Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What beauty products will you splurge on? What will you spend a little extra on?

Temptalia's AnswerSkincare!

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83 thoughts on “What beauty products will you splurge on?

  1. Shelley

    skincare and the perfect foundation, (a never ending quest, right?)

  2. sillylilacs

    Blushes! I <3 blushes! =p

  3. Meesh

    Amen to skin care! All the makeup in the world can’t hide bad skin.

  4. MAC Limited Products! 😀

  5. Skin care products are always high on my list. I’m also willing to splurge on my foundation =)

  6. moisturizer and foundation, definitely. since my skin’s pretty finicky, i’m quite particular about what i put on it.

  7. Dini

    I tend to splurge on foundation.

  8. Lena

    I have absurdly sensitive and watery eyes and oily eyelids, so I need incredibly waterproof, long-wearing, pigmented formulas. Even Urban Decay’s liners don’t work for me. I’ll pay a lot for a liner if it really works well.

  9. nicci

    skincare for sure!

  10. Kourtni


  11. Tricia

    Mac e/s & mascara :)

  12. Diane

    Foundation! (and pigmented eyeshadows from mac – even if they are safe neutrals.)

  13. Hagan

    skincare all the way!!

  14. Lo

    Foundation/concealer because it is so hard for me to find a match. NW15 is too dark for me by a shade or two. In some formulas, three.

    • Callen

      Same here! What do you use? I’m dying to know!

      • Lo

        Currently I’m using NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Siberia, but it’s too yellow for me. I’m more cool/neutral. I’m making due with MAC concealer in NW15, but I have to blend the bejeezus out of it. If I can I just try to use the concealer and powder. I use Lorac Powder Foundation in #1 Porcelain for that, but once again I’m not very satisfied.

        My skins tends towards dry rather than oily as well, so I have to find things that won’t emphasize dry patches, which MAC unfortunately does.

      • Lo

        I’ve heard that NYX’s foundation in the lightest shade surprises quite a few people by being too light, so I think I may try that when I get some money my way. I can’t seem to find many proper reviews on it, though.

        What do you use?

  15. christy

    def skincare, namely eye creams

  16. TheJoey

    I’m willing to spend more on skincare but I have found a DS regime that works great. I tend to splurge on liners since transfer is a major problem for me.

  17. Lo

    Definately skincare, I love my Dermalogica products, and even though they are more expensive, they last forever!

  18. Ditto on skincare!

  19. Phung

    I like to splurge on eyeshadows and lipsticks. I love MAC lip stuff! I want to get Petticoat Skinfinish, but I called my local MAC store and they won’t be getting any more in – they are sold out. I guess I may have to order from Mac Cosmetics depending on how bad I want it! I also want the Making it easy trio eyeshadow, I love shades of brown!

  20. Mia

    Makeup remover, moisturizer and soft brushes

  21. konconsc

    skincare is for sure.
    Make up.. I guess the only thing i would not spend too much on is make up tools. I use mac brushes but face brushes are all inexpensive brands. I really dont feel like spending $50+ for face brushes. The only expensive face brush i got was MAC 187.^^

  22. Sandra

    Foundation – as long as it’s the perfect color, coverage, and formula for my dry skin.

  23. Christine

    I’m never afraid to spend a little extra on perfumes or Dior makeup.

  24. Natalie

    skin care and mascaras :)

  25. Alyx

    I am a sucker for any kind of “kit.” Pallets really get me, skincare kits too. I like the feeling of having a lot at once, like Christmas lol.

  26. Jazz

    eyeshadow, maybe lipgloss, foundation.

  27. lawli

    foundation, concealer and powder :>

  28. shontay


  29. Mateja

    Lipsticks and blushes.

  30. Funstuff ~ Dazzleglass! I know, I know! Less than half the size of lipglass, but I love them! Never been a lipstick girl! However! I did splurge yesterday & picked up 3 of the newDare 2 Wear Lip Glass!
    They can be sheered down and Dazzleglass looks faboo over them!

    Serious stuff = Skincare! Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Concentrate! It is far superior to the revamped ANV. I use this regularly & I love what it is doing for my skin!

  31. Facial sunscreen & foundation

  32. Brittney

    Foundation, Concealer and skincare :)

  33. Ally_D

    I’d say skincare and foundation. You have to get the canvas right before you start laying down colours

  34. Suzanne

    a great eyecream. eyeshadow. foundation

  35. For me it’s eye shadow primers, eye shadow and eye liners, as well as skin care.

  36. Michelle

    Definitely skincare. I also spend a little extra on hair products since my hair needs special care.

  37. Hayley

    Skin care, foundation, powder and concealer. I would splurge on blush/bronzer if I wore it but I don’t. Everything else I save/budget on =)

  38. Brushes!I think they are extremely important when you do ur makeup and a good brush will last you fir avery long time!

  39. Jennifer

    anything new from mac! it always breaks my wallet LOL

  40. Sherri

    Definitely skincare

  41. Skincare, foundation and powder =) basically any base makeup products too

  42. Daria

    Yes, Skincare or a really wonderful MAC palette with little dupes and lots of limited edition colors!

  43. sofia

    Facial Washes!

  44. Julie

    Definitely skincare products and lipsticks! I lurve lipsticks = )

  45. ace

    perfume, definitely!

  46. I will splurge on skincare and LE items I’ve been looking forward to. Especially lip products :)

  47. Skincare and foundation

  48. Katie

    Mostly skincare but sometimes just a random product that I’ve been lusting over, like a lipstick or a blush.

  49. Lindsay

    I will splurge on concealer, loose powder (I have never liked anything as much as I like Nars loose powder), and my skincare products. Everything else I’m willing to mix splurges with some cheaper items.

  50. Michelle Pattison

    I’ll slurge on almost anything except lipstick. I have fancy tastes but a small budget so I save up for 1 thing I love rather than a big haul and I always save up points and ask for gift cards as gifts.

  51. Cherokee

    Skincare definitely. Especially moisturizers and eye creams.

  52. Ashley

    Definitely skincare, primers, base makeup and lipsticks.

  53. Krista

    Definitely foundation! I have splurged on foundation since I was 18 and got my first job. To me it is imperative to have a great canvas to apply any other products!

  54. cindy

    foundation and skin care!

  55. Marinella


  56. Nic

    Foundation. If the skin looks good, the whole face looks good. Plus it’s so hard to find a foundation that is pale enough and that works well with my oily combination skin, that I’m willing to pay quite a bit for the perfect foundation.

  57. Katie

    Pretty much everything besides lip, blush, and bronzer because I feel that those depend more on color, which can be duped, than quality.

  58. Connie

    Skincare, specifically moisturizers and treatments that require an itty bitty (eye cream) or aren’t applied on a daily basis. I’ll splurge on products that will last me awhile.

  59. Skincare & foundation!

  60. Chassy

    Face moisturizer and foundation. You gotta have the perfect canvas, right?:)

  61. May

    Skin care especially serums, Pervage etc

  62. Ariel

    A foundation that matches my skin perfectly and a great tinted lip balm.

  63. Naomi

    I would splurge on skin and hair care. Just wondering what do you use for both (I am aware that what works for you may not work for me but just wondering lol)?

  64. Mariam

    YSL Teint Resist Foundation, and products from MAC’s Dare to Wear line 😀

  65. MAC’s Dare to Wear collection and BRUSHES!

  66. Reese

    Perfumes and skincare.

  67. Kathy

    Agreed! Skincare for me too!

  68. Elyse

    The perfect foundation and blush!

  69. Skincare and probably on some eyeshadows and lip products :)

  70. Mar

    Skinkare and foundation, absolutely!

  71. Michou

    I’m willing to splurge on lip products (especially lipstick as I need lipstick to feel awesome as well as have high pigmentation. Most lipsticks, even midrange ones, feel and look cakey on me so I’m saving up my pennies to buy myself a Guerlain or two for my birthday in November. :)

  72. Jen

    skincare, primers, and foundations. just splurged on laura mercier flawless face skincare, primer, tinted moisturizer and setting powder. geeze…i need to work overtime!

  73. Leenie

    Foundations and perfumes

  74. Gise


  75. Sarah

    Skincare, definitely. The better my skin’s doing, the less I have to spend on actual makeup =D

  76. I will splurge on
    Limited Edition Collections from Mac (or pretty much anywhere).
    I would slurge on skincare but I haven’t found any skincare products I like enough to slurge on a full sized bottle.
    I’m a nail junkie so I will slurge on nail polish but I probably wouldn’t pay over $15 for a nail polish unless it was like a holy grail color.
    I feel like MAC, NARS, and higher brands basically are a slurge on there own because most people wouldnt pay $14 for an eyeshadow or 18 for a blush.

  77. Eyeshadows and lipsticks. If i’m going to haul something, its gonna be a bunch of small little packages