Monday, July 19th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What do you use to clean your makeup brushes? Share!

Temptalia's Answer.

I typically use baby shampoo, but sometimes I alternate with MAC’s Brush Cleanser.

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116 thoughts on “What do you use to clean your makeup brushes?

  1. JH

    baby shampoo and maybe a teensy bit of alcohol + water

  2. Vickie

    mac brush cleanser for spot cleaning
    baby shampoo for deep cleaning

  3. MAC Brush cleaner! But its a bit expensive for daily cleaning, so I might go buy a bottle of baby shampoo sometime soon.

  4. Argeleen

    I also use johnsons baby shampoo :)

  5. Suzy R

    L’Oreal Skin Genesis Gel Cleanser — the same thing I use on my face — If it cleans make-up and dirt off of my skin without stripping or drying and no residue, it can do the same for my brushes

  6. keana

    I use avon 2 in 1 strawberry shampoo and conditioner.

  7. Natalie

    When I am on a job – MAC brush cleanser
    After the job & at home – MAC cleanse off oil and Palmolive Antibacterial handwash gel, followed by conditioner

  8. Baby shampoo! The Johnson’s & Johnson’s one in purple – night time. :)

  9. an antibacterial soap + olive oil (a tip i got from michelle phan) for deep cleaning. but for quick spot cleaning, i use mac’s brush cleanser. i put my cleanser in an empty sprizter and i spritz straight onto the brush then wipe it off with a towel. i was wasting so much cleanser by putting the liquid directly onto a towel so i’m glad i came across that tip.

    • Joleen

      I do the same thing! :) I haven’t heard of many other people doing it though even though I got the tip from MichellePhan as well

      • The antibacterial soap really dried out some of my brushes. A couple of Sephora brand ones started having terrible hair breakage. I went back to using the Olive Oil first, and baby shampoo afterwards.

        FYI, Antibacterial is really a buzzword. If you wash your brushes thoroughly, they will be free of bacteria.

        Please take good care of your brushes!!! I almost lost some of mine to this method :-(

        • Kate & Zena

          They shouldn’t have been breaking if you were swirling more EVOO than Dawn (or any other antibacterial soap) when you wash them. If you weren’t using a gentle antibacterial (Dawn or Palmolive), the soap might have been too harsh.

          Joleen and Dani–I use the same method, but I learned mine in art class years before Michelle did her video. Lots and lots of artists use the method as it’s just cheaper (and smells better) than buying brush cleaner. Brush cleaner for art brushes is notoriously expensive (gallon sizes start at $24.99 and can go up into the $50s!) so most of us use Dawn & EVOO, especially if you paint constantly.

  10. Labelle

    Sephora’s daily brush shampoo. My boyfriend’s sister uses baby body wash & olive oil to clean her brushes though. She said the olive oil helps keep the bristles from becoming dry and brittle.

    I would use this technique but the spray bottle is more convenient for me to use since I have a busy schedule.

  11. Kathryn

    spot cleaning-mac brush cleanser
    deep cleaning-philosophy purity cleanser or bare escentuals brush cleaner

  12. same as Christine…baby shampoo for the true cleaning, and MAC cleaner for daily quick clean.

  13. mars

    for daily cleansing MAC brush cleaner in a spray bottle. For deep cleaning MAC Cleanse Off Oil (especially for the white bristled brushes) followed by a 2 in 1 shampoo.

  14. Rose

    homemade bottle of dr bronners 18-in-1 soap with alcohol and distilled water

  15. I use face cleansing oil. I live in Japan and there’s a lot of cleansing oils here for reasonable price. Not like overpriced Shu Uemura ones.

  16. Andrea

    Baby shampoo for deep clean. And Mac cleanser for spot cleaning.

  17. MAC’s Brush Cleanser and baby shampoo.

  18. Fresh

    Baby Shampoo for the big clean ups.
    Blush Cleanser for more regular clean ups and for the major stain removals – MAC Cleanse Off Oil

  19. Ashley

    Mac brush cleaner for spot cleaning & palmolive antibacterial soap and Johnson’s & Johnson’s baby shampoo for deep cleaning.

  20. Ally_D

    Spot cleaning = Clinique brush cleanser
    Deep cleaning = baby shampoo or build-up remover shampoo, depening on how dirty the brush is and what product is on there

    I have also been known to use anti-bacterial liquid soap on synthetic brushes

  21. Rosie

    Mac’s Brush Cleanser for everyday cleaning and baby shampoo for deep cleaning.

  22. Yumi

    olive oil and dish soap

  23. I use a biologic soap with sweet almond oil!

  24. Gisele

    A little baby shampoo and a squirt of witch hazel.

  25. Spot clean with 99% alcohol spray
    Wash with any liquid soap near the sink and so far they have survived 10 yrs. Beautifully

  26. irisalonso

    my own shampoo and sometimes the hair conditioner after the shampoo

  27. Carrie

    I just use the same cleanser I wash my face with. If it’s gentle enough for my skin, it’s gentle enough for my brushes.

  28. Mar

    Baby shampoo… Never fails.

  29. nikki c

    johnson and johnson baby shampoo for weekly deep cleaning
    usually the purple lavender one but i ran out recently so i’ve been using the regular one
    mac brush cleanser with a pump to be more economical and easier to use for spot cleanin

  30. Dar

    Every few days I cleanly brushes with MAC Brush Cleanser. It gets pretty expensive so I usually put one part cleanser and one part water and amazingly it works just as well. So I get to actually double the use of the bottle.

    I use baby shampoo for deep cleaning.

    (I’m curious about using cleanse off oil or olive oil on my brushes but I will definitely try that method next time).

    • Kate & Zena

      Oils need to be in conjunction with another thing like an antibacterial soap (I prefer Dawn as it’s gentle yet deep cleans thoroughly). Alone, EVOO won’t clean your brushes thoroughly. After you deep clean, swirl your natural hair brushes in EVOO (it must be EVOO. regular or virgin will clog your pores), work it into the bristles gently for thirty seconds and wash it off.

      You can use EVOO on your synthetic bristle brushes as well, but I find that my synthetic brushes are harder to work with (particularly when blending) when I use EVOO.

  31. shuz4ever

    I use my make-up brushes only once and then clean with Johnsons baby shampoo when i run out of clean brushes.

  32. TheJoey

    Foundation and lip brushes (sometimes concealer bushes) get the heavy duty wash with dish soap. My powder bushes get the cream hand soap I have in my bathroom or my regular cleanser. I have a brush cleaner but I use it more for disinfecting foundation brush every now and then. I also filled up a ‘finished’ moisturizer bottle with water. The stubborn stuff that would not come off the side makes a great conditioner and final rinse for the brushes. They come out so soft.

  33. Laia

    MUFE Brush cleanser everytime I use them, and soap + water every week

  34. vivian

    baby shampoo!

  35. Karen

    My Babies baby shampoo lol 😀

  36. Arianne

    i stopped using baby shampoo when i realized that its not anti-bacterial! and therefore, not thoroughly cleaning my brushes!

  37. Sarah

    Dawn Dish soap and olive oil, Dish soap to clean, olive oil to condition. Michelle phan on youtube did a video about it. It leaves the brushes really nice and conditioned. For spot cleaning I have an Elf Daily Brush Cleaner that I just got so I haven’t been able to test yet.

  38. condesa

    I use shampoo, but I previoulsy desinfect them w/ a desinfenctant. After washing, I condition them as i love them to be soft (larger brushes only)!

  39. AnaG.

    Johnsons baby shampoo always.

  40. B

    mac brush cleanser for spot cleaning
    johnsons baby shampoo for deep cleaning :)

  41. Nikki

    I use dove deep moisture body wash. Yes it’s important to kill bacteria which the mac brush cleaner does. But once a month you should use some type of conditioner or conditioning agent. You’ll strip all the moisture from the hair and cause breakage if you only use shampoo’s and brush cleaners.

  42. Bahar

    I used to use baby shampoo but recently I started using the brush cleanser from bare escentuals. I use MAC brush cleanser for spot cleaning

  43. MJ

    MAC brush cleanser for daily cleaning or I sometimes wipe my brushes on MAC’s facial cloths. Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple for deep cleaning.

  44. Lisa

    I am having the best results just using whatever bar of Lush soap I happen to have in my soap dish.

  45. Baby shampoo for cleaning but I do swipe on a rubbing alcohol soaked tissue sometimes to remove colour in between proper washes :)

  46. livnzoe

    baby schampoo!

  47. Sandy

    Dr Bronners liquid pure castile soap

  48. I don’t really spot clean, so just use baby shampoo to wash my brushes every week. I bought a bottle of Mac brush cleaner, but I don’t use it, I think I should just swap/sell it. It would be more useful if it came in a spray bottle, but I find it too annoying as I pour a lot of it away by accident when using it.

  49. Christina

    Is MAC Brush Cleanser good and worth the money? x

  50. olive oil and soap(the one used for dishes) or sephora brush shampoo

  51. stefania

    I use the clener that I bought with the Beautyblender sponge

  52. nicci

    MAC Brush Cleanser and before that cleaned w/olive oil and soap

  53. Shal

    I spot clean after every use with Make Up For Ever’s cleanser and once every few weeks I deep clean with shampoo.

  54. Sometimes hand soap or facial wash with water. When the rinse water turns clear, I’ll stop the tap and then set the brushes aside on a small towel for them to dry. Usually takes a day for them to dry. My brushes have lasted several years with this type of care…

  55. Hilana

    My regular shampoo I was my hair with and a bit of conditioner afterwards. Worked pretty well so far and my brushes stay in good condition despite having them for some time already.

  56. Roxanne

    MAC’s brush cleanser. Sometimes baby shampoo but that doesn’t desinfect the brush so I’d rather use the MAC one.

  57. Kim l

    I use a special shampoo for real and synthetic hair extensions because some of my brushes are real hair (i think) and most are synthetic. its antibacterial, and very gentle!

  58. jennifer

    i do have the mac brush cleanser but in this hot weather i find that i can just clean my brushes with johnson and johnsons lavender baby shampoo and they dry in no time.

  59. jennifer

    i do have the mac brush cleanser but in this hot weather i find that i can just clean my brushes with johnson and johnsons lavender baby shampoo and they dry in no time. much faster than spot cleaning IMHO. just bring the brush over the sink, get all the product out and lay flat to dry.

  60. felicia

    I use baby shampoo daily, MAC Brush cleanser weekly and if I’m really lazy I’ll swipe my brushes across my Clinique facial bar soap and rinse.

  61. Lady Di.

    Hhhm, I use antibacterial hand soap and I am so glad you posted this because I am going to get some baby shampoo after ready all these other posts. That is the greatest thing about this beauty blog, we get to pick up great ideas from so many other people!

  62. Charlene

    pretty much the same as most here. Mac is the best b/c it seems to condition my brushes where other cleaners make them feel a bit rough.
    Baby shampoo for large brushes.

  63. Cynthia M.

    spot cleaning= Enkore’s (on YouTube) homemade cleanser in a spritz bottle. cheap and effective. it also disinfects!
    deep cleaning= baby shampoo every 2 weeks, then spritz to disinfect.

  64. Leslie

    Olive oil to break down the color and the soap and co ultra creamy body wash. I have never seen my brushes so clean before!!!

  65. amelia

    baby shampoo and a drop of olive oil. when i run out of baby shampoo i just use my cleanser :S

  66. Nichole

    Equal parts of baby shampoo and distilled water, a little alcohol and an all natural leave-in conditioner.

  67. I make my own for daily cleaning, here are directions on how to do it:

    AND for a deep clean I uses baby shampoo

  68. Janine

    The blender cleanser that came with my beauty blender. Works great on all brushes, and gets the blender spotless!

  69. Shayna Marie

    Pantene Moisture recovery shampoo. It keeps the brushes soft yet gets rid of all the color!

  70. Emily

    Either Mac’s brush cleanser or Philosophy’s Purity.

  71. Deep Cleansing- baby shampoo and hair conditioner
    Spot Cleansing- PARIAN SPIRIT!!! THE BEST!!! DRIES IN SECONDS! I did a review on this on my blog. Here’s the link:

  72. Stacey M

    Well Cared For brush shampoo by Bare Escentuals.

  73. I spot clean with a 50/50 mix of MAC Brush cleaner and distilled water. For deep cleaning, I pre-treat with Extra V. Olive Oil, then I wash them with baby shampoo. I dry them using the brush guards.

  74. Nora

    Olive oil mixed with dish soap. It works surprisingly well, and it’s cheap.

  75. KellyK.

    i use johnson and johnson’s baby shampoo

  76. LNU

    I use to just use my facial cleanser and conditioner, but now I’ll pick up baby shampoo and MAC Brush Cleanser to disinfect my brushes.

  77. I use Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap.

  78. Megan

    Usually MAC brush cleanser and once in a while baby shampoo.

  79. Shameca

    Mac brush cleanser and baby shampoo

  80. Azaza

    For spot cleaning I use a brush cleanser and for deep cleaning baby shampoo

  81. Anne

    Another happy user of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

  82. Megan

    Baby shampoo and MAC brush cleaner!

  83. i love CINEMA SECRETS brush cleaner! it’s available online.

  84. Mariana

    I use bare escentuals conditioning brush shampoo. I like it a lot.

  85. Clara

    Mac Brush Cleaner-daily
    J&J Head to Toe Baby Wash-foundation & concealer brushes (I wash those after every use)
    Palmolive Dish Soap & Olive oil-deep cleaning (twice a month)
    I don’t do a complete face (eyeshadow, blush etc. everyday so my brushes don’t need to be deep-cleaned as often)

  86. stephanie

    Mac brush cleaner for something quick. For a full clean, I use Dr. Bronner’s magic soap. I like peppermint, but they have unscented as well. I love it cause its organic, rinses clean, and gets my all my white and skunk brushes looking like new. Plus you get so much for the price.

  87. Cherokee

    Baby shampoo and olive oil and MAC’s brush cleaner.

  88. Same as Christine. Either baby shampoo with conditioner or MAC brush cleaner.

  89. Jen

    Usually I use baby shampoo. Mainly because I have a 1yr old so it is always on hand. Sometimes I use Mac brush cleaner

  90. D

    I use regular shampoo.

  91. Kate & Zena

    For my natural hair brushes I use an even mix of Dawn and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. When you clean your natural hair bristle brushes, you have to put moisture back into your brushes since shampoo (even baby shampoo) or Dawn (a deep-cleaning gentle soap) strips them of their natural moisture. This dries out your bristles and can cause the bristles to break over time. EVOO is non-comedogenic (won’t clog the skins pores) and moisturizes your make-up brushes (it also makes bristles softer).

    Since synthetic bristles aren’t stripped of their natural moisture when you clean them, I use just Dawn.

    I learned the Dawn/EVOO mix in art class when we were required to wash our own brushes and I’ve used it ever since.

  92. Helena

    Some shampoo. Too lazy/cheap to use anything else, lol.

  93. Araceli

    I use MAC brush cleanser for quick cleaning. And use clarifying shampoo for deep cleaning. I think I am going to try the baby shampoo after seeing that so many people use that

  94. CJ

    Neutrogena Fresh Foaming cleanser, I never use it b/c it feels kind of harsh on the eyes, but it cleans my brushes pretty well

  95. Leticia

    I do the same as many of you guys – I use baby shampoo and MAC Brush Cleanser. Every month I wash my natural britles brushes with baby shampoo and rub some regular hair conditioner; I leave them a while for the conditioner to be absorbed and then rinse them. If I need to clean a brush in a hurry, I use the Face Secrets tissues I got at Sally.

  96. Heather H

    A mac artist told me that cleaning your brushes with baby shampoo isn’t good for them. She told me to only use their brush cleanser with water. But i feel like just doing that the brushes don’t seem as clean.

  97. Love Ann Dougherty

    I made EnKore’s brush cleaner (You Tube guru) and use this for daily cleansing. I use baby shampoo for deep cleaning.

  98. Christina

    Eyeshadow Brushes: Ben Nye Brush Cleaner for everyday use and baby shampoo for “deep” cleaning
    Brushes used for foundations/cream products: Alcohol

  99. Leenie

    I use what ever shampoo that’s near me at the time of me cleaning them.

  100. ColleenAndrea

    Daily: Palmalive anti-bacterial and Extra virgin olive oil as needed.
    Weekly: MAC Brush cleaner