Monday, July 8th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What fall collection are you most looking forward to? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerGuerlain, I think. I swear it changes by the day. I try not to get too excited about upcoming collections so I can approach them better for reviewing.

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44 thoughts on “What fall collection are you most looking forward to?

  1. I’m loving the promo images for Guerlain…those eyeshadow duos look like I need a few of them. Or all of them!

  2. Lisa

    Urban Decay! They’re pretty much my favorite brand so I usually look forward to their fall and holiday collections. I wasn’t sure what to expect this year, but I’m really excited about the new lipsticks! I’m also looking forward to the finishing powders.

  3. xamyx

    NARS…as usual, LOL. I’m a bit disappointed there aren’t any eyeshadow duos, but the palettes & singles *all* look amazing, and I would wear every one. After completely passing on everything in the Spring & Summer collections, I’m really looking forward to picking up all the eyeshadows! The best part is I don’t have to pick up everything all at once…

  4. Dominique

    Dior ( but also M.A.C Indulge, UD, Guerlain, Chanel, Kiko if I don’t know anything about it yet, Nars ! ) So many Fall 2013 collections are beautiful !

  5. stacey

    All of them…Guerlain. MAC. UD. YSL. tarte. Too Faced….some repeat themselves…but always nice to see collections…or else why would we read beauty blogs…if we didnt love makeup….I just bought a bunch of Addiction makeup….

  6. Im waiting for Chanel and Guerlain so badly!

  7. VickyM

    I´m very excited by Chanel fall collection, really looking forward to those cream blushes 😀 they just look gorgeous, also the Rouge Coco Shines look like some glorious pink toned lipsticks, I hope they are pigmented and even the Rouge Coco which is a color I´m not so used to looks nice. I went to two days ago and loved what I discovered about the fall makeup :) .

  8. Elisabeth

    Chanel! I’m always taken by their fall collections, i don’t know why. But they just have the prettiest colours for that time of year!

  9. Aida

    Guerlain and Dior :).

  10. channing mohaupt

    mac riri hearts fall , indulge and prolongwear collection!!!!

  11. Sexy Sadie

    None, since I have not seen any promos of none of them.

  12. The Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks look interesting, but I already use a similar product I like (yo, Maybelline Color Whisper). However, I’m a sucker for anything coup d’etat -themed, so it may be tough to tell myself no. If I come into surprise $20, I’ll snap one up.

  13. Manuela

    Charlotte Tilbury is launching her own line of skincare and cosmetics in September. Cannot wait!

  14. The urban decay collection (those lipsticks look fabulous!), the ads for dior look gorgeous, geurlain looks fanastic and seems to be a vampy retro look, and the too faced collection just looks fun while having traditional fall colors.

  15. Most definitely Guerlain’s Violette de Madame Collection. I’ve seen promo images, and have fallen in love with everything, especially the blush and new Rouge G shades. I’m gearing up for some serious hauling. 😀

    • VickyM

      I was starting to become curious after so many people mentioned Guerlain and tried to Google the fall collection, but nothing was coming up. Then I read this comment, thank you for giving the actual name of the collection, now I have seen all the promos and even the list of products. Sigh, curiosity killed the cat in my case, I love this colors, I may actually pick up my first Rouge G this time, and I love that nail polish, my poor wallet. Still waiting more for Chanel though 😛 .

      • No problem. :) I wanted Mystere from Chanel’s Superstition Collection, but read that it’s US exclusive. So, I’ll be checking out the new duos from Guerlain instead, a lot of the shades have caught my attention. Our poor wallets! 😀

  16. Amber

    Guerlain! They never disappoint me. Also, the Asia-exclusive Chanel collection, but I am not certain if that is summer or fall.

  17. Oi.. lots of lovelies coming up for fall. I’m probably going to be sucked in by Guerlain for the beautiful new Rouge G’s, I’m also seriously dying for the Chanel Quad which I hope is up to snuff, and last, I’m really excited about the Urban Decay collection and last night I tried to narrow down my lipstick choices and came up with 7 ..ugh! I want the entire lip pencil collection and keeping fingers crossed they put up the pencils as a collection perhaps for the holidays to give my wallet a break. I haven’t caught news or looked up Dior, Armani, Tom Ford yet.. There is going to be some seriously tough choices since Fall collections are typically my greatest makeup weakness.

  18. I’m pretty excited for every fall collection in general because I love that time of year. But I always love any new MAC collection. And the NARS collection looks great, too.

  19. Andrea

    Guerlain, Shiseido (new 9-pan palette), Dior (cream eyeshadows!!!), and all the UD stuff you have been reviewing look fabulous – I’m especially looking forward to the lipsticks.

  20. Rad

    Estée Lauder- last years’ fall lipsticks were amazing! This time I’ll need to buy twice as much!

  21. At this very moment. NARS and Guerlain. I’ve check out Fall previews for MAC, Laura Mercier, and a few other brands and everyone is into the vampy lip, which ages me terribly. So thanks to NARS and that Red Velvet lippie, I’m set!

  22. Jessica

    I’m really looking forward to all the new Urban Decay stuff! I’ve been waiting for those lipsticks for a long time! I know they’ve just been released on their site, but I live in Dallas and ordering lipstick in the summer is a no-go. So I have to wait until they’re in stores :(

  23. Kate

    I’m looking forward to one item: The Guerlain 4-colours blush. Oh my!

  24. Alicia

    I was for UD but I am on a no lip product buy so tht pretty much eliminated a majority of their collection. I am now just looking to any collection that comes out with a new innovative product, something new and exciting.

  25. Tom Ford fall and holiday too. As the line grows, I’m intrigued to see what the brand brings on the table. After having a peak at their product line up, I’m pretty certain I’ll get something. And I’m no longer into seasonal makeup. Ooh, but Chanel cream blushes are totally winners too.

  26. Hollie H

    I love some of the MAC Fall 2013 Pressed Pigments and that Guerlain blush is to die for!

  27. Cat G

    Guerlain… and… yeah, it’s always Guerlain for me! Anything else is kind of hit or miss whether I’m interested or whether the products are deserving of my money.

  28. Veronica

    NARS, Guerlain, and Chanel are usually the three I look forward to, and Chanel definitely delivered this year. Additionally,Urban Decay really knocked it out of the ballpark for me with the new lip range.

  29. Nikki

    I’m ready for the third installment of the RiRi <3 MAC Collection!!!

  30. Lisa C

    I cant wait for the Lancome fall collection. The blush is to die for!! And the lipstick cases are gorgeous! Beautiful, beautiful!!

  31. Guerlain — Always.

  32. Kim

    I’m so excited for the Urban Decay collection! They’re my favorite brand, and I can’t wait to add to my UD stash with lipsticks. I also look forward to trying the anti-aging PP once I use up my current PP tube.

  33. Too Faced, Chanel and Urban Decay

  34. Nicole

    Kat Von D and Urban Decay! I’m love the Lock It foundation and I’m super excited for the powder!