Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What “indie” beauty brands do you like to buy from? Share your faves!

Temptalia's AnswerI don’t shop from too many, but here are a few: Sugarpill, Fyrinnae, Hare Polish, Cult Nails, KBShimmer!

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55 thoughts on “What “indie” beauty brands do you like to buy from?

  1. Mindy

    One Hand Washes the Other (best face scrub everrrr Black Magic)
    Detrivore Cosmetics (favourite mattes)
    Shiro Cosmetics (best geeky themed makeup)
    Meow Cosmetics (best mineral foundation and <3 the Halloween and Christmas collections)

  2. Quinn

    Portland Black Lipstick Co.! I love their black lipstick, it’s the best I’ve found so far! C: you should check them out and maybe do a review on some of the shades (they do more than black). They are SO awesome.

  3. kiwikeely


  4. I love BFTE (Beauty From The Earth) Cosmetics, especially their eyeshadows and Madison Street Beauty. And I LOVE indie polishes. My favorites are probably Mentality, Delush, ellagee, and Daphine. Oh, and I don’t know if A England is considered an indie, but they’re in my top five polishes, too. :)

  5. Kim

    My Beauty Addiction Cosmetics is a great little indie brand! (:

  6. A England! I’m not sure if Zoya counts or not, but I love Zoya too.

  7. Soren

    I just received a delivery from Fyrinnae this afternoon – my first purchase from them, after reading your reviews of their products – and I am really impressed. I’ll definitely be buying from them again!

  8. Does Rouge Bunny Rouge count as indie? If so, I am in love with that brand.
    Eager to see what others list – I love discovering new (to me) brands!

  9. Laurin

    Sugarpill! I bet you’d love their products if you used them.

  10. C

    I love Sugarpill so much but I love Fyrinnae too, and Morgana Cryptoria. Haus of Gloi if we’re counting scents and definitely Hare Polish, but I’ve been meaning to order from Darling Girl Cosmetics, Portland Black Lipstick Co., and Geek Chic Cosmetics as well.

  11. stacey

    Rouge Bunny Rouge

  12. xamyx

    I don’t really shop “indie” brands. Unless I can pick up an item in-store, I don’t typically feel the hassle of shopping online is really worth it when there are just so many great brands/products more readily available. The only brand I’m even considering is Sugarpill, but I’m going to hold off a bit longer, after the New Year, to see if there are any new offerings, so I can just do one haul.

  13. Sugarpill is my favorite. Their eyeshadows are so pigmented.

  14. Lizzy

    Eyes, lips: Fyrinnae, Shiro, Detrivore

    Bath & Body: One Hand Washes The Other, Darling Clandestine, Solstice Scents, Haus of Gloi

    Nails: KB Shimmer, Cult Nails, Rescue Beauty Lounge, Takko Lacquer, Rainbow Honey

  15. tam

    Is NYX an indie line? If so, I’ve found great stuff there. I tried Lime Crime but returned it.

  16. I just ordered a lipstick from Portland Black Lipstick Company! They’re the first indie brand I’ve bought from but I’ve heard so many great things about them I couldn’t NOT order! (And they don’t just make black lipstick… Though from what I’ve seen, theirs is definitely the best there is!)

  17. Rouge Bunny Rouge, Edward Bess, Le Metier de Beaute, and Hourglass!

  18. Seemingly everything — To name a few, in no particular order: Epically Epic, Fyrinnae, Darling Girl, Femme Fatale, Persephone, Shiro, Geek Chic, Sugarpill, Haus of Gloi, Aromaleigh, Meow Cosmetics, Detrivore, Love Hues, Silk Naturals, My Pretty Zombie, Solstice Scents.

  19. Does “indie” mean not owned by a big conglomerate? If so, then I’d vote for Vasanti, Jouviance and Lise Watier.

    • Yes. The company is independently owned without any big “mother” company (like L’Oreal now owning Urban Decay) taking care of them.

  20. Malia

    Almost nobody ships outside of the US, so none. I’ve bought from sugarpill in the past, and fyrinnae does ship but seems to take a long time, I don’t loved products enough to buy again unfortunately.

  21. Marianne

    Elea blake cosmetics! Colour coded cosmetics, excellent customer service!

  22. KaseyCannuck

    Fyrinnae and Meow Cosmetics.

  23. Kate

    Fyrinnae are fab, haven’t tried any others yet but just placed my first Hare order after your review Christine! Looking forward to receiving those lovely nail polishes here in UK.

  24. kristina

    rescue beauty lounge, becca, face atelier

  25. Not as many as I’d like to so far but I’m planning to try some more.
    I just got my Cold Chemistry palette from Sugarpill with a sample of Lumi loose eyeshadow, which I really liked in the swatch layered over lots of colors so now I’m curiois about the other Chromalusts. I have the Heartbreaker palette and the LE red.
    I like the Lime Crime lip products I have tried so far, 1 lippy, 1 Velvetine, 1 Carousel Gloss.
    I’m really wanting to sample some duochrome colors and the Pixi Epoxy from Fyrinnae, lipsticks from Amphigory and the sparkle liner sets from Girlactik.

  26. Amanda

    Personally, I haven’t found any indie brands I like to shop yet, but I have found that I get a lot of underground beauty brands in my Birchbox every month! To name a few I’ve received in my most recent Birchbox: Beauty Protector, Ruffian Nail Lacquer, and Dr. Jart. I’ve never heard of these, but so far, I really like the Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo and the Protect & Conditioner. I do a lot of heat styling daily, and this product is great for that!

  27. Sugarpill. I’m planning on buying stuff from Fyrinnae, Concrete Minerals, Melt Cosmetics, K’AIOR, and KBShimmer soon.

  28. Aelita

    Malin&Goetz for skincare, highly recommended btw!!!!!
    OCC for funky colours)
    thats about it”)

  29. Heaven

    I love Darling Girl Cosmetics! The eyeshadows are to die for!

  30. Brenda

    So far just Fyrinnae and Meow. I find shipping on a lot of them is pretty costly to Canada (and in Canada as well – Etsy shipping through Canada post is usually no less than $10)

  31. I love Julep and I own so many of their polishes and products. Although I don’t know how indie they are anymore since a small portion of their line is now available at Sephora.

  32. cilla

    A lot of the indie stores make awesome nailpolishes, but don’t ship to here sadly. My favorite stores that I can buy from is Fyrinnae, and Darling Girl. Meow Cosmetics are also a favorite, so many foundations 😀

  33. I love indie brands! Haus of Gloi is my go to for bath products. I also really like Fyrinnae, Venomous Cosmetics, Darling Girl cosmetics, Morgana’s Crypt Cosmetics. A bunch of the polish indie companies are good too. For example Underhill from Hebridean Sprite Beauty.

  34. Natasha

    Love Concrete Minerals and Morgana Cryptoria, and I´ve been wanting to try Fyrrinae, Sugarpill and Darling Girl. Placed an order with Evil Shades but unfortunately never came.

  35. Patsyann

    Southern Magnolia Cosmetics, Aromaleigh,Zoya, SkinActives,Rouge bunny Rouge

  36. So far, just Makeup Geek. I definitely want to try Sugarpill, though!

  37. TrippyPixie

    Fyrinnae and Geek Chic Cosmetics! I’d like to try Sugarpill, however, I just wish that they had samples. I like buying samples first before committing to a full-size product sight unseen.

  38. I just started using MUD (Makeup Designory) airbrush foundation (applied normally, without an airbrush) for special occasions. It’s a weird formula and packaging but looks very natural, gives full coverage, and lasts great. My only wish is that it would be paraben free.

  39. Meow Cosmetics, Femme Fatale Cosmetics, Makeup Geek

  40. Bella

    If we’re talking brands that are *truly* indie – I’ve gone through quite a list in the last few years, but it has dwindled down to a “tried-and-true” list of businesses I will recommend time and time again:
    Shiro Cosmetics. Femme Fatale Cosmetics. Innocent & Twisted Alchemy. One Hand Washes the Other. Solstice Scents. Detrivore Cosmetics. Black Rose Minerals. Fyrinnae.
    These businesses have unique products (that aren’t just stock products slapped with a new label), great customer service, and I know my money is going to fund some amazing small business owners.
    Unfortunately just as many indie businesses have either gone AWOL (and taken customers’ money with them) or have proven too many times to have shady business practices and questionable ethics overall (ie: Evil Shades, Victorian Disco, anyone remember Orglamix? Haha. And others.) – but that’s just how the business world operates – can’t trust them all.

  41. I keep it geeky with Makeup Geek and Geek Chic.

  42. Sugarpill, OCC (independently owned, thus an indie company), Too Faced (see OCC).

    I would say Geek Chic but their prices are RIDICULOUS for how much product you actually get! >:( Sugarpill loose is about $6 more expensive and gives you WAY more product versus the TINY 1 gram of eyeshadow you get in a 5 gram jar from Geek Chic >:(

  43. Jennifer

    My favorite indie company is Aromaleigh. They just keep getting better with their creative and beautiful eyeshadows and cheek colors.
    I also love Cult Nails for polish and Epically Epic Soap for lip balms.

  44. OCC, Sugarpill, Femme Fatale, Geek Chic, Fyrinnae, Concrete Minerals. These all seem to be popular ones haha!

  45. karla kammerer shedd

    Glamour Doll Eyes – love their pigments!

  46. EnergeticCrab

    Geek chic cosmetics!!! Phenomenal range of colors and sparkly mineral shadows. They also do foundation and lip products, but I really like their eye makeup. Most can be used wet or dry, blend very well, anddyou get so much for your money. In addition, they bundle shadows so you get a discount for some collections, and you can buy shadow samples for $1-2 (the amount in a sample is on par with how much you pay for with a non indie brand)! And of course all the shades are geek themed.

  47. Mel

    I love Fyrinnae!

  48. aeri

    Geek Chic, Fyrrinae, Hare Polish, Fandom Cosmetics, Eye Kandy, Darling Girl, Shiro, Sugarpill, Limecrime & Aromaleigh so far but am always looking for more!

  49. Cult Nails, Rainbow Honey polish and Cirque polish are some of my favorites.

  50. Karen

    I have a few products each from OCC, Sugarpill, Fyrinnae and Makeup Geek. I’m sure I’ve tried and will try other brands but these are the only ones I’ve bought more than once.

  51. Karen

    Sugarpill, OCC, Fyrinnae, Glamour Doll Eyes and Makeup Geek are the ones I’ve bought more than once.

  52. sarah

    I love indie nail polishes–lilypad, enchanted, picture polish, and Emily De molly but I am usually not brave enough to try products for my face without a good return policy and a store where I can try things out. I love supporting independent brands though and have been eyeing some femme fatale cosmetics eye shadows.