Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What beauty treatments do you like to do yourself? What do you like to leave to the professionals?

Temptalia's AnswerI like doing my nails and brows myself, but I leave the hair cutting to the pros!

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37 thoughts on “What beauty treatments do you like to do yourself?

  1. Same answer as yours, Christine. :) I also like giving myself facial and body scrubs using fresh ingredients.

  2. When I was young and on a budget, I learned to master the arts of the face (and other bits) waxing myself. To this day, even if I can afford it, I still don’t feel the need to hand my mediterranean-grade pilosity to a professional :)

  3. I do most things myself, although I do prefer assistance for dyeing my hair, since at the moment I have no way to look at the back of my head.

    The few times I went to a hairdresser I ended up not being happy with the result. I figured since I know my hair best and can do the basics myself anyway, why waste the money? It’s also less painful when mistakes DO happen, since at least I didn’t have to pay to get my hair ruined.

    I always end up fixing a pro’s dye job myself, and at the moment I’m in the process of slowly growing out of an overly thinned cut my stylist gave me. Never again. -__-

  4. I like doing my nails myself. I get my eyebrows done professionally and go to a salon for hair cuts.

  5. I leave all (my rare) waxing and tinting to the professionals, but I like to do my own body exfoliation, facials and manicures. Pedicures I get done by those cheap nail bars. Naughty, I know.

  6. I like taking care of my hair + brows and to exfoliate my face and body, but I still can’t file my nails just right so I get manicures done by a professional. Every season I’ll also treat myself to a full facial as I’m not patient enough to massage/steam/etc my face regularly myself 😉

  7. Cristina

    I do my hair as well!! Only highlights in the salon. I like to do as much as can on my own. Just I feel I don’t look like myself if anyone else touches my hair, or nails or makeup!!

  8. Grace

    I do my own nails, eyebrows, and sometimes trim my bangs between cuts but would never cut more than that!

  9. I do most things myself, it’s far to expensive to get them done anywhere else!

  10. Same as you, Christine. Although I do get my brows waxed occasionally because they can get a bit crazy. I used to love to dye my own hair, but now I hate it and I get it done out haha.

  11. I do my nails on my own. When my peach fuzz gets a little too dark I do those as well. I trust others to do my brows and my hair. I should not be trusted with tweezers and scissors.

  12. Amber

    Facials, nails, brows and body treatments.

  13. J

    I prefer to do my nails myself because I get grossed out easily by anything having to do with nails. So I like to do them myself so I have better control and don’t have to trust that someone else will cater to my own issues.

    I’d have everything else done professionally if I could afford it. I’m seriously lazy.

  14. Jaz

    I do my own manicures and body scrubs. Nail polish chips on me very quickly, so I dont see the point in wasting money on salon manicures. I prefer to let someone else do my brows/chin(wax) , hair , and feet. I will do my own feet in a pinch though

  15. I do my nails myself most of the time, but I do get manicures and pedicures occasionally. I cut my own hair, and my mum hates that I do it, but it’s my hair! =P

  16. xamyx

    Unless I’m going for a complete style overhaul of my hair, or changing the color completely, I trim & dye my own at home. I see no point in paying someone else to do what I can. Also, I end up “fixing” what a “professional” does anyway, so why not save the money for something else? My hair is waist-length, and wavy, so trimming the ends is no big deal; I just part my hair down the middle, braid both sides, and snip below the elastics. This results in the damaged ends being removed, and not too blunt. My bangs can be tricky, as I sometimes go a bit too short, but a week or so with a headband isn’t the end of the world. I rarely go in for a “style” since most stylists never give me what I want, and because my hair grows freakishly fast.

    I do my own manicures/pedicures, as I’m afraid of what lurks in a salon. I’ve also invested in an epilator to avoid waxing for the same reason, as well as facials.

    My brows are damaged beyond repair, due to the trend of the early-90s of nearly nonexistant brows, so I see no point of paying someone. At the risk of divulging too much, I find it interesting how fast every hair on my being grows back so quickly, and completely, but my brows have never recovered…

    • Mardi

      My brows suffered the same early 90s fate but I had them tattooed on recently. Life changing! I highly recommend it.

  17. Tiffany

    I do almost everything myself, except for hair cutting and brow waxing. Otherwise, I cut my own bangs, do my own lip/bikini waxes, color my own hair, and do my own mani/pedis. I’ve gotten way more frugal over the years, I used to pay for all this stuff but it’s just gotten to be too pricey. I do wish I had money for a professional facial every few months, though.

  18. Jessi

    I’d never let anyone do my brows other than me – never have!

    Manicures and facials I like doing myself, although once in a blue moon if I’m feeling decadent I’ll get them done.

    Pedicures I’m kind of lame at, so I’d rather go get them done.

    Hair I’d never ever consider doing myself – heck, even the pros can’t always manage it. Same for waxing.

  19. patsyann

    Pedicures and doing my own hair color in between salon visits.

  20. I absolutely don’t let anyone else touch my brows! No way, no how! I agree on the hair though…if you can’t see the back of your head, how do you know it looks good?! lol

  21. Andrea

    I love getting mani/pedis, but I can’t afford to get them done on a regular basis rightnow. my hair and waxing are ALWAYS done in a salon. I’m a hairdresser and I wouldnt even try to cut my own hair!
    I really think honestly, if you can’t afford to get your hair colored professionally, don’t color your hair. it’s as simple as that. because when you screw it up with a box of color it’s gonna be waaaay more expensive to get that fixed, and you’re gonna have to shell out that money or just walk around with terrible hair. professionals are professional for a reason ! I hate to see people bashing the whole industry in general, saying they can do things just as good as a professional or whatever, or referencing one bad experience in a salon as to why it’s a “waste of money”. how disrepectful is that?I don’t think anyone should cut/color their own hair, but that’s probably one of the biggest things I end up having to fix in the salon. you might think you do a good job, but you’re probably wrong. no offense meant to anybody, but I see it every day! hahah.

    • xamyx

      I don’t find it any more “disrespectable” than when I go to a salon, pay my hard-earned money to a “professional” to give me what *I* want, whether or not it will take a bit of extra maintenance, not what *s/he* thinks would be “better”. If this happened just once, or even twice, I agree it would be unfair to feel that way; however, as a 40-year-old woman, I’ve made many trips to a salon, only to walk out with something completely different than I asked for. I personally find it offensive, as if I had horrific taste. Also, if I walk into a salon for *only* a haircut/trim, please don’t try to sell me any “extras”; first, it may not be within my budget, and only serves as humiliation, and second, again, I know what I want, and don’t need someone to tell what would look “better”. I do trim my own hair, and color it myself, and I get compliments, so I’m confident it *does* look good, and I’ve had to make corrections on nearly every “professional” cut I’ve ever had.

      • Nadine

        Same goes for me! I went to a salon a couple of times in my life and was NEVER happy with the result and cut my hair myself. The oh so “professional”-dye from a salon really stinged on my scalp last time I went there and stained my head for days. I just find it more satisfying to do everything myself. My hair goes down to my waist and I always get compliments for my healthy and shiny black hair. Also hairdressers always cut off way too much hair, a big no-go! I regularly cut the hair of some of my friends and they are always happy with it :)

  22. Lee

    I do my own pedicures (mostly to save money) but always get my nails done. Actually, other than hair cuts and nails, I do everything myself.

  23. Tracey

    Nails, hair color, and brows all maintained by me. As for my hair cut, i definitely go to a professional….although i have indulged in more than one unwise attempt to give myself bangs.

  24. I really enjoy coloring my own hair. I wouldn’t cut my own, but I’ll color it any day.

  25. I usually do my own nails, but I like to get a manicure every once and again. I always have my brows done. The nail salon by me does waxing for $8 and the lady there does a great job and is so nice. Hair dyeing I sometimes do on my own, depending on the color. If I want to go lighter, red or any non traditional color I go to a salon. For any deep colors, like various colors of brown, I do it myself. I always go to get my hair cut and styled at a salon. I have really thick hair (it’s fine but there is a ridiculous amount of it) so if I don’t go to a nice salon my hair gets ruined. I never have split ends, so I get my hair cut only twice a year. I splurge when it comes to hair cuts. I usually do my own skincare as well, I only have had one facial. I wasn’t that great.

  26. I do mostly everything myself – mani/ pedi, my hair, exfoliation, hair removal. Whew, no wonder I’m tired (lol)! I like to get my brows done professionally every 6 weeks. I maintain between visits. I’m on blood thinners, so no one touches my hands or feet. I’m afraid of over zealous manicurists and their use of tools (even when i bring my own). I treat myself to a spa massage and facial twice a year – July birthday and end of the year (sale time). I make my own exfoliation products, hair treatments and body butters/body scrubs.

  27. Geneva

    My own manicures, facials, eyebrow shaping and hair coloring.

  28. Janeen

    I love to give myself manicures and pedicures. Basically do them on a weekly basis on the edge of my bed, then set up a tv show to watch and just lay my hands on my laptop to dry, best way to prevent smudging. I like applying facial mask that make it feel like I got Botox, that’s always fun.
    I only get my eyebrows and hair done professionally, rest I do myself in order to save money due to being a broke nursing student. :)

  29. Alison

    Oh, what beauty treatments DON’T I love doing? At home facials, self-manicures, body scrubs, body treatments, total spa therapy… Sigh, I love beauty products. Seriously.

  30. I do everything by myself, I even cut my own hair (I have curly hair and nobody heres know how to handle, I always end up a puffy mess when I go to a salon to get my hair cut) Right now I’m really into DIY face and hair masks. My skin and hair are gorgeous since I started to do it and its practically free 😀

    • I like to scrub face and body by myself and as Masu told I also cut my curly hairs ’cause nobody know how to handle them! So I can save money to buy beauty products! 😉

  31. I only had a manicure once or twice so far in my life – I tend to prefer doing it myself at home. But, I usually just do nail colour change anyways.

    I always wish I can do my own eye brows, but they are just too crazy to even attempt to do them myself. I can’t believe eye brow service is such a pricey service.

    Again, my hair is naturally very thick and I have lots of it. Another need to go to a salon to get my hair done.

  32. I have never had anyone else touch my eyebrows. Ever! People don’t believe me, but I’m just too afraid to let someone else do them in fear of them being over tweezed/threaded/waxed. I also do my own mani/pedis, but sometimes I indulge and get a gel manicure :)