Jolie Poupee is on my list of things I want but it’s below Rated R, Paramaribo and a few other shades. Plus, I just got Daphne so my purple lust is temporarily assuaged. Barely…. 😉

  44. blueraccoon

    Rouge G. It’s the most comfortable lipstick I’ve ever worn, and the case is just gorgeous. I find myself smiling every time I pick it up.

  45. Safyre

    I adore Lancome’s Color Design lipsticks, they feel so nice when applied without a balm or primer, which is something I don’t really come across unless I use something that’s more moisturizing like the Revlon Lip Butters, which aren’t technically lipstick. They are super moisturizing and go on even and opaque without much effort. I feel they’re underrated because I never hear anyone talking about them, but I feel they’re definitely worth a try :)

  46. Maya

    For me, it’s YSL Rouge Volupte.  I don’t know what it is, but many lipsticks and glosses fade so quickly on me.  These last for hours and are very moisturizing and comfortable to wear.  I know some people say these are dry or fade too fast, but my experience has been the complete opposite.  Love them

  47. Michaela Degenaro

    Cle de peau, Tom Ford, Chanel, or Guerlain.

  48. Lily Kelley

    Guerlain or Chanel

  49. Manda Butler


  50. Kia Thomas

    I’m with YSL

  51. Nikolas Deveraux

    YSL and Tom Ford :)

  52. Nikolas Deveraux

    Oh and Givenchy :)

  53. Liz

    I don’t own any traditonal HE lipsticks.  All of my lipsticks come from the drugstore.  I do however, love Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in Dolce Vita.  At $24, I do consider it a splurge.  I love it and and wear it a couple of times a week. 

  54. Heather Goad

    Nars all the way

  55. Dolce and Gabanna lipsticks….not quite expensive as Guerlain, Tom Ford or Cle de Peau…but it is quite luxurious and has some of the prettiest classic red lipsticks

    • hwendy

      I was given a Dolce Gabanna lipstick from Monica Bellucci collection the other day under the condition that i have to wear everyday for few weeks and let people know what i am wearing if someone ask.. of course i took it but didn’t do it as i can’t stand wearing some stuffs more then 2 days in a row..
      but it is actually surprisingly good and the packaging is luxury too but i am not sure about her signature though..
      I like their standard packaging. very pretty and simple.   

  56. Aesthete Beauty News

    YSL Rouge Volupte silky

  57. rara

    Chanel (that’s luxury for me)…

  58. whyana

    YSL Rouge Volupte! The packaging just feels luxurious. The regular formula is super pigmented, and very creamy and long wearing. But they also have the shimmer version, which is gorg as well.

  59. Antonella Anger Bua

    Tom ford! Sooooo expensive and good feeling!