Friday, May 7th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What clothing brand like would you like to see do makeup? Share your thoughts!

Temptalia's Answer.

I would have said Burberry… but they are, LOL!

Thanks to Shontay for today’s question!

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118 thoughts on “What clothing brand like would you like to see do makeup?

  1. Tamara

    fmf or so cal. i know it’s weird but they always have neat shirts/cute clothes so i think if their makeup reflected their style it would be awesome :)

  2. Ashley

    It would be interesting to see Marc Jacobs/GUESS do makeup… and I would totally go crazy and buy it.

  3. I would say Elie Saab :) So so so in love with his collections. Oh and definitely Versace as well !!!!

    • Rachel

      versace already has a make-up line, yet only sold in very limited place. Its creamy foundation and some other staff are available in Sino-US/Japan-US airlines. and a good chance in Korea/US airlines.

  4. Lucia

    I would love, love, love to see Gwen Steffani (L.A.M.B.). She has that edgy yet creative side of her.

    • Sheena F

      i totally agree! L.A.M.B. or harajuku lovers. she already has the fragarance…why not come up with a whole cosmetics line?

    • Mirna

      Great idea! I would LOVE it if Gwen came out with a collection.

  5. j e n

    Lanvin & Marc Jacobs!!! <3

  6. PJ

    Rodarte!! It would have crazy prism overlays for eyeshadows and futuristic mascara. Clearly I have too much time on my hands….LOL

  7. 53

    ZARA or LANVIN maybe

  8. Melisa

    I think Bessy Johnson :)

  9. nicci

    Well Chanel already has joined in….these are not all clothings brands but Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Gucci, Lanvin, Miu Miu and Free People.

  10. dani

    i would like to see Ed Hardy do a makeup collection. i think it’ll be interesting what kinds of colors and design schemes they bring up.

  11. Nina Hu

    I’d say Miss Sixty

  12. Le Chateau or Bebe! Guess by Marciano as well…

  13. 53

    I just tot of something. Alexander McQueen. He did a collaboration with MAC which is in-sync with his own collection of Egyptian theme. So I’m sure he has much to offer every season or so if he has his own make-up line. Cheers to Alexander McQueen. haiz.

  14. Kristin

    I think Lucky Brand would have a nice array of neutral colors, and Betsy Johnson would have the most colorful and fun collection.

  15. Sarah

    Haute Hippie. The packaging would be amazing!

  16. phuongk

    what about an LV line, complete with leather LV packaging!

  17. mango

    MARC JACOBS, BALENCIAGA, LAMB, [and alexander mcqueen :( ]

  18. Jenn

    Betsey Johnson should collaborate with MAC! :)

  19. Carrie

    Harajuku Lovers.

  20. sara

    Betsey Johnson

  21. shontay

    Yay! You used my question! xoxo

    I have to say Betsey Johnson. I love her to death. I love her clothes and accessories. She is the one who inspires Tarina Tarantino and all these other young things.

  22. Kaylabella

    Definitely Betsey Johnson! She is simply amazing!

  23. Hannah

    i think zara would be cool and classy
    or betsy johnson for a funky and playful look (:

  24. Hands down commes des garcons! That would be awesome Make Up.

  25. coco72

    Not a clothing brand, Louis Vuitton

  26. liz

    LOL i agree with you

  27. Eve


  28. Sharon

    i’d like to see something from dianne von furstenburg. and maybe christian siriano. i don’t know if either have tried it yet or not.

    • I want to say Christian Siriano did something with Victoria’s Secret makeup at one point… but I might be totally lying. Lol.

    • Jessi

      dianne von furstenburg did makeup and perfume in the late 70s/early 80s. It was very fashion forward with some of the wildest lipstick and blush colors and textures around at the time. Her perfume Volcan de Amour was my favorite when I was 13!

  29. Diana

    Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta.

  30. Linda

    Irregular choice, i know technically there a shoe company and not a clothes company but there stuff is always so unique.

  31. I’d love for Balenciaga to come out with a cosmetics line.

  32. amelia

    CHLOE, CHLOE, CHLOE! or miu miu.

  33. Eli

    I’d say Miss Sixty, too! And Morgan.

  34. Michelle

    Marc Jacobs
    Zac Posen

  35. Scylent

    I would have to say L.A.M.B. D2Squared and Gucci

  36. I would have to say Marc Jacobs. He has such a unique take on colours and prints I’d have to say it’d probably be an amazing collection.

  37. PJohnson

    rodarte, betsey johnson and rachel roy would be great!

  38. Ginlee

    Stella McCartney!!! Plus, it would be cruelty free cosmetics.

  39. Frances

    I’d love to see Lacroix or Valentino, I’m sure they’d do a fantastic job.

  40. Tina

    Prada and Marc Jacobs

  41. Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu! 😀

  42. Michelle M

    I’m with you on Burberry, yay! Also, I would like to see Gwen Stefani come out with a cosmetic line for L.A.M.B.

  43. I actually don’t care about clothing brands producing makeup. They’re doing it for the money, and sometimes not very well, so it doesn’t really appeal to me.

  44. Annika

    Stella McCartney for sure, it’d be cruelty-free and all natural and very pretty :)

  45. Reese

    I would love to see a line of Juicy Couture cosmetics!

  46. Katherine

    Missoni – I can just pictures some of the fabulous colors they do in their knits in makeup colors

  47. Kimmi

    Louis Vuitton & Marc Jacobs … =)

  48. Crystal

    Juicy would be so cute! With little cupcake charms and bows. I’m a sucker for anything like that!

  49. HebrideanSprite

    Le Chateau

  50. Angela

    Lilly Pulitzer would be great, imagine the colours!

  51. Valerie

    Hum for red lipstick lovers Valentino!!!
    As for edgy twist I would love to see John Galliano (i know he designed for Dior but his label is way avant-garde!)

  52. kitty

    dries van noten! i think the awareness of colour, attention to detail, and touch-me-not edginess that are apparent in the clothing would translate incredibly well to make up.

    also, like PJ, i would love to see a line from rodarte ^^ i think it would be so bold and exciting…

  53. Hend

    Gucci and Valantino, Eliee Sa’ab as well !

  54. Holly-Rae

    Miss Sixty and L.A.M.B. are great suggestions. I’d go with Iron Fist, the packaging would be incredible.

  55. Cindyrella

    I would say Balenciaga or maybe Balmain. Edgy rock chic transformed into make up :)

  56. Sharon

    I’d be all over a louis vuitton makeup collection :)

  57. Lara

    Oooh, Elie Saab, nice choice ChauDM!

    My personal choice would HAVE to be Viktor & Rolf! I LOVE their conceptual clothing and the eyelashes they did with Shu Uemura were amazing!

  58. lauraaaaaaaa


  59. Rosie

    Betsey Johnson or Harajuku Lovers cause they’re so funky.

  60. Julia

    Betsey Johnson!!!

  61. tickles

    Versace, al well as Zara, already have make up. :)

    I would say Miss Sixty and, of course, Jimmy Choo!!!!

  62. Lexi

    Marc Jacobs !!!!!

  63. Nathalie

    I love the clothes at Bebe so I would have to say them.

  64. Tamara

    I agree with Lucia. L.A.M.B would not only do a well made make-up collection but just think of the packaging. Now when I say L.A.M.B I mean just that. I’m actually not very fond of the junior line she has.

  65. Ryan

    I would have said alexander mcqueen but this is unlikely because of his death. so i guess gucci d=

  66. Abril

    Versace would be super sexy!!!

  67. diana

    gaultier, maybe

  68. Jami

    Marc Jacobs!!!!!!! I bet that would be very cute packaging and pretty colors.

  69. Haley

    Ooh I love this question! Ok so..
    I think Juicy Couture could have an amazing cosmetic line! Their fragrances are so fun, and I think a cosmetic line by them would be too. I think they would have fun bold lip colours, pretty feminine shadows/blush and the packaging would probably be gorgeous as well! Marc Jacobs is another great choice for a cosmetic line. I think it would be more indie style make-up, more trendy and such, with cute packaging too! Ooh and Louis Vuitton would be fantastic; it would definitely be luxury makeup, like Chanel, Cle de Peau, etc. That was fun!

  70. Natalie

    Louis Vuitton or Gucci.. I would die over packaging lol

  71. i wish jenny packham would do a bridal make-up line & i also love trina turk’s patterns!

  72. Definately Diane Von Furstenberg

    or even Juicy Couture

  73. caleigh

    free people, marc jacobs definitely true religion and definitely Calypso

  74. nat

    I love diesel’s stuff so I’d want to see what they can come up with or 7 for all mankind since I already love Rock and Republic’s makeup line! I’d love to see a DIane Von Furstenberg line! I know she had a lipstick out a while ago…

  75. Casey

    Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Betsey Johnson for sure!!! I would be in love of any of those brands came out with a makeup line.

  76. Roxie

    I agree would like to see LeChateau.
    Would also like to see House of Dereon, aka Beyonce.

  77. Ralph Lauren – cuz I think it’d be so elegant and sophisticated & Pucci – cuz they have the most amazing patterns and color combos!!!

  78. Charlotte

    Luella, Marc Jacobs, or Zac Posen. Maybe even Elizabeth James!

  79. Lana A

    Hmm… On the affordable side, River Island. As for couture, Lanvin and Stella McCartney.

  80. ViVi

    Betsey Johnson would be so much fun! 😀

  81. Teena Marie

    Betsey Johnson. I can see tons of color, texture, and finishes!

  82. J U I C Y C O U T U R E ! ! !

    if they dont do one already lol

  83. Telle

    I have seen some guess and lamb replies-ditto! :)

  84. Leonie

    I’d like to see Hell Bunny or Poizen Industries do make-up.

  85. cristina

    marc jacobs and karl lagerfeld!!!!!

  86. JEN

    Rachel Roy or Betsey Johnson with MAC collaboration.

  87. Juicy Couture! I can see them using pink in their packaging.

  88. Brielle

    Either Juicy Couture or Abercrombie & Fitch! I know, i’m 29 and I still love A&F like a teenager! lol!

  89. Gia

    Betsey Johnson def! It would be soo fun! Bebe would probably have some awesome eye things to make a perfect sexy smokey eye.

  90. I wish that ZARA and H&M would release in North America all their cosmetics and skin care that they have in Europe.
    Over 5 years ago Zara in Spain had a full line of cosmetics and H&M had the same as well as full skin care and cosmetics for men.

  91. It would be interesting to see Marc Jacobs/GUESS do makeup too.