Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What do you do with a look you don’t like? Do you wear it anyway? Always do it over? Go bare faced instead?

Temptalia's AnswerI usually just remove it, slap on tinted moisturizer, and call it a day!

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44 thoughts on “What do you do with a look you don’t like?

  1. Well, i click it …put it on my blog saying ‘this is how u should NOT wear eyeshadow’, then remove it and go with a fresh face and little kohl and thats it.

  2. Take it off, put on plain eyeliner and clear lipgloss. Sometimes I try again when I get home from school, but that depends on if I feel deperate to get my makeup off!

  3. Usually i can fix it, but if not I grab my eye makeup remover and start over

  4. Az

    I’ll do it over.

    However this hardly happens to me, and it depends. Do I have enough time? Am I going somewhere important? Is the look bad or I just don’t like it?

  5. Carrie Ann

    I just try to fix what I don’t like about it rather than starting over completely. For instance, when I think my eye makeup is too dark, I blend it down and put a much lighter shade of eye shadow over it. Sometimes it’ll turn out to be one of my best eye looks.

  6. Mia

    If I don’t like how my eye shadow looks, I’ll usually try to mix other colors on top to make a different color. Sometimes that works but if not then I’ll wash everything off and throw on some concealer, add some black liner to my upper lash line, and wear a nice red or pink lipstick adding a pinch of it on my cheeks.

  7. Altea

    I do almost the same, if I don’t like the look I’ve created I just remove it all and go to a basic makeup (concealer, mascara, brow set, lip balm or gloss) or even just moisturizer (brow set and lip balm are not optional).

  8. anonymous

    I’m assuming this would be a full makeup occasion with little prep time so wipe off as much lipstick, shadow and blush as possible. Run Urban Decay surreal powder over the face. Go directly over the shadow using thebalm shadows (through trial and error I’ve discovered these are pigmented enough that I can swipe even the lightest shades over even really dark shadows without showing through). Reapply a favorite lipstick.

    If I have time and there’s no pressure it’s Pond’s clean sweep wipe, moisturizer, UD Surreal Powder, curl lashes, mascara, lip liner, lipstick. That’s all I really care about for day to day– clean skin, conceal imperfections and darken & define eyes & lips so I can’t really screw it up.

  9. I remove it and do another look instead, the second time i usually go to my inspirationfolder and pick something nice that i can “trace” on my eyelids :p no room for error on a second time look, im usually always in a rush then.

  10. Voss

    This happened to me last njight! I hated my eyeshadow so I just put dark all over and blended the bedge out with my MSF and I ended up getting compliments anyway because you see the metalic look I tried to underneath. It did end up looking pretty cool.

  11. Voss

    Ok my phone is crazy with autospell ugh. I was trying to say, you could see the metallic eyeshadow coming through the black. Does that make sense its laaaate/early here. Haha

  12. layer over with a darker shade of shadow and make it work!

  13. Meghan

    it depends upon how much time I have. If I can I’ll redo everything, but usually I’m running late so I just take it off and do liner and mascara, grab a lipgloss and go

  14. Mariella

    Depends on what doesn’t look right. If it’s just too much on my eyes or cheeks, I’ll take my 131 and blend the whole look down like crazy so it’s a lot less noticeable. Lipstick – wipe it off and start again. We were having company the other night and I was rushing and put my lippy on in the reflection of the microwave (I was cooking dinner!). Later, I caught sight of myself in a mirror – WHOA, Craving is my fave lipstick but I’d put on way too much. Just had time to gab a kleenex and wipe most of it off!

  15. Ann

    If I’m in a hurry I just wash it all off or leave it.

  16. Vivian

    You don’t even put on some blush? I think blush looks really really beautiful on you :) And I feel every girl/woman has that one makeup item she can’t live without. For me, it’s mascara since I’m blonde, fair skin, rosy cheeks and invisible lashes hehe

  17. Darken the outer corner more, lots of eyeliner, let out a big sigh because it still looks blah, then deal with it πŸ˜‰

  18. Natalie

    Since I always do my eyes first, if I hate/can’t save a look, I wipe it off. If I’m up to it I’ll try again, if not I’ll just go with a classic stand-by that always looks good, then alter the rest of my makeup to suit it.

  19. Vita

    Ditto, usually I dont have time to redo a whole look especially if Im on my way out the door to go to work. Although, I usually do no experiment with new looks when Im in a hurry.

  20. Kaylee

    I’ll spend a little extra time tweaking it to get it to work… if that fails I get too frustrated to start all over again. So I just wash it all off, put on some concealer, light foundation, a sheer blush & mascara. Maybe a skintone eyeliner in my lower waterline.

  21. Laurina

    I will usually try to tweak my makeup to look decent and go with it. Like if the blush I used for the look didn’t really go, then I would try to maybe blend it with another color to work or to tone it down the best I could with some powder. I don’t like going through the time to put on makeup and have to scrap it. Some things can be fixed to look right after you have applied all your makeup :-)

  22. P

    It depends… In a rush I remove it and try to go simpler:
    – if I have tan: moisturizer, mascara and lipstick
    – in winter: tinted moisturizer, blot powder, blush, mascara and lipstick
    But if I have time, I start it all over again.

  23. It really depends on how much time I have available. Sometimes I try to do it over if I have time. If I don’t have time; I just throw on some eyeliner and mascara and call it a day.

  24. beth maiorana

    Note that I dislike it, and get through the day, and remember never to do that again !! ;-))

  25. Eileen

    It depends on what I’ve got going on that day. If it’s a quiet day at home, I just leave it. The dogs will still love me! If I’m going to be out and about and the problem can’t be fixed with a bit of tweaking, I’ll remove it and fall back on one of my tried and true minimal looks.

  26. Miranda

    if its an eye look, i just remove it and start over, if its face i just remove everything and just use powder.

  27. Whitney

    I usually only experiment with eye looks on a day to day basis so when those go awry I don’t try to salvage it. Just wipe it off and brush on some mascara…finito!

  28. Take it off and try it again, if time allows. If not, eyeliner and a lip color and call it a day.

  29. I usually try things I’m unsure about at night when I’m washing my makeup off to give it a test run. If something does backfire while I’m getting ready for the day, I usually just rub off the parts I don’t like or try to balance them out by layering a different color on top until I can live with it… I haven’t washed off and started over in years!


    Take it off, try to reapply some foundation eyeliner and gloss and go… by that time im extremely late to work lol!

  31. Ursula

    I have never really hated the way anything has turned out but if I’m not loving it I will try to fix whatever I don’t like. I will always just leave it on and make the best of it.

  32. Amber

    Depends on what I did it for. If I’m going out I’ll take it off and do a signature look of mine if it was just to try it out I’ll just take I off and put on some basics and call it a day.

  33. Rebecca

    cover it up with lots of black shadow and just make it a black smokey eye!

  34. Labelle

    Usually I start over or I just redo my eyeliner & mascara & call it a day..

  35. I don’t think I’ve ever started over completely, I usually don’t have enough time. It’s only happened to me once or twice, I just kept caking it on until it looked right…..

  36. Svetlana

    I wear it anyways lol

  37. ladykoinkoin

    Honestly, I rock it. 7-8 out of 10 times I don’t like my look. Like it doesn’t hit that PERFECTION I like. But I just rock it anyways! Heck no, I’m not re-doing anything (too much work. And the funny thing is that most pple still always give me compliments and etc, even on one of those days. So days that I do not totally like my look, I figure, it’s prolly just me cos I still probably look amazing anyways and it’s just me and wanting to get a perfect look….(hope I’m making sense lol). And I find that as the day wears off my opinion about the look gets better anyways.

  38. Meg

    remove it and do it over again πŸ˜›

  39. Linda

    There is no makeup disaster that can’t be fixed with a Q-tip and a little makeup remover! I use one end of the Q-tip to remove the parts of the eyeshadow that got too dark, and blend out whatever needs blending with the other end. Wipe off excess blush/lipstick with a tissue, add a little silver eyeliner at my inner corner, and my look turns from “blah” into “awesome.” :)

  40. Dana

    Depends on how bad the offense is! Sometimes I’ll take it off and start over if there is time. If I’m short on time, I can usually fix it: weird shadow I’ll swipe a neutral eyeshadow over and blend really well; if I over-blush/bronze I will dab some foundation over it; if my foundation looks too heavy/cakey/powdery I’ll spritz some fix plus over it.

  41. Becca

    this is why I don’t experiment with makeup before school or before I go somewhere important, haha, I experiment at night, before I go to bed, over the weekend :) and when I do that I usually when I do that if I don’t like it, I’ll just take it off and go to bed :)

  42. bluest1199

    I usually try to work with it but if I can’t then I take it off and start again.

  43. beth maiorana

    I really like this idea of removing the whole shebang (yes, even after all the time and effort I thought I put into it …) and slapping on some tinted moisturizer and liner and start again some other day !! Thanks for all of you with this idea. ;-))

  44. Mel

    If I’m experimenting with an eyeshadow look and I don’t like it, I take it off and go for something safer that I can easily do.