Monday, March 5th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What does your five-minute face consist of? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerFoundation (maybe tinted moisturizer), filling in brows, a light blusher (something like Benefit Sugarbomb), and maybe a coat of mascara. I’ll try to toss a lipstick or gloss into my bag for later!

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77 thoughts on “What does your five-minute face consist of?

  1. concealer
    highlighter and lipbalm!

  2. Kathleen

    Covergirl Aqua Smoothers foundation, light blusher, Falsies mascara, Sephora khol liner in Chocolate and I never leave without Chapstick!….If I’m lucky I’ll get to my brows, but they’re pretty thick by themselves.

  3. Miss J

    Crazy, I just got done watching grav3yardgirl’s 5 minute makeup challenge vid on YT! Haha.

    My 5 minute face:

    – Concealer
    – MAC MSF Natural or MUFE Face & Body, whichever is closer and easiest in the moment.
    – LOADS of mascara. Currently, I have been using L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes.
    – Shape & Fill in brows with MAC Charcoal Brown.
    – BLUSH! Seriously, I need color on my face if I’m wearing this little makeup.
    – If time remains, I tightline my upper lashline.
    – I’m usually running out of the house as I apply a lip product of some sort.

    I’ve become a master of the 5 minute face. 😀

  4. Jennifer

    – foundation
    – eyeshadow
    – mascara
    – blush
    – luminzer
    – balm now, gloss later

  5. Lindsay

    Just foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. Sometimes I even skip the eyeliner.

  6. Kathryn

    Concealer, powder, and mascara are the essentials. Foundation instead of concealer if my skin is acting up. Sometimes I’ll put a bronze shadow on my lid and in my crease and add a touch of blush since I’m so pale. Lip products can always be put on later.

  7. Makaegan

    Usually I’m “all or nothing” with makeup. I don’t like to just do it halfway, so if I don’t have at least 15 or 20 minutes I usually won’t bother. Unless I’m having a particularly bad skin day (like now), I’m usually fine with just something to control the oil like Smashbox Anti Shine. But in five minutes, if I had to, I could probably do BB cream, powder, brows, cream eyeshadow, mascara and a lip butter. They’re all pretty quick steps and I could still get a full look out of it.

  8. Veronica

    Concealer on the dark circles/highlight eyes, mascara, cream blush on cheeks, and lip color if I have one on hand.

  9. Judith

    For me it’s a light reflective concealer under my eyes (Clinique Airbrush concealer), spot concealing (Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage), bright pink blush (Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge – Pale Pink) – I also use it on my lips – and black mascara. This is my fail-safe 5 minute makeup routine :)

  10. özlem

    First of all skin care. I use Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF15 and Multi-Level Moisture Eye Gel Creme. Than a a little bit foundatıon , blush(prefer soft colour like clınıque blushing blush or bourjoıs blush 95 rose, mascara ( Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara )and lip gloss ( smashbox lip enhancing gloss-After glow or Chanel Glossimer in Pampille etc. )…..just five minutes enough to feel good :)

  11. Michelle

    My five minute face consists of foundation, blush, concealer, brow pencil, and something on my lips (could be lipstick, gloss, stain, or balm). If that doesn’t take five minutes, I’ll tight-line with black pencil liner and curl my lashes. I put a travel makeup bag in my purse or backpack so if I have time for makeup later, I can put on some eyeshadow, mascara, and/or whatever I think I need.

  12. Dinitchka

    5 minutes??? That’s it?!! …::: FREAKS OUT :::…

    Okay, so if I had only 5 minutes I would do: brows, all in one foundation, powder, neutral eye, blush and gloss. If I had time I’d bronze and a few coats of mascara.

    Like you Christine, I’d dig through my make-up bag for the stuff I missed :)

  13. Rachel

    Foundation (possibly sheered out with moisturizer if I’m really short on time), a quick coat of mascara, a quick dash of blush, with chapstick in my pocket for the rest of the day.

  14. Maureen

    Usually I have no five-minute face… I have a five-second outfit and then I take my time doing my makeup as usual. Some days, though, I’m just too tired/uninterested to think about it. Those days it’s the Stila Correcting Primer, lip balm, and black eyeliner. That’s it.

    • Madina

      I’m exactly the same. Outfits take no time at all, it’s makeup that can fill up 20-30 of my remaining “getting dressed” minutes haha.

  15. Tinted Moisturizer
    Cream Blush
    Rosebud Salve + MAC Kinda Sexy
    and Eyeliner (MUFE Aqua Eyes 1L) depends on the mood :)

  16. Wenjing

    foundation, brow, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick

  17. Ale

    Just 5 minutes hahaha? in 5 minutes i can just use a bit of concelear, powder all over my face and lipgloss

  18. kastehelmi

    Neutrogena Black Brown volumizing mascara on my eyebrows, as well as dark brown NYX or Revlon brow powder and/or Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil in Mohagany. My brows are messed up :(( (only partially recovered from years of messing them up trying to fix the continually eroding shape myself)–if my brows are done I feel comfortable, next comes lipstick/lip tint or chapstick, then if there’s still time a swipe of black pencil eyeliner on the lash line and lower waterline…

  19. San

    Moisturiser,A little concealer and MUFE HD compact powder…a swipe of guerlain rouge g, good to go :)

  20. CatherineM

    I don’t have a five-minute face, since my skin isn’t the best and I need at least that long for foundation and concealing. I could do foundation, concealer, mascara and blusher in under ten though – that would be my minimal makeup.

  21. Nic

    Tinted moisturizer, powder, a little blush or bronzer, mascara, and maybe tinted lip balm or gloss.

  22. Katya

    Make-up base – Givenchy ActiMine
    Cream Blush – Mac Blushbaby
    Brow shader MAC for brows
    One coat of black mascara

  23. Tinted moisturizer, eyebrows, and powder. Done! :)

  24. Adeline

    Tinted moisturizer or bb cream, undereye concealer, blush, loose powder, brows and lipbalm!

  25. 53

    5 minute makeup look or 5 minutes to get ready?

    coz i’ll just focus more on my skincare, sunblock, and lip balm.. curl eyelashes and out the door.

    Make up look.. will be lip balm, concealer under the eyes, brows on, and eyeline upper waterline.

  26. Ljana

    Foundation or TM, brown pencil eyeliner (I’d rather forgo eyeshadow than eyeliner), mascara, blush, sheer lipstick or lipgloss.
    If I have an extra minute, I’ll throw in a cream shadow; if I’m running really, really late, I’ll leave out the eyeliner and blush – that’s more of a two-minute face!

  27. Chiara

    Foundation with the 187, strobe cream on cheekbones and temples, set it with MSFN, Benefit Benetint on cheeks. Filling in brows, Urban Decay Sin on the lid, smudge MAC sketch on the upper and lower lashline and one or two coats of mascara. Some Nymphette lipglass and I’m good to go.

  28. t_zwiggy

    For me a five-minute face is a naked face. I can’t possibly do something useful makeup wise in only five minutes. I would put concealer on my blemishes (if I have any), but to me that doesn’t really count as wearing makeup.

  29. Mariella

    Mineral powder foundation, concealer, MAC Painterly Paint Pot all over the lid, Omega or Charcoal Brown in the crease, Gosh Metallic Brass liner, a cool toned blush and either some lip gloss or Plumful lipstick.

  30. Krista

    Concealer, translucent powder, define brows, kitten smudge pot all over the lid and to highlight the browbone and inner corners, Maybelline Falsies waterproof, Benefit Posietint, Benefit High Beam to highlight, Benefit Hoola to contour, Revlon lipstick in Blush

  31. STephanie

    Blush is SO much more important to put on blush! Much more important than lipstick, eyeliner or eye shadow! I would have said the same asbyou! :-)

  32. Yumi

    primer done beforehand while running around, then tm/foundation, setting powder, blush, highlighter, lipstick on the go. usually this is my work routine in which i skip mascara because my eyes are watery from yawning…

  33. Adrienne

    Tinted Moisturizer. MUFE Aqua Cream 13 on lids (the nude/pink one) Coat of Mascara. Black liner on lower waterline. Nars Laguna Bronzer. And if theres time a touch of blush either tarte dollface or exposed.

  34. Daria

    I honestly can’t remember when I haven’t left myself more than five minutes to get ready, but if I ONLY had five minutes, the following would be musts:

    Fill in brows
    Curl lashes & apply mascara
    Line waterline
    Tinted moisturizer
    Blush, such as MAC Fleur Power or Benefit Sugarbomb
    Lipgloss of some sort

  35. Rebecca

    Tinted moisturizer (sometimes, but not always), a little bit of concealer for under-eyes and spots, MAC pressed blot powder, filling in brows, a fairly light blush, highlighter (something quick like Benefit’s Watt’s Up), waterproof mascara, and a Revlon lip butter (usually Pink Truffle or Peach Parfait).

  36. Kristabelle

    Sadly, my foundation/concealer makes a five-minute face impossible- it takes about 10 minutes to cover up all my acne scarring. After that, though, I can be done in five minutes. Eye primer, MAC Brule washed from lashline to brows, MAC Wedge in crease, MAC Print smudged around eyes (instead of eyeliner), black eyeliner on the inner rims. Mascara, brows, touch of blush or bronzer, nude lips, and done.

  37. Jenn

    More than 5 minutes…no matter what I do, 5 minutes just doesn’t happen for me…

  38. Tiffany

    Concealer, cream blush, powder, maybe mascara.

  39. Jaime R

    Tinted moisturizer, concealer, MAC Honesty e/s all over lid, MAC Boutique Brown in the crease, eyeliner, mascara and I’ll toss a cheek stain and lip gloss into my bag. Usually I can do this in three minutes with two minutes to spare to put on my shoes and get myself out the door!

  40. One eyeshadow color, liner, mascara. Done.

  41. Joanna M

    Tinted moisturiser, Eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss/ lip stain

  42. Primer, concealer, sometimes tinted moisturizer depending on whether or not I feel like it, translucent powder, eye primer just to make sure my lids aren’t oily/one shade, sometimes a brow and inner corner highlight, mascara, blush, highlight (if I’m not wearing Hot Mama blush), and lipstick/gloss.

  43. Nicole

    If I just hava 5 minutes.
    Hm, liquid foundation, a little bronzer, black mascara and a rose or latte macchiato brown lipstick, maybe a pink gloss.

  44. Karen

    Tinted moisturizer, Tarte cheek and lip stain in Tipsy
    It’s more like my 2 minutes to get to class face :)

  45. Alexis

    revlon color stay foundation
    fit me concealer
    loads of tartes light camera lashes
    nars madly blush (works as bronzer and blush)
    tightline with MACs smolder eyeliner
    then throwing on a lip product out the door.

  46. Rachel

    Mac studio fix powder, blush, benefit creaseless cream shadow in rsvp, and mascara. That’s pretty much my bare minimum :)

  47. Leah

    Tinted moisturizer
    Brow gel
    One neutral eyeshadow
    Lipstick, gloss or tinted lipbalm

    And a SMILE! (Because I did all that in 5 minutes!)

  48. Dexie

    In five minutes I can finish: brows, top lid of eyeliner with inner white corner, brow high lighter, a dusting of powder for under eye circles (and to even out redness on my nose around allergy season), and then I’ll pop a mascara in my purse for later (if I remember).
    And even then…sometimes that can take longer than 5 minutes, depends on how awake I am.

  49. Undereye concealer, loose mineral powder, and maybe some blush. Later in the day I might add gloss. Then toward the end of the day when I go on camera, I’ll curl my lashes and add mascara.

  50. lacey

    tinted moisturizer or Origins Vitazing

    I’m a pro at this with 7:30am class everyday!

  51. Em

    In this order, just incase I run out of time, but usually I can get all this done if 5 minutes.

    Powder Foundation
    Benefit RSVP

  52. JEN

    -Laura Mercier Radiance Primer
    -MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark for foundation with a kabuki brush
    -MAC MSF Natural in Medium Deep for bronzer
    -MAC Hush cream colour base for highlight
    -Urban Decay Perversion liner to upper water line
    -Benefit They’re Real Mascara or Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill
    -Clarins Eclat Minute lip perfector in 02

  53. Por

    I just did a 5-minute face this morning because I was short on time. I use:

    – concealer
    – bb cream or tinted moisturizer
    – brow pencil
    – blush/bronzer/highlighter, whichever I’m in the mood for
    – tinted lip balm
    – mascara

    I would have loved to put some shadow or liner on, but this is enough to perk up my appearance for the day.

  54. Dia

    concealer, cream blush, powder, filling in brows, mascara, and lipstick!

  55. Lilastar

    Concealer, foundation, mascara, champagne cream e/s, blush and lipstick.

  56. Tracy

    I like to put music and take my time for makeup. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable moment. If I don’t feel like taking my time, I go out without makeup. At all. And I can speed up my process as much as I want. If I have 5 minutes, I’ll just skip concealer and eyeliner. I never put lipstick. The rest stays.
    -MAC MSF natural in Medium plus
    -Clinique brow powder
    -Too Faced face palette bronzer
    -Any blush (Benefit Hervana, Coralista, Korres Natural, NARS Orgasm…)
    -Benefit eyeshadow in Nice melons as a highlighter

  57. GUSnail

    foundation or tinted moisturizer
    1 light eyeshadow

    If I have an extra minute, I’ll throw on MAC Powersurge on my lower waterline/lash line. I wear glasses and I find this helps lighten up the whole eye are quite a bit.

  58. Tinted moisturizer
    Lip product
    Concealer and set :-)

  59. Amber

    Scrub with Yes to Cucumbers face wipe, apply Biore Hard Day’s Night moisturizer, eyeliner, blush, maybe mascara, maybe eyeshadow, depending. Lip balm.

  60. Olivia

    I don’t have a five minute face, because I need at least 15 minutes to do the minimum. Actually, my normal make-up routine (MO – FR) takes about 45-60 minutes. Yes, I am a make-up junkie 😉

  61. Sarah

    Makeup application and speed is something I seriously struggle with. It always takes me forever to do my makeup!! In 5 minutes I’d probably only be able to apply:

    -Garnier BB Cream
    -Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles
    -Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
    -Lip Balm

  62. Kara

    Concealer, quick swish of eyeshadow, gel liner on top, loads of mascara.
    This is also my everyday face.

  63. kaye

    Tinted moisturizer (w/sunscreen)
    Concealer around eyes
    Lipstick or gloss

    If I have a few extra seconds, blush is the next thing I apply, followed by eyeliner.

  64. Leah

    Tinted Moisturizer, Powder, Mascara, Blush, eyebrow powder and maybe a cream shadow

  65. Mica

    Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisture in Medium, Almay Smart shade blush, Korres lip butter and a Bright lippie!

  66. Summer

    Diorskin Forever compact applied with a damp sponge
    UD Chopper on lid
    BE Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara
    Any lipstick; lately it’s been Hourglass Ballet.

  67. Erica

    Concealor, Mineralized skinfinish, filling in brows, mascara, lipbalm

  68. Linda

    Colour correcting primer (givenchy acti-mine in kiwi)
    Clinique instant pore minamiser
    Lancome clicky pen concealer thingy
    MAC Mylar all over eyelid
    Whatever Mascara I have opened
    Clear brow gel
    Whateber gloss or lipstick i fancy

    All of this takes less than 5mins as there is no real blending, I could get away with no brushes if i didnt have any about (wouldn’t recommend that though)

  69. Eilene

    My current go to 5 min face, assuming I”ve already moisturized:

    Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation applied with fingers
    quick coat of Maybelline Full n Soft mascara, top and bottom lashes
    quick dusting of Laura Mercier translucent powder
    sweep of theBalm Hot Mama blush on cheeks
    Burts Bees tinted lip balm in Hibiscus

  70. Natasha

    In 5 minutes?

    Too faced BB cream with fingers(love it!)- no need for powder as the cream helps in controlling my oil!
    Bobbi brown corrector for my dark circles
    Mac studio finish to spot conceal
    Mac Posey cremeblend blush applied with fingers
    Maybelline (any one) mascara

  71. sabrina

    – under eye concealer

    – bright blush
    (Virgin Isle, Optimistic Orange from Mac or Tipsy from Tarte)

    – black mascara

  72. Vern

    My five minute face which is usually the time it takes. I guess it has something to do with little to no acne scarring and building small amounts rather than piling on at once. But it’s usually:
    1. Primer
    2. If I decide for liquid Revlon Colorstay for face and undereye in two different colors; small drops (maybe pea size and a lot smaller for undereye)with 109 then set with MSFN(very lightly in t-zone and undereye). Otherwise only MSFN all over.
    3. Blush(9.93/10 it’s MAC Eversun)
    4. MAC Fix+ (must have for me when wearing anything on my face)
    5. Mascara (loads)
    6. Maybe Eyeliner
    7. Lipstick(Revlon Gentleman loves Pink or Viva Glam V or L’oreal Balm Mauve)
    And that’s all folks!!!

  73. Concealer
    Gel blush
    Sheer wash of gold eyeshadow
    Sheer coral lip

  74. Tinted moisturizer + powder foundation
    Neutral eyes w/ brown liquid liner
    Sometimes brows
    Lip balm (sometimes tinted)