Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What lipsticks make you feel most confident? Share yours!

Temptalia's AnswerChanel Dragon–no doubt about it, it is my power red. For something subtler, I’ll go Guerlain Gems (coral) or Guerlain Ginny/Gillian (both great more neutral shades).

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61 thoughts on “What lipsticks make you feel most confident?

  1. Revlon’s Black Cherry. I use it as a stain and I find it to be an immediate confidence and mood booster.

    • Nikki

      Black cherry is gorg!

      Mine is def Viva glam gaga 2
      Luckily i have two of them right now and the lipglass but it sucks cause i’ll never get it again >.<

  2. Red family! (Including pink-reds and red-coral)

  3. Peggy

    My power red is definitely Revlon’s Fire and Ice! It was my first ever red lipstick and though I do wear bold shades on a regular basis, I like thinking about how much more confident I am at pulling off something so attention-grabbing than I was back then.

    Otherwise, my favourite lipsticks to wear for confidence would be my OCC lip tar in Strumpet (with the Sephora color lip last lipstick in Royal Raspberry for touch-ups. almost the exact same shade!) and my Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Crush, as that one’s such a lively bright pink.

  4. xamyx

    My eyes are my most prominent feature, and I have a strong bone structure, so I tend to emphasize those features. I typically choose to downplay my lips, and as long as my eye makeup looks good, I feel more confident. Besides, eye contact is a sign of confidence, so when I’m in a position where I need to make an impression, I don’t want the other person to be focused on my lips. I guess you can say a nude or MLBB shade is my “go-to” when the stakes are high; however, I still enjoy reds & vampy shades, too, when appropriate.

  5. Kristine

    Definitely nudes. My favorite is Tom Ford Blush Nude. I recently bought Burberry Nude Beige so hoping that will be amazing too!

  6. My power red was an Avon shade called Wonder Wine. Of course, they discontinued it. Nowadays I like Revlon Mulled Wine, MAC Dark Side, NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Absolute Red.

  7. Michelle Brown

    I feel most confident with the Revlon lip butter in Berry Smoothie, because it always looks good on me! However, I also feel confident in any berry-red lip color; one I own and love is Red Velvet from Revlon.

  8. Jennifer

    Flattering brights such as MAC Hibiscus and Watch Me Simmer

  9. j e n n y

    Chanel Dragon
    Tom Ford Wild Ginger
    Nars Volga

    Just to name a few :)

  10. rena

    I dont own a lot of lipsticks, but I feel confident with my NARS Jungle Red, Chanel Rouge Coco in Peregrina and Jersey Rose.

  11. breyerchic04

    MAC Plumful.

  12. Tigerlily

    I wish I could say a bold red or a deep berry, which I do wear about twice a year for veeery special occasions 😉 but I am too shy to wear those. Instead I’d have to go with a beautiful coral (e.g. NARS New Lover in that jumbo pencil form) or a great MLBB (such as UD’s Naked, also in jumbo pencil) that hugs the lips well.

  13. julia

    it really depends on my mood. When I want to be taken seriously or have a ‘get stuff done NOW day’ I grab Revlon’s Really Red (matte), on days when I’m more relaxed its a tinted lip balm, days I’m girly and princess-y it’s my Candy Doll baby pink lip concealer and gloss and on days when I’m feeling kooky and creative it’s Mac’s Hang Up or Lime Crime’s Chinchilla. I definitely have taken a likely to lipsticks more as I’ve gotten older as I wear fairly bold glasses and have hooded eyes. And it takes less time!

  14. Lindsey

    Revlon Sweet Tart!

    It’s bright and everyone compliments me on it. Plus when it fades it leaves a bit of a stain on me, so I am confident that it always looks good, even if I’m eating.


    MAC Vegas Volt!

  16. sarah lowe

    Mac Pink Nouveau or any nude!

  17. My power red is Tom Ford Diabolique, but I also enjoy shades like Hourglass Icon, Dior Diorling, GA Lip Maestro 400 and so on immensely! There’s something about painting on a red pout that is very empowering, though sometimes I feel I attract a bit too much attention that way.

  18. JEN

    MAC’s Rebel lipstick! I just love that shade and it makes me feel like “rebel” everytime I wear it.

  19. Carmen

    Definitely a red lipstick. My favs are Mac Ruby Woo and Nars Dragon Girl. They just empower me like no others. I feel seductive, sexy and in control. It’s a psychological thing, I suppose.

  20. Attika

    Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Bordeaux! It’s such a gorgeous deep berry that stains pink, makes me feel much prettier!

  21. Aqilah Hassan

    I love MAC Please me! Bright matte pink lips definitely to go! :)

  22. Dominique

    Burberry Military Red and all red lipsticks ! I also love deep berry ones and deep pink ones but my fav colour for lippies is red to feel more confident I mean.

  23. Mariella

    My standby lipsticks are all from MAC – Craving, Plumful and Capricious. I’m a pretty confident dame, so I don’t really rely on a lipstick to make me feel confident but I know those 3 shades flatter me and are very wearable with almost everything I wear and what I generally put on my face.

  24. mirian

    Chanel rouge allure in passion and mac love goddess!!

  25. My lovely Ruby red from SEPHORA AND THE Red winter trend from The Body Shop

  26. Anne

    I like the way I feel with my Guerlain Samsara on!

  27. I’m still searching for a Dragon dupe! I’m also trying to find a dupe for Guerlain Gems and haven’t succeeded yet. Anyone got any recommendations on that front? The best I can think of is patting MAC Rose pigment into some other lipstick/lip gloss :\

    Personally, I think the lipstick I feel most confident in is MAC Pink Nouveau. I know most people seem to say reds, but there’s something about that cool toned pink that just really suits my skintone I think.

  28. Stephanie TP

    If I wanna go bold: NARS Damned lip pencil. It’s such a wonderful color, and I think it looks really nice with my pale skin. I always get complimented on it :)
    If I wanna go super red: Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Icon!
    If I wanna go natural: MAC floating lightly, Burberry Lip cover in Nude Rose

  29. jenninka

    Kat von d foiled love in adora, nars dolce vita, Mac viva clam cyndi. They make me confident for different reasons but unloved them all.

  30. Abby

    MAC deeply adored and Russian Red

  31. Orlane

    Nars Baroque velvet gloss lip pencil :D.

  32. CC

    Anything bright, bold, even neon! Reds, oranges, corals, pinks!!!

  33. Roxanne

    Revlon’s Raspberry Bite! It’s pretty much exactly the colour of raspberries. Most of the time I wear it as a stain because I’m terrible at wearing lip colours all day. I also love wearing Shiro Cosmetics’ intertubes in Trololo (orange-red, though it pulls very orange on me), 40 Cakes (bright Barbie pink)and Shoop Da Whoop (strawberry red/pink). They’re all more spring/summer colours though.

  34. Kafka

    NARS Vesuvio. (I feel like a broken record. lol) It’s my total and complete HG power red for when I want to feel coolly confident, strong, unflustered and in control. On occasion, I’ll wear a red I have from Lipstick Queen or the sadly discontinued but famous Paloma Picasso Red, but Vesuvio is what I automatically and instinctively reach for. If they ever discontinue it, I will — quite literally — sit down and cry.

  35. Illamasqua’s Encounter! I wear it only on special occasions so it retains its power…

  36. Linda

    Chanel’s lipstick in Rouge Noir. WOW! Love it!

  37. Mar

    NARS Funny Face. When I’m going casual, Illamasqua Boost. They’re bright, a little quirky, very fun.

  38. ZG

    When I’m feeling like badass…Mac Ruby Woo mixed with a black lipstick with a bronzy face. A close runner up would be NYX creme matte lipstick in the color Amsterdam (its a yellow based red btw) … goodness gracious – men heads turn like they got whip-lash – can’t be shy with that one ladies..

    Please note ladies… I only wear them when I am feeling very Beyonce -like running the world… lol…

  39. Coco72

    MAC Russian Red lipstick

  40. chris

    MAC: Show Orchid, Rare Exotica, Quick Sizzle, Ruby Woo and MAC Red.

  41. Liz

    Bobbi Brown Nude Lipstick. Despite the title, it’s a pretty exciting color. It’s a pinky brown with a hint of red. I feel it really makes my lips look nice.

  42. Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Nocturne is my power red for sure! For other days when I don’t want to wear something so bold, I really like YSL’s Glossy Stain in #07 and Silk Naturals Kissable Cream in Grenache. The latter got discontinued, so luckily I bought 2 more tubes before it sold out so I can continue to have it!

  43. Courtney

    A cool-toned nude always makes me feel sexy. Most nudes are too peach of pink for me, but when it gets more brown or taupe, I love it!

  44. Rachael

    Anything red, generally. Revlon’s Really Red matte is great. Dior Addict Extreme is also really great. As is Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 01.

  45. Lakitha

    I am an NW45 who loves color. Some of my favorite bold shades are So Chaud, Violetta, Show Orchid, and Full Fuschia. I also love vibrant bronzes and reds.

    When I truly want to be daring for places like the club, I will sometimes where a blue pigment mixed in clear lipgloss

  46. MAC Rebel and New York Apple

  47. Emily

    Lancome “Oh La La” I so desperately wish I could find a dupe for it! It’s the perfect “my lips but better color.”

  48. Ruca

    This old broad is turning 41 in a few weeks (oi–I NEVER reveal my age!), but I have to confess that my deep purples tend to be the ones that make me feel the most amazing, and yes, secure and confident. Depending on which finish I am in the mood for, MAC’s Heroine or Violetta have been my go-to faves, but now it’s Seductive Intent.

    PS: I rarely mix a bold eye with a bold lip, but I went out with some amazing purples on my eyes with Lit Cosmetics’ Boogie Wonderland in a size 2 while wearing Seductive Intent. While it was the lips that made me feel comfortable, brave, and beautiful, it was my eyes that got all the attention. It’s always nice when you get multiple compliments on your eye makeup from the Makeup Artists in MAC, or the SAs at the other brand counters, Sephora, or even strangers. At least it’s nice for me if I’m a tiny bit worried I may have gone overboard… it’s the holidays!!

    $ I DO LOVE PURPLE. :)

  49. For some reason lipstick isn’t really a confidence booster for me; eyeliner takes the cake here!

  50. Nikki

    Although, I’m a WOC who loves a bold lip, I tend to stay away from lipsticks. They aren’t my favorite products to use because some tend to dry out my lips and have no shine factor. I instead prefer a nice pigmented gloss, and I think I rock natural make up the best. I feel most confident in MLBB shades, and my favorite right now is MAC’s Spice Lipglass. It’s the PERFECT nude pink for my skin tone, and it gives me the color, shine, and sexy “oomph” I desire for my lips!

  51. Amber

    I love any lip color that stands out! My fave power colors are Chanel Dragon and Guerlain Gigolo – they are both exquisite shades with gorgeous pigment and I have gotten a few “double takes” when wearing both.

  52. SM

    Tarte Bold is my favorite.