Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What kind of lighting do you do your makeup in? Natural? Office? Special bulbs?

Temptalia's Answer.

I actually have no idea. They’re just whatever lights my apartment bathroom has! Probably some form of fluorescent.

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47 thoughts on “What kind of lighting do you do your makeup in?

  1. I should probably use a type of full-spectrum natural looking light, but I don’t. I made a light ring this summer out of wood, foil and two strings of large white christmas lights. It works FABULOUSLY! Anything that lights from all sides (top, bottom, side to side) works for me and it does the job! (only cost me about 10 bucks too) :)

  2. I have two mirrors at different ends of my room so they get different angles of the sun, and so sometimes I go back and forth.

    But when its night i do it with my ceiling lights…which suck cause my mom switched it for those energy saving ones…I look like the simpsons completely yellow

  3. I have a makeup mirror that I got for Christmas. It says it’s “natural lighting” but I think it has some sort of fluorescent bulb in it… not quite natural, but close enough. In the camera it looks blue, but otherwise it looks fine.

  4. Amy

    Our kitchen table is sort of in a corner, and we have windows at a 90 degree angle there, if that makes sense, so I will open up the shades and do my makeup sitting at the kitchen table, in front of a magnifying mirror. When I used to have to do my makeup before dawn, though (I don’t miss those early shifts!), I had to do my makeup with the kitchen lights on that had a very yellow cast to them, and I always looked weird when I saw myself later! LOL.

  5. Hyzenthlay

    I hate the lighting in my bathroom. It’s SUPER yellow, and I always look drastically different when I get outside. I’ve told my bf that one day (sooner than later) we will have a bathroom with GOOD lighting! A life goal, I supose . . .

  6. I have no clue! Whatever light my bedroom and bathroom gives me.

  7. we just changed all of the bulbs in our house to be daylight balanced.. basically, white light. incandescent is more yellow (like most house lights) and fluorescent is more green toned (more like an office). the best way to tell is to take a picture of something in the house with your camera.. and then after you upload it to your computer, if you have to make a color adjustment to get a “true color”, that’s the “temperature” that your light is at.

  8. I do it in the light of my room.But yes perhaps bright light might be more effective.

  9. isis

    Same as you Christine! Bathroom lighting with a bit of natural light since there is a window next to my mirror. Its the only place in my flat where I can do it really.

  10. Kat

    I used to do my makeup in Natural light, because it ends with the best result, but because I have to wake up 6.20 and there’s no light outside, I have to do it in my room. That is just ordinary light from front, left side and top.

  11. alisha

    I have fluro light in my bathroom.. it forces me to be so carefull and precise with my application.. but I guess it helps my MU look better! lol

    it also helps me when i’m trying to pluck my eyebrows, or wax my stache! I have to get every hair out! LOL

  12. Super yellow looking recessed lighting. PLus, i’m in the northwest, so even though there’s a lot of windows, not much “light” actually filters through. But I walk around between steps to look at it in a different bathroom that has somewhat less yellow recessed lighting.

  13. kpenn09

    I work and live in a residence building at school and the fluorescent lighting is circa 1960 – super yellow, super bright and all-around unflattering, especially for a very fair girl like me!

    The good news is that my makeup ALWAYS looks better in natural lighting!

  14. I always do my makeup near a large window so I can get as much natural light as I can. When I go on business trips, I really freak out when I have a hotel room with bad lighting – and my makeup is really off!

  15. Alexa

    I use make up miror from BaByliss it has 3 diferent light setting in it , but stil not so bright.

  16. lazeny

    I do my makeup in my room w/c has 2 large windows facing west and north, so there’s a lot of sunlight coming in. As much as possible I avoid applying makeup using fluorescent lights because I tend to apply more product w/ artificial lights.

  17. i have bathroom lights. Its very deceptive though. My small table mirror is moveable and i keep it in front of window and do my male-up (if its in morning or day time). evenings and nite tym, bathroom lights again.

  18. Mora

    i have the lights from ikea:
    i hope the link works. these are quite bright and i love the light. its a very natural light.

  19. Melissa

    Natural. I have a desk that faces a window and open my shades to give me outside lighting so I don’t look like I threw my makeup on with a spoon. If it’s dark, I have to rely on 150 watt bulb. Yuck.

  20. DonnaN

    Wow, such a good question….I have no idea! It depends on the time of day….The room I do my makeup in gets the best natural light, but I’m planning to get a better makeup mirror that has built-in lighting.

  21. Charlene

    Flourescent lighting right above my head

  22. barbara

    i can identify with the homemade light ring…
    i hung a hand mirror on my over-the-toilet shelf unit, and then i clipped a desk lamp to the top shelf so i get close-up and concentrated light. only trouble is that i sometime have a darker right side because i can’t get the lamp to illuminate my left side as well…perhaps i should try white christmas lights, huh?!?

  23. Usually I do makeup under the lights in my room. They’re alright, but I prefer natural light overall.

  24. Heli

    In natural light right in front of a window whenever it’s possible but I also have a bright “cool white” bulb which is pretty close to natural light (4000K) for the dark mornings in winter. It’s actually an energy saver too.

  25. Anitacska

    It depends of the time of day, if it’s light outside then I do my make up next to the window in netural light. If it’s dark, then I do it in the bathroom under the ceiling lights (spotlights), not great, but it is fairly natural.

  26. Carolina

    Hey Christine!
    I was wondering, do you have any tips to create fabulous brows in no time?
    I find the rest of my make-up routine takes a lot of time so I’d love to not having to spend a lot of time fixing them on workdays(people can’t believe how early I wake up just to put on my make-up in the morning!).

    Got thin and way too light brows for my dark hair!
    Help, anyone!

  27. Katarina

    During the winter-half of the year, I do it in the bathroom.. It’s pitch black outside so I couldn’t possibly do it in natural light in the morning. During the summer-half I do it in natural light though :)

  28. Taisha

    I agree I should use natural light but with all these tall buildings around its so hard to get so I use the lighted mirrors.

  29. i have horrible lighting in my house.. so it was a disaster until my boyfriend bought me one of those light up mirrors. it works great!

  30. K

    Fluorescent light in my bedroom. Back when I used to open my shades each day, it would be either all natural light or a mix of fluorescent and natural light as I did my makeup. Now, there is too much crap in the way to open my shades each day so fluorescent light only it is! I don’t do my makeup in the bathroom. The lighting is too bright and too yellow.

  31. Mommy2Maya

    I got an amazing makeup mirror from Costco for $15! It is framed with “natural light” and the other side has the 8x’s magnification…which scares me ;). I saw a similar mirror at Target and it was $60! Gotta love Costco.

  32. AnGeLwInGz

    I have to be at work really early in the morning, so I usually put on my make-up using the dome light of my car. Red lights and stop signs only, of course… :)

  33. amy

    Sometimes I use natural, but most of the time I use fluorescent or incandescent I think.

  34. Ceci

    Depends on where I’m going. If it’s a nighttime thing, I just do it under indoor lighting in my bathroom (they’re low light bulbs basically). If it’s for work, I go there and do it under that lighting since it’s where I’m spending the day anyway. I try for every other occasion to do it in natural lighting by my dining room windows.

  35. rowan

    yeah, it depends for me too. on a usual day in the winter it’s bathroom light, in the summer it’s natural daylight.

  36. I use a bright desk lamp when I can’t use natural lighting.

  37. Usually the bathroom due to multiple light fixtures

  38. Angela

    I do my makeup in regular old fluorescent lighting in my bathroom. I try to give myself a look over in the natural light that comes through in the living room just to be sure everything is blended and that I’m not orange or red looking. lol.

  39. Michele

    A combination of bathroom fluorescent and natural. When the sun is out, it’s very bright in there.

  40. Andrea

    Nowhere special. Bedroom or bathroom!

  41. CeeBee

    I got a seven bulb Hollywood strip light put in above our bathroom mirror with special lux bulbs that are a close as possible to natural light. Still gives a faint yellow cast but I have three big windows that let in enough natural light (for 9 months of the year anyway) to counteract that.
    And if you get your makeup right under those glaring lights it looks awesome in natural light :-) Plus I’m horribly short sighted so I have to do my eye make up about 2 inches away from the mirror anyway… 😛

  42. Vness_12

    I have no choice but to use the lighting in my bathroom which is horrendous! It’s just this crappy light in the ceiling I can’t stand it. My mom’s bathroom however is my dream makeup lighting/mirror combo come true LoL. Trying to get the fiance to get me a nice vanity table so I can set up my own lighting.

  43. Valentine

    As much as possible. On days when I have no time / roommate’s sleeping in / not really in the mood for prettifying myself to the max, I use shoddy fluorescent bathroom lighting. On “good” days, however, I open up all the blinds, turn on all the overhead lights, and then do my makeup with as much natural light as possible. I actually think it makes life (and application) much easier.

  44. Nathalie

    I have one of those illuminated vanity mirrors. I bought it recently and works wonders!

  45. Sher

    I have “cool natural daylight” bulbs in my makeup room. I love them. They are basically white lights and your makeup looks the same as it does outside. I’ll never go back to yellow/warm lights. :)

  46. shelby

    I like to do my makeup in the bathroom. The lighting in my room is not as bright and i tend to make more mistakes while applying it in my bedroom.