Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

What color family do you have the most eyeshadows from? Greens, blues, browns, highlighters…

Temptalia's AnswerProbably golds or greens!

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150 thoughts on “What color family do you have the most eyeshadows from?

  1. Lisa

    Probably browns and other neutrals. However I don’t own that many eyeshadows because I have a really difficult time trying to put them on. I love lavenders and purples though… I need to try on some more!

  2. Yenny V

    I never realize this until you asked, but I have the most neutrals! Highlight colors, medium browns as transition colors, and dark grays & black for outer corners. But I love bright color eyeshadows, I swear! lol

  3. Jasmine

    Pink and purple.

  4. Definitivly Blue. Many many

  5. Shirry

    Browns and Taupes definitely!

  6. Amalee

    I’m a sucker for purples.. I don’t even know how many I own.

  7. Alexis

    Oh god too many blues and greens.

  8. Jessi

    greys/browns/taupes & purples

  9. Without a doubt coppers and purples.

    • Liz Mc

      same here, mostly grays and purples. I have dark hair and blue-green eyes, those colors seem to work best on me. I’m also older, so the really bright eyeshadows are harder to pull off these days.

  10. MochaKnitster

    I’d say dark taupes like BareEscentual’s Drama & MAC’s Satin Taupe. You can wear them w/any color on the color wheel and they make great crease/liner colors.

  11. xiao

    i wanna say brown? but i think purples come in fairly close

  12. NikiD40

    Browns, Taupes, Plums & Purples

  13. Neutrals, Taupes, dark navy blues, dark browns, greys.

  14. flightperfect

    Browns and purples.

  15. Josibert

    Tooooo many purples and turquoise 😀

  16. Lorna

    in order of how much i have of each: purples, stormy blues, plummy browns, neutrals, smokey darks and highlight colors.

    i stay away from brights and especially orange and yellow which i don’t think i can pull off.

  17. Shumpac

    browns and neutrals. I think I have like all shades of brown so I’m covered for a neutral look =O)

  18. Andra

    Purples and browns.

  19. sasha

    i have blue eyes so probably reds, browns, and blues (not together)

  20. Marinella

    Browns for sure…

  21. lime greens! that’s if we’re whittling it down to specifics though. i have 2 greens that aren’t lime. 😐
    but if we’re just going by general colour umbrella, it’d be… nope, still green, closely followed by pink.

  22. Vale

    Blues and violets

  23. livnzoe

    golds & neutrals.. i don’t own many bright colours!!

  24. Emma

    browns unfortunately!! I would like to own more colours but they never seem to look right on me..

  25. Claire

    golds and taupes!

  26. Martina

    browns and neutrals…

  27. MichelleG

    Neutrals and browns for sure!

  28. Rosanna

    Blues & neutrals but only by a few shades.

    It’s pretty even across the board (except for the pinks and oranges but are catching up). I have greens, yellows/golds, and purples in pretty close numbers.

  29. vikaki


  30. lazeny

    Shades of blue, followed by purples, then greens.

  31. Virginia

    Blues and Violets ^_^

  32. Browns. And greens if it counts that I have a gazillion greens in pigment form but not so many in pan form.

  33. i’m actually quite ballanced :) i could easily have more blues if i didn’t watch myself. but i try to only have so much at any given time :)

  34. Sarah

    Greens and purples.

  35. Eleonora

    Definitely greens and pale browns.

  36. the_izzle

    Purples definitely.

    I decided I will not be buying another purple for sometime.

  37. Lulle

    Purples for sure.

  38. Bella

    Purple, followed by bronze!

  39. mo

    purples! my favorite

  40. Hilde

    After browns it’s variations on blue and green and the colors in between, aqua, turquoise, seafoam etc.

  41. Greens, blues and purples.

  42. Marina

    Purple and all nude ones (brown, white..) (I’m sorry, my “school-english” sucks..)

  43. Emmy

    muted purples and grays… deffo need too inject some color here! 😀

  44. AnneMHK

    About an even split green/blues and purples.

  45. happybadfish

    Brown or purple. I have red hair and very pale skin. I love green, but it doesn’t look right on me.

  46. Svetlana

    Purples ! I love them … I do have quiet a lot of blues & pinks too though .

  47. Jaime

    Blue. Hands down.

  48. Maja

    Browns and purples.

  49. Ula

    Probably browns, golds and greens… :)

  50. Pam

    brown, taupe, gold. lot of warm colours :)

  51. Refinement

    I’m such a sucker for purple eyeshadows!!!

  52. Meghan

    I own mostly browns to brownish pinks, however lately I seem to be buying a lot of purple hues, even though I rarely wear purple just because they’re so pretty

  53. Vanessa

    Golds, nudes, and pinks :)

  54. Leslie V

    hands down blue this brown eyed girl loves blues

  55. ChristineD

    Browns, taupes, neutrals in general…I own almost every neutral ;pigment done by MAC in the last 2 yeras or so…I actually have a boat load of naked which is my favorite colour EVER!!

  56. Kim L

    Nude with shimmer and every gold under the sun

  57. Erica

    Browns & neurtrals

  58. Taj

    purples and browns

  59. Court

    Grays, blacks, and charcoals. And any and all variations of them

  60. Fatema

    golds, bronze and purples!!!

  61. Opheliana


  62. Lady Di.

    Mostly wine and burgundy colors. I don’t know why that is because i really like browns and beige colors!lol

  63. Ani_BEE

    I have a lot of neutrals and purples … But I prefer teals and greens.

  64. Pat

    Browns on almost all variations of finishes and shades (muted, light, medium, dark, golden, reddish, coppery, peachy… champagnes, beiges, taupes, browns). I think I have like 30 ;-b

  65. Make Up Store without a doubt.

  66. Annie

    Browns and neautrals.

  67. abby

    lots of purples!

  68. Ashley P

    i have soooo many’s what i like to do the most (play up the eyes and play down the lips). my eye shadow spectrum runs all over the place even though i have green eyes and i should really concentrate on greens, browns, golds and such but i threw those rules out the window a long time ago and do whatever i like :)

  69. Rachel w

    Purples and golds

  70. Kitty Kris

    Purples! I just can’t help myself…

  71. stephanie

    purple and blue lol

  72. Kassey

    Good Question! :)

    Prolly Browns, Violet (purples) and Blacks

  73. Keren

    Oh, definitely purples for me… obsessed with this color!

  74. viv

    Definitely greens, followed by purples.

  75. Marcela

    my purples/fuschias take up 2/3 of a Mac Pro palette. then followed by blues. i love my intense-colored eyeshadows!

  76. Sass

    From MAC, browns…neutrals. These are not including my UD and other palettes.

  77. Amber

    Browns,coppers and shimmery nudes/pinks! They seem to brighten my blue-green eyes the most!

    But I want NARS Daphne soooo bad!

  78. Rose

    Purples because I am forever looking for good ones, haha.

  79. Mires

    Browns & purples

  80. BethM

    Pink/purple, no contest.

  81. Black and blues I seem to have the most of. Followed by browns, purples, and greens. I should take some time and lay all my pencils out in a rainbow and do a huge swatch of them.

    • I’m a dork. I was reading the eye pencils article and thought it said eye pencils here. Shadows wise I prolly have a ton of browns and blues. Hmm I see a theme here. LOL

  82. Catherine

    Purples. Can’t stop buying more and more purple saying “but i don’t have that specific shade!” Im fair with hazel eyes and dark hair, it makes the green in my eyes really pop and i love it :)

  83. Lee

    Oranges & coppers. I’ve got blue eyes and red hair and orange makes my eyes pop and almost looks like a neutral on me.

  84. Kayla

    Purple, and I have a ton of shadow in the silver to black spectrum.

  85. Andrea

    Highlights, Browns/Golds & Purples

  86. Wendy M.

    Browns/neutrals, definitely.

  87. francesca

    Definitely browns!

  88. AnGeLwInGz

    blues/ greens/ golds

  89. Linda

    Mostly browns.

  90. tara

    Neutrals/hilight colors.. after that blues

  91. cool browns, blues and greens