Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What is the “kiss of death” for you when picking out products? (e.g., you can’t stand sulfates, expensive products, wasteful packaging, etc.)

Temptalia's Answer.

I don’t like wasteful packaging, though I suppose it isn’t the kiss of death for me! Products with really ridiculous, outrageous claims always frustrate me and make me not want to buy them.

Thanks to Dolce Aria for this question!

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71 thoughts on “What is the “kiss of death” for you when picking out products?

  1. Usually chemical sunscreen ingredients because I’m allergic to them. That kills about half of the products I’m interested in trying out.

  2. Jessie

    When the colour payoff is TERRIBLE, no matter how much I like the colour if the payoff is bad I won’t buy it.

    Also, the smell/taste, if a lipstick for example smells/tastes funny I don’t wanna put it on my face!

  3. Cole

    Bulk packaging, ugly packaging, when the product smells weird or when it gets back reviews.

    Temptalia is my makeup kiss of life on the other hand. My makeup collection has been on the rise for the past year lol.

  4. Anything with a strong fragrance is a huge turn off for me but I also agree with outrageous claims. I think sometimes the simple products work better than ones that have all these new special ingredients.

  5. Angela

    (sorry for some reason it didn’t let me send the email to you)
    Hey Christine,
    In a couple of days i’m going to having a photoshoot it’s just like a family portrait plus many photos of myself. I was wondering what would be some good eyeshadow for the photoshoot? smokey? neutral looking on the eyes and maybe some berry tone lips? please give me some tips!

    also for foundation, i dont wear foundation on a daily basis only some concealer so i was wondering if i should buy the makeup forever HD foundation? or is it ok to use the laura mercier tinted moistourizer?


  6. Amal

    For me it’s not knowing what the product does or how it is used – so frustrating.

  7. The smell. Sometimes the smell is just distracting or annoying, as with some lipsticks or lipclosses, but with some products, especially expensive creams like Chanel or Clarins the smell was so bad that it caused me a headache and nausea.

  8. what do you mean by ‘wasteful packaging’?

    im gonna say anything with a low colour pay off generally for me.

  9. Ooh yay! A question from someone I know! (well, kind of… hehe). I’m usually put off by really cheap, off brand products – The stuff you only see on-line. If I’m not sure what’s in it or in what conditions it’s made, I won’t usually buy it.

  10. Miss_M

    A big no no for me are ridiculously overpriced products, like Serge Lutens make-up. I doubt if the quality is any better than Bobbi Brown or MAC.

    I also don’t like really flimsy, cheap looking packaging. I’m not a package snob, but I just prefer a package that looks classy, but simple at the same time.

  11. Hilana

    Strangely enough, for me it’s the smell of a product. I always smell the tester before I buy it, because I know that I would not be able to use it if the smell puts me off! :)

  12. ledonatella

    Animal testing, will not support anyone who does it or has ingrediants that are animal related, so most drugstore items are off limits.

  13. Az

    Hmm nothing, maybe like Christine, products with ridiculous claims. And though I hate wasteful packaging, I keep buying UDPP.

  14. Tina

    when I don’t like the smell. there are some scents I like, but some I hate. Like rose-smelling stuff, and those maybelline lipsticks smell like caramel gone terribly wrong.

    • Danielle Sharkey

      I had that happen to me with Urban Decay Lip Sticks – I love them and think they are pretty but the caramel taste / smell is soo bad I threw mine out

  15. jollie

    The frangance that some companies add to their products, like the one on the YSL’s lipsticks. Also, some packaging tend to add some smell to the product too, don’t know if it is the glue on it or the material, like too face cardboard packaging for shadows book.

  16. Salvinia

    Animal testing. This means that I’m never tempted to impulsively buy random cheap/drugstore cosmetics and such, since the majority of them are not cruelty-free. Consequently, I am rarely ever disappointed by products I buy and I probably end up spending less money, so I guess it’s a win-win situation!

  17. Brandi

    For me it’s the price…as always. I mean 14.00 for a lipstick, $16 for an eyeshadow I think is beyond crazy.

  18. HebrideanSprite

    When I pay for something I pay for quality (and hopefully a decent amount of product too!) That means I want it animal testing/cruelty free (There is no point in testing cosmetics, we know all the chemicals used in cosmetics for the most part or there are in vitro lab experiments that do the same thing!) as well as having good colour pay-off, good feel and good smell. And uber glitter tends to put me off as well.

  19. raquel

    For me it would have to be price and smell. The smell would probably take the prize on this one, I just get headaches pretty easily and smell is a huge factor for me. As far as price goes, I really try to be reasonable… If something I want is very expensive I always try looking for a cheaper alternative for it, but if it is something completely “undupable” and reviews are amazing, I will take the hit.

  20. TG

    Parabens, but especially in lip products. I’m not quite as picky about them in eye products, but I do not want to be inadvertently getting toxic preservatives in my mouth.

  21. CynthiaCCC

    A disgusting old-school cosmetics dusty, petroleum, chemical smell. If it reminds me of all the cosmetics on my grandmother’s dresser when I was a kid, I’m not buying it.

  22. Expensive products like designer makeup, I probably wouldn’t go near that even if it was given to me. Packaging isn’t even an issue because all it does is contain the product, I’m not picky and anything is better than nothing for me and I can just appreciate owning it. Everything will have different qualities that people are going to like and dislike, you just have to know how to make them work.

  23. gabriella

    Anything with a package that leaks of product if I have it in my purse. Eg. Hoola by benefit ( the box will open and destroy in my purse)


  24. Julia

    Smell. I hate it when face powders have perfume in them, and I can’t stand bad tasting lip products.

    • Angela

      Wasteful packaging is a big kiss of death for me. This includes pump products which put out too much in a single pump. I love loose powders, but I hate when powder comes out through the holes, and can’t be pushed back. So hard to only pick up a little bit when the top is full of loose powder.

    • Amen to the smell! I HATE a product with a strong scent! Especially when you’ve got multiples with different smells! ICK! WHY?

  25. Hehe Yay! I’m having fun reading all of it! I’m glad I’m not the only one who refuses to buy things that smell too weird. I’m SOOOOOOOO sensitive to the “chemical” smell that that is a HUGE consideration for me right there. Oh, and bad tastes with lip stuff. It doesn’t have to be sweet, or flavored, just so long as it doesn’t remind me of washing my mouth out with soap.

    I’m all but vegan, so I try to buy vegan where I can. I NEVER buy from brands I know use animal testing. Don’t buy cheap/flimsy packaging either, though I don’t usually notice that too much with my favorite brands.

    That said ,i hate inconvenient packaging. i love the color of Urban Decays Gash lipstick, but I REFUSE to buy any of their colors, because the poky thing on the handle just bothers me.

    Will save up for expensive things, won’t feel bad about buying cheap things…. really smell, and package design are what gets me.

    • CynthiaCCC

      Yes! Thank you for mentioning that crazy Urban Decay lipstick packaging. I think that Rush is probably my perfect MLBB color, I’ve swatched it about a million times in Sephora & Ulta, but I just can’t bring myself to buy it, because I know that stupid little dagger is going to poke a hole in my bag or pocket. Why would they do that? Why?

      • Whew! Glad I’m not the only one. Come to think of it, I just hate the vast majority of Urban Decays packaging. I mean, the eyeshadow ones are OK, but I depot anyways.

        The palettes feel cardboard-y and cheap(PARTICULARLY the BoS’s), the lipstick has that poky thing, the primer is in the godawful lamp(I think one of my happier decisions in memory was to cut it open and put it in some other containers! I HAD been ready to buy a new one, since no product would go on the brush-after cutting it open i discovered I’d only gone through 1/3RD teh product! THAT infuriates me!!!!)

        Love UD products, but their packaging REALLY makes it hard to me to like them as much as I otherwise would.

  26. Poor pigmentation, poor finish, poor texture, gritty or chunky frostiness or glitter, non-user friendly packaging, smell, allergic reactions….there’s a lot of reasons not to buy a product 😉

  27. kfm

    Products that are tested on animals are a no-go zone for me. For those of you who feel the same, there is a comprehensive list at the link below that serves as a good guideline. Although the companies listed tend to offer more expensive products, it’s worth noting that Revlon has been on there for years.


  28. Products with outrages disgusting scents! Mainly with Lipglosses and mascaras like UD’s Pocket Rocket and Lash Stiletto.

    Also way high extreme pricey gonna make you bankrupt brands like La Mer or La Piere (How ever those brand names are spelled!) There is no way I am going to spend 1000 bucks on anti aging product or 100 bucks on foundation!

  29. kpenn09

    – if I have something vaguely similar
    – if I know I’ll never get much use out of it (even if the packaging is super pretty!)

  30. Lorraine

    Animal testing is mine I’d guess. Also, any lipgloss, shampoo, conditioner, ect. with wheat germ oil or hydrolyzed wheat protein in it. I have a wheat allergy, so “kiss of death” is a great term! lol

  31. MissTiss

    Smell and Taste. I’ve completely tossed very good and expensive lippies because they tasted like poison or smelled terrible.

    If I had to chose which was more important, I’d say Taste. Can’t do the nasty tasting stuff. No, no, no.

  32. Anitacska

    Taste of lip products, ie UD Pocket Rocket – yuck yuck! I also don’t buy cheap cosmetics anymore, unless I know they’re really really good, like the Sleek palettes (UK).

  33. macpixie55

    Super expensive products tend to be a no go, mainly because I’m a student and they tend to not be in my price range! (I tend to stick to mid-range, ie MAC, MUFE, UD, Benefit etc) Also if something has poor colour payoff I’ve learned the hard way to not avoid it.

    I struggle with not buying things I know I don’t need or will ever use, especially LE stuff (I always have the “what if” thoughts and I worry about regretting NOT getting things!). Colours I know aren’t flattering on me get the kiss of death!

  34. Brenda

    bad smell, packaging that will break, overpricing, animal cruelty. I’m pretty loyal to only a few brands because of these reasons.

  35. Grecia

    I hate cheap makeup… I can´t Stand a 1 dll lipstick… sorry If I sound kinda picky but I have very special skin… so not all productos works on me

  36. Emm

    Probably color payoff. If it’s not pigmented enough then whats the point?

  37. Angela

    Awful or overpowering scents. Little to no pigment. Powdery/ dusty eye shadows. Cheap looking products; those MAC holiday palettes from about a year ago come to mind- they were in the red, cheap looking plastic palettes with jewels on them. The packaging was so horrible I didn’t even look inside.

  38. Galen

    Product availability is a big one. I live in Canada, so some brands aren’t sold here or they’re hard to get. In the past I would search ebay or get a CP, but now I’m much more selective.

    Also, if a product is made by Revlon, 99.9% of the time I won’t buy it. I’ve never been happy with them.

  39. Kiera

    I honestly don’t like the special packaging, like when Mac has a collection that has stickers or whatever on it, I honestly don’t like it too much, I prefer it all to look the same.

  40. Poor quality product. I also like to know of the brands I use do animal testing, because while I can see why it’s a helpful thing I still don’t like the idea of animals spending their lives locked in a lab. It doesn’t seem fair.

  41. Connie

    Not so pleasant/overwhelming scents and bulky/ugly packaging.

  42. Michele

    Smell & taste – I prefer fragrance free. I’ve had some items I’ve used once and had to toss and take off because I couldn’t stand the scent.

  43. Haylie

    Wasteful packaging is annoying but bearable. The thing I hate most is over expensive products. Like the Guerlain concealer that’s $50. $50 for a 0.05 oz. MAC Moisture Coverup is three times that. I mean NARS is expensive but $50 for such little product that doesn’t even work all that great is ridiculous.

  44. Meredith

    Bad smell!

  45. Jae

    When it smells bad or when it’s waaaaay too expensive. My pockets aren’t that big and and 88sgd for a palette is just a killer for me. And oh, also when the packaging is… Blah but I’m not half as picky about packaging as I asm about price and smell.

    And yes, if the colour sucks on my skin? No way in he’ll. And if I know it’s going to make me breakout. Over my dead body.

  46. AnGeLwInGz

    I can’t stand bad smells, uneven texture, and poor color payoff.

  47. Sarah

    If something claims to do miracles, I usually won’t even bother testing it to see what it *does* do. I figure if they’re willing to stretch the truth a little, they might really be stretching it a lot. I’ve noticed that it’s mostly skin products (foundation, concealers, moisturizers, creams, etc) that fall into this category.

    Also, I’m not a big fan of bulky packaging. I just don’t have space for that.

  48. Kim L

    Strong fragrance

  49. Casey

    I can’t stand glosses or lipsticks that leave a scratchy feeling in my throat. There is something in them that irritates me once I’ve licked my lips a few times. Anyone else have the same experience?

  50. Diana

    Extremely over priced products that don’t work any better than comparable products. (ex. Nars lipgloss vs Mac lipglass)

  51. sf

    color payoff, easily dupable, price (ie the new mac mineralize foundations are too expensive for the amount of product you receive)

  52. happybadfish

    Lush and B&B works. Too much perfume and fruit extracts.
    I don’t use fruit or mint extracts, so any product with those is a no-no.
    I don’t use lip enhancing products as they generally use skin irritants to make the enhancing bit.
    I don’t like lotions in jar containers too.

  53. jesa

    well, my #1 gripe is the sales person who hovers over me and pushes products on me!! if they borderline harrass me, i’ll just go to another store to pick up the product.

    • Kalee

      oh i hate that! sometimes i dont even bother to ask an opinion (I.E.: “would this color look good on me?”) because 99% they are going to say “OH YEAH! LOVE IT” even if i looks ugly just to get me to buy it, so they can get the sale.

  54. Vijaya

    If it was tested on animals, I will not buy it.

  55. High price, no pigment. If I wanted to look like I was wearing nothing, I’d either go get a crappy drugstore product or I’d legit wear nothing.

  56. addie

    smell…example the studio sculpt foundation by mac smells like butter scotch and i like butter scotch but not that much lol.
    also i cant stand cheap/flimsy looking packaging even if i only paid a couple bucks for it.

  57. Scent of the product is a biggie. Some scents make me queasy.

    Over priced for very little product means I’ll pass. It’s arrogant of the companies to do that.

    I stick to Eye shadow with good color payoff. It frustrates me when you have to pack it on. I read reviews or use testers before I buy.

    DS items that have no testers. I don’t buy DS much but when I see something I want to try, I usually can’t find a tester so I don’t.

  58. Heather

    Lip Plumpers, i can love the color but if its got plumper in it its a no go.

  59. Natasha

    I can’t stand really strong fragrances, animal testing and chemicals in products.